Social Media Marketing: Six Trends to Keep Your Eyes On

As the New Year begins, brands are focused on developing their marketing strategy. Marketers should know that it’s time to “Go social or go home.” Social media is another most famous marketing trend which needs to be followed by all the brands. Already so many brands are investing in social media marketing campaigns to keep up with the competitors and to expand reach to the customers. We can see that the number of people using these platforms is creating such a hype that brands cannot resist but to invest in social media marketing campaigns and be reaching customers, creating brand awareness.

If you’re looking for the trends to keep your eyes on here are six trends in social media marketing:

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    Brands going Life (Live-Streaming):

People buy the latest phones with upgraded hardware and software version every year, but for what possible reasons? The answer is to get quick access to social media platforms for not missing out on videos, pictures, and live streaming videos. Following this live streaming trend will prove to be more helpful for the brands, as it will reveal the organic reach. Because the most significant thing about live streaming is that it not only makes the brand popular instead it makes them reach the real targeted audience.

Also, people want to feel valued and loved, so live streaming sums up this factor, and it doesn’t attain the attention of maximum potential customers. Facebook and Instagram are providing brands with the facility of live streaming.

According to the research it’s found that more than 80% of people would prefer watching live videos rather than reading a blog post.

  • Rule of Social media influencers & Micro-Influencer:

Social media influencers are ruling all over the social media platforms and a smart marketer can use their help to reach their targeted audience and create hype for the brands in this year as well. Although the trend should be swift a little forward and be more authentic rather than working with social media influencers or hiring celebrities. Brands should work with those influencers who have their best interest in the products by heart this will prove to be more beneficial for the brand instead of working with those who lack interest in their products.

  • No Organic reach?

As marketers are facing a massive decline in organic reach on social media platforms, brands are very much concerned and are focusing on finding other approaches to fight that decline of organic reach on social media and to do so they should be very careful about posting their ads on social media platforms and have invest large amount of money for those ads to improve the number of organic reach.

Are you investing in social media advertisements? If the answer is no, then it’s time to do it and add it to your marketing campaigns budget list to get organic reach before it goes in vain.

  • Tell your story:

Social media is a platform seems to be the best choice for telling your story to the public to create brand publicity and awareness, marketing can use this platform a tool for getting quick access to the public which is easy and can also calculate the response of the audience. Facebook and Instagram and Snapchat are helping brands engage their customers from their feature of “Stories”. So many brands are still not using this feature should adopt it and bring creative and interesting videos and content for these stories this will surely bring a better customer response than usual.

  • Create Chatbots:

If you’ve ever visited a website where the moment you go you suddenly get a message from the person asking if you need help? You might think that must be some person sitting on their websites and sending this text, but it’s a chatbot program which is designed to interact with you.

So, in this year use of chatbots and messenger apps will become another trend on social media platforms followed by the brands. This show that robots are taking over, but people will look for the voice of the person behind this message and will try to exploit it, better make sure your content is ready for voice search!! If you’ve planned yet make sure to be on it. You might need one at some stage this year.

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