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01 November 2023


what is ambient mode on youtube-

YouTube is a popular source of entertainment for many people. It has become increasingly user-friendly over time and has added several features to make the viewing experience more immersive. One such feature is Ambient Mode, which is available on iOS, Desktop, and Android.

If you want to know what is ambient mode on YouTube, keep reading. We are going to give all the details here on how to go about this much-talked-about Ambient mode.

What Is Ambient Mode On YouTube?  

What Is Ambient Mode On YouTube

Ambient Mode is a unique way of enhancing the default YouTube player by allowing the borders to leak a subtle color gradient based on the content you are watching. However, it cannot be turned on, on its own. You need to follow a few steps to enable it. To enable Ambient Mode, you first need to turn on your device’s Dark Theme.

This is a requirement for iOS, Android, and Desktop. Once you have enabled the Dark Theme, play any video on YouTube and tap the gear icon in the player. Then, select Ambient Mode, and you can toggle it on and off by tapping it. When the color of a video changes, the glow around the YouTube player changes, creating a fun effect.

By projecting soft hues from the film onto the background of your screen, Ambient Mode provides a lighting effect to make watching videos in the Dark theme more immersive. It sought to replicate the impact of the light that screens produce in a gloomy area. It helps attract viewers and make the video even more prominent on our watch page. Both the web and mobile versions of this feature will have a dark theme.

How Did Ambient Mode Come To Be?  

How Did Ambient Mode Come To Be?  

When tested, YouTube’s Ambient Mode produced excellent results. This led to the feature’s subsequent development. It is pretty easy to use Ambient Mode on the web, Android, and iOS as of late October 2022.

Although the feature complements the platform’s gloomy aesthetic, the co-dependency benefits the viewer. The experience of watching is heightened and increased since it draws the spectator in. Even YouTube altered its dark theme to make it even darker so that the colors of the ambient mode would stand out more and make the feature more useful.

The platform turns on the ambient mode once the Dark Theme is activated because it is only compatible with YouTube’s Dark Theme.  

YouTube Ambient Mode  

YouTube Ambient Mode  

YouTube’s Ambient Mode received very positive results when tested. This prompted the further development of the feature. Ambient Mode was officially announced in late October 2022 and is available on the web, Android, and iOS.

While the feature works in tandem with the platform’s dark theme, the co-dependency works in favor of the viewer. It draws the viewer in, which creates an elevated and enhanced viewing experience. YouTube even updated its dark theme to be even darker, so the colors of the ambient mode would appear more distinct, rendering the feature more effective.

We advise updating your YouTube app to the latest version that shows the options before attempting the mobile device instructions below.

One of the top platforms for content producers is YouTube. The platform is significantly improved with the addition of the ambient mode.

Ambient mode enhances the YouTube experience unquestionably, but it also encourages users to interact with the site’s content. The feature can improve viewing to the point where it elevates the material and improves performance in terms of engagement and reach. As a result, content producers get better outcomes.

Only users who have YouTube’s Dark Theme enabled can access Ambient Mode. This indicates that you must first enable the Dark Theme. Ambient Mode will be activated automatically as soon as Dark Theme is enabled. How to activate Dark Theme is as follows:

On The Web  

On The Web

If you haven’t already, visit and sign in. When your device is already running in dark mode, click on your Profile icon > Appearance > Dark theme or Use device theme.

On iOS And Android  

On iOS And Android 

Start the app. If your device is already set to use dark mode, choose: your Profile icon > Settings > General > Appearance > Dark theme or Use device theme.

Although Ambient Mode is meant to be mild and peaceful, you may still turn it off if you find it too distracting. The steps for turning off Ambient Mode on the web, Android, and iOS are essentially the same:

Go to the video you’re watching and click the Settings gear. Then, to activate or deactivate it, choose Ambient mode from the menu that appears. (On the web, you’ll choose the actual toggle next to Ambient mode.)

When a feature is turned off for one video, it seems to be turned off for all future videos you watch. You must turn on Ambient Mode in the same manner you did to turn it off if you want it to appear once more.

