5 Pesky Issues That Teen Acne Treatment Can Target

When your teen has acne, you should know that there are more issues at hand than you may think. While it may surprise you, many problems can cause acne to appear. Many don’t know which causes getting rid of the acne to become harder. However, if you can prevent it before it starts, your teen will have the chance to have healthy and beautiful skin.

Oily Skin Is A Breeding Ground

Acne Treatment

Unfortunately, oily skin is one of the most common reasons acne can appear. While it’s not your teen’s fault, you will see that the oil breeds bacteria, making acne appear quickly. It is also extremely difficult to get rid of because you need special treatment because certain products will cause the oil to build up in more significant amounts, causing the acne to worsen.

Acne Treatment For Teens Needs To Understand Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is essential when attempting to understand acne treatment for teens. When you have sensitive skin, you can not use regular products because they can cause redness, dryness, and itchy patches to appear on your skin. In addition to that, if you have issues like Eczema or Rosacea, that can get exacerbated too. Sensitive skin treatment usually has an entirely different set of more gentle and easygoing ingredients on your skin. However, your soaps, lotions, or even your washcloth can make spotty acne appear on your face when you have sensitive skin. In particular, your cheeks.

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Your Feet Can Cause Acne

Surprising right? But this is true. Your feet, in particular, if they have an odor, are trying to tell you something. When you have foot odor and a sweat issue, this is usually a sign of an Athlete’s foot or another underlying problem. When you sweat excessively, you build up that bacteria, creating acne in odd places. People have noticed that teens tend to get acne between the toes due to sweat or uncomfortable blisters in the same area.

Body Acne Is Common

Acne treatment for teens will also include body acne issues. Acne doesn’t just appear on the face. You can get it on your back (most commonly), your bottom, thighs, feet, or neck and shoulders. It can be awkward, but thankfully it is treatable and won’t create uncomfortable issues for your teen.

Sun Exposure Can Be Dangerous

You have probably heard that the sun can be carcinogenic. However, you may not have known that exposure to the sun can also lead to acne. Strange, isn’t it? However, without the proper sun care, you will find that your skin is extremely fragile, tanned and delicate. As a result, you must be aware and ensure that you are always watching for ways to help your teen have the best skin possible.

Acne Treatment For Teens Is Serious

Acne treatment for teens is a serious business because, at this age, their skin is susceptible and needs to be treated with care. When you can focus on these areas, you will see that you are proactive with your teen and ensure stronger and healthier skin.

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