7 Guidelines for an Effective Marijuana Detox

Effective Marijuana Detox

Marijuana is the drug of choice in case of post-operation pain. There is a common belief that it is not an addictive drug, but this is not the ultimate truth. It is estimated that around 9% of the people around the world using pot will eventually become addicted to it, while approximately 25-50% are those who used to smoke on daily basis.

Marijuana detox:

Detoxification is the method used to remove the harmful amount of the substance that is accumulated in the body. Detox from drugs like marijuana is required for the people who are trying to quit the use of the drug but in vain.

This is helpful for those who are suffering from marijuana use disorders, or who are trying to clear the THC from their systems, or the mothers who are desperate to protect their children’s health.

Many people trying to get a reputable job but they are failed due to addiction, need help to get rid of this habit.

Many people who use marijuana in combination with many other drugs like heroin, cocaine, etc. can get an advantage out of marijuana detox due to chances of higher risks during multiple-drug withdrawal.

Guidelines for an effective marijuana detox-

The initial stages of marijuana withdrawal can be severe during the detoxification. Following are the seven guidelines for an effective marijuana detox:

Realize the reason for detox:

Firstly when you trying to quit smoking pot on your own, do you find it difficult to do so? Do you start having cravings whenever you are depressed? Do you munch on junk foods often due to smoking pot? Make a list of all of these questions arising in your mind when it becomes difficult for you to continue your detox process.

Healthy eating:

Healthy eating

Start eating lean meat, fruits, pulses, and vegetables instead of sugar and alcohol. Replace your regular meals with foods with high fiber and water content like broccoli, cucumber, beetroot, etc. that helps you to remove as many toxic substances from your system as possible.



When the detox eliminating the excessive amount of the drug from your body, you will feel lightweight and more energetic but no channel is there for you to utilize this energy. For this purpose, the regular workout is the best way out to keep you physically fit and active. The THC accumulated in the body will move out of your system gradually as you start burning your fat.

Stay Hydrated:

Stay Hydrated

As marijuana will eliminate from the body through urination or perspiration so you need to take plenty of fluids. You can add such substances in your water that will boost up the detox action like lemon, cucumber, ginger, cinnamon, etc.

Start Supplements:

If you have started the detox process, then vitamins in form of supplements help raise the rate of flushing the drug out of the body. Niacin, Vitamin B3 is commonly used to trigger the elimination of the toxins as it is used to dilate the blood vessels by increasing the histamine level. So one tablet once a day is enough to increase the detox process.

Find a Detox Partner:

When you register in a detox clinic then there will be many others who are in the same boat. They will act as a support system for you to stay focus on your goal and helps you to achieve it.

Go Easy On Yourself:

Detoxification is a slow and steady process so you can’t get rid of the drug overnight. You need to be relaxed and have the patience to go through the whole procedure and just avoid such things that trigger the cravings for the drug so you continue to refrain from drug use.

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Pros And Cons Of Recreational Marijuana

Marijuana has always been present in society. People’s reaction and attitude towards it has been ranging from total approval to severe punishments for possession. Different countries have different regulations, but in general, marijuana is a harmless recreational drug with some, yet not completely explored, benefits to health. Regular users are maybe even apter than science to talk about its pros and cons, and how everyday life is affected. I spoke to the experts at peoplesorangecounty.com and we compiled a list of advantages and disadvantages of recreational consumption of cannabis. The Many Benefits Of Recreational Marijuana Recreational use of marijuana is still considered as something bad or negative, or people who use it are regarded as stoners who waste their life away. That attitude is not justified, as any person under the influence of any kind of psychoactive substance might leave that impression, like alcohol, nicotine, etc. Smoking marijuana is a great social lubricant as it helps people loosen up and share a range of different conversations without any mental blockade. It helps relax and allow for some healthy dialogue which can only produce a more thorough bonding between people. It is also an ‘’individual drug’’ meaning that it is great for relaxation and some quality me-time. It is great for people who want to strengthen their appetite. Since all senses are heightened, everything around you leaves a greater impression and unlocks some new levels of experiencing things you already know, like music, food, sports, or just about any activity you can think of. Creativity also reaches new heights. Sativa strains, such as Royal Queen, are specifically made to affect your brain and introduce some new ways of thinking you never knew existed before. It is a great stress reliever (in normal doses), as it helps you cope with problems by inspiring you to think about solutions rather than simply worrying. You focus more on life and the beauty of living instead of grownup problems and worries that eat your happiness away. Shy people can benefit as well since marijuana helps overcome a lack of confidence while improving social skills they never knew they had before. It helps the good side of your personality come out and shine. When taken in normal amounts, and every person has a different dose of normal, it is a recreational drug that really sparks a dose of optimism which is a great weapon to combat depression and anxiety. It is a state where both body and mind feel good and the perspective to life changes in a way that it makes you realize that some problems were not as big as you feared, and the solutions are also much more accessible. Are There Any Negative Sides? Not all users can report a great experience, and just like any other substance you intake, there are certain risks and negative side-effects. Short term memory loss is probably the most common disadvantage. It is also not recommended for teenagers to use it as it can negatively affect the development of their brain and the ability to learn new things might get impaired. As much as it produces joy, happiness, confidence and good mood, the other side of the coin is reserved for anxiety, depression, fear, and even paranoia. These can get extra potent if marijuana is used frequently and in large doses, then the recreation becomes a torment basically, and the best way to handle it is to take a break from it all. You become less reactive to your surroundings which can be problematic for people who are still not used to that feeling. Your balance, coordination, and reactions can worsen which some people don’t like at all. Read Also: Choosing A Medical Marijuana Dispensary Passing A Marijuana Urine Drug Test- How To Pass Pee Narcotics Tests Marijuana Addiction Treatment: 5 Steps To Avoid Relapse

