Some Famous People Who Have Battled with Depression


11 February 2021

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If you have ever wondered if celebrities and all the successful people you know ever had to deal with stress and all the negativity “normal people” struggle with daily? The truth is they also do. They suffer pain, loss, and depression, just like everyone else.

It’s possible you have heard of celebrities with depression or who even suffered from mental breakdowns; they had to be checked into rehab.

But this article isn’t about famous people who have visited rehab before but those who have one time dealt with depression. So without wasting time, below are some of the celebrities you know who have suffered depression in their lives.

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson

Now, if you think ‘’The Rock” is one stone-cold machismo character, well, he is when he is on screen. But when the 6ft 4inches tall celebrity is off-screen, he certainly has a lot to contend with like everyone else.

In a recent talk with British newspaper Express, he opened up to being depressed, and the dude didn’t have any serious reasons for being so, aside from being human. And he encouraged guys specially to do better than bottle everything in. “Depression Never Discriminate.” He shared later on his tweeter page.

Katy Perry

American female pop sensation Katy Perry has also revealed on time on a live stream tour on YouTube about how she too fights depression and is never ashamed to say so. She urged her fans to keep it real with themselves and everyone watching the need to take mental health seriously.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

With many hit songs and billboard toppers to her name, one wouldn’t be surprised that her royal highness Lady Gaga would have had to weather through stormy days. And if there is anything to learn from the celebrity is that we can rise above our challenges.

She opened up about how she uses medication to battle depression and anxiety and advised her fans to be open about their health. You can find out here what you should do when you are faced with a nervous breakdown.

Michael Phelps

If you have won a series of gold medals for competitive swimming, you would surely know how to recover from any drowning situation. But it will interest you to discover that the world record swimmer Michael Phelps almost ended his life sometime after the 2012 Olympics.

And if there is anything we’ve found out from successful people is that success comes at a price. So Phelps had to sober up and get the help he needed. So if you want to conquer depression, you want to pay the price and get the right help.

J.K Rowling

It is no surprise that celebrity author of the Harry Potter Books, J.K Rowling, would appear on the list of celebrities who have battled depression. For someone who has put smiles on the faces of millions could only have done so by sacrificing a bit of theirs. And for J.K, it wasn’t that she was sad, as she described it on Oprah, “it’s that cold absence of feeling.”

Jim Carrey

The only man crazy enough to pull off the stunts in ‘’The Mask.” And also stared in some of the funniest character movies of all time, Ace Ventura comes to mind is also on the list of celebrities who have suffered from depression.

And what’s interesting about Carrey’s situation is that he doesn’t use medication such as anti-depressants or alcohol to help deal with life’s issues. He faces them squarely and urges you to do so too. There are useful tips on this page about fighting addiction.

Johnny Depp

Actor Johnny Depp could be one of Hollywood’s most anxious celebrities, and it is no secret that he works with therapists even while on movie sets to help manage his anxiety. Although he does a fine job with his character while on stage, he easily shows his anxiety during interview sessions.


Another famous celebrity on the list is Eminem, and it is no secret that the rapper has had to battle with a lot of challenging situations. One of them is the unending conflict with his ex-wife, which the artist often rapped about in some of his verses.

Depression can affect your health negatively and should not be taken likely. You want to look out for signs that you may be in a depressive state and seek expert help if you are too deep.

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