How Social media Playing a Role in career building?

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Nearly everyone aspires to have a meaningful and successful career. But unfortunately, many of us fail to make a satisfying job decision, either due to lack of resources or awareness. But, have you ever tried to discover the power of social media in career development?

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Social Media tools such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are becoming increasingly popular tools. It is playing an imperative role in career building. It offers numerous opportunities as compared to traditional employment methods. These platforms provide you with the amenity to enhance your visibility.

Here are some more vital roles of social media in career building:

Organizations utilize these platforms to know about candidates:

As per annual social media recruitment survey conducted by CareerBuilder, 60% of the employers use social media networking sites to screen the job candidates. The social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter gives a better glimpse of the candidate’s personality and behavior. It provides an insight of the candidates which is more comprehensive than a cover letter or resume. Moreover, LinkedIn not only provides the complete details of a candidate’s job history but also their activeness in community and involvement in organizations. The recommendations on LinkedIn give the idea of people’s perspectives about you.

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It helps to discover job opportunities:

Nowadays, many firms embrace social media as an imperative part of the talent attraction strategy.  Therefore, they advertise the internship and graduate opportunities on the social media networks. As mentioned above, Assignment Writing Service companies also use these platforms to get proper insight about the candidates.

It assists in interaction with the professionals:

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are called social networks, aren’t they? These are great ways to interact and develop relations with the people of your chosen field. LinkedIn is a social media channel which is specially developed for professional networking. It has an approximate of 200 million members all over the world. It allows you to follow and engage with particular brands which create a direct impact on the follower’s perceptions about you. It offers job seekers an opportunity to learn from the social media profiles of the companies. It’s a perfect way to know about their activities, values, and feedback of customers and clients.

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It allows engagement with the targeted clients and customers:

Social Media not only allows interaction with professionals but with targeted clients and audience too. You can make use of these platforms to brand yourself to the potential customers and clients. The two-way communication line permits you to get customer reviews about your products or services. You can show the targeted audience that you appreciate and respect their views by giving prompt replies to them.

It keeps you updated:

Are you acquainted with words such as “Newsfeed” or “Twitter trends”? Yes right! The Newsfeed is the place which is constantly updated with the latest stories, news, statuses and much more. Twitter trends show you the latest news and world events through hashtags. Due to worldwide followers, almost every social media platform gives you insight regarding all the events happening. Furthermore, social media also increase your knowledge regarding marketing and career prospects.

Some special social media tips for you:

  • Your profile photo should be relevant and worth sharing with your networking.
  • The Profile should abide by the social media etiquettes and have a level of professionalism in it.
  • You must try to engage with people to your best because engagement leads to network building.
  • Share your valuable opinions in conversations related to your career and professional interest.
  • You should refrain from presenting anything negative about yourself as it lowers your chances of being selected for the job.

Are you ready to utilize these key platforms for job searching and career development? Great! All you require is a good internet connection to remain active and an enriched online profile with recommendations from clients and colleagues.

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Instagram boasts 2 billion monthly active users, making it the fourth most-used social media platform. In recent years, this platform quickly became a goldmine for both individuals and businesses. However, to become noticed, you need to have a visually pleasing and perfectly curated feed and produce top-quality content.There is fierce competition on this platform, so we understand why many brands are struggling to make Instagram a part of their marketing strategy. Instagram is not the place to "wing it." If you want to generate buzz and attract more followers on this platform, establishing an effective marketing plan is crucial for achieving greater business success. In the article below we present our best marketing advice that can help make that possible. Increase Your FollowingIf you are just beginning on social media or want to grow your already established online brand, then you need to know that attracting new Instagram followers requires a strategic approach. 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How to Download Facebook Videos

How to Download Facebook Videos on Android?

