7 Things You Should Know About DUI Charges: Can You Go to Prison as a Result?


18 April 2019


DUI Charges

In most cases, a first time DUI offense is considered as a misdemeanor, and you may go to jail for up to 6 months if you are guilty of the offense.  Here are some of the things you should know about DUI charges

You may spend a few days in Jail as a First-time Offender:

Criminal practice experience has shown that most first-time DUI offenders spend few days to some weeks in jail when found guilty. First DUI offense is considered a misdemeanor hence it carries lighter punishments, though sentencing can be increased to 6 months depending on the severity of injuries caused to victims.

DUI May Involve Distinct Legal Cases:

When you are involved or arrested for DUI, you may have two different legal issues. First of all, there may be a legal proceeding against you, over your driver’s license. Secondly, you may be charged with criminal DUI. There are different legal standards applicable to these two DUI cases,  but the result of one will not influence judgment on the other. You will need DUI attorneys to look into your peculiar case.

A Third DUI Offence is considered a Felony:

While the first DUI is considered a misdemeanor, a third offense is considered a felony. It is important to also note that DUIs may stay on your personal records forever.

You May Get Probation Sentence  Instead of Jail Term:

As a first-time DUI offender, you may have your prison term suspended and converted into probation, especially if no one was hurt in a car accident that you are responsible for. You may also make a plea bargain with the prosecutor, but you need to consult with an attorney before you sign such a plea bargain.

Expungement of DUI Charges May be an Option for You:

Expungement is a situation where your DUI records are removed from your personal records, this could be very helpful when you are looking for a job. In most cases, you can only file for expungement only after serving your DUI punishment.

Some Conditions May Aggravate Your DUI penalties:

Your DUI punishment may be increased if you were caught driving under extremely high alcohol influence, or if you have a minor, under 18 years of age in your car or if you were caught driving outside of the speed limit.

You May Get a Bond Supervision After Multiple DUI:

Since multiple DUI charges are considered a felony, you may be placed on multiple bond supervision for a very long time. Bond supervision means you may be placed under house arrest, random urinalysis and you may be asked to report to a probation officer.

In conclusion, it is possible to get your DUI case thrown out if you can seek the help of a DUI attorney. In this case, the attorney can find strong proof that you were not responsible for the DUI situation, hence the injuries or death sustained from such accidents cannot be linked to you directly or indirectly.

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Cycling Accident

7 Approaches to Adopt to find the Best Solution after a Cycling Accident

It’s scary when a bike crashes into a car or a car into a bike. Fortunately, there’s something you can do about it. If you’re riding a bike, however, it’s important that you know how to deal with the situation after the crash. What you do after the incident may have a huge effect on your recovery from damages and injuries to your bike and to yourself. Moreover, it may also impact the result of any lawsuits.Below are the things you need to do to access the best resolution after a cycling accident. 7 Approaches to Adopt to find the Best Solution after a Cycling Accident: 1. Wait for the authorities to arrive: Right after the accident, you should wait for the police to arrive first so they can work on writing a police report, even if you think you are unharmed. Not a lot of people actually realize they’ve been injured until a few hours after the accident. Some people attain minor injuries, but these could develop into a much serious problem later on. And if you choose to let the whole thing go and leave the accident scene, you will lose the chance of identifying the at-fault driver or the person involved in the accident.While waiting for the police to arrive, never attempt to negotiate with the driver. Most people would apologize and accept blame, but you’ll never know what they’re capable of when suddenly faced with an impending lawsuit. Some drivers would later deny their negligence and even deny they were involved at all.Always wait for the police to come so everything gets documented in their police report. Also, the police can ticket the driver, which is very useful in the future when you’re starting to settle the case with your insurance company. 2. Relay your version of what happened into the accident report: Some police officers end up talking to the motorist to get a statement of what happened and not bother talking to the cyclist. Given this tendency, you must do everything you can so you can get your version out and recorded into the accident report. Your injuries may be very little or minor, but make sure they are recorded. For all you know, those minor injuries may later develop into something more serious.Should it happen that the officer in charge of the accident scene refuses to include your statement in the police report, have the report amended later. 3. Get driver and witness details: Remember to get the name of the driver who is at fault, driver’s license number, phone number, address, insurance details, and vehicle license number. You should also get the names and contact information of people who have seen the accident. Don’t rely on the police alone to get this information for you because they may fail to do so. If in case you have acquired serious injuries and cannot get the necessary details, ask a witness or a bystander to help you out. 4. Document the accident: If it’s possible, remember even the tiniest details of the accident. Take note of what happened, how the whole thing transpired, and where the location of the accident is. Additionally, document the weather, traffic, and road conditions. It would help you greatly if you can write all of these down. 5. Document your injuries: If you’re hurt, request for medical attention immediately. Even if the injuries are minor, you should always get help from first aid responders as this can help prove that you were in fact injured. This will be included in your medical records including the extent of your injuries. Also, see to it that the areas injured are photographed as soon as the accident took place. After the accident, you can also record in a journal what and how you’re feeling as well. 6. Preserve evidence: Never touch the state of your bike and other things nearby and on the accident area itself. Do not try and fix anything before the police arrive. Do not wash your clothes, and do not let anyone touch your helmet or bike before documentation takes place. Take photos of yourself and damaged equipment and send them to nobody else but your attorney. 7. Turn to a professional for advice: Expect complex legal issues after the accident. For this reason, you will need a bike accident attorney who understands this type of accidents. An attorney can:Represent you in a lawsuit Negotiate with the respective insurance companies, and Advice you on the next steps to undertake.Before communicating with anybody else, especially your insurance company, talk to your attorney first. Remember that whatever you said right after the accident can be used against you later on. Sometimes, all it takes is a letter from a law firm to the insurance company in order to resolve issues. Your attorney can also help you settle your injury case without having to go to trial. What Not to Do After a Cycling Accident: In the event of a crash, the person who has caused the crash is liable to pay you for damage through his insurance provider. This compensation would not just be restricted to medical fees, but also for destruction to property. However, this won’t be possible if you fail to document the damages. You can’t get a claim simply because there is no evidence.To get the best possible evidence, do nothing until everything is recorded and documented. Seeking help from a qualified and certified attorney can help you take these steps. If it is not possible for you to wait until all your equipment is fixed, make sure to take a record of all the damage that has been done thoroughly before starting to tinker with it. Your photos should be taken from multiple angles in order to prove before a court of law or an attorney, or the insurance agencies about the damages if it’s necessary. Talk to an Expert Today: You can always rely on Murphy's Law Cycling Accidents Brisbane to help you navigate the challenging legal issues that happen after the accident. An initial round of discussion with them is confidential and free.  Professionals who deal with such cases or have prior experience of them can help you with what you should do, and what you should avoid doing that will compromise your situation. The team’s accident lawyers will look after the administrative process and will help you gather the necessary evidence. Call now for a free case assessment.Read Also:Things About A Personal Injury Lawyer Along For The Ride: Passenger Rights In Vehicle Accidents