Benefits Of A Strong Governance Culture For Your Business


18 December 2018


Strong Governance Culture

Governance focuses on a company’s performance and accountability. It is one of the pillars of GRC. What is GRC? It stands for governance, risk management, and compliance. Since there are many things that companies have to comply with at any given time, some have opted for a GRC software that integrates all its aspects. The benefits of having an accountability culture are diverse. Here are just a few of them

Promotes Stakeholders Confidence:

Investors, shareholders, employees, and customers rely on the company to maintain certain standards only through such a culture can companies maintain the confidence of all stakeholders. Partners can rest assured that everything goes through set out processes. Nobody is cutting corners. Issues of fraud, corruption, and pilferage never arise.

It Ensures a Culture of Compliance:

Firms must comply with many state and federal regulations. Sometimes they also have to comply with international statutes and codes. A company that has a definite way of operating cannot worry about issues relating to procedure.

Employees know what to do at all times. They also know how to do it. The outcome is a standardized service that everyone can count on.

Anyone messing around with the set way of life is directly liable of his or her actions. An employee in a company that does not have the standard way of operating can claim ignorance. The staff cannot do that when there is deliberate effort to train them on how to do things.

Minimizes Risks Thereby Improving Profitability:

Issues of corruption and malpractice often lead to unmitigated disasters. Corruption scandals among company officials can tarnish the name of the company. Companies globally respond negatively to lousy leadership. On the other hand, companies rely on responsible leadership to grow. A company can minimize risks associated with noncompliance and corruption.

Promotes Meritocracy and Fairness:

A company ought to have certain standards that permeate throughout its ranks. That is what GRC is all about. If it is suppliers, they should meet a certain criterion before they can supply. To work for the organization, one must have certain minimum standards. In such an

You either merit being part of the company or not. This practice promotes fairness and justice within the firm. An employee knows what to do to get a promotion. This process advances healthy relationships between managers and other stakeholders.

Enhances Social Outlook of a Company:

Society plays a significant role in the affairs of any company. Customers come from the community, so are suppliers and authorities. Stakeholders expect a company to have a clear moral code. Customers want a company that they can trust.

They don’t want a company that can decide to use substandard or unethically sourced raw materials. Society expects the company to stay away from public ills such as smuggling. Companies that meet such expectations have an excellent social reception and outlook.

It Gives a Company a Competitive Edge:

Ethical companies want to engage with their counterparts. If a company commits to GRC standards, it can find suppliers, customers, and partners who have similar aspirations.


Standards start from the top. When the corporate board adheres to GRC, the whole company becomes part of the plan.

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How to Plan For a Successful Trade Show Exhibits?

Participating in a trade show can be time-consuming, tiring, and it uses a tremendous amount of money. However, if you plan for it, you can maximize your investment returns. First, you have to invest in a perfectly designed booth. To get that, you have to contract a reliable booth vendor. An experienced booth vendor will create a cabin based on your requirements and observe the theme of the trade show exhibits that you plan to attend. The good thing is, the booth is the first thing that attracts clients, but once it does, you should know how to maintain a conversation and provide substantial information about the products. Afterward, they will decide whether to buy it or not. So, if the products are of good quality and you've proved their worth, you'll have customers. What to do to Have Successful Trade Show Exhibits? Typically, your vendor will encourage you to rent or buy a booth that mimics the theme of trade show exhibits. However, some things remain constants. Research Before attending trade show exhibits, research the theme, the number of people who will attend, and the objective of the trade show. For example, if you visit a trade show where companies are selling the same products like yours, it will be competitive, and your ROI will be undermined. Also, if the trade show is known to attract a few people, the chances are that you won't get enough leads for ROI are quite high. Therefore, conduct intensive research and evaluate every possible outcome. You should research on every trade show before attending. Set participation goals After determining whether the trade show exhibits are worth attending, ask yourself what your goals are. Do you want to launch a product or promote an existing item? You can have several purposes, but you have to ensure that these goals are achievable and that they will give you a good ROI. Budget How much are you willing to spend on trade show exhibits? First, you have to consider the rent of the space that you'll be hiring and secondly, the price of a display booth. Fortunately, you can either rent or buy a display booth. So, consider the factors affecting the price of the booth and rent one that is within your budget. Nonetheless, if you compromise on the quality of the booth design, you risk losing the investment. Remember to book your exhibit space on time. Focus on the audience Who is the target audience? When preparing for trade show exhibits, you need to consider the people who will attend. If government officials attend the trade show, or CEO and managers, you have to prepare your presentation and products to attract them. Remember, these people run other businesses too, and they know what they want. So, unless your product passes their threshold, your presentation will not be worth it. So, ensure you meet the consumers' needs. Advertise Inform potential clients that you'll be participating in a specific trade show and give them a reason to attend. For example, if you're launching a new product, inform them that you'll be offering free samples. Conclusion Implement doable methods that will lead to business growth, including the trade show. However, ensure that the trade show is worth attending by determining whether you'll have enough ROI. Read Also: Execute The Perfect Expo With This Trade Show Checklist Tips For Creating Effective Portable Trade Show Displays

