4 Tips for Not Panicking When You Get a Letter From the IRS


31 January 2019



A letter from the IRS may seem serious, but the situation that results in the letter may not always be serious. You may find that you’re receiving a notification of a minor error or small sum of money that you owe. Even an audit isn’t causing to panic — the IRS may simply need some additional information in your personal files. Follow these tips to handle communications from the IRS in a calm, sensible manner.

Read the IRS Document Carefully:


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You should always open and review documents from the IRS as soon as you receive them. The IRS will attempt to connect with you by mail to make initial contact regarding any issues with unpaid tax debt, tax filing errors, tax audits, and other issues. The sooner you address the problem, the easier it will typically be to find a satisfactory resolution.

If you ignore letters from the IRS, it is possible for the agency to reach out to you by phone. The IRS recently started working with private debt collection companies to handle unpaid tax debt. Many telephone scams exist as well, and you should be vigilant about confirming any information that you receive by telephone.

Keep Your Tax Documents Organized:

Ideally, you’ll have your tax documents for the last three years safely stored and ready for your review at any time you may need them. These materials include documentation regarding any protections you may enjoy through a third-party tax filing service. Many websites and companies provide audit protection or a guarantee of accuracy, which can give you valuable peace of mind if an audit should arise.

If you do not have these documents on hand, you should take the time to gather them as soon as you’re informed of any type of dispute or IRS audit. Having these documents provides an important sense of security going forward.

Verify the Tax Issue:

Before you make arrangements with the IRS to settle a debt, make sure that the amount of the debt is correct. The IRS may occasionally make errors, so it’s crucial that you check the numbers for yourself and file a dispute if you believe that the figure is incorrect. Contact the IRS immediately if you believe that the agency is operating with incorrect information.

Explore Your Tax Debt Options:

If you owe a debt to the IRS, you don’t necessarily have to pay the full sum immediately. You can explore several tax debt options. Understanding these options can help you avoid panic, particularly if you’re facing a debt too large to pay at once. You may qualify for an offer in compromise, a condition in which you settle your debt with the IRS for a lower sum of money. You can also request that the IRS delay collection or set up a payment plan to handle the debt in a series of installments.

If you hear from the IRS, you should take the time to thoroughly review all communications so that you understand what the IRS requests from you. If you need assistance navigating an audit, tax debt, or other situation, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional for help.

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As the official bullion coin of the U.S., the gold American eagle coin is sought-after by investors and numismatics. These consumers are intrigued by the coin's all-American precious metals, the reputation of the coin, and the intricate, detailed design. The interest in collectors for this coin is also due to being one of the top-selling billions in the country.Serious investors also want to know that they are putting their money into an investment they can count on. Security of investment is a given with American gold eagle coins, as they are the only coins officially backed by the U.S. government. The guarantee eradicates concerns over the coin's validity in value, which tells investors they are truly getting what they pay for.With guaranteed quality control, investors and numismatics never need to worry about their investment's content, purity, weight, or quality of metal. With these facts secured, the investment is set to be used as legal tender or secured as an asset. While the legitimacy of the coin is the most crucial fact about the American Eagle gold coin, here are five additional fun facts to note.1. The American eagle gold coin is more scratch-resistant than gold buffalos.The polished surfaces and keen attention to detail are showcased on American eagle gold bullions; their beauty adds to the investor and numismatic interest. Since the American Eagle gold bullion contain 10% copper and silver alloys, it is notably more scratch-resistant than its counterparts, 24-karat Gold Buffalos. Additionally, the U.S. Mint tailors coin production to meet the aesthetic appeal of collectors.2. There are more opportunities for creative collection display.Collectors interested in placing their coins into a portfolio may wish to display their collectors' coins in a unique and creative way. For instance, some collectors may arrange coins based on historical significance, others by type or style. With the American eagle gold coin, you can also organize your portfolio by coin similarity.For example, the Gold Eagle is similar in design to the Double eagle gold coin. On both coins, Lady Liberty and an American eagle are displayed. Additionally, both indicate the currency value and mintage dates.3. The gold is sourced by the U.S.All Gold Eagle coins are produced with gold sourced only from the U.S. The coins may not include metal from unknown or foreign sources during the minting process. As a legal requirement, these specifications are not to be altered for any reason. For collectors looking to invoke patriotism and American pride into their collection, the American Eagle gold coin is a wise investment choice. American-derived gold is of significant historical influence as well for collectors or investors interested in obtaining a piece of American history.4. The coin value will always remain what it is. No matter if the price of gold decreases, the American Eagle gold coin retains the value that is minted onto them. Each coin has a face value from five to fifty dollars of legal currency. Regardless of changes in currency, the coin value is maintained, making Gold Eagles a wise investment for those looking to add tangible assets to their portfolios.Likewise, collectors looking to compile assets to pass on can achieve peace of mind knowing that the American Eagle gold coin will not depreciate in value, no matter how much time goes by or how American currency changes over time.5. These coins offer the historical significance of legal tender.Some collectors and investors want to purchase coins that offer historical significance. Interest or appreciation for rich American history can be acknowledged by purchasing a Gold Eagle coin. The first Gold Eagle was introduced in 1986 in response to the Gold Bullion Coin Act Of 1985. The act recognized the value of gold coins with legal currency and precious metals. The American eagle gold coin is the established, official U.S. gold bullion.Invest in coins with permanent value and lasting significance.The American eagle gold coin offers numismatics and investors the opportunity to establish a balanced investment portfolio or collectors' portfolio. As a protected coin, devaluing currencies are not influential, allowing collectors to preserve their coins and maintain their value for future investment opportunities and generations to come.Read Also:Can I Convert My 401k To A Gold IRA?Starting Your Rare Coin Collections: A Beginners Guide to the 1794 Flowing Hair Half DimeBitcoin’s 10th Birthday: Does Satoshi Nakamoto’s White Paper Still Hold Relevance?


