How Brands Use Net Base for Deep Social Media Analysis

Published on: 15 July 2019 Last Updated on: 05 December 2022
Social Media Analysis

It’s a known fact amongst successful leaders that you must measure and analyze what you want to improve. This couldn’t be truer when it comes to social media analysis for the purpose of building brand equity through marketing. It’s the reason why many top brands use companies like Net Base to optimize their social media marketing campaigns. Most businesses have come to understand the critical importance of social media for brand development. What has become even more clear is how valuable social media is for collecting information that can be used to develop marketing strategies.

The key to successful marketing is leveraging the information obtained through analysis to draw conclusions that are actionable. The goal is to understand and reach your target audience. Data collected using Net Base can also help to ensure you choose the right channel. The best part is that it isn’t as time-consuming as other methods of collecting data. You can have an extensive amount of information at your disposal for the purpose of making informed decisions. Let’s review some of the benefits associated with social media analysis.

Understanding the ROI of Social Media:

Social media managers around the world have been challenged for years with trying to figure out if their social media efforts have been effective. Prior to the services offered by companies like Net Base, it was difficult to truly understand the ROI of social media marketing. While it’s crystal clear that social media is important, there are many platforms from which to choose, which means marketing efforts should be strategically based on your target customers. Not using social media certainly isn’t an option.

Optimizing Your Social Media Strategy:

Social media analysis offers an opportunity to have a more focused strategy. As aforementioned, it’s a way to measure what you want to improve. A sound social media strategy is based on real data that helps you to determine which social media platform and methods will yield the best results. It’s a way to avoid wasting your time on channels that simply don’t work for your brand and target customer base. In other words, you don’t want to spend time on marketing efforts that simply will not work because they don’t reach the right people.

Another important way in which social media analysis is critical is it improves the way in which you engage with consumers. It can help you create more content based on the results of data from prior marketing campaigns. You are able to ascertain which type of content will yield the results you want. There’s no way around the fact that some marketing campaigns are more appealing than others. By analyzing your social media, you can see how others actually respond to what you might think is an amazing marketing campaign.

Understanding Your Audience:

As you probably know, social media is a crowded place and you have to work to build your audience. Ongoing engagement on social media takes time and effort. Success is more likely when you truly understand your audience and develop content that speaks to them in a way that’s compelling. This includes all aspects of your content, including photos. Net Base provides you with insights that can improve the conversations that you have with your customers.

The information provided by social media analytics enables you to hit the mark in your marketing campaigns more frequently, which results in a much higher ROI. You can review a wide range of information obtained through social media analytics for integration into your marketing strategies.

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5 Tricks for Using Twitter to Grow Your Business

You may already be familiar with social media marketing on sites such as Facebook and Instagram, but have you considered growing your business through Twitter? Many tweeters assume that the word count availability limits marketing potential, but that couldn’t be less true. Businesses that know how to use Twitter to their advantage are able to create successful marketing campaigns that increase traffic towards their sites. Here are just a few strategies for using Twitter to grow your business. 1. Write Succinct Tweets: This is arguably the most important for any successful marketing campaign on Twitter. With Twitter, your words are already limited, but it’s still important to be as brief as possible with your message. Even on Twitter, a massive bubble of text that takes up their entire feed will turn off your targeted audience. Limit your tweet character count by focusing on your message. Remember that you can always include a link to a longer blog post or text page. Instead of explaining everything to your audience, use your tweets to suggest an offer to them. They’ll be more likely to learn more by clicking on the links you provide and discovering your business. Let’s look at two examples: New to the Los Angeles area from The San Fernando Valley to Long Beach? You’re going to need a smog test no matter where you live, and we offer a smog test near you. Click here to learn more. You can probably tell that this tweet is unnecessarily long and rambling. The user can accomplish the same ideas in shorter phrasing, like this: New to LA? You’ll need a smog test. We’ve got you covered. This tweet is succinct. It successfully condenses the same message in a shorter word count, and it entices the reader to follow through by clicking on related links. A succinct tweet is impactful. It has the potential to entice readers and shows that you are able to get your point across concisely. It also demonstrates that you understand how to use Twitter, which will make you seem professional, contemporary, and appealing. 2. Plan Your Tweets: Social media users are known to impulsively post content, and it’s easy to think that your tweets have to be thought of on the spot. A great idea towards perfecting tweets for your business is actually planning them out. You can do this by writing each one down on paper or a computer document. This allows you to plan when each tweet will be posted, edit before the post date, and adjust your campaign if your posted tweets aren’t landing. 3. Engage the Audience: Successful marketing campaigns are not just brief but capture their audience through engaging visuals and participatory posts. High-resolution photographs, intriguing logos, and succinct videos go a long way towards making a tweet visually appealing. You can also engage with users directly by using tweets to ask questions related to your business. To really boost engagement, interact with users in the comments. Use Twitter to offer promo codes or create polls to enhance your relationship with your audience. 4. Plant Hashtags: Just like with Instagram, it’s important to also plant hashtags. These are a powerful tool that allows readers to find your business through trending feeds. By using a current hashtag, you increase the potential of being found by a user who otherwise might never have become a customer. Just like your word count, remember to limit your hashtags. Nothing is more off-putting or unprofessional that a string of random hashtags in a single tweet. 5. Consult a Professional: Adapting to any social media site takes time, so it’s important for users who want to take advantage of business growth potential through Twitter to seek help if they’re unsure of how to approach their ideal marketing plan. Reach out to an established marketing agency like digital marketing by Edge. SEO and online marketing agencies will understand how to reach an audience via Twitter and will help you develop strategies towards your business goals. Read Also: 5 Marketing Tips To Help Grow Your Business On Instagram