Wrapping Up  

As far as updates are concerned, buttons will replace the YouTube links in video descriptions. Frequent actions like “like,” “share,” and “download” have been designed to reduce distractions. The video-sharing giant also added that the subscribe button is receiving a makeover. Although it is no longer red, the new design and high contrast make it stand out. This makes it easier to spot and much more accessible to all users on both watch pages and channel pages.

If you have thoughts to share or questions to ask, please leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you!

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In the present time, live streaming is tired and true. The rate of virtual events like webinars, workshops, and so on was crucial during lockdown, but they were still worthy. The popularity of live streams stabilized as the world opened up. Live Streams are one of the most engaging types of content, according to 37% of consumers across the globe. Do you know YouTube Live is one of the most crucial ways to stand out among the most popular video applications in the world?With YouTube Live, you will be able to build a crowd with special guests, thoughts, and interactive Q&As, which anything could happen. In this article, I will discuss everything about YouTube Live in 2023.What Is Youtube Live?  Recently, being a part of your YouTube marketing strategy is important. You should also know tips and tricks for engaging live content on social media platforms like YouTube. Below, I am going to discuss what it is.YouTube Live app is the second most famous live stream site behind “Twitch.” Twitch is mainly popular as a game streaming platform that offers all kinds of content like this, including music performances, cooking classes, makeup tutorials, and so many others.Let’s Review A Quick Update Of Youtube HistoryYouTube first tested in the late 2000s, including a Question & Answer with Barack Obama in 2010.YouTube Live was officially launched in the year of 2011. This program was initially available to select partners and was used for streaming Felix Baumgartner’s jump and Olympics from space in 2012.The program and features have changed, but now the YouTube social media platform is available for all desktop users and mobile accounts with 1000 subscribers or more.Let’s Talk About The Importance Of Going Live On Youtube  YouTube live video is one of the fantastic ways to set yourself up because it offers rewarding and unique video experiences. Below, I will discuss why one should go to a YouTube live stream.1) Turn A Clip Into An Event   You can make some fantastic waves if you treat these as a virtual event. There is no better way to create FOMO than to build buzz with a countdown clock and many promotional posts across every social media channel.One of the most exciting features of YouTub Live is that it can be paused while running. That is why viewers will get the best of both worlds with Live Vs. Video content.2) Tap Into A Large Audience   In YouTube Live, there are more than 2 billion active users. In this case, there are some specific reasons why many users have opened their profiles on the YouTube platform. After researching the facts, researchers reveal that YouTube Live TV serves content that the algorithm expects to find interesting.You can stream regularly on YouTube if you can get a live video that perfectly fits your niche. One of the most crucial things you should know is that YouTube algorithms favor supporting live videos.3) Create Great Content Without Overthinking It   When it is live, audiences won’t necessarily move or skip attending your video in case one falls sick or faces any major issue. In this case, you must also ensure you have created polished content with the right equipment, camera work, and overlays. This means you can make your live video as fancy, interesting, and down-to-earth as possible.4) Engage With Your Viewers In Real-Time   While going Live on YouTube, ensure audiences engage with your Live so hard. In this case, you must encourage them to leave comments by leaving texts or in another video.On the other hand, you will also be able to read chat in real-time and directly engage with your audience. You can also encourage more activity by enabling the Super Chat feature. This is also one of the most convenient ways to grow your subscriber base.Let’s Talk About How You LiveStream On YouTubeBefore going live, you must ensure that you have set up your channel properly along with equipment and met others YouTube live stream requirements. Below, I am going to discuss how to Live stream on YouTube.1) Turns On Live Streaming   Before you start this Live streaming, you must enable this live streaming on your device. If you are using a web browser, then you should follow these steps including:First, you have to open YouTube in your browser.Then you have to click