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Many people with an interest in money find it quite rewarding (and profitable) to pursue a career in finance and banking. But not everyone gets there on the same path. For one thing, there are many careers in the industry, such as management, financial advising, auditing, and lending.So, depending on what field you want to pursue and where you hope to work, your career path may look a lot different than someone else’s. With that in mind, there are a few tips you need to know to help you break into almost any field within this sector. Majors are less important than you think: Many college students get hung up on narrowing down their major in college to match the specific career they currently want. But the truth is that while you do need a degree, the major can vary quite a bit. In fact, many people start out with a major in accounting and end up with economics degree jobs. Or they might start with a major in finance and end up in economics.Some people even break into the field with unrelated degrees, like psychology or communication. The point is that most managers in the money field know that the skills and knowledge you obtain from any area in business can translate to the others. You might start at the bottom: Not all fields are the same, but certain ones (such as banking) rely more on seniority than your level of education. In fact, many people in the banking industry started out years ago with very little education and worked their way up. Other fields also require working your way up, but they may not require you to start in the lowest positions available.Some sectors in finance and banking will allow you to work your way up very quickly or even start out in management or mid-management positions. Just remember to stay humble, learn all you can, and work hard on even the small jobs you’re given. Your resume needs to stand out: While this is true in any industry, employers in the finance and banking industry are looking for specific skills. And depending on where you live and work, your resume could find itself at the bottom of a very big pile. Aside from a simple, professional format, you need to use the right lingo to get your resume seen. Each industry has its own set of particular skill sets that make someone a quality candidate. And banking and finance are no different.In fact, because the applicant pool is so educationally diverse, your skill set may be the only thing that matters. The ability to communicate well, for example, is at the top of the list. Hiring managers also look for analytical ability, problem-solving skills, and capacity for innovation. Networking should be your priority: Networking isn’t just for business professionals looking for more client leads. It’s also one of the most effective ways to land your first job. About 70 percent of job seekers are hired by companies with which they have connections. And networking doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds: it’s simply connecting with people in the industry.You can do this by reaching out on social media to individuals or groups in the field you want to work in. You can amp up your LinkedIn profile to appear as an active job-seeker in the industry. You can take advantage of all the college events where professionals in your degree field will be meeting up. And you can simply ask people you know about their careers and connections in banking and finance. You’ll be surprised at how willing most people are to help you out.Read Also:3 Must Know Accounting Tips To Help You Finance Correctly 8 Family Friendly Careers That Offer Great Pay And Work-Life Balance

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Strategies To Implement To Reduce Risk When Trading Forex

