10 Winter Fitness Hacks to Help You Stick to Your Fitness Goals


21 December 2018

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Winter Fitness

Are you having a hard time getting up off your butt and dragging yourself down to the gym this winter?

This is a problem that many Americans face. They choose to take a break from working out once it gets cold in the winter. And unfortunately, it leads to most of them falling out of shape and failing to get the proper amount of exercise every week.

If you currently find yourself in this scenario, there are some winter fitness hacks that can help you stick to your fitness goals during the colder months. Take a look at 10 of them below.

1. Start by Setting New Fitness Goals:

Fitness Goals

First things first: If you’re going to chase after fitness goals this winter, it’s a good idea to begin by putting those goals into place. The goals that you have for the winter are probably different than the goals you have at other times of the year.

Is your goal to:

  • Lose weight after the holiday season?
  • Get yourself in shape for a marathon in the spring?
  • Add 10 pounds of muscle for next summer?

Whatever the case may be, you’re going to have a tough time hitting your goals if they aren’t clearly defined. Make them as specific as they can be and write them down so you can refer back to them regularly.

2. Find a Winter Workout Buddy:

Winter Workout

Just about everyone who works out in the winter struggles to do it at one time or another. It’s not easy to go to the gym when it’s below freezing outside with snow on the ground.

To increase your chances of sticking to a normal gym schedule, you should find a winter workout buddy and hold one another accountable. You’re more likely to go to the gym several times a week when you know someone else is depending on you to be there.

3. Sign Up for Sessions with a Personal Trainer:

If you can’t find anyone who wants to go to the gym with you on a regular basis, your next best bet is to sign up for sessions with a personal trainer.

A personal trainer can take a look at your goals and create a workout schedule for you so that you can hit them. They’ll also work with you when you show up at the gym to make sure you’re doing exercises correctly.

You’ll start to see results in no time when you have a personal trainer by your side. You’ll also have an easier time going to the gym when you have sessions scheduled with your trainer.

4. Consider Trying a New Workout Routine:

Have you been doing the same workout routine for months on end now?

Maybe you’ve been lifting weights like crazy. Or maybe you’ve been doing nothing but taking one spin class after another.

To keep things fresh, you should consider trying a new workout routine in the winter. It’ll put some pep in your step and prevent your winter workouts from getting stale.

5. Enroll in New Fitness Classes:

Fitness Classes

Another way to keep your winter workouts fresh is by signing yourself up for a new class at the gym. Whether you choose to do yoga, kickboxing, or something else, you’ll enjoy working out in a class setting.

Fitness classes keep you motivated by surrounding you with other people who are chasing fitness goals just like you. Together, you’ll increase your chances of hitting your goals and keep one another motivated.

6. Find Quick Workouts You Can Do at Home:

There are going to be times when you simply can’t make it to the gym. Inclement weather will prevent you from getting there.

But don’t use that as an excuse not to work out! There are so many simple exercises that you can do right at home without using any equipment.

Exercises like cross jacks, plank heel touches, and skater squats are a great way to get a quick workout in when you can’t make it to the gym for whatever reason.

7. Refuse to Make Excuses for Not Working Out:

When the snow is falling and the temperature is in the teens, you’re going to be tempted to make excuses for not working out.

Don’t do this!

If you need to, hang up inspirational quotes all around your home that focus on not making excuses. They’ll help you get up and moving in no time.

8. Put Together a Winter Workout Playlist:

When is the last time you updated your workout playlist?

If it’s been a while now, you should consider making a new mix for the winter. You can use one of the many music streaming services to create a motivational playlist.

You’ll look forward to listening to the playlist each and every time you walk into the gym.

9. Invest in Winter Workout Gear:

The workout gear that you wear in the summer is not the workout gear that you should wear in the winter. This website features tons of workout gear that would be perfect for exercising in the wintertime.

By filling up your closet with the right gear, you’ll give yourself even more motivation to continue working out this winter.

10. Hang Your Swimsuit Up on Your Bedroom Door:

The other winter fitness hacks that are listed here should work well for most people. They should help you to stay in the shape this winter.

But if they don’t, this winter fitness hack should definitely do the trick!

Take your swimsuit and hang it up on the back of your bedroom door. It’ll force you to look at your swimsuit and think about your beach body (or lack thereof!) every time you leave your bedroom.

If that doesn’t motivate you to work out this winter, nothing will.

Use These Winter Fitness Hacks to Stay in Shape:

Some people don’t have any problem maintaining a workout routine in the wintertime.

