Floor Cutting Using Diamond Saw: What You Need To Know

Concrete comes as the topmost choice when you are in need of durable, weather-proof, heat-proof and long-lasting flooring material. But there comes a time when you need to repair, remove or replace concrete floors and you need to look around for quality concrete cutting tools.

Diamond floor saws are the no.1 choice of professional concrete cutting contractors. Diamond floor sawing is extensively used to effectively cut through all types of materials including reinforced concrete, asphalt, slab and stone. The unique design of diamond sawing machines makes them more convenient for operators to carry out floor cutting as a one man job.

Floor sawing service helps you efficiently cut through concrete slabs, driveways, decorative concrete floors and many other structures in horizontal alignment. Diamond saws also let you cut through concrete roads overlaid with asphalt. Different floors demand different diamond blade and a different cutting procedure to be followed.

In this article, you will read some general tips and safety guidelines for cutting concrete floors using a diamond saw.

Tips You Need To Consider While Floor Cutting With A Diamond Saw

Never think of playing loose with heavy diamond cutting machines. When deciding to use the diamond saw for concrete cutting, give top priority to safety. You must ensure that you have selected the right diamond sawing blade which is perfect for the kind of material you need to cut through.

Make sure the floor saw and diamond blades you use are in most up-to-date condition. Check if there is no loose connection in the machine. If you are using wet cutting method for floor cutting, make sure you have arranged a source with an ample volume of water at the worksite. Supplying water to diamond blades during the operation will help prevent blades from overheating.

Use of water as a coolant and lubricant help floor sawing London contractors get quality cuts. It also helps extend the lifespan of the blade. You need to wear protective gears to safeguard your body parts from any kind of physical injury while operating the machine.

Manage to have ear, eye and head protection. Never wear loose clothing. And make sure you wear safety boots and a respirator mask to avoid inhaling silica from the dust particles produced during floor cutting.

When cutting the floor using a diamond saw, never increase the pressure on the saw to boost speed. And remember, the diamond floor sawing machine always make straight cuts, you can’t steer it to cut curves. When you hold cutting, make sure you lock the machine or turn the power off properly. You need to be extra cautious when sawing on a steep surface.

If you want to cut green concrete using diamond floor saw, do it within 24 hours of being poured. The selection of the diamond blade in the floor saw may vary based on the thickness and aggregate of the concrete structure that needs to be cut. For deep floor cutting, you will need to make multiple passes to obtain the desired depth.

The thought of performing floor cutting on own doesn’t make sense unless you have the required skills and knowledge to accomplish the job with the best of industry-standard and safety guidelines. But you can always depend on a professional diamond floor sawing contractor in the town!

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