on the Create icon, which is on the top of the YouTube interface.Then you have to click on the “Go Live” optionsAfter that, you have to request access, and then you have to verify your channelAfter that, live streaming is enabled, which might take up to 24 hours.What are the YouTube live stream requirements that you should follow including:First, you must verify your channel, which is a simple and fast procedure.After that, you must avoid YouTube Live streaming restrictions in the past 90 days.Also, ensure you have a minimum of 50 subscribers to go live on a mobile device.Be patient because turning on the live streaming option on YouTube would take up to 24 hours before you can stream.2) Choose A Stream Type Based On Your Purpose  There are multiple ways of going Live on YouTube from multiple devices. Let’s take a brief look at this.First, you have to go live from your mobile device, then make sure at least 50 subscribers you have.If you are going Live from a computer, ensure you have a webcam. You can conduct a Q&A session on a specific topic in this case.During Live, if you want to share your screen in your Livestream or if you can use multiple cameras in YouTube Live, microphones, and other hard wares, then the encoder option is for you.In Conclusion  I have discussed everything about YouTube Live 2023 in this article. Live Streaming is one of the most unique ways to engage with your audience personally in terms of where you are located. If you are interested in hosting live events, Q&A sessions, or product launching, you can use this platform to grow your business in multiple ways. I hope you liked this article. 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Your experience on the video platform can become safer and more kid-friendly with YouTube Restricted Mode. Applying age restrictions to inappropriate content is how Restricted Mode works. You'll learn how to activate YouTube Restricted Mode and lock it to your browser in this tutorial.In this article, we examine YouTube's "Restricted Mode" safety feature. We will be looking at how it operates and some issues to be cautious of when using it.Every day, the Childnet Education Team visits schools to give presentations on online safety to students, parents, and teachers. During these discussions, we frequently get questions concerning YouTube's content screening.What Is YouTube?  With over 1 billion subscribers, YouTube is the biggest and most well-known video-sharing website in the world. Google owns YouTube. Through its website and mobile apps, it hosts both user-generated and commercial content.People of all ages like YouTube immensely. It can be attributed in part to the vast array of content that can be discovered there.YouTube receives about 400 hours of new content every minute. Some of it will unavoidably be offensive to younger users. Other filters (including filters through your internet provider) may not work as well for YouTube. This is due to the volume of videos moving in every day.In this article, we'll look at several strategies you can use to keep your kids safe while they watch YouTube.What Is Youtube Restricted Mode?  You can limit the type of content you see on YouTube by using the Restricted Mode settings option. This technique prevents potentially hazardous or inappropriate YouTube videos from showing up anywhere on the website. It includes searches and suggested video feeds.Restricted Mode is a feature that viewers can activate to restrict a variety of possible mature videos. Although it does come with a warning that "No filter is 100% accurate."Your children can stay safe online by using YouTube's Restricted Mode, which reduces their exposure to objectionable material. Big public networks also use this strategy. For instance, a network administrator may want to set Restricted Mode for devices in schools and other educational institutions. It is done to make sure that the network isn't being used to access unsuitable content.Continue reading to learn how to enable Restricted Mode, disable it, and lock it to your browser.Youtube Community Guidelines  YouTube's Community Guidelinesare a collection of "common sense rules." It helps content producers decide what is and isn't appropriate to publish. Guides on various content are all included in the Community Guidelines.YouTube works hard to guarantee that all videos adhere to its Community Guidelines. But there are chances that some videos may violate these standards. They could be accessible for viewing too due to the site's huge volume of content submitted each day. Furthermore, rule compliance does not guarantee that all users of all ages will find it appropriate.How Does It Work? Content filtering in Restricted Mode is primarily done automatically using algorithms. By examining the title, language, and metadata used in each video, these algorithms evaluate content being improper. The term "metadata" describes details about a video, such as the creator, upload date, video description, and tagged keywords.Even YouTube admits that their algorithms "occasionally make mistakes when assessing which videos to make available in Restricted Mode." They agree that automated systems are never perfect.A staff of reviewers is employed by YouTube to personally examine some content that may need to be blocked out. They carefully review all videos submitted through the "Restricted Mode feedback" form. They also review the videos submitted by YouTube users that have been "flagged" as unsuitable.How To Use The Restricted Mode?  