Social Media Marketing

How To Move Your Career In Social Media Marketing Up A Gear?

Social media is a growth area and is an increasingly significant and vital aspect of marketing strategy for businesses in all sectors. It's something we're all aware of, and most of us engage with social media on a personal level to a greater or lesser degree. But if it's a medium that you're genuinely passionate about, you might want to make social media marketing your career. Getting started is one thing but getting moving is another. Social media is all about being noticed, and social media marketing is even more so. The first product you must sell is yourself! Begin thinking about what you offer, the unique strengths you can bring to the social media marketing game, and where your potential specialisms lie. Checkout Some Crucial Points To Help You Move Your Career In Social Media Marketing Up A Gear: 1. Business To Business When we think about social media marketing, we tend to think about retail businesses engaging with customers to build their brand, create communities, and encourage followers to begin their buying journey. While this is undoubtedly a big part of the story, business-to-business (B2B), social media marketing is equally important. The essence of social media is communication between peers. People trust and believe what they read on social media because it's coming from friends or ordinary people just like them, rather than corporate entities that may have a vested interest leading to bias. That is why B2B social media makes sense. It's businesses talking to each other as friends, or at least friendly rivals, with a shared language and a shared understanding of the commercial ecosphere in which they operate. 2. Valuable Connections Setting yourself up as a B2B social media specialist is a way to stand out from the crowd. This form of marketing is particularly valuable for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups, where making connections and sharing information is vital for survival. As a B2B social media marketer, you'll help businesses find clients and maintain productive relationships with them. You'll also be building a brand within the industry in a way that generates trust and respect. 3. Content specialist You might also want to specialize in the kind of content you deliver. Video production is one example, and this is a fast-growing area of social media communication. If this is something you're enthusiastic about, learn how to use industry-standard editing tools and prepare a snappy showreel for potential clients and employers. Whatever specialism calls out to you, follow your interests, and then develop your skills so you can become a go-to creator in your field. 4. Keep learning The skills you need to stay at the top of your game in all forms of digital media change rapidly. To keep up, you must keep learning, adding new certificates and qualifications to your resume to remain current. If you already have a bachelor's degree, then an online master's in marketing is a recommended way to learn about advanced strategic storytelling and content creation in today's digital world. Besides essential qualifications, you can also learn through volunteer work, job shadowing, and internships. Continually seek ways to develop new skills and brush up on old ones. Don't be afraid to push yourself out of your comfort zone and risk making mistakes. Failure is often the best teacher, so find environments where you can experiment safely. 5. Set targets When you're trying to keep your career moving, it helps to have a route map and some inspiration. Think hard about where you're trying to reach. Where do you hope to be in your professional life in five years? What about ten or twenty? Once you've established some timeline goals, work out the stages you must go through to get there. These might be vague now, or you may have different options on the table. One way to clarify your intended career path is to seek out people in your field who you'd like to emulate, who are maybe ten years further down the road than you. Follow these people on social media and research their backstories. If it's appropriate to do so, consider reaching out to them and asking for tips. Be polite; remember they are incredibly busy and don't expect them to move mountains on your behalf. But most people are happy to answer a few informed, specific questions. 6. Understand influencer marketing Influencers are individuals on social media who leverage their brand to promote a company, product, or corporate brand to their followers. The influencer may have achieved fame and success in another area, like music or television, or they may have gained a following through their YouTube streaming or gaming on Twitch. They may equally be someone writing expert articles on Medium or LinkedIn. The important thing is that the influencer has access to a demographic the company wants to win over. Accordingly, the company enters a mutually beneficial, informal partnership with the influencer in which the latter acts as an unofficial ambassador or spokesperson for the company's brand. Understanding influencer marketing is crucial. You might find yourself working with influencers or even acting as an influencer yourself. Networking with individuals who could potentially become influencers is always useful, as is knowing how relationships between influencers and brands can be structured. 7. Keep on top of your personal brand Even if you've got a full-time social media marketing position with a company, you should still find time to keep on top of your personal brand. That means continuing to post engaging content across multiple platforms, focusing on your strengths, and building a reputation as a thought leader. Your personal social media profiles are also the place to develop and showcase skills you're not being called upon to use in your day job. Social media marketing is an exciting and competitive role. There are many ways to move forward, and these often involve becoming more specialized as you find your unique marketing niche and develop it. By taking control of your career path, you'll become empowered as a content creator and marketer whose work is always in demand. Read Also: Social Media Marketing role in TechnologyImportance of Storytelling in Social Media Marketing4 Ways to Use Mobile Marketing in a B2B Marketing Strategy