Feel Tired

4 Reasons Why You Might Feel Tired During The Day

It is very normal to be tired throughout the day from time to time. However, if you notice that you feel tired every day over a long period of time, there may be something going on with your body. Ongoing fatigue and the constant feeling of tiredness can adversely affect your mental and physical wellbeing, which can make it hard to go about your daily life, so it is important to try and pin-point the cause of these sorts of issues before they take hold. Luckily, once you figure out the cause of your tiredness, making a few simple lifestyle changes can make a big difference to your energy levels throughout the day. Here are 4 Reasons Why You Might Feel Tired During The Day: 1. Caffeine intake Most of us like to have a few cups of coffee or tea to give us a little boost throughout the day, but consuming a lot of caffeine during the day can cause you to lose sleep at night. This is because caffeine is a stimulant, and while it is great to make us feel more alert and give us energy during the day, it can keep you up at night if you consume too much of it. People who consume too much caffeine may experience issues such as insomnia, irritability, muscle tremors, fast heartbeat, and fatigue, all of which can have a serious impact on your overall health. If you think that your caffeine intake may cause you to lose sleep at night and feel tired throughout the day, you should limit the amount you consume each day, or stop drinking tea and coffee a few hours before bedtime. 2. Poor sleeping habits It is recommended by the Sleep Health Foundation of Australia, that the average adult should get 7-8 hours of sleep per night. However, due to different age and lifestyle factors, you may need less than 7 hours or more than 8 hours of sleep to function throughout the day. The main point is that this sleep has to be uninterrupted because disrupted sleep can cause fatigue during the day. If you create a sleep routine for yourself and go to sleep at the same time in the same conditions each day, you will find that it is a lot easier to get to sleep each night and that you feel more rested in the day. This is because of your internal body clock that gets used to a certain wake and sleep cycle as time goes on. If you are struggling to get to sleep each night, you should try to make your bedroom the right environment for sleeping. Most people find that a dark, quiet room with cool temperatures will help them to get the best night’s rest, so you should try to make these changes in order to sleep well at night. 2. Eating a big meal Nutrition can have a significant impact on your mental and physical wellbeing, so what you eat during the day can prevent or cause fatigue. Choosing a healthy and well-balanced diet can help you to beat fatigue and tiredness. Foods that have a higher concentration of carbs and sugar are not very good fuel for the body compared to lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables. Eating raw and whole food can do so much more for your body, but you have to remember to wait at least 3 hours between meals to avoid indigestion. You should also consume dinner at least 3 hours before you go to sleep, in order for your body to properly digest your meal. If you feel hungry before going to bed, bananas are a good choice for a snack because they are rich in magnesium, which helps the muscles relax so that you can sleep easy. 3. Sleep disorders According to a recent study, more than 60% of Australians suffer some kind of sleep disorder that severely affects their quality of sleep. And because sleep disorders can affect all aspects of your physical and mental health, it is important to consult a doctor or a sleep specialist when you exhibit any signs or symptoms. One of the most common sleep disorders that a lot of people may have without knowing is sleep apnea, which is a serious sleep disorder that can affect you in several different ways, but mainly affects a person’s breathing as they sleep. Currently, there is no cure for this disease, but there are many ways to manage and treat the problems that this condition may bring on. One solution that most doctors recommend for patients is a combination of a sleep apnea mask and a machine, like the models available from CPAP Direct. These machines help patients to breathe easier as they sleep so that they can sleep through the night and in turn feel energized during the day. There are many reasons why someone might feel tired during the day, but only you can determine what is making you feel tired over a long period of time. If you are not sure about what the cause of your tiredness is, think about your lifestyle factors and your sleep routine to see if any changes can be made. If you still feel tired throughout the day after you have made a few minor changes to your lifestyle, contact your doctor as soon as possible so that you can help you with your fatigue during the day. Read Also: Why The Best Time To Relax Is When You Don’t Have Time For It 5 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Manage Anxiety at Work Why is sleeping well so important for job performance?

