Things to do before bed for a perfect night’s sleep


Good sleep is usually described as how a baby sleeps. A baby is likely to enjoy quality sleep because they have no worries or anything that could hinder that perfect sleep. However, as you grow up, sleep quality tends to deteriorate because of different factors associated with adulthood.

It is very important to have enough and good sleep as it has a significant effect on your body in terms of health and general activeness. You need to adopt the habit of sleeping early and having uninterrupted sleep time for about 7-9 hours every night. What should you do before bed to have a good night’s sleep?

  • Tidy your room. Study shows that people with clean and decluttered rooms tend to sleep better than those whose rooms are untidy and unkempt. Make your bed, fold your clothes and keep your room in order.
  • Finish up your daily chores. Once the day is over, you should have finished everything you had planned for that day. Wash that blue cantilever umbrella you had planned to by the end of the day. By doing so, your mind will be able to relax when you get into bed.
  • Eat dinner early. Most people will have their meals so late in the night that they end up sleeping late. It is better to eat early so that you can give the food time to digest. Doing that will actually help you sleep better.
  • Make your bed comfortable. This includes changing your bedsheets into clean ones and getting the right sized pillow and mattress. You should also get s blanket that will shield you from the cold at night and is soft to your body as well.
  • Take a warm bath. This helps to cool off your body and prepare it for sleep. Bathing with warm water will get your body temperature going down when you step into the cool bedroom from the shower. That helps induce sleep.
  • Set the room temperature. You do not want a room that is too hot to sleep in or too cold that you cannot sleep. Regulate the temperature to what you feel is comfortable for you.
  • Organize your thoughts. Going to bed with a lot of unorganized thoughts will keep you up for hours. Make sure you write down anything disturbing you and try to find a solution before you can sleep for better sleep quality.
  • Switch off electronics. Things like phones, laptops, and TV should be switched off 2 hours to sleeping time. The blue light produced by these gadgets is not so good for your eyes when you want to sleep.
  • Eat cherries. As I said, you should not eat right before bed. However, you can snack on some cherries as they are natural sources of melatonin which is a sleep-inducing hormone.
  • Block any light from outside. You could switch off your electronics but there is still light coming from the outside. Total darkness is the recipe for sleep. Use dark and heavy curtains to block any light coming from the outside.
  • Read a book. This is a good way to spend the last minutes before bed. Make sure the book does not require a lot of intellectual engagement and neither is it too exciting to take away your sleep.
  • Listen to soothing music. There are people who cannot sleep in total silence. If you’re one of these people, get some soothing music and play it in low tones right before you sleep.
  • Spray some lavender scent into your room. Lavender is associated with having a calming and sedentary effect on you. It will help you sleep much faster and better.

Conclusion :

Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to sleep better by ignoring some of these things that are necessary for a good night’s sleep. In fact, these things are very easy to do and they can have a tremendously positive effect on your sleep life.

Observe each one of them and make it a routine before you go to bed. Within a month or so, your body will have adapted to the change and you won’t have to keep a reminder anymore. You’ll be doing these things naturally.

Invest in good sleep and your body will thank you for it. Make sure that everything is done to your preference for an easy time.

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