5 Steps on How to Market Your Business Using Social Media

5 Steps on How to Market Your Business Using Social Media

Social media has today become a popular way of enabling customers to research and discover brands of different products offered by different business entities. The platform has also helped marketers of various products reach their potential customers with just a click. Currently, a very high percentage of marketers prefer marketing their products and services using social media due to its high coverage, unlike other forms. Some of these social sites include Instagram, Twitter, Facebook among others. However, for you to successfully gain traction in this you need to follow the essential steps below. 1. Start By Reviewing Your Business Objectives : Although many people tend to skip this step, it is very important, to begin with, it in order to find a niche market on social media. However, an evaluation of your business objectives will help you to successfully develop an appropriate social media marketing plan for your business. For instance, if one of your business objectives aims at growing your market share in a certain region, develop a social media marketing plan that fully supports such an objective. Above all, remember to stick to your objectives when posting or engaging your fans and followers on your social media page. 2. Plan On Where To Spend Your Time : You need to have a clear digital strategy for you to successfully drive sales on social media. Since each social network has a different audience population, you should strategize on which platform to use on the basis of your target customers. The following is an example of population differences: Approximately 70 percent of people use Facebook, making it the topmost social network. Approximately 60 percent of Facebook users comprise of a female. Most of the Instagram users are aged between 18 years and 35 years From the above highlights, you need to choose a social network that will best work on your products and services in relation to the target audience. 3. Create High-Quality Contents : Coming up with high-quality contents can really engage your audiences. The contents can be shared across a number of platforms and harvest more interest in that particular brand. This means that the contents should be actionable, informative, shareable, and relevant to your target group of audience. 4. Always Be Active And Responsive : Potential customers, fans, and followers will always congregate to the business’ social site and post their comments. In the process, they will expect the business to be social to them. A timely response will always create a positive relationship between the company and the customers. However, some companies tend to create automated responses on their sites to the customer. As a result, the automation gets the company’s brands in trouble due to inappropriate responses. This can inadvertently promote negative attention making the business look uncaring the customers. For this reason, all automated responses should be avoided to give consumers a positive perception during the interaction. 5. Stay Updated Always : Always ensure that your social network marketing plan consistently reflects the times. This means that you should always stay ahead by developing a list of resources you are planning to use. In summary, although social media is widely used to market brands today, the marketing will be a success if the above steps are keenly followed. Reviewing the business objectives, creating high-quality contents will always attract a good number of customers. However, you should always be responsive and updated in order for you to maintain your potential customers. Read Also : 5 Marketing Tips To Help Grow Your Business On Instagram Discovering A New Promotion Position For Your expanding Search Engine Marketing  Why Every Business Needs Digital Marketing