Foreign Exchange (forex or FX), where currency pairs dance to global economic rhythms, provides traders with profit opportunities and safeguards to protect investments against possible dangers.2023 brought new challenges and opportunities in FX trading that necessitated reassessing trading strategies to navigate through the turbulent waters of finance effectively. This article offers several strategies experienced traders may employ to lower risks while maximizing potential gains in this dynamic global marketplace.Understanding Risk Management Principles is EssentialRisk management in trading forex is both an art and science, requiring careful examination of market conditions, understanding economic indicators, and employing strategies to protect investments against possible downturns. By using platforms like Metatrader 4, traders can delve into historical currency pairs' data for comparison purposes or track market trends for informed decisions backed by data rather than speculation alone.Utilize Stop Loss StrategiesStop-loss strategies are integral in any forex trader's arsenal. Acting like an automatic safety net, stop-loss orders protect losses and profits by closing trade positions upon reaching predetermined levels in the market. By setting these orders regularly without succumbing to emotional trading impulses, traders ensure their positions are safe from abrupt market fluctuations and safeguard them accordingly.Leveraging with CautionAlthough leverage can be invaluable to maximizing profits and minimizing losses in volatile forex markets, you should always use it cautiously and carefully. Employing leverage involves borrowing capital to expand potential returns, but in such an unpredictable market, it must only ever be employed responsibly and within one's risk tolerance. Traders should assess their individual risk tolerance and understand market conditions well enough that using leverage does not jeopardize trading capital.Diversification: Expanding One's WingsDiversifying investments across different currency pairs and markets is one way to protect traders against unanticipated market movements. It acts as an insurance against unexpected market shifts by not placing all their eggs in one basket, thus mitigating risk associated with adverse movements in one currency pair or market. However, diversification must be implemented correctly for optimal risk mitigation — making sure the investments chosen do not correlate and provide optimal risk-mitigation results.Continuous Learning and Adaptation Is CrucialThe forex market is ever-evolving, driven by global events, economic indicators, and market sentiment. Staying up-to-date with international events as they occur and adapting your strategies accordingly are integral for successful forex trading. Attending webinars, reading recent publications, or participating in forums and discussions are great ways of gathering insight into market trends, strategies, or global events that might affect it.Implement a Risk-Reward RatioA ratio defines how much one is willing to lose relative to any anticipated profit on any trade. Generally speaking, this should be three times what was risked, as this ensures disciplined trading that adheres to financial objectives and protects capital. Adherence to such ratios ensures discipline is upheld, capital is protected, and discipline remains intact in a trader's trading strategy.Maintaining Emotional EquilibriumEmotionally volatile traders can be both thrilling and dangerous. Striking a balance where decisions don't become clouded with fear, greed, or euphoria is essential in forex trading, as emotional decisions could lead to overtrading, risk-taking, or premature exits that endanger trading capital. Implementing strategies mechanically while adhering to trading plans ensures rational, calculated decisions that align with overall trading strategies.Integrating Fundamental Analysis Is Integral for BusinessFundamental analysis plays an integral part in forex, where currency values are inextricably tied to economic indicators and global events, providing traders with a vital edge by helping them anticipate market movements and make informed decisions. 2023 presents no exception; fundamental analysis will likely remain an invaluable strategy as events like policy changes, economic indicators, and geopolitical events have an ever-increasing effect on currency prices affecting them in 2023 and beyond. Understanding their effects allows traders to stay ahead of market shifts while making better-informed decisions with greater ease than competitors by helping anticipate market movements.Engaging in Social Trading ActivitiesSocial trading, the practice of drawing upon the knowledge and strategies employed by experienced traders to expand your own trading horizons, can be a beneficial strategy. Platforms offering such trading provide insight into successful traders' strategies, allowing novice traders to learn, adapt, and potentially incorporate these strategies into their plans if deemed useful by experienced ones. However, it is essential to conduct due diligence by understanding the underlying rationale behind all proposed strategies and aligning them with personal objectives and risk tolerance before beginning social trading activities.Utilizing Automated Trading StrategiesAutomated trading strategies or algorithmic trading have proven invaluable for today's traders in an age when technology and trading have become inextricably intertwined. Automated trading involves employing algorithms or bots to make trades according to predefined criteria without manual intervention, eliminating emotional factors from trading, and helping traders execute strategies efficiently while taking advantage of trading opportunities and adhering to their trading plan more consistently.ConclusionNavigating the forex market presents both opportunities and challenges. Effective financial navigation requires strategies designed to mitigate risks while capitalizing on potential opportunities. This strategy must ensure you maximize risk management and potential gains.However, while these strategies provide a comprehensive framework, the rapidly shifting forex market demands that traders remain adaptable, constantly increase their knowledge, and adapt their strategy in accordance with changing market conditions. Global events, economic indicators, market sentiment, and emotional triggers influence currency movements. Prudent decision-making, strategic planning, and continuous learning remain the cornerstones of successful forex trading.Read Also:What to Expect When You Become a Forex TraderTwo Trusted Forex Robots in 2019 and BeyondForex Trading Wisdom: Talk Yourself Out of Bad Trades