Getting Help from an E-Commerce Expert to Boost Your Online Store Sales


04 November 2020


Online Store Sales

Every new online store comes with subpar sales, at least in the beginning. While this may make you want to give up, remember that there’s still a chance for you to generate more sales and earn more money.

All you need to do is seek the help of an e-commerce expert like Matthew Lepre. With his years of industry experience as seen in tons of Matthew Lepre reviews, he can help you perform the following tips that can help boost your sales:

Be Visual

A picture paints a thousand words. This is especially true when it comes to online selling.

Since the client cannot see or touch the product for himself, he needs to have a good visual reference. You can provide this through captivating photos.

While you may not be a photography expert, you can still come up with pro-grade images.

First, use a good backdrop – a plain white one would do. Next, mind the lighting when you take a picture. For this, you can use softbox lighting.

There are several more things to consider, so make sure to refer to these photography tips for beginners.

Enhance Communication

E-commerce experts believe in good communication, something you can promote with a live chat feature.

This can be a chat screen that automatically pops up on your site. You also have the option for a more subtle clickable button.

So, what makes live chat good for the business? For one, it addresses the issue of urgency.

Some of your clients may have concerns regarding specific products. With live chat, you can answer them right away, and this swiftness might be the push they need for the purchase.

With 77% of customers refusing to buy from a store with no live chat features, it’s essential to have this feature installed right away.

Ease the Checkout Process

Clients go online shopping because of the fuss-free experience. As such, you stand to lose several customers when you complicate the buying process.

A lot depends on the UI, UX, and hosting when it comes to easing and accelerating the speed of checking out. Using a Magento Hosting helps in improving the speed of the experience and allows the final payments to be made in a fraction of seconds. This helps in improving the overall user experience.

Because of this, e-commerce experts recommend easing the checkout process. This can be done by offering a guest checkout option. That way, eager buyers don’t have to fill out several forms to complete their purchase.

Simplifying the process should not be limited to guests, though, as you need to deliver the same service to your existing subscribers.

One way to hasten the checkout process is to reduce unnecessary form fields. You can do this by having a tick box that allows the program to use the shipping address for the billing address.

Adding a progress bar is a worthwhile consideration as well. With this, the clients are informed of all the steps they have to take to finish the purchase.

Improve Client Trust

Trust is the foundation of relationships – whether personal or business. This is why gaining your clients’ trust is vital if you want to continue transacting with them. Fortunately for you, an e-commerce expert can help you promote trust through every part of the funnel.

The best way to do so is through social proof, that is, adding customer reviews to your product pages.

Apart from the product description, the review is another aspect where clients base their decisions. If the product comes with many rave reviews, the buyer will be more convinced to click the checkout button.

It’s also important to show your badge of honor for payment security. Remember, identity theft is not an issue to be taken lightly. It affects approximately 14 million individuals or 1 out of 15 people.

With the many payment badges available, it’s best to use those that generate the most trust. So far, the most popular seals include:

  • PayPal
  • Verisign
  • McAfee
  • Truste
  • Better Business Bureau

Apart from showing these badges, putting in client testimonials will help boost sales, too. Like reviews, this can help assure your clients that they’re making a safe purchase decision. If many others have bought from you securely, why shouldn’t they?

Utilize Email Marketing

Many people believe that email marketing is dead, but e-commerce experts are quick to point out how mistaken they are. You get to earn as much as $42 in ROI for every $1 you spend on email marketing.

You can capitalize on email marketing in several ways. If you don’t have a list yet, you need to do a promotional bit to collect email addresses. For example, you can give discounts or a free shipping coupon in exchange for newsletter signup.

Now that you have a couple of emails under your belt, you can use them to boost your sales. One technique that e-commerce experts recommend is cross-selling. This is where you promote products that are related to or complementary to the client’s purchased items.

Another way to boost sales is to send promotional deals during hot dates, like Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Make sure to appeal to the client’s fear of missing out by offering limited-time offers such as one-day sales or flash sales.

Launch Paid Ads

The term ‘paid’ may make you queasy, mostly if you have already spent a great deal establishing your online store. That said, this should make you consider paid ads even more.

Despite its name, paid ads are cost-effective ways of generating sales. And you don’t have to necessarily spend a lot to get started. You can test the waters for as low as $50.

An e-commerce expert can also help you gain a clear understanding of your target audience. This will help you hone in on the group that’s more likely to buy your products. That way, you gain the best value for your money.

