Top Home Cleaning Tips

Home Cleaning Tips

With the spread of the coronavirus recently, cleaning your house has become a social as well as a moral responsibility. If you are someone who finds joy in dusting your mantelpieces and scrubbing the oven, then you understand the vitality of having a clean home. However, it will often happen that you do not have enough time or simply feel too tired to clean your place. If you want to have a home that is entirely spotless from top to bottom, then some quick home cleaning tips here can help you out.

If you are not sure where to start, you can pick some mainstream methods to add shine to your bedrooms and living areas. But you must clean your home step by step so that you cover all your tracks. You can tackle one room at a time, understand how much it needs to be scrubbed, dusted and vacuumed and then move onto the next one when you are satisfied. Ensuring that each room in the home is free of grime and dirt is not the easiest of tasks, but it can be accomplished with a bit of help.

How To Clean Your House Quickly And Efficiently:

The kitchen, washrooms, bedrooms, and TV lounge in the home need to be cleaned and considered wholly. Because these are the rooms in the house that you utilize the most, and thus, they require the most attention. The following are some useful tips you can implement into the cleaning process to make your house shine:

Here are some home cleaning tips:

1. Removing the Garbage

You will no doubt have several garbage bags and dustbins around the house. Most of the accumulation of trash will be in the kitchen area, and the bin you use on a daily basis. Nevertheless, for effective rubbish removal, you must place a protective layer of cardboard or plastic at the bottom of the bin. It will make sure that when you want to clean out the trash, the extra layering at the bottom keeps it clean from any liquids or leaking. Thus, you can simply rinse out the bin and leave it to dry.

2. Decluttering the Vanity

We are all at fault for bombarding our vanity with multiple items and then never really finding a place for them. Your vanity is usually covered with cosmetics, skincare items, and other accessories. The continuation of throwing everything on it at the end of the day will never make it clean or organized. So, you have to be responsible here and declutter immediately. Get rid of those items you never use and have been laying there for well over a year. Keep those items in storage that you seldom use, like in drawers or boxes. And for daily-use products, you can organize them in front of the mirror so you can use them first thing in the morning and when you come back at night.

3. Cleaning Window Tracks

Cleaning Window

A dirty window track will make the ambiance of your home look off-putting. When the weather is nice, so you want to keep the windows open. Therefore, you should go out of your way to clean and scrub the window track beforehand. Vacuum the area first and then use an old toothbrush to push out the dirt. Follow this up with a spray cleaner and wiping with some paper towels for the cleanest look.

4. Disinfecting Surfaces

Wiping down the hard surfaces in your house is the main way to ensure detailed cleaning. The countertops, cabinets, doorknobs, bookshelves, and appliances all need to be addressed as these are the surfaces we touch the most throughout the day. You need to disinfect them to avoid delivering germs to one another and then wipe them down with a wet cloth. The disinfectant can be made at home with apple cider vinegar and some water for maximum efficiency.

5. Descaling the Coffee Maker

The coffeemaker that you use every day should also be cleaned as a part of your home. You will find the accumulation of caked on minerals within the machine, and these can be removed easily with a few simple steps. Use a mixture made from vinegar and water and let the solution brew. Let it sit inside the pot for thirty minutes and then repeat the cycle. You can rinse with clean water once you are done, and find that your coffeemaker is as good as new.

6. Restoring the Dishwasher

Excess food and dirt particles tend to build up inside most dishwashers. For a proper clean, you need to habitually clean out the appliance and make sure that bits of food are not present in the interior. The bottom rack usually has the most leftover food that you need to clean out before you put in new dishes. Simply remove with a paper towel to ensure that there is no food or odor left and then start the cycle.

7. Dusting with the Dryer

All the blankets, pillows, curtains and drapes you have in your home hold a lot of dust as time passes. Cleaning this dust is simple if the fabric is machine washable, and you can simply put them in the washing machine. You can launder these twice a year, or if you do not have washable fabric, you can take the help of your dryer. If you put your dryer on no heat mode, the pillows and curtains will go through the airflow and clean out easily without having to be washed.

8. Move and Vacuum

Vacuuming the entire house does not mean you will get to reach all nooks and crannies. The idea is to cover as much space as possible, so keep moving whenever you are vacuuming. Shift through the house, take into consideration the carpeted rooms and living areas and make sure that no evidential dust is left behind. Use your own judgment for how much you need to vacuum each week and then allocate the timings for each room in the house.

In Conclusion

Every home gets dirty once in a while. Whether you live in a small apartment or a big bungalow, efficient cleaning of your home can be done if you follow the given advice. From scrubbing countertops to vacuuming the carpet, you can make your living space an ideal one for yourself and your family. By being thorough and detailed with your methodology, your home can be spick and span in no time.

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Home Styling Ideas

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