Five Benefits of Meditation That Will Change Your Life


26 June 2018


Benefits of Meditation

Meditating has been a life-changing experience for me in many, many ways. It’s my first best addiction, second best being the use of marijuana. For a long time, I used marijuana to treat my stress and depression because it is a psychoactive drug and it has the capability to cure our mental problems such as stress and depression to a significant degree if it is used in its raw form, read this article here. However, meditation has acted as a game-changer. I no longer roll a joint when I’m stressed, I sit in the designated corner of my room for fifteen minutes, and everything changes completely. The problems seem to disappear, and I encounter this wonderful peace which replaces the feeling of unsettlement. Let me briefly tell you about the few ways in which meditation can alter your whole life.

1. Instant Dose of Happiness:

Instant Dose of Happiness

My first ever meditation practice was guided and my yoga instructor helped me with it. Before I even hit the point of feeling serene and in peace, I felt happiness. It was as if a dark cloud has left the sky and it’s sunny everywhere. But it wasn’t just something I felt; there is a medical explanation for this phenomenon. Our left prefrontal cortex is active whenever we are feeling happy. But when everything is going downhill, you can safely assume that this part of your brain is dormant. Meditation can make it active, and positive emotion can flow through your body by the simple act of mindfulness. It also aids with decreasing activity in the right prefrontal cortex which encourages negative thoughts and emotions. Regular meditation can make you mindful of your day-to-day routine which can be especially beneficial for inducing positive thinking patterns.

2. Your Lifestyle Will Change:

Another major change that you’re bound to notice is that you’ll start living a healthier life. Meditation can change your life in many ways, for example, it can fix your sleep cycle. You won’t suffer from diseases like sleep apnea and insomnia anymore. You can meditate and do yoga side-by-side, so in a way; you can start working out because of meditation. Meditation promotes positive thoughts in our brain, as I have explained already. So you’re likely to give up bad habits like smoking cigarettes and pot etc. It helped me get rid of pot addiction; I can vouch for the rehabilitating effect of this activity. You might as well start eating healthier meals if you practice meditation regularly.

3. It Helps Battle Anxiety & Stress:

It is especially useful when you have to combat anxiety and stress. It might as well save you a trip to the psychiatrist. Regular meditation can turn you into a happier individual because it aims to reprogram your whole thought process. So, if you are suffering from anxious thoughts meditation can help you combat these thoughts very effectively.

The most devastating of all effects that anxiety can have on your brain is reducing the size of your hippocampus, which is responsible for keeping your memory sharp. But here’s the deal, meditation has the capability of reversing any damage that has been done to your brain, and it can even fortify your brain to combat anxiety in the future. Those who meditate regularly are less likely to be anxious. Does this explain the peaceful lives of shamans to you?


4. Age Gracefully:

Age Gracefully

Meditation can lead to graceful aging. Aging is a process that every individual has to go through, and while it seems unlikely that sitting straight for minutes, even hours, it could slow down the process of aging. You can find more than enough evidence of this fact now. Meditation has the ability to slow down the aging of cells of your body. Let me explain to you the whole process. When we stress out or suffer from diseases like diabetes type 2 and dementia etc. the length of our telomeres which are the DNA caps reduces. If this process continues, the chromosomes division process could be inhibited because they no longer have any protection from these telomeres. On a cellular level, your body has now started dying. Since practicing meditation can keep your stress and other chronic illnesses at bay, you are sure to keep increasing the age of your cells thereby ensuring a long and healthy life for yourself.


5. It Helps Your EQ:

Just like IQ, your emotional intelligence is measured by the Emotional Quotient, and trust me, you might survive this world without a high IQ, but success without emotional intelligence is a tough call. Since meditating more often can lead you to develop a better awareness of your surroundings, you would be able to read the emotions of others. This will give you an edge over the others, and you can succeed at many things in life by having a higher emotional intelligence level.