Automate Your Business

Mark Stiffler Gives You 7 Ways To Automate Your Business For Success

Would your business be more successful if it had more efficient systems in place? The good news is that there are many ways to automate your business processes and save time, energy, and money. Automation makes your business run smoothly and helps you stay organized. Mark Stiffler wants to explore seven ways to automate your business for success and plans to do so in this post. Top 7 Ways To Automate Your Business For Success 1. Streamline Your Customer Service Processes Automate customer service tasks such as sending emails and responding to customer inquiries. This will help you save time and energy by quickly responding to customers without manually entering data into a system or email program. You can also use automation tools such as chatbots to respond to common questions or provide customer service 24/7. This will help you create a more personalized customer experience and improve customer satisfaction. 2. Create Automated Payment Systems Setting up automated payment systems for online products or services makes it easier for customers to purchase from you without manually entering their payment information each time they purchase. This simplifies the buying process and reduces the chances of errors or fraud, which can be costly for businesses. Without this automation,  you would be responsible for manually processing each transaction. Manually processing payments can be time-consuming and tedious, not to mention a waste of billing hours. 3. Utilize Scheduling Tools Scheduling tools allow you to set up automated reminders for yourself or others on your team so that important tasks don’t fall through the cracks and deadlines are met on time. Mark Stiffler says these tools can also help you better manage your time by providing an overview of upcoming events, meetings, or tasks that need to be completed promptly. Popular tools to consider include Google Calendar, Toodledo, and Asana. Google Calendar This free calendar application allows you to create and share events with others easily. Most companies use this as it is included in the Google Suite. Toodledo This powerful task management and productivity tool allow you to create reminders for yourself or others. Asana This project management tool allows you to track tasks, assign due dates, and organize projects with multiple members. 4. Leverage Social Media Automation Tools Social media automation tools enable you to schedule posts ahead, so you don’t have to worry about manually updating your social media accounts daily. This can save time and effort while ensuring that your accounts stay active and engaged with followers regularly. Social Media Automation Tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer, and Sprout Social are great options. Which one you choose depends on what features you need and your budget. 5. Manage Email Lists with Autoresponders Autoresponders are great for managing large email lists because they allow you to send personalized messages based on user interactions with your site or emails from other sources (such as webinars). Autoresponders can also be used for promotional purposes, such as sending out discounts or special offers at predetermined intervals throughout the year. When looking for an autoresponder, make sure to choose one that is easy to use and has the features you need, such as segmentation and personalization. 6. Analyze Data with AI Tools AI-based analytics tools can help provide insights into how customers interact with your website or product so that you can optimize the user experience accordingly to maximize conversions and sales over time. Additionally, these tools help identify areas where further optimization may be necessary to improve user engagement further down the road. Popular AI tools Mark Stiffler says to consider include Google Analytics, Mixpanel, and KISSmetrics. Google Analytics is the most popular analytics tool on the market, providing detailed insights into how visitors interact with your site. Mixpanel and KISSmetrics are other popular AI tools that provide a more in-depth look into customer behavior. They both focus on delivering real-time data and insights that can help you make better decisions about optimizing your website. 7. Implement Automated Invoicing and Billing Solutions By automating invoices and billing solutions, businesses can save time while reducing manual errors associated with manual entry creation processes (which often lead to false charges). In addition, automated invoicing solutions make it easier for customers by streamlining the payment process from end to end, so they don’t have to worry about entering their payment information each time they purchase from your site or app. Favorite automated invoicing and billing solutions include FreshBooks, Harvest, and Wave. Each of these tools has features that are tailored to different types of businesses. Conclusion Automation is a powerful tool to help businesses succeed and save time, energy, and money. The seven ways outlined in this article are all great options for automating your business processes to stay organized while maximizing efficiency. From streamlining customer service tasks to leveraging AI-based analytics tools, automation provides many benefits for businesses looking to increase their success rate. With automated solutions like these in place, your business will be able to operate more efficiently than ever before! 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Investing in Precious Metals