You can activate Restricted Mode by:Using the YouTube website or mobile app, select the account icon in the top right corner.Toggle the 'on' switch for Restricted Mode.If you decide to utilize Restricted Mode, you must enable it in each browser installed on your device. Browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari are the usual ones.For additional specific guidance on using Restricted Mode on various devices, visit the YouTube Privacy and Safety Centre.How To Make YouTube Safer For Your Kids?   Even while turning on Restricted Mode is a good idea, there are more ways to make your YouTube experience safer. There are several alternatives that can increase security and make YouTube a better platform for children.First off, we advise setting up two-factor authentication on the Google account used to access YouTube. You must also set strong passwords. It's a good idea to make long, complex passwords if you want to keep your YouTube account secure.If you have children, you might want to restrict their YouTube usage to protect them from exposure to mature material. There are many YouTube substitutes, but keep in mind that you may create a YouTube Kids account for your children. It will act as a form of parental control for anyone under the age of thirteen. This means individuals can enjoy all the advantages of having a YouTube account. It will also reduce their exposure to objectionable content.Use the "Report" button to mark any videos that you discover that aren't suitable for children. Some videos just miss out on their labels and tags. It only takes a few seconds to report videos, but doing so can keep children safe online.Know that no filter is ever completely effective on its own. Only use controls if they are suitable for you and your family.Our Recommendation  Do you want to know the alternatives to YouTube Restricted Mode? Here are our top recommendations for helping your kids on YouTube:Filtering tools can be useful. But they should not take the place of dialogue and parental involvement regarding your child's internet activities. Talk about their favorite channels, watch videos together, and always be nearby when your child is using YouTube. You can start this conversation with your youngster using some of the conversation starters we've provided.Understand how to use the reporting features on YouTube. To do this, you'll need a YouTube account or a Gmail account. Learn how to report offensive content, then teach your family how to do it. The YouTube community can be actively involved in improving the platform by flagging videos that violate the Community Guidelines.Look through the YouTube Help Centre to find what else you can do to reduce risks on YouTube by exploring additional settings. For instance, you can disable the "Autoplay" option to ensure that no more videos will start playing automatically.Give kids coping mechanisms for handling objectionable material by letting them know they can talk to you if they see anything they don't want to or by showing them how to turn off the TV if something is distressing them and they want it to stop.Create a family agreement if you want to. This is a fantastic approach to get your entire family talking about how you collectively utilize the internet and how to act appropriately there. You may incorporate a special clause in your agreement to talk about YouTube if it's popular in your family.Wrapping Up  The Restricted Mode functions only when you are logged into your Google account. Your child must be accessing YouTube in the same internet browser. This means that if YouTube uses an alternate pathway (browser/device), Restricted Mode won't be activated.Simply put, a tech-savvy user will be capable of getting past Restricted Mode; it isn't infallible. Again, rather than depending solely on Restricted Mode you should probably limit their access to YouTube. That is if you're really worried about the kind of content your kids could be exposed to.If you have thoughts to share or questions to ask about Youtube Restricted Mode, please leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you.Learn More About Youtube:Is It Safe to Buy Youtube Views?Is Youtube Social Media? Know Your Answer HereWhat Is YouTube Automation? Everything You Need To Know