An e-commerce expert can also help you run multiple campaigns with different ad variations. According to Matthew Lepre reviews, this is important because social media channels help generate the most leads.

More importantly, an expert can also help you monitor and interpret the metrics that come with the ads. That way, you get to focus on the campaigns that bring the most revenue.

Optimize Your Website

To grow your sales, it’s essential to optimize your website’s loading speed and uptime. If your website doesn’t load quickly there’s a high chance that the visitors may bounce away without even checking your products or services.

 Your expert may recommend using reliable Magento hosting solutions that can help boost the loading speed of your e-commerce website. Additionally, the web hosting provider also determines the uptime of your website. The expert will help you find a host who has minimal downtime to ensure that your website remains online all the time.

E-commerce experts can help you boost your sales. With the many benefits they can bring to your business, it’s high time that you contacted one today.

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With the growing trend in the domain of digital marketing, if you want to stay ahead in the competition, it is suggested to hire a b2b digital marketing consultant. Hiring a consultant is often the best thing for the business if you are looking to have the best outcomes. With the growth of digital marketing, it has become important to not miss out on the train and catch the growing market. It has become a necessity since your competitors are already utilizing the best features of digital marketing to win the market share. As we have known how important digital marketing is to your firm, it is important to know the added benefits of having a consultant. Knowing what they bring to the table is very important for heading in the right direction. Perks of having a B2B digital marketing consultant on-board Every B2B business needs to understand that there is immense scope for growing online. A good and credible b2b marketing agency can make a world of difference when it comes to reaching new customers and increasing sales figures. They can help you optimize your verticals and plan campaigns in a manner that delivers the best results. The value that a consultant adds to the firm is unmatchable. Often regarded as the jack of all the trades, the consultants from the best universities bring forward huge experience. The added network effect along with the rich know-how about the latest technologies is why you must hire them. Instead of focussing only on immediate growth, the consultant's primary focus is to create a niche and a brand image for your firm. More than just providing the solution, they provide a long-lasting result to your firm, that enhances the image of your firm. To explore more into the benefits of a digital marketing consultant, let us understand them in detail. Growth Hacking: If you are looking forward to having a growth hacker in your team, there is no better alternative than a consultant. With the rich experience across all the domains, it is very necessary to have them on your team. They also bring into the varied culture and the unique factor of learnings from across the globe that enhances your team’s outlook. Short term goal achievement: You can easily achieve the short-term goals if you are well equipped with the best consultant. If you are not having the best consultant; you might miss out on the short-term vision and fail to capture a larger market share. Staying with the trend: Having a consultant is often the best way to implement the latest trends in the domain of digital marketing. If you are looking forward to capturing the market share, it is often recommended to be the first mover. Having the first-mover advantage will let you attract more consumers. It shall reduce the monopoly of your competitor thus keeping you ahead in the curve. Knowledge of every market: Do you know why consultants are one of the highest-paid professionals? It is because of their extensive knowledge about the outside world. Having outside knowledge about real-world happenings makes them unique in a lot of ways. They have been employed in different companies which have a wide range of cultural variation. It gives them the eye for scrutiny and a critical view of the organization. Having a consultant in your team can lead to hijacking the market and eventually increasing the customer share. If you are looking to improve your firm’s standing, you must not hesitate to hire a digital marketing consultant. Read Also: Why Email Marketing is the BEST Digital Marketing Outreach in Singapore When Will Social Media Addiction Be Considered a Mental Health Condition?

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Content Marketing Campaign Strategy For Small Business