Investing in Precious Metals

Add precious metals to your investment portfolio for diversification and security, but make sure to select wisely as each type of metal and investment vehicle has its own set of benefits, risks, and drawbacks. Protection From Economic Uncertainty Gold and silver have long been seen as symbols of wealth and currency, providing safe investments during times of economic instability. Furthermore, these precious metals have numerous industrial uses including jewelry production and electronics manufacturing that keeps demand for them at an all-time high. This demand ensures their prices will always remain elevated. Gold and silver investments are also an excellent way to diversify your portfolio, according to many financial advisors. Diversifying includes stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds as an overall approach, but adding gold or silver may further lower risk by spreading out your investments across many asset classes. There are various methods of investing in these types of assets, from purchasing physical bullion (gold, silver and platinum coins and bars) to investing in mining companies that produce these products. You can click here to learn more about investing in mining companies. Both options provide tangible investments but some may incur higher storage and insurance costs. Furthermore, physical bullion is subject to higher capital gains tax rates when sold compared with other investments. Alternative purchasing options exist through rare earth elements royalty and streaming companies. These firms own the right to receive set quantities of these assets over time for a fee, offering diversification without incurring additional risks in owning physical bullion. An alternative approach to precious metal investment is investing through your 401(k) or another retirement account, providing diversification with tax-deferred savings benefits. However, before making any decisions related to your retirement plan it is advisable to seek guidance from an independent advisor. Others choose to partner with a well-known company like Goldco for their investments. It is important to do research on any company or advisor you are considering working with. Diversification Diversifying your portfolio is one of the main tenets of investing, as this helps reduce risk when stock markets crash or unexpected market events take place. One way of diversifying is adding precious metals as their price usually follows different market trends from stocks and bonds. You can click the link: for more information. Investors can purchase physical rare earth elements such as gold, silver and palladium or invest in investment products derived from these assets - including mining stocks, streaming companies or royalty companies that generate revenue through sales of rare earth elements, ETFs and mutual funds that specialize in these types of investments, and futures contracts. All these options provide investors with the diversification benefits they seek, yet each presents unique risks and opportunities. Gold bullion, for instance, is one of the direct forms of investments, but requires significant storage space to hold. Furthermore, its initial costs may make entry more challenging. Precious metals-based investment products offer lower barriers to entry, but can still carry risks, including those related to mining companies' share prices falling due to cost overruns, mismanagement or financial issues. Gold and silver tend to increase in value during periods of economic unease as they serve as safe havens. Furthermore, their widespread applications such as jewellery making, electronics production and batteries make them likely safe bets as the world continues its advancement and progresses further. Investors can also use precious metals as a hedge against inflation and to preserve their purchasing power over time. As interest rates and printing of money by the Federal Reserve increase and cause the dollar's value to decline, the price of commodities such as gold and silver are impacted. Exchange Rates   Precious metals provide an alternative form of money that's resistant to inflation and economic uncertainty. Due to their intrinsic value and the "safe haven" reputation they enjoy as investments, physical bullion may make for an excellent addition to any portfolio - though investors should carefully consider their financial situation, strategy, and long-term goals before making decisions regarding these types of investments. Precious metals have become an increasingly popular investment choice among investors looking to protect their wealth against economic instability and inflation. Precious metals provide investors with an effective, stable way of diversifying their wealth as they are less volatile than stocks or other investments which may experience sudden drops. Furthermore, precious metals provide tangible assets which can easily be converted to cash. Investing in precious metals is an excellent way to safeguard against inflation and other economic risks; however, it is wise to conduct thorough market research before making decisions and consulting an expert about which options are suitable for your particular situation. Security Even though precious metals can be bought through traditional brokerage accounts, most investors prefer investing directly in physical precious metals by purchasing and storing physical precious metals themselves. While this method may be more costly than trading stocks or bond ETFs or mutual funds, having physical precious metals in your hands provides instantaneous access when economic uncertainty strikes - an invaluable asset during times of economic uncertainty. Physical precious metal investments offer another distinct advantage: They're private assets. You are the only one who knows exactly the details of your portfolio, which makes it more secure than many modern investments. This feature is especially advantageous for families that wish to shield their wealth from outside financial consultants or government agencies. Each metal has different economic sensitivities, technical properties and uses. Gold is often used for ornamental purposes in jewelry design while silver has multiple industrial applications including electrical appliances, medical applications and batteries. Meanwhile, palladium shares many of the characteristics found in platinum but has even greater industrial uses as it's used in automotive catalytic converters, ceramic capacitors in chargeable electronics systems, groundwater treatment processes and manufacturing processes. Though investing in precious metals may provide many advantages, it is also crucial to be aware of any associated risks. Diversifying your portfolio and finding a dependable broker or dealer is crucial when purchasing and selling precious metals. 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