Have you watched a video on Facebook and you would like to download it to your Android? Several people out there are struggling with such downloads. If you are one of them, you can be sure that your struggles have come to an end. Some people believe that it is impossible to save and even keep a local copy of that fun video they came across on online. Facebook has an easy way of doing this especially if you are using an Android device. The most important thing is to follow the simple steps, and you will have the video in your device. In this article, you will get useful tips on how to download Facebook videos on Android.Do you know why several people are struggling with downloading Facebook videos on Android? The reason is that the whole process is not direct because the option is not readily available on the Facebook app. Facebook does not have the intention of allowing users to download a copy of the uploaded videos. However, the app will enable you to save a copy of the video link so that you can view it again any time you feel like doing so. Therefore, you may find it tricky unless you know how to download Facebook videos on Android. Even though most users are comfortable with this arrangement, we have people who prefer to download the video on their personal Android devices. If this is your intention, then the content of this article will be helpful to you. I will take you through the whole process on how to download Facebook videos on Android.There are typically two steps that you should undertake if you want to keep a copy of your video on the Android phone. The initial one involves the video URL or the link. The second section guides you through the actual steps on how to download Facebook videos on Android. This article makes use of the free service to help you in downloading Facebook videos to your Android device. You can be sure you will like the page once you discover that they are offering exemplary services. Step One: Copy the LinkSource The first step you need to undertake while downloading Facebook videos on Android is getting the video link. However, I am aware that most people don’t know how to do this. The first thing is to open the Facebook application that is readily available on your screen. After this, you can now go to the video that you would like to download. Tap on the ‘more settings button that you will find on the upper right section. You can easily locate it by looking for an icon that has three dots. It has all the setting functions that you need for your Facebook page. You can now select the ‘copy link’ option then move to the second phase of instructions. Step Two: Downloading the Video to Your Android DeviceThis is the second step that you undertake while downloading Facebook videos on Android. After copying the video link to the clipboard, you can now embark on the process of downloading. Here are the simple steps that you need to follow to achieve this objective.This first step is to open your browser. You can use any browser depending on what is installed in your machine. You will not have any problem with this as long as you know what serves you well. Once the browser is open, you need to visit the following site The beauty of it is that the website offers free services when downloading your Facebook videos to Android. One of the things that you will notice is an empty box beside the red button that states ‘catch the video.’ All you need to do is to enter your URL into this box.From here, you can scroll downwards and search for a red button that states ‘show media list.’ Once you get this button, you can tap on it to proceed. You will realize that the whole process flows so smoothly as long as you know what you are doing. You can now select the video version that you would like to download. The page gives you several options and its upon you to choose what you love most. You can now allow the device enough time to download the video.In some cases, you may be forced to be patient depending on the size of the video that you are downloading and the stability of your internet connection. It can be wise to connect to a high-speed internet if you want the whole process to flow seamlessly. After the download is complete, you will see the download indicator in your status bar telling you that the download is complete. All you need to do at this stage is tapping on it. You can now open the video that you have just downloaded to make sure that it is functioning correctly. The whole process is simple and straight forward. In case you want to download another video, you can use the same procedure. The most important thing is to be keen to the video format so that you don’t choose the wrong option as this may affect the functionality of the video. Conclusion Most people all over the world own android devices. One of the reasons is that Android is a reliable operating system, especially on Smartphones. With over 12 billion Facebook accounts globally, a large proportion of these individuals use their Android devices to access their pages. However, most of them don’t know how to download Facebook videos on Android. You don’t want to mix an opportunity of saving your favorite videos in your handset. In this article, we have explained how you can achieve this objective through two simple steps. The first one is copying the URL of the video while the second one entails the actual downloading of the video. Follow these simple processes, and you will get your Facebook video in your device within no time.Read Also:How To Remove Pname Com Facebook Orca 10 Of The Best Facebook Pages To Follow Now Digital Marketing: Utilize Facebook To Support Your Hospitality Business

which network has the longest life for a piece of content?

Which Network Has The Longest Life For A Piece Of Content?

