Is Your Company Offering Enough to Potential Employees?


30 November 2018

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Potential Employees

In a world where businesses can rise and fall in a single day, it’s important that your company offers your current and potential staff something that sets you apart from others in the industry. Not only does your company become more attractive to hard-working talent, but you can better retain employees who you have spent time and resource training. This is particularly important when you have hired account managers who are often the sole point of contact for your contracted customers or regular clients, you don’t want to have a revolving door of contacts as this can reflect poorly on the company as a whole.

Catering to Staff Needs:

While salary is a large part of keeping employees happy, without sufficient managerial training, dedicated employee support or a good working environment, you’ll find your employee turnover isn’t as low as you should be aiming for.

To ensure your staff are comfortable while at work, they should at the very minimum have unrestricted access to the bathroom and freely able to quench their thirst with water. Additionally, you can offer facilities for tea and coffee, which the majority of workers drink, although if you find time spent making drinks or in the kitchen increases to non-productive levels, consider introducing tea breaks or reducing tea and coffee to a handful of rounds a day.

Some offices offer their employees a mixture of healthy or unhealthy snacks or offer breakfast foods so staff can get into the office a bit earlier and settle at their desk before the day officially begins. The more you offer in the way of refreshments, the less your staff will need to leave the premises for lunch or tea breaks, this prevents employees from getting caught up in lunchtime traffic around cities and towns or busy industrial areas and sees productivity rise as staff feel less rushed to have their lunch and get back to work.

Providing Quality Break Out Areas:

If your company premises have space for a breakout area, it should be a nice area that staff wants to be, rather than somewhere they want to avoid. Add comfortable chairs, rather than cold, hard, fast food benches, fun colours or decoration that is aesthetically pleasing such as your company rewards and images of the company workforce.

You can also provide a means of entertainment, whether this is a pool table, air hockey table or a games system. Something that not only gives your staff something to do while on their break but gives them the opportunity to socialise with each other in a less rigid environment.

Talk to your existing staff about what they’d like to have available to them in a breakout area, take suggestions and possibly organise a fundraiser between the staff if their favourable and unanimous asks go above the company budget.

Offer Bonuses and Rewards:

In addition to a competitive salary, employees like to see rewards and/or bonuses for hitting goals and targets or when they have been working particularly hard for a specific client or to meet an impending deadline. While in the past, bonuses were typically monetary, there are alternative options for rewarding staff without having to cut an increased cheque. Where time and resource are available, consider gifting staff an extra paid day of annual leave or a more flexible working schedule to improve their work-life balance.

You can also offer vouchers, meals out and experiences for your employees, although not everyone will appreciate these types of rewards so talk to your employees personally about setting up a reward or bonus scheme in your company. Together you can come up with some suitable personal rewards or general bonuses that can be given out and gratefully received by any hard-working individual. Spend some time looking for inspiration from bonus scheme examples with your staff and encourage them to set goals together as a team.

Competitive Salary:

The unfavourable topic, everyone wants more of it, some people may be eligible while others don’t meet the minimum requirements but sometimes companies can find themselves struggling to meet demands and keep all their staff happy.

If you are concerned the salaries you are offering are not competitive enough for the industry, considering investing in a salary survey. This is a survey carried out by a dedicated pay review company that returns salaries currently being paid by unnamed competitors in the surrounding and expanded industry based on the employee’s job responsibilities.

This allows you to compare like for like and check that your employees are being paid both competitively and fairly for the cost of living in your area and help you make informed remuneration decisions.

Talk to your staff about what they feel is lacking in their work environment and work together to ensure needs and reasonable wants are catered to, this will show your staff you care and are loyal to their requirements as individuals. Don’t forget, a happy workforce is a productive one!

