Why Water Filter is Important to Improve Your Health?

Published on: 07 February 2020 Last Updated on: 14 March 2020
water filter

Most doctors, as well as experts, has shown that people who are drinking directly from tap water are more likely to have serious diseases and sickness. It is possible because of the harmful contaminants and impurities residing in the normal tap water. The water filter is very important to improve your health. Not only for health, but water also plays an important role in every aspect of life. Even in industries, we need to soften the water before using it in the process, which has lead to the use of industrial water treatment.

It has been found from several studies that the people who are sick due to drinking impure water majorly drink directly from the kitchen tap water. The kitchen tap water contains so many impurities and contaminants that are harmful to your healthy body.

Harmful Impurities of Tap water:

The normal kitchen tap water consists of so many harmful impurities and contaminants that can make you sick, really sick. Such as:

  • Chlorine
  • Fluoride
  • Lead
  • Nitrate
  • Sulfide
  • Viruses

All of the above-mentioned contaminants can be able to potentially affect your health as well as internal organs. Chlorine can affect the woman during pregnancy by increasing the chance of miscarriage.

Lead can be able to damage the kidneys and affect the liver which therefore can cause sickness. Fluoride can damage the central nervous system and thereby can cause your body to slow down the healing response and activeness of your body.

Other Contaminants in the Impure Water:

Some of the other contaminants that reside in the impure water are as follows:

  • Copper
  • E Coli
  • Arsenic
  • Radon
  • Enterovirus
  • Salmonella
  • Shigella

It is essential to filter the water before you drink it in order to avoid all the possible severe casualties. If you drink the water that is filtered through any means of filtration then it reduces the chances of you having any kind of sickness or diseases due to drinking impure water. Not only drinking pure and clean water will be able to lead you and your family members to healthiness and happiness but also it helps to create a healthy environment for the entire world.

Why water filter is important?

Filtering water is an essential thing for drinking and household usage purposes. It will help to remove all the impurities and contaminants. So the water will be safe to drink for every member of your family. Also, you will like the taste of the filtered drinking water as all the impurities that promote bad taste are removed efficiently. The water filter is useful to remove all the dirt and debris from the water which thereby makes it suitable to use for household usage like washing clothes, utensils, etc. If you are using the filtered water in order to wash the clothes; then you will not have to use more soap and detergent.

It is possible that you can have some kind of skin infection due to the use of water contaminated with so many impurities. But if you have filtered water then there is no chance of you having any skin related problems.

Some studies show that the use of filtered water rather than impure water makes it possible for the person to avoid the causing of cancer disease. The filtration of water is essentially important for the children. As they are the ones who are more likely to adopt any disease or sickness or infection more quickly due to the weaker immune system and certain hormonal strength.


Drinking filtered water will also help in strengthening the immune system as well as improving the healing response of the body.

Therefore it is necessary and all the people who are drinking impure tap water must install the water filters for drinking safe water.

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Word on the street was that the cannabinoid could potentially provide immense relief – an assertion ostensibly supported by CBG’s reported anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. In my case, I found some of that buzz to be spot-on. Soon after adding this cannabinoid to my routine, I took note of some discernible improvements with respect to my digestive comfort. I didn’t experience transformative results right out of the gates but, over time with continued use, those uncomfortable days grew less frequently. Studies also indicate that CBG might have neuroprotective, anticancer, and antibacterial effects. CBG might be the ultimate versatile cannabinoid for physical relief and preventative health benefits. The Calming Effects of CBN The first time I used CBN was to help a friend sleep better. She’d tried meditation and melatonin without much luck. Both made her light and scatterbrained and though she could manage her insomnia with the sheer force of will, she was curious to try another approach. I was curious, too, and decided to experiment alongside her. My own sleep patterns were never great, even on nights when I could turn off the TV (and the iPad) in time to hit the sheets by midnight. Alongside her, I found CBN to be a relaxing sleep aid. I wouldn’t call it a ‘sleeping pill’ as it doesn’t put you down for the night quite the same way that sort of remedy does. But there are lots of nights when I need a nudge toward rest, times when my mind is filled with deadlines and to-dos. On those occasions, a CBN-infused tincture has become an excellent tool for inducing a Guitar-Strum-Country-And-Western brain noodle. CBN is also being tested as a pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotectant (a compound with the ability to reduce cell death associated with stroke, traumatic brain injury, and neurodegenerative disorders). Human trials are just beginning, but the outlook appears encouraging.  Personal Experience: A Balancing Act My experience trying to understand the world of CBG vs CBN has been confusing, enlightening, and, above all, very informative. I have learnt that, while both cannabinoids can supplement our lives, they have to be used at the right time to work for specific needs. CBG has become my ally during the day, a cannabinoid that makes me feel slightly better than usual but does not have any psychoactive effects. CBN will stay in my nighttime routine, not as a substitute for sleeping pills but as a way to create a more prone state. Pros and Cons Pros - CBG: Potential digestive aid and anti-inflammatory. Non-intoxicating, making it suitable for daytime use. Versatile benefits span from neuroprotection to antibacterial effects. Pros - CBN: Promotes relaxation and may improve sleep quality. Mildly psychoactive, offering a gentle experience. Potential pain reliever and anti-inflammatory properties. Cons - CBG: Low availability and more expensive due to lower yields from cannabis plant.  Research is still emerging, making definitive conclusions about its efficacy premature. Cons - CBN: Effects can vary greatly among individuals; not everyone may experience significant sleep benefits. Because it’s apparently derived from the degradation of THC, its legal status can be unclear in some places. Final Thoughts This journey of discovery into CBG and CBN has both amazed me and taught me a lot. My experiences have generally been good ones, but reactions can differ – start small and work up from there, to be sure. While the research is still emerging, it’s possible that CBG and to some extent, CBN can transcend their minor cannabinoid status and join the ranks of CBD and THC. 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