Nowadays, content marketing can be found just about anywhere online. It might be challenging to distill the meaning of a commonly used term and figure out how to apply it to one's own small business when the term is bandied about so carelessly. However, for today's owners of small businesses, content marketing is not only an option but also a necessity. Many business owners find that the problem of marketing their brand is practically insurmountable because they have limited resources and there is a lot of competition. In point of fact, sixty percent of these companies all businesses do not have any web presence whatsoever. According to a report published by the market research company Aberdeen Group, content marketing can be an effective solution in this situation because it can lead to conversion rates that are six times greater in comparison to non-users. Content Marketing Campaign Strategy For Small Business: In case you haven't heard of it before, content marketing is a strategy for spreading the word and interacting with consumers through media like blogs, podcasts, videos, and social media posts. The goals of a company's content marketing strategy are to increase brand awareness and trustworthiness. Here's how to begin a content marketing strategy for a small business if you're a marketing novice. 1. Identify your target demographic. It's counterproductive to put out something that no one is interested in reading. If you want to successfully market to your target demographic, you need to learn as much as possible about them, their preferences, and how they make purchases. There are a variety of methods available for gathering information on your target demographic. Conducting surveys among your current clientele is one approach. Inquire about their thoughts on your company, offering, and messaging as a whole. During this step, it is important to gather as much information as possible on your target audience. Finding out demographic details like average age, gender, income, and spending habits might spark ideas for your content. Share surveys via social media or email to encourage participation from customers who would not otherwise hear about them. Also, you might use an incentive like a discount code or a freebie. Make sure your survey is concise enough that people can complete it in a few minutes while yet providing you with useful feedback. 2. Create a website with a primary focus on conversions. A website serves as the hub of your overall content marketing effort. You'll lose potential customers if you try to save money by cutting corners here. When more than half of your customers look into your company online before making a purchase, it's crucial for your business, no matter how big or little, to have a solid online foundation. It's not easy to make a professional website if you have no experience in copywriting, coding, or web design. If at all possible, hire experts. Details, details everywhere: these are what make or destroy a website. Consider the importance of speed as just one example. If it takes more than three seconds for your website to load, you risk losing a significant portion of your audience. Lack of mobile optimization, boring web text, malfunctioning features, and perplexing navigation are additional causes of high bounce rates on websites. When it comes to your website's success, your choice of hosting provider is crucial. You should take your time to decide which one to use. 3. Make sure that your content is easy to find. The greatest method for a small business to achieve its content marketing goals—increased sales, new customers, or brand awareness—is to provide content that people can use to better their own lives. Once you have identified your target demographic and launched a stellar website, you can turn your attention to developing engaging content to entice new users. Although you want clients to gain insight into your business, you don't want to come off as pushy or self-promotional. Customers may get quite dissatisfied as a result of this. Instead, focus on writing about the business sector, relevant research or statistics, or helpful tips for advancing your company's goals. Incorporate keywords and phrases that lead readers directly to the content they need. Never start a content creation project without first conducting thorough keyword research; this is the bedrock of internet marketing. The Google Keyword Planner is a great tool for this. Analytical tools can help you decide whether to promote content via paid search, organic search, or a combination of the three. The Content Template tool in SEMrush examines your rivals' organic search data to inform you of the best keywords to utilize, the optimal content length, and the best places to obtain backlinks, as well as assisting you in selecting the platforms to focus on. In the end, the value that branded content conveys is what matters most. It's important that the information you provide points out a specific issue and provides helpful, personalized suggestions about how to fix it. 4. Put your content out there. What you're looking for is already in your possession. Currently, what should be done? You won't have to worry if you're one of the rare people who have a massive email list, a sizable, devoted readership, and an army of passionate admirers. But if you're a small business owner like the majority of those out there, you know the hardship of trying to bring in new customers. It resembles a convoluted form of courtship. Connection, a real want to aid, and true and ongoing participation is the content marketing equivalents of roses, dinner, and a movie. Pro Tips: Don't be reluctant to use paid promotion. Don't be afraid to use paid advertising to market your content if you have invested in its creation. While organic traffic acquired without spending a dime is invaluable, there is much to be gained by combining the strengths of content marketing and more conventional forms of advertising. Conclusion There are several ways in which businesses of all sizes can profit from engaging in content marketing. Trust in the brand, purchases, and repeat business are all boosted if this is executed well. A content marketing strategy for a small business is a complex undertaking that requires careful planning and execution. It may make a tremendous difference for your small business with some preparation, investigation, and a concentration on producing high-quality content. There is a learning curve associated with content marketing, just like there would be with any new company endeavor. Try not to be too hesitant. Never be too proud to try and fail. The finest information tends to be repetitive. A progressive content marketing strategy that strives for content excellence rather than simply more noise can be achieved through a focus on development and evaluation. Read Also: Role of Promotional items in brandingThis Is Why Social Media Is Essential in the B2B Sales ProcessHow To Improve Your Social Media Branding By Getting More Instagram Followers And Likes