But if you aren’t one of those people, it can be frustrating to see your physical fitness fall into shambles in the winter. Rather than sitting by and watching yourself fall out of shape, but the winter fitness hacks listed here to good use.

Check out our blog to see how you can make your fitness more of a priority even when your time is limited.

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6 Healthy Habits That Will Change Your Life

Don't underestimate the power of small things. Even nano-changes in your daily routine can lead to incredible results and transform your life. Here's how to become healthier and happier by doing routine activities. Simple Healthy Habits You Can Adopt Easily There are many healthy habits that can change your life. Let’s start with the easiest one. 1. Drink A Glass Of Water Upon Waking Perhaps the best way to start the day is by drinking a glass of water (better than room temperature or even lukewarm). After six to eight hours of sleep, we wake up to varying degrees of dehydration. And a generous serving of water helps to quickly restore the body's water balance. On the other hand, coffee contributes to even greater dehydration. Water literally awakens the body and forces all of its systems to work, including the brain and digestive tract. There is evidence that a glass of water in the morning can even accelerate metabolism by as much as 30%. And research shows that those who start their morning with water are less likely to overeat. It is because they quench their thirst, which is often confused with hunger. 2. Giving Up Addiction This might seem difficult to some people.  But getting rid of addiction is not so difficult. A person who spends his/her day in unhealthy habits such as drinking alcohol or using drugs is unlikely to live longer. For improving the quality of life, a person has to quit these addictions. With the state-funded drug rehabilitation facility, a person can easily get treated. You don’t even have to worry about the finances of the treatment. 3. Turn Off Vibration Mode On Your Smartphone It seems that vibration is a salvation for those who do not want to be distracted by calls and sound notifications of new messages. But in reality, the vibration mode is a real productivity killer. It is very difficult not to react to the constant slight buzz. And the smartphone turned upside down only aggravates the matter. We intolerably want to see what the notification is about. In addition, sometimes we hear phantom vibrations - when there are no messages, but as if an audible buzzing makes us grab the phone. Productivity experts recommend keeping your phone in sound mode but turning off all notifications except for calls. It is enough for the messages to appear on the screen without any musical accompaniment. 4. Eat Fruits For Breakfast WHO recommends eating at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Vegetables are relatively easy to include in your diet. In an amicable way, they should make up half of every meal - even when it comes to pasta, soup, or curry with rice. But we often forget about fruits. When we want something sweet, we choose cakes or healthy nuts. And to refresh ourselves, we drink juices and soft drinks. 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Get Regular Rest Perhaps the best health habit in the age of productivity and efficiency is to get proper rest. Rest can safely be considered any action (or inaction) that helps to restore strength and soothes the nerves. Holidays don't have to be quality. They don't always require scented candles, self-help books, picnic kits, and mountain retreat packages. Sometimes a sofa and a favorite TV show are enough. On the other hand, if you want to pamper yourself with shopping or going to a restaurant, go for it. You should not reproach yourself for deviating from the environmental agenda and spending extra money. Resting means getting enough sleep, spending time with loved ones, walking, lying, watching, reading, listening, or even talking. Lazy wandering around the apartment, petting a cat, looking out the window, traveling, eating, singing, doing your favorite hobby, disassembling a closet, or watering flowers - in short, do what you like more often. 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How To Prevent Back Pain During Weight Lifting