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Ways To Fix YouTube “Something Went Wrong” Prompt!  

It is annoying if you see the YouTube "Something went wrong, Tap to retry" message when you are watching a live stream or an important video. Find out why this occurs and how to resolve the problem. Right?You could notice that the movie abruptly stops playing and that a black screen with this error message appears. Additionally, the video buffers and displays the same problem when you play it again.Don't worry, friend! You are not alone in this!Keep reading this article till the end to learn more about the same and the ways to fix it…When Does YouTube Something Went Wrong Prompt Appear?  The "Something went wrong" prompt on YouTube typically appears when there is an issue or error while trying to load or play a video on the platform. This message is a generic error notification that indicates that an unexpected problem occurred, preventing the video from being displayed or played properly.When attempting to log in to the YouTube account using a web browser, this error may appear. Users may not be able to access their playlists, favorite videos, or subscriptions, which can be annoying. Depending on the situation, the error message may appear as "500 Internal Server Error" or "502 Bad Gateway Error."There can be various reasons for this error, including but not limited to:Network connectivity issues: Problems with your internet connection can lead to difficulty in loading or streaming videos on YouTube.Server-related issues: YouTube's servers might be experiencing temporary problems or maintenance, affecting video playback.Browser or app issues: If you're using an outdated or incompatible browser or app, it might cause conflicts with YouTube's features.Video-specific problems: Certain videos might have issues on the platform due to content restrictions, copyright claims, or other issues related to the video itself.Ad-blockers or extensions: Some browser extensions or ad-blockers may interfere with YouTube's functionality, causing errors.Cache and cookies: Accumulated cache and cookies in your browser can sometimes lead to issues while loading or playing videos.Best Ways To Fix YouTube Something Went Wrong Error!  If you encounter the "YouTube Something Went Wrong" error, it can be frustrating, but there are several steps you can take to try and resolve the issue.Here are the top 13 ways to fix the error if your YouTube keeps crashing:1. Refresh The Page  The error may only be momentary sometimes, in which case a quick page refresh will fix the problem. To take the necessary action, simply click the refresh button.2. Check The Internet Connection  Make sure your internet connection is reliable. To test whether your internet is operating properly, try visiting other websites. The majority of the time, the "Something went wrong" error message displayed on the platform is caused by a shaky and unpredictable internet connection.3. Update Browser Or App  Sometimes there might be a prompt because your app or browser is outdated. Ensure you are using the latest version of your web browser or the YouTube app. Here are the steps that you need to take to do the same:In the browser's top-right corner, select the menu by clicking on the three vertical dots.Select Google Chrome Help > About.Click Relaunch after the browser has updated.4. Try A Different Browser  If you are using a browser that's not working well with YouTube, try using another browser to see if the issue persists.5. Disable Browser Extensions  Temporarily disable all browser extensions, especially ad-blockers, and script-blockers, as they may interfere with YouTube's functionality.6. Clear Cache And Cookies  Cookies and cache that have built up can be problematic. To start over, delete the cache and cookies on your browser. To do this, you need to do the following:Select Settings by selecting Menu.Select Clear browsing data that is under Privacy and Security.Under the time range, choose All Time.Pick Cached pictures and files, Cookies, and other site data from your browsing history.Tap Clear data.7. Disable Hardware Acceleration  If you're experiencing issues with videos not playing, try disabling hardware acceleration in your browser settings.8. Sign Back In  Incorrect account settings can also cause errors with streaming. Therefore, sign out of YouTube and then sign back in. You can access YouTube anonymously or in incognito mode. To do this, here are the steps that you need to take:Start YouTube.Click on your profile photo.Tap your name one more.Tap use signed-out YouTube.Choose the profile icon next.Next, touch Sign in, then select the account.9. Restart Device   Sometimes, a simple computer or mobile device restart can resolve temporary glitches. Apple advises restarting the iPhone to address minor iOS problems. Clear all running apps, then turn off your iPhone. Then wait a short while before turning it back on. Next, see if you can access YouTube to watch videos.10. Disable VPN  Have you configured a VPN on your iPhone to access YouTube videos blocked in your nation? If so, see whether your VPN provider has a service interruption. It can result in network lag. You won't be able to see YouTube content as a result.If you're using a VPN service, try disabling it and accessing YouTube without it, as VPNs can sometimes interfere with video playback.11. Check YouTube-Server Status  Visit YouTube's official Twitter or support page to check if there are any known issues or server outages.12. Try YouTube Incognito Mode  If you suspect a problem with your account, try accessing YouTube in incognito or private browsing mode.13. Contact YouTube Support  If none of the above steps work and the issue persists, you can reach out to YouTube's official support for further assistance.Remember that the effectiveness of these solutions can vary depending on the specific cause of the error. If you've tried all the steps and the problem still persists, it might be a larger issue on YouTube's end, and you may need to wait until they address it.Wrapping It Up!  In case you were searching for ways to fix the "YouTube Something Went Wrong" prompt, I hope that this article has been of much help to you. If there are any other queues related to the same, feel free to let me know. All you need to do is scroll down until you reach the page's bottom. Then leave your comments and queries in the box below. And I will be there to answer them all for you!More Resources:How To Capture Streaming Video On Mac?What Are The Three Components In The Youtube Ecosystem?5 Ways To Stream Free Movies And TV Shows On Your Smartphone