Organic Products

Use Organic Products To Prevent Gray Hair

When it comes to beauty products, there is always so much more than what meets your eye. Numerous health companies have faced concerns about beauty products like makeup and the complaints are at an all-time high. When you realize that these products cause a health problem, it is important to make a well-informed buying decision. The cosmetic companies are not under any obligation to forward the complaints on their products to the food and drug administration in the US. These products which include hair products can be a harmful decision for a person which may result in Gray Hair or white. Further, the beauty product manufacturers are also not under any obligation to get the market approval of their products before they enter a store. The effectiveness and the safety of the products are rarely tested by professionals. This is why it is time you consider using products that are organic and have only natural ingredients. You might have to pay slightly higher for the same but it will be safe for you to use. What Are The Ways To Prevent Gray Hair The Rise In Premature Graying: Apart from the complaints about irritation and skin, there is an increase in cases of premature greying of the hair amongst young and middle-aged women. The most common reason for the same is the lack of nutrients that your hair needs in order to remain thick and full. Another important reason for greying hair is the ingredients that go into your beauty products. Keratin is an important protein that helps the growth and maintenance of strong and healthy hair. If you do not consume adequate protein in your diet, there will be a direct impact on the quality of your hair. In addition, if your body has a deficiency of vitamins like Vitamin B, Vitamin D, and minerals including zinc, iron, and calcium, your hair will not be able to retain health and strength. This is why you need to pick beauty products that have natural ingredients and will ensure that the hair looks and grows strong and healthy in the long run. When you use products that contain natural ingredients, you combat premature whitening or greying of your hair. There is one more reason why you require these vitamins. Due to excessive stress, the body will use up Vitamin B and when you address the stress problems, you are taking the first step to reverse your gray hair. Stay Away From Toxic Ingredients: There are a number of toxic ingredients which have made their way into your beauty products despite the warnings given by the laws. You should opt for products that have the maximum amount of natural ingredients but if you are using other products, you need to ensure that it does not have toxic substances. It never hurts to know the ingredients which you should avoid in every product. The topmost harmful ingredients are: 1. Coal Tar: A carcinogen, coal tar is banned in the EU and is found in anti-dandruff shampoos and anti-lice products. It is also found in products that offer dry skin treatment. 2. DEA/MEA/TEA: These products are used as foaming agents in soaps and shampoos and are carcinogens. 3. Mercury: Typically found in mascara, mercury is linked with degenerative effects on the development of the brain. 4. Formaldehyde: This ingredient is a carcinogen suspect and is found in shampoos, nail polishes, and hair color. It is also banned in the EU. 5. Hydroquinone: Also banned in the UK, the ingredient is found in whitening solutions and can lead to reproductive anomalies. Are Natural Products The Best Choice? The answer is simple and straightforward, yes natural skin products are better and good for your body and skin. They are also environmentally friendly and do not contain any artificial ingredients. Made out of natural oils and plants, they do more good to your skin. It is not harmful to go fully organic but even organic skin products might contain some additives. Hence, it is best to check the ingredients and see if there are any additives present. Fully organic products are devoid of any additives and are slightly expensive but a good bet. Natural products are derived from plants and minerals and then refined through biological processes. The process will use basic chemicals and technologies that are simple and harmless. There is nothing more important than your hair and skin and this is why you need to carefully choose products that are organic and do minimal harm to you. You will notice a significant change when you replace your chemical products with organic products that have minimal additives. Read Also: 7 Anti-Aging Tricks And Tips To Get Youthful Skin Like A Teen 5 Most Exciting Facial Treatments Of 2018 – For Smooth, Gorgeous Skin