Five Efficient Uses of Propane in your Home

Doesn’t it feel blissful to return to the cozy confines of your home and relax in your pool after a tiring day at the workplace? On winter evenings, nothing can be more delightful than spending a lazy evening sitting in front of a warm fire in your fireplace and sharing a drink with your partner. After all, home is where warmth abounds. Literally speaking, in order to maintain the warmth and coziness of your home, you have to depend on an efficient energy source. Propane, as an energy source, is not only reliable, cost-effective and environmental-friendly, it is efficient as well. In this article, we tell you about five efficient uses of propane in your home to keep you warm and comfortable.

Home heating

With a propane-powered home heating system, you can have the best of energy efficiency and heating comfort. Whether you opt for a space heating system, a central heating system, or a combination of both, the quality of conditioning provided by propane is better than that provided by an electrical resource or fuel oil. Propane furnaces have the ability to warm up air up to 25 degrees more than an electric pump heater. As they are easily transportable, propane-powered patio heaters can also be used to heat up your outdoor living space.

Water heating

Water heaters are the second highest energy users in maximum homes. Using propane, you can keep your dishwasher, shower, washing machine, etc. hot at the same time. Be it a traditional water heater or a tankless one, propane is compatible with both. A propane tankless water heater functions at up to 98% efficiency and can bring down energy expenses by about 60%. This type of water heater also lasts longer and saves space due to its compact design.

Powering up cooking appliances

From outdoor grills and portable cookstoves to indoor cooking ranges and stovetops, propane can fuel up all your appliances in a convenient manner. A propane-powered cooking appliance offers better temperature control and heat distribution as compared to electric appliances. Performance apart, propane-fueled cooking appliances produce no soot or ashes and are safe to use.

Fuelling pool and spa heaters

Propane heaters can provide you with a comfortable temperature for your pool and spa all year round. Using propane pool and spa heaters, you can condition the water temperature to your liking in a faster and more efficient manner than an electric heater. This way, you will be able to save money even while enjoying the comfort of your pool and spa throughout the year.

Operating fireplaces and log inserts

A fireplace fuelled with propane can enable you to turn on or off the fire with the flip of a switch. Propane-powered fireplaces with log inserts are not just efficient and cost-effective they are also easy to maintain and clean-up. You can use propane with any gas fireplace and enjoy a roaring fire.

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