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Anxious About Future

Anxious About Your Future? Here Are 3 Strategies for Planning Ahead

We all fall prey to vicious cycles of tripping out about the future and imagining the worst possible outcomes. Sometimes, this will happen first thing in the morning. It could be an otherwise beautiful day with the sun shining and the birds chirping, but suddenly the anxiety kicks into high gear, and you see nothing but approaching disaster for your personal life.You might find yourself feeling terribly dreadful over where the state of the world could go if Coronavirus persists longer than anyone ever anticipated. Maybe you get hung up on whether or not your job is really as stable as you thought it was, and if you actually have saved enough money for a worst-case scenario "you're fired" predicament. Well, it doesn't have to be this way. You can effectively take that power away from the beast that is anxiety, and channel your emotional energy into properly planning for your future. As long as you stay the course through following these helpful tips, there's no reason you can't look to the future with anything short of budding optimism. Find a therapist who works for you. It takes a whole lot of effort to try and wrestle out some sense of clarity from your cluttered mind. Sometimes, there are just too many thoughts to contend with. You might be emotionally exhausted, mentally spent, from a tough few weeks at work, and there's just no way you can see yourself regaining that peace of mind on your own. This is when it's crucial to find your ideal therapist in DC.Fortunately, you live in a time where you can schedule appointments with promising therapist prospects from the comfort of your home. You'll be able to speak with therapists that specialize in providing counseling for things like substance abuse, communication skills, self-esteem, cognitive behavioral therapy, relationship issues, family conflict, and also just provide support for the betterment of your mental health in general.Plus, therapists in DC (or wherever you're living) will be able to provide a comprehensive anxiety treatment that aims to help people experience much less stress and an overriding sense of calm through their daily lives. In addition to that, the deeper understanding that you'll gain of yourself in this process will translate to being able to deal with the curveballs that life inevitably throws your way, with poise and effective coping mechanisms. At the end of the day, every human being should prioritize their mental health and wellness for a better quality of life. As long as your mental health is in a healthy place, success flows gracefully from there into other parts of your life.It's never a good idea to plan ahead and try to make decisions about your next step in life if you feel like your mind is about to cave in from a terrible load of anxiety. Taking that time to meet with a series of promising therapists will only end up setting you up for success later down the road. Consult a psychic. It's fun to mix it up and try things that you otherwise never could've seen yourself doing. Consider sitting down with a psychic, and finding clarity in the life path you want to take through consulting their mystical clairvoyance. The folks with that treasured psychic ability, clairvoyance, can be very wise in their own regard.There are different categories within the catch-all term of clairvoyance, as well. You've got your clairvoyant individuals gifted in the art of retrocognition, which is an ability to look back into the past. Someone with retrocognition will be able to sift through your life's past events, to potentially help provide you clarity on a decision you're struggling to make in regards to the future. It's amazing how the past can get in the way of that!There are also clairvoyant individuals that can dabble in the art of precognition. This skill, in particular, can be game-changing for anyone hoping to get future knowledge to direct a decision that needs making in the present moment. Sometimes, all it takes to wipe clean our stresses about the future is to hear from someone who has a specialty in being able to peel back the veil of time itself and glimpse the possible outcomes that lie in wait further on down the road. Through discovering those outcomes you might just stand to choose the best pathway in life. Invest in your future with online education. Once you've gotten yourself to a place where you feel like your mental health is in check, or you've potentially met with a psychic who provided you clarity on the moves you need to make to advance your career to a place you see fit, it can be massively beneficial to explore opportunities present in the world of online courses that could pave the way to a fruitful career. Specifically, we're talking about the RN to MSN programs online.The Bureau of Labor Statistics actually predicts that the family nurse practitioner jobs will grow by 36 percent by 2026. Talk about a promising forecast for any jobseekers interested in growing their careers in a field poised for explosive growth! Plus, you can easily schedule an online appointment with a counselor at Wilkes University to review any information you might need before making the decision about your online program to become an RN.Another added measure of reassurance when it comes to Wilkes University is that they've been ranked a top university for 16 years and counting. As far as any career goals that you might have in the field of nursing go, it certainly helps to know that you'd potentially be attending an acclaimed university recognized for its exceptional educational opportunities, on a nationwide scale. Maybe your ultimate life purpose will end up being one where you find yourself in the role of a registered nurse, with multiple years of experience under your belt. As a clinical nurse leader with a Master's degree, you'll be able to help anyone you can who has been impacted by the gnarly monster that is COVID-19.You and the rest of the world have been made more aware than ever just how fragile this world is. COVID-19 turned the world as we know it upside down. Many folks have found themselves struggling like never before. Jobs have been wiped clean off the market. Companies have worked tirelessly day by day to do what they can to stay afloat in an economy that is simply doing the best it can to ride out the devastating storm that is the Coronavirus. With that being said, there are many silver linings to be found in this time. We've been afforded more time than ever to turn inwards, reflect, and ultimately map out plans for the rest of our lives that come from a place of newfound clarity. All this time holed up in our respective homes can serve as its own kind of gift for life strategy sessions.The worries about the future can take on a different tone, and evolve into optimistic hopes about what the new chapters can bring. Maybe you went for an appointment with the clairvoyant individual with the psychic ability, who seemed to reach into the depths of your soul and dig out the purpose you were otherwise aimlessly clamoring to find. Maybe that purpose ended up being going back to school at the Master's level, and you're able to do so now through an esteemed online university like the one we've mentioned. Maybe you always meant to take your nursing career to the next level with a master's degree, but now there's nothing holding you back except for yourself. All you needed was that reassuring foresight and the extra time at home to hammer out how you'd go about making the dream a reality.Read Also:Healthcare Jobs That Will Be Most in Demand 2020–2025 6 Reasons Why You Would Need Psychotherapy 5 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Manage Anxiety at Work