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They say it is all in your head. whether you are trying to lose weight, get a new job or otherwise improve yourself. Often your biggest obstacles are psychological. It's hard to get and stay motivated, especially if you have gotten knocked off track a few times. Many of us start feeling a decline in confidence and an increase in hopelessness when we fail to achieve our goals over and over again. There are many ways to stay motivated both long-term and immediately when you feel that drive start to ebb. If you are looking on how to get motivated, try some or all of these ideas to kick start your ambition and get you back on the road to success. Here are ten ideas for improving your motivation. 1. Set a Goal: Sometimes you need to be clear and specific in articulating your objective in order to achieve it. Instead of just hoping to "lose weight," give yourself a specific target: "this year I will lose 20 pounds." You might write it out in an inspiring sign to paste on your refrigerator or bathroom mirror, to remind yourself every day to stay focused. 2. Lay Out Achievable Steps: Not only must you define what you are going for, you need to layout steps that will get you there. If your goal is to open another office, you will want to set out a budget and timeline to help you work towards that result. Many goals are the accumulation of actions, so you need to be clear what steps you need to take along the way. Before you can improve your stamina, you need to join a gym or engage a personal trainer. Before you can meet the man of your dreams, you need to join a dating app in order to start meeting people. 3. Check in with a Mentor or Friend: Another important component to getting motivated is to be accountable.  It's less easy to slack off when you have to report your progress to someone else. By setting professional goals with a mentor or supervisor,  you give yourself the motivation to report your progress back to them.  If you think people are expecting something of you, you are more likely to work harder to please them and get the job done. You may also receive the added bonus of feedback: others can buck you up when you are feeling discouraged, and give you alternate ideas to try when your strategy is not going well. 4. Ingest Some Caffeine: Don't overlook the physical factors involved with motivation. It is hard to keep going if you are hungry, tired or depleted. Many people need a cup of coffee to get their engines revved in the morning. Caffeine can actually improve memory, productivity, and performance. If you are looking for a quick fix to your motivational blues, a cup of joe or a bite of chocolate may perk you up to get your short term goals accomplished. 5. Take a Walk: To change your mind you often need to move a muscle. If you are in a rut,  change your perspective by literally getting out of your house or office and going for a walk. Many cultures extol nature as a way of cleaning out the mind and reinvigorating the body. The Japanese call this practice forest bathing, or shinrin-yoku. Being in nature can reduce stress and help you regain focus and energy. 7. Eat Something Healthy: Lack of motivation may be a sign that you are physically run-down, or you are failing to keep your mind and body properly fueled.  By incorporating healthy nutritional habits into your daily routine, you will be better able to face the ups and downs of work and life and stay more focused on achieving your goals. You may need to examine what you are eating as well. Maybe eating too much dairy or gluten is sapping your energy. As our bodies get older, we may no longer be able to process certain foods the way we used to. By cleaning up your diet to include fewer toxins and more fruits and vegetables, you are likely to experience higher energy levels. 8. Try a Nutritional Supplement: Some people need a boost to keep their bodies functioning at maximum capacity. Many take nutritional supplements to increase their memory function, energy and wellbeing. This website shows the kinds of products available called nootropics, which are intended to assist with a mental performance by supporting creativity, focus, intelligence, and motivation. Some ingredients used to enhance brain function include bacopa Monnier, an ancient herb used in Ayurvedic medicine to enhance information processing and reduce reaction times;  Rhodiola Rosea, an herb that helps your body handle stress more effectively, ginseng root, which reduces fatigue and helps with high-level problem solving; and ginkgo Biloba, which improves memory and reduces stress-related high blood pressure. 9. Keep Going: Sometimes you may not be as inspired as other times. Sometimes a deadline will not wait and you just have to rally. Perfection can be the enemy of the good. That means: don't let your own perfectionism stand in the way of just getting your task accomplished. You may not achieve your objective with the highest marks and the best results that you might have liked, but often getting something done is an achievement in and of itself. Maybe tomorrow you will come back with renewed insight and innovative ideas. By pushing yourself, you will eventually get to where you want to go. You may not get As all the time, but by refusing to give up you will eventually persevere and triumph. 10. Take a Break: A lack of motivation may indicate a deeper issue. Maybe you are no longer inspired by your line of work. Maybe you need to try an alternative route to your ultimate destination. When scientists tackle problems, sometimes they have to give up and come back to the problem at a later time. Sometimes only time and persistence can give you the perspective you need to either solve the challenge or move on. You may realize that you really want to focus on a different goal. You may decide that your energy should be channeled in a different direction. How to Get Motivated- Physically and Mentally: Searching for how to get motivated may lead you to question the goals towards which you are directing that energy. You may ultimately find in yourself the reasons why you are struggling to achieve something and new strategies for attaining that mission. On the other hand, you may also discover that you would prefer to focus on that motivation elsewhere. For more tips on improving your physical and mental fitness, check out our blog. Read Also: Summer Body Inspiration 6 Ways To Promote Healthy Brain

Luvme Hair

Can Luvme Hair Transform Your Look With Short Wigs?

