What to Expect During a Psychic Medium Reading

Published on: 06 September 2018 Last Updated on: 13 September 2021
Psychic Medium Reading

The psychic industry grew 2.4% between 2011 and 2016.

Although 1 in 3 Americans feel they’ve experienced a psychic moment, most people look to psychics and mediums to communicate with the other world. While similar, psychics and mediums are two different professions. A spiritual medium offers a different service than your everyday psychic.

If you’re thinking about seeing a spiritual medium for the first time, you may not know what to expect from your medium reading. You may be wondering how a medium communicates with the spirit world and how you should prepare for your clairvoyant reading.

Keep reading to find out what a medium does, what your reading will entail., and how you can make the most of it.

The Difference Between Psychics and Mediums:

While most mediums are also psychics, not all psychics are mediums.

A psychic can sense the energy field of the individual that they are reading. This allows them to gather information about the person’s life and the directions they’re headed.

A medium can also tune into this energy field, but they’re more specialized than that. They are also able to sense the energy of individuals that have crossed over to the spirit world. They communicate with individuals in the spirit world as well as those on the physical plane.

Going for a medium reading is not about entertainment. A medium is able to connect with spirits that are connected to you in some way. Meaning that they can deliver messages and information related to you and spirits that are related to you (i.e. friends, family, extended family, etc.).

How Does Communication Work Between Worlds?

There are multiple ways in which experts connect you to the past and future worlds. One of the leading ways is through tarot card reading. If you have been to a successful and credible who specializes in tarot cards, you know how well they are able to list down your challenges, concerns, and worries.

The ways in which a medium interprets communication from the spiritual world are unique to the medium as well as to the spirit they’re connecting with. Sometimes it’s a conversation, other times it’s images, symbols, and feelings that have to be interpreted by the medium.

Mediums have different abilities. Some of all or a combination of the following:

  1. This means that the medium can visually see the spirit. They can also see images that spirits show the medium
  2. This refers to the medium being able to hear spirit. This includes names, places, and other audible words.
  3. Mediums who are clairsentient can feel and sense the emotion and personalities of the spirit. They may also be able to feel pain related to injuries and traumatic deaths.
  4. A medium who is clairaudient can use their sense of smell to communicate with spirit. Sometimes a spirit will allow them to smell something that is symbolic to the spirit.
  5. Remote Viewing. Some mediums can be taken to different areas of the physical plane by a spirit. This allows them to see different people and places related to the message they’re delivering.

What to Expect from a Medium Reading:

There are a few things you should know to prepare for your medium reading. Keep these in mind for the best experience possible.

Come With an Open Mind

Many people are skeptical about the abilities of a medium. While a healthy degree of skepticism is fine, at least try to keep an open mind during your reading. Being completely closed off to the idea and trying to rationalize the details will take away from the experience.

Degrees of Communication

It’s also important to remember that every spirit is different. They all communicate differently and place importance on different things.

Spirits also have varying abilities to communicate. While some know how to communicate clearly, others are unable to clarify and focus their messages in a way that is immediately understandable.

Let Go of Expectation

Remember that spirit is going to tell you what you need to hear. Don’t come with any expectations on what you want to hear, because it’s not guaranteed to come through.

This is also related to information that may be helpful in the future. Although a message may not seem important to you now, it may be very important and clear to you in the future.

Come with Questions

It’s always a good idea to have a few questions to get the medium started. Questions can be related to your health, relationships, or work. They may also be related to specific loved ones that have crossed over.

Allow the Medium to Guide You

Once the medium reading begins, the spirit world is in control of who comes through and what messages are delivered.

The medium acts as the translator between the spirit world and the physical plane, but they can’t direct or demand the spirit. You’re also unable to influence that process.

Allow the medium to guide you through the reading. They’ll prompt you for your questions and deliver the messages that you need to hear.

Who Comes Through?

In the same way, a medium doesn’t control or direct spirit once they have opened up, they also cannot control who comes through.

Sometimes, the spirit of people you haven’t spoken to or thought about for a long period of time will come through. Other times, family members you may not have known or met will send messages.

In the cases where you’re unsure who has come through or their connection to you, ask family and friends following the reading. You may be able to piece together the puzzle of a very important message.

Speaking to Specific Loved Ones

Most of the time, a medium can connect with the specific loved one you’d like to speak to. But ultimately, the spirit realm decides who will come through and what messages they’ll deliver.

Sometimes, specific loved ones won’t choose to come through. There are spiritual reasons for this that are out of your control. They may also choose not to come through or to pull back if they sense that you’re uncomfortable or fearful.

Private readings are the best settings for connecting with specific loved ones. In this setting, the medium can learn more about who you want to connect to and attempt to connect with them on your behalf.

You’re Ready for Your Reading:

A medium is different from a psychic. They can connect with the spiritual world and deliver messages and guidance from those that have left the physical plane.

A medium reading can be an emotional and fulfilling experience. Keeping the above in mind will ensure that you get what you have an enjoyable and enlightening reading.

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