Why You Need A Cold Weather Evacuation Plan


10 October 2022

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Evacuation Plan

Whether you already have an evacuation plan or are just starting to think about making one, it’s necessary to have different plans for different scenarios. Think about it: does your evacuation plan assume that there will be blue skies and warm temperatures during an evacuation for a fire?

A thorough evacuation plan takes many different situations into account. You should be aware of the different types of evacuations that occur, from natural disasters such as forest fires, landslides, tornados, and house fires.

And yet, often, people forget to plan for adverse weather conditions, like having to wait in a safety zone in frigid temperatures, pouring rain, or a snowstorm or having to leave through emergency exits with heaps of snow or ice obstructing the way.

Checkout Three Prime Reasons You Need A Cold Weather Evacuation Plan:

If you already have an evacuation plan and are prepared with emergency tools like the Evacuscape evacuation chair, you’re already ahead of the game, and winterizing your plan won’t require too many tweaks. If you don’t yet have any evacuation plan in place, you can make your cold weather plan at the same time as your warm weather plan.

Here are some of the key reasons why it’s essential that you plan for cold weather evacuations.

1. Higher Risk of Fires

Higher Risk of Fires

Between fireplaces, candles, and increased use of heating systems, there’s much more opportunity for fires in the home to occur. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) says that house fires occur more often in winter than in any other season.

The increased risk must be taken into account during emergency planning for everyone’s safety. Plus, you can take the opportunity to ensure your practice has good fire safety tips.

2. Increased Chance for Severe Weather

Natural weather-related disasters

Natural weather-related disasters come at all times of the year. Winter brings freezing cold temperatures and all sorts of precipitation – from snowstorms to ice storms. Storms can last for days, and power outages often occur, leading to further safety issues.

It’s essential to know the different scenarios that can occur. For some, it may be safer to stay put indoors, whereas, for others, you may need to leave your home.

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3. Provides More Opportunities for Safety Planning

 emergency evacuation planning

Considering different conditions allows you to prepare accordingly. From simple and easy things like keeping a warm coat or jacket available to quickly grab on your way out to keep you warm while waiting outside to advance planning, like making sure exits are clear of snow and ice and making sure windows that might be used are easily opened when the cold and ice start happening.

The whole point of emergency evacuation planning is to ensure people know how to evacuate safely and are familiar with the plan enough that they can remember it in the event of an emergency when feelings of panic are likely to occur.

One thing you will probably never hear someone say is that they regretted taking safety precautions like planning an evacuation plan for their family and going over it every once in a while, to ensure everyone is familiar with it.

Making another evacuation plan for cold weather allows you the opportunity to go over your plan, talk to your family about it, and keep it fresh in everyone’s minds to keep your family safe and protected this winter.

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If you run a business establishment, then you need to think about properly maintaining the drains. People can flush down any number of things down the drain. And without a routine checkup, these things can clog the drains and cause you many problems, costing you money and giving you a stressful time. 3 Reasons Why Business Organizations Need To Get The Drains Cleaned Regularly Below, we highlight three reasons why your business needs to get the drains regularly cleaned and keep them well maintained. Avoid Emergencies With a scheduled maintenance, the technician will check the drains thoroughly and ensure that there are no blockages in them. They will also identify potential problems early on and will take steps to ensure that these little issues don’t blow up to disastrous emergencies. Imagine having to face a sewage flooding in the middle of business hours when your customers are visiting your office. Is that something you can really risk? Any person with sufficient business sense knows that it will definitely be a bad situation. And you will have to through all the trouble and anxiety of waiting for the service guys to arrive and resolve the issues. Save Money Not only do scheduled drain cleaning help you avoid most emergencies, but they can also actually be cost-effective and end up saving your business some money. Emergency repairs will cost you a lot since the service people are essentially coming on short notice. And not only do you have to pay a higher fee, but there are costs associated with loss of business or damage to equipment. If you end up shutting shop for the day because of an emergency, you are essentially losing the revenues for the day. Add to it, if there is sewage flooding, then you may have to replace some of the mats and other ground equipment that can get affected by it. An easy way to avoid such headaches is to get in touch with a good nationwide drain unblocking service and arrange for scheduled maintenance. Protect Health Of Employees You may not notice it at first, but the slight unpleasant smells that the employees complain about, and which you rubbish away as a non-issue can actually be the blocked drains. When the drains are not cleaned for a long period, many things accumulate inside them, promoting the growth of bacteria and other microbes. And if there are leaks, then they pose a serious health hazard to your employees. What do you think will happen if some employee gets seriously sick as a result of breathing the bacteria-infested foul smell of the drains and files a lawsuit against you? The court may judge you as having neglected your duty as an employer by not providing a healthy working environment, making you pay a hefty compensation. Conclusion So, if you care for your employees (and your business), then do remember to get the drains checked regularly.  Not only will you ensure a healthy working condition for your employees, but you can be at peace, assured of the fact that you are less likely to face sudden, unpleasant emergencies. Read also: 7 Big Myths About Small Business Growth Image sources: Featured image

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Covering floors means looking for an appropriate tile that will make the bathroom look attractive to give the person using the space to find peace and comfort. Ceramic  bathroom tile comes in different sizes and shapes. You can opt for traditional or basic designs. Ceramic tiles add the missing attractive touch to the floors and walls of your bathroom. They are an ideal choice for the bathroom because they resist moisture and are available in different patterns. Depending on the type of taste you have for ceramic tile bathroom, there is always a guarantee that you will find one that will serve you for many years. Bathroom tiles are versatile in that they are appropriate in the shower, walls, around the bathtub, etc. their available in different materials such as ceramic or allow for beautiful mosaic designs. You can do a perfect mix and match to create a design that uniquely defines you. Why Do You Need a Ceramic  Bathroom Tile ? Ceramic tiles are available in a wide range of colors and designs fit for any home. You can get the look that you need for that specific area at home without compromising the design or quality of materials. Water Resistance Ceramic tiles do not absorb water that lands on their surface and are naturally dry in wet and humid conditions. Durability Ceramic tiles are incredibly durable and not like to crack due to wear and tear. They have a lifespan of between 10 and 20 years. The strength makes it a popular material for many homeowners. They are affordable Other tiles, cannot offer the affordability and can take any form or design without a problem. A  ceramic tile bathroom is durable and justifies the cost of purchase for which you can brag about. Tiles are Low Maintenance These bathroom tiles can be cleaned quickly  by wiping away or mopping up dust with a liquid or stain remover. Using this low maintenance, tiles on the floor gives busy homeowners time to maintain a healthy and clean environment. Regardless of whether you are looking for simplicity, neatness, or detailed designs, here are ideas that could help in making the final decision. Color One striking feature that leaves a lasting impression on you and visitors is the color. Pick colors that define your purpose or the purpose of the room. From the choices of elegant shades to choose from, one color will fit your bathroom walls and floors. Price The price range depends on your budget. Some people will say that some features only money can buy and others have what you need but may not last long as expected. Play with what features you want to stand out once you get inside the bathroom and the amount of money you intend to spend on specific ceramic tile bathroom. Buying Bathroom Tile to Satisfy a Need Ceramic tiles can undergo customization to define the kind of interaction you want to have with it. The need could be determined by mixing shapes and sizes or playing with styles and designs to see what comes out as what you want. With all these in mind, you are bound to make the best decision when choosing an appropriate ceramic tile bathroom. Make sure to get a tile that will provide the service that you need. Read Also: Bathroom Remodeling Tips And Ideas Bathroom Upgrades You Should Consider Mirror Decorating Ideas To Style Your Bathroom