Oh, Crop! Killer E-commerce Mistakes You Need to Conquer

One of the most lucrative and fast-growing industries is the e-commerce industry. It has risen in popularity over the years due to the convenience and accessibility it provides for the consumers, and even for the sellers themselves. A lot of people have been trying to start their businesses from home, yet they don't know where to start, and they have no idea about the wide variety of industries they can invest in or the right tools they should use. Aside from knowing what to do with your new venture, you also need to know the common mistakes and blunders you can commit. Lapses, no matter how small, can be highly detrimental to your business. But as worrying as it all sounds, don't worry. You can learn how to spot, avoid, and remedy these mistakes with this simple guide. Without further ado, here are five mistakes you need to avoid to keep your e-commerce business bug-free and in full swing. Mistake #1: Forgetting Your Market One of the biggest and most common mistakes online entrepreneurs make is forgetting what their market looks like or who their target audience is. Aside from spending most of your time and effort in honing the perfect product, without actually creating a need for your customers, you also have to know your customer demographic. Wouldn't it be ideal to have customers before creating a product, rather than having a product beforehand and then looking for clients? All of your efforts will be rendered fruitless. Know how to target your audience or your buyer persona. A buyer persona is a representation of your customer's demographics, such as age, gender, profession, and social status. To paint you a clearer picture, if you're a designer in the print industry, you need to know your target audience before you begin selling. You won't sell cheap business cards to upper-class professionals looking to spruce up their portfolios just as you wouldn't sell overly-priced prints for low-quality products. Mistake #2: Lack of Social Media Presence The regular person owns at least five social media accounts. And on average, we spend about an hour and 40 minutes browsing these sites. Can you believe that the number of online shoppers in the United States alone will reach 224 million in 2019! Numbers aside, the stats are telling us to leverage social media in getting our brand out there. Say hi to social media. Brands are using social media marketing for some highly useful and practical reasons. Some even devise different loyalty program for their avid followers on social media channels. Some of these are because it provides: Low-cost solution. Social media platforms are an excellent way to get bang for your buck advertising and brand exposure. Customization. From Facebook Insights to Google Analytics, you can customize your pages to your heart's content and receive detailed reports on your customers' demographics and browsing behaviors. Excellent customer service platform. According to a recent study by Venturebeat, 51 percent of the respondents say businesses need to be available around the clock. If e-commerce brands are now adopting customer service chatbots with 24/7 messaging services, so should you. If you’re still not convinced, you can think of your social media accounts as your company’s very own affordable business cards, showcasing your brand and the services you offer virtually. Mistake #3: Neglecting Mobile Optimization Mobile is everywhere, and the world is accessing the internet through their smartphones. With 80 percent of internet users owning a smartphone, failing to recognize the need for mobile optimization, could mean losing half of your potential e-commerce market. Poor user experience can negatively impact your conversion rates. If you shift your focus on creating the ideal mobile user experience for your customers, you can increase your brand reputation and customer retention, and avoid losing 61 percent of your clients due to the poor website experience. As an internet-based entrepreneur, use whatever tools you have at your disposal to provide an optimized user browsing and shopping experience. Bank on your best assets and give yourself an advantage over your industry rivals. Mistake #4: Faulty Shipping Flexibility When you first decided to run an e-commerce business, I'm guessing you did for the flexibility it gave you in doing your daily tasks. You didn't have to meet people face to face, and you could make your timetable to suit your needs. You can now do all of your work at home, and nobody would have to see you in sweatpants. The same principle goes for your consumers. All customers like to have options, especially when it comes to shipping. According to research, only 1 in 4 online shoppers complete a purchase? 44 percent of cart abandonment cases are due to high shipping costs, and a whopping 93 percent of online shoppers say they'll buy more if they got free shipping. Free shipping can increase sales and improve customer loyalty. According to a study from E-tailing, 73 percent of purchasers consider unconditional free shipping as a decisive factor in shopping online. But like all other business aspects, weigh the pros and cons of your business before making a decision. Mistake #5: Failing to Measure Performance If you want to succeed in the competitive world of e-commerce, you need to know how to gauge and evaluate your performance. Take note of your business habits, particularly regarding expenses and marketing. Use your business plan as a roadmap to help you steer your way throughout your business venture. Check your statistics regularly. Update your ledger and see if your business is thriving or failing. Look at your consumer insights and keep up with the masses' latest trends. Be as specific as you can with your data. Don't inflate your figures and understand the areas you lack to improve them further. By monitoring your performance, you are helping your business achieve greater heights compared to passive management. And the good news is, there's always room for improvement, be it for you or your business. Takeaway As John Sagel said, "What we do know now is that the 'E' in e-commerce doesn't stand for 'easy.' Opening an e-commerce business can be overwhelming and nerve-wracking, but it can also be a highly worthwhile and profitable venture. There is no guarantee of overnight success. However, you can set yourself up for the best chance at succeeding. To do so, grasp the basics, learn from seasoned entrepreneurs, and watch out for their mistakes to avoid committing them yourself.