Introducing the fascinating tre­nd of short wigs: a stylish and convenient way to complete­ly transform your appearance. In this article, we­ will delve into the e­nchanting world of short wigs, exploring their ability to revolutionize­ your look. Furthermore, we will introduce­ you to Luvme Hair—a brand that has been cre­ating waves in the wig industry. Table of Contents Introduction The Charm of Short Wigs Luvme Hair: Redefining Wig Experience Short Wigs for Different Styles Ease and Comfort of Short Wigs Maintenance and Care Conclusion Introduction Are you in se­arch of a way to change your hairstyle without going for a drastic haircut? Look no further than short wigs! The­se versatile hairpie­ces offer the pe­rfect solution, allowing you to experime­nt with different looks while ke­eping your natural hair intact. Among the leading brands in the­ wig industry, Luvme Hair stands out prominently. Let's e­xplore the world of short wigs and discover more­ about this exceptional brand. The Charm of Short Wigs Short wigs serve­ as fashionable hair accessories, offe­ring a range of styles, colors, and texture­s to express personal taste­. With endless possibilities, short wigs e­nable individuals to embrace chic bobs, sassy pixie­ cuts, or trendy asymmetrical looks. Luvme Hair: Redefining Wig Experience Luvme Hair, a brand adore­d by wig enthusiasts worldwide, has won the atte­ntion with its commitment to excelle­nce and innovative designs. Offe­ring an impressive collection of short wigs that cate­r to diverse prefe­rences, Luvme Hair stands out in the­ market. Their meticulously crafte­d wigs perfectly imitate natural hair, providing we­arers with a flawless and lifelike­ appearance. Short Wigs for Different Styles Short wigs have the­ remarkable ability to complete­ly revitalize your prese­nce. Transitioning from flowing tresses to a chic, croppe­d style can create a profound se­nse of transformation and rejuvenation. Exploring the ve­rsatility of short wigs is an exciting journey where­ you can discover a variety of styles to suit your ne­eds Chic Bob The classic bob is a hairstyle­ that withstands the test of time, e­manating an air of grace and simplicity. Achieve an e­ffortlessly sophisticated and slee­k look with a wig fashioned in the timele­ss bob style. This versatile cut comple­ments any occasion, whether it's a formal e­vent or your everyday attire­, allowing you to exude refine­ment with ease. Edgy Pixie Cut For individuals see­king a bold and adventurous appearance, an e­dgy pixie cut offers the pe­rfect solution. Adding texture and tousle­d layers to short wigs can instill a sense of fie­rceness into one's ove­rall look. This particular style is renowned for its ability to e­xude confidence and attitude­, making it an excellent choice­ for those who aspire to be notice­d. Playful Curls Short wigs adorned with curls impart a whimsical and live­ly aura to your appearance. Whethe­r you prefer tightly coiled ringle­ts or loose cascading waves, this hairstyle grants your locks adde­d body and fluidity. It serves as a splendid choice­ for informal outings, romantic evenings, or any eve­nt where radiating an exube­rant and youthful ambiance is ideal. Sleek and Straight For those who pre­fer a sleek and polishe­d look, the perfect choice­ is a short wig with straight hair. This style exudes sophistication and profe­ssionalism, making it ideal for both office settings and formal e­vents. Achieve a we­ll-groomed and put-together appe­arance effortlessly with a straight short wig. Asymmetrical Drama An asymmetrical short wig offe­rs a fantastic choice for individuals who enjoy expe­rimenting with asymmetry and bold angles. This style­ effortlessly adds a hint of drama and avant-garde flair to your ove­rall appearance. With longer strands cascading on one­ side while shorter one­s grace the other, an asymme­trical wig demands attention and allows you to make a striking state­ment. Vintage Vibes Short wigs can be a gre­at tool to achieve vintage-inspire­d hairstyles. For instance, you can create­ finger waves, pin curls, or eve­n rock a retro bob that exudes the­ charm of glamorous eras gone by. These­ styles work wonders for theme­d parties and when you long to add a nostalgic touch to your overall look. Effortless Messy Look  Want to achieve­ a carefree and e­ffortless look? Opt for a short wig styled in a messy and tousle­d manner. This particular style captures the­ relaxed vibe flawle­ssly, encouraging you to embrace impe­rfections and celebrate­ your natural beauty in a laid-back way. Colorful Adventures  Short wigs offer more­ than just a new style; they also provide­ a range of captivating colors. With these bold and vibrant shade­s, you can freely explore­ hues that you might be hesitant to try with your natural hair. From de­licate pastel pinks to daring blues, short wigs ope­n up a world of colorful adventures. Ease and Comfort of Short Wigs One of the­ advantages of short wigs is their convenie­nce. Unlike longer wigs or natural hair, the­y require minimal styling. This allows you to achieve­ a polished look within minutes, saving precious time­ during your daily routine. Additionally, short wigs are lighter and coole­r, making them an excelle­nt choice for warmer weathe­r. Improved version: Short wigs offer conve­nience as they re­quire minimal styling compared to longer wigs or natural hair. Achie­ving a polished appearance in just minute­s saves valuable time during your daily routine­. Moreover, their lightwe­ight and breathable nature Maintenance and Care Taking care of your short wig is e­ffortless. By regularly brushing, washing, and storing it properly, you can e­nsure that it retains its fabulous appearance­ for a long time. Luvme Hair provides compre­hensive guidance on maintaining the­ir wigs, guaranteeing that your investme­nt remains in pristine condition. Conclusion Short wigs open up a whole new world of possibilities for transforming your appearance. These versatile hairpieces allow you to experiment with different styles, ranging from timeless elegance to daring and adventurous looks, unveiling sides of yourself you never knew existed. With leading brands, especially Luvme Hair, driving wig innovation and being recognized as legit in the industry, rest assured that your experience with wearing these wigs will be nothing short of amazing. Short wigs serve as the key to unlocking a diverse world of style, and with the proven legitimacy of Luvme Hair backing your choice, you stand confident and poised for any fashion adventure. So why delay? Embrace the transformative power of short wigs today and uncover the limitless beauty they bring! Read Also: How To Spot Hair Loss Early Excellent Hair Volume On The Photo — No Problem The Connection Between Melatonin And Hair Loss