The longest life of the contents means maximizing the chances to convey your message to your audiences. The social media platform is the best one for circulating your message more quickly. So which network has the longest life for a piece of content? You are using multiple social communication platforms to increase your social media engagement level. Among this long list of social media, few have a significantly shorter lifespan for the contents. Some of them have the longest life for a piece of content.The longest life for a piece of content is stretching up the time of your post, and more viewers can see the posts. For social media marketers and people who want a larger fan base, long-life content is the best way to reach the maximum of audiences.So let’s see which network has the longest life for a piece of content? Advantages Of The Longest Life For A Piece Of Content?For the social media marketers and the influencers, the longest life of the content is playing the leading role for viewer’s engagement. If you are an entrepreneur or an influencer, the viewer’s attention is significant for you. And the knowledge of which network has the longest life for a piece of content? It is providing you with the best choice of networks to share your content.Here are few advantages of the longest life for the piece of contentsMaximum content life means a maximum number of viewers can see your posts Increasing the viewer’s engagements For the promotion and the branding, the maximum viewers can see your posts and share your posts. Fast sharing and the fast response is the best feature of the longest life for the piece of the contents.Which Network Has The Longest Life For A Piece Of Content? The social media marketers and entrepreneurs are using Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, and linked in. These four social media platforms effectively increase the viewer’s engagements and the brand’s promotional work. Among these four options, which network has the longest life for a piece of content.Let’s see the detailed descriptive answer for it. 1. FacebookFacebook contents have a reasonable lifespan for the piece of content. The average lifespan of the Facebook post is not more than five to six hours. But if your posts are going to be shared by your audiences. And within these five to six hours, your audiences and the viewer’s engagements will increase then your Facebook content life span will increase.So if you want to improve the engagement level through your Facebook profile. Then you always have to announce the direct call to action for your individual Facebook posts. 2. PinterestDo you want to know which network has the longest life for a piece of content? This is the right option for you. The correct answer is nothing but the Pinterest network. You want to build up your customer engagement through social media engagement, and Pinterest is the right option for you. The content life is so long even the half-life of the pin is shorter than the Facebook posts.Are you interested to know how long the pins are going to last? You will be surprised to know that the pin’s lives are more extended than every other social media network for more than four months. As for the blog post, you can see the Pinterest posts for four months. And Pinterest has the longest life for a piece of content. 3. SnapchatIf you are using the Snapchat network as your most preferred network. Then you already know which one has the ghost icon. Like the ghost, the content is also going to disappear within 10 seconds. When did you want to know Which network has the longest life for a piece of content? Snapchat is just the opposite. Snaps are going to last only ten seconds because Snaps have auto-deleting options. Even personal texting is going to be deleted after 30 days.Snaps will be deleted after 10 seconds, and along with the posts, your viewer’s reactions and other details will be deleted along with the snaps. 4. LinkedinLinked in is the best platform to increase professional and skill-based engagement levels. For the skill-based products and the services, engagements are playing an important role, and every time you are going to post anything on Linked in, the viewers will ask you and expect an answer from you within a few hours. LinkedIn content has a moderately long life span in comparison to Snapchat and Facebook.Among all the professional skill-based networks, which network has the longest life for a piece of content? LinkedIn is the most appropriate one. Linked-in posts have 48 hours of lifetime. And this time is enough for increasing the engagement. How Can You Improve Your Life For A Piece Of Content? Facebook, Snapchat, and Instream is a top-rated social media platform. The influencers and digital marketers are using this platform to increase the viewer’s engagement. If you are going to see the longest Facebook post of Nokia with 63,206 characters, you will understand the exact users and the fan followers of the Facebook page. If you want to increase the life of your posted piece of content, then you can simply apply these tips.Always publish quality, engaging content with relevant images. Announce a solid call to action for increasing the engagement level among the viewers. Increase your response frequency and give the answers to your audiences for increasing your product brand value and elongate the life of the content. Give the preference to the new contents. Add some uniqueness when you are creating the content.These are the few tips that you can apply for increasing the lifespan of the piece of content. Hence you know which network has the longest life for a piece of content? It is not possible to shift to the newer one every time. You can apply these tips to give your post content a longer life. Wrapping It Up Now you know among the four network options, which network has the longest life for a piece of content? If you are currently using Facebook or LinkedIn, you can apply these tips to give your content a longer life. Along with the long life, the engagements are also going to increase.But for every network, the call to action is playing the most valuable part. Applicable solid, informative content with a reliable call to action is the best weapon to kill the short content lifespan. What is your opinion? Do not forget to share your opinion in the comment sections.     FAQ( Frequently Asked Questions)  Which Social Network has the longest life for the content?  Pinterest has the longest life for the content unlike for many other social media sites. You have to consider these facts while you want to wire up the social site networking for your business promotion. On which social network you must share the contact most frequently?   There are certain social networks where you must share your contact frequently some of them are as follows:-You must do 2-5 Facebook posts per day. Twitter the more you post the better visibility you will get. 2-5 posts a week you will get on Linkedin. There is a specific number that you must maintain on Instagram.What is the Social Hubspot exam?  The social media Hubspot exam tests the brands, products, industry, and services to check the rate of efficiency in an easier way. Why would you want to service that will help you to manage and discover the influence?  Here you will get the details on which social media site you have the highest number of influencers.   More ResourcesThe Definitive Guide to Market Your Business on Facebook How to Get More Traffic to Your Amazon Listings Content Marketing Mistakes You Shouldn’t Be Making