Weight lifting is a good exercise with numerous benefits to physical and mental health. Weight lifting promotes blood circulation, aids metabolism, and leads to healthy and stronger bones. Weightlifting can cause some soreness which is expected. However, back pain can be prevented through a proper weightlifting routine. Continue reading to learn about the appropriate weight-lifting routine to prevent back pain. What To Do To Prevent Back Pain During Weightlifting: 1. Stretch Before and After Your Workout Tight muscles are susceptible to injuries, which can be avoided by warming up. A 5 to 10-minute walk on the treadmill or riding a stationary bike will relax the tight muscles and improve blood flow. The more relaxed the body muscle, the more you can get out of weightlifting and the lesser the risk of injuries. Post-workout stretching reduces soreness, aids recovery, and maintains good posture. 2. Be Aware of Your Posture One of the best ways to avoid back pain is to watch your posture in everything you do. Keep up with the neutral spine no matter how heavy you are lifting. The neutral spine allows your back and neck to be exposed to less stress and strain and engage your core and leg muscles. Do not slouch your shoulder when lifting weight as it will bend your spine and stress your muscles and backbone. You can enlist the help of others if you can't monitor your posture during weightlifting. 3. Breath People often believe that holding their breath when lifting weight will enable them to lift more. Sadly, holding your breath only damages your muscles because it deprives them of the essential element required for survival — Oxygen. When you hold your breath, your muscles become tensed, strained, and vulnerable to injury. Instead of completely holding your breath, practice this; breathe out (exhale) when lifting the weight and breathe in ( inhale in) as you release the weight. 4. Start With Lightweight How much weight you can lift and for how long depends entirely on your spine. The stronger your spine, the more you lift. It is vital to start with a small weight and work your way up. Frequent practice with lightweight will strengthen your spines. Once you master lightweight and the basics of the neutral spine, you can make a smooth and gradual transition to heavier weight. 5. Don't Over Push Your Body Pushing your body beyond a certain point can lead to a severe injury. So, while you lift, learn to listen to your body, stop when it hurts and investigate the cause and source of the pain. Apply ice to the affected area immediately to reduce swelling and capitalize the healing process when in pain. However, if the pain persists, talk to a professional. 6. Wear a Belt Wearing a belt while lifting weight is advisable, as the belt supports your spine and protects you from a back injury. It also saves you from a back injury, strengthens your core, increases intra-abdominal pressure, and maximizes body energy. 7. Rest Over-exerting your muscles will deprive your muscles and bones of the necessary healing period. Weightlifting causes a tiny tear in the muscles; these tears are necessary for the growth and adaptation of the muscles. Which needed time to heal. To avoid pains and over-exerting your muscles and spine, you can switch to exercises like aerobics, and yoga. If pains persist though, you may want to check out osteo Warinma for a long-lasting solution. Read Also: Six Supplement-Free Gym Performance Enhancers for Weightlifting Ladies5 Common Weightlifting Mistakes Women Should AvoidDiscover The Daily Habits That May Cause Back Pain


Vaping is Fighting the Deadly Consumption of Nicotine

Did you know that around 7 million people die each year due to tobacco consumption? A number to take this into account and become more aware of the situation. Most people who smoke cigarette are unaware of their addiction, consuming packet after packet every day. As such, the WHO has been keen on imposing strict government regulation for cigarette production. Vaping is a relatively new technology and one of the safest alternatives to smoking. Unlike cigar and cigarette sticks, a user can opt for his vape not to have nicotine components. This habit eliminates the strong urge to consume such addictive byproduct. Also, vapers have their choices. While there is a variety of vape oil that includes nicotine, the vast majority of vaporizers do not. According to a survey carried out by the Euromonitor consultancy, an independent company dedicated to providing strategic market research, there was a broad-scale distribution of vape ranging from 6 million in 2011 to more than 35 million in the four subsequent years. At the same time, the consultant estimates that by the year 2021, people who use vaporizers will reach 55 million. Qualitative Aspects Vaporizers Provide: Vaping does not feel like you're precisely smoking. However, that's one more point in favor of vaporizers because once people get used to it and want to change their lifestyle, the effects can be powerful. Vaping simulates smoking and is an excellent way to prevent addiction. It uses smoking's behavioral aspects to alter a person's perception and eliminate his tendencies. Vape mods use a liquid solution commonly known as e-liquid, infused with a variety of flavor including herbal essences. With vaping, you will truly feel what the herbs have to offer. Unlike cigarettes, if you are not looking for this type of intense effect, e-cigars can be adjusted to certain levels. Smok offers you all the qualities that you may be looking for in vapes—from different formats to different tastes—from hybrids, conventional, to the futuristic ones. The endless choices of e-liquid flavors, variety of vape tanks, and an assortment of accessories genuinely cater to all of your vaping needs. The expansive list of choices also allows you to switch from beginner mods to a more advanced gadget to enhance your vaping habits. First, you want one, and then you look for another one with other characteristics, different sizes, colors, shapes, portability, etc. For many people, it is a real hobby. Albeit vaping is a healthier habit compared to the previous nicotine-infused traditions of smoking. It prevents the occurrence of deadly diseases and helps a person get rid of his addictive smoking habits. Final Considerations: We know that quitting smoking entails an immense will. Vaping is an alternative to help you change your bad habits. Inhaling smoke without the harmful contents of traditional cigarette smoking is what vaping tries to simulate. If you still have doubts about vaping, you can always consult with your doctor. Equally positive actions accompany a healthy decision. Read Also: Do Vape Mods Affect The Quality Of Vape? 7 Things You Should Know About Owning A Vape Benefits Of E-Cigarettes Over Traditional Smoking