How To Grow Tomatoes From Seed


If you are an avid tomato grower you’re probably envious of all the different varieties that other growers talk about, but that you can’t find transplants for in your area. In many cases, those growers are growing tomatoes from seed.

Growing tomatoes from seed really isn’t that difficult, as long as you understand a few basic things. Well, I will walk you through this process below. Read on.

Why is it necessary to start tomato seeds early?

Tomato seeds planted in the garden won’t germinate until the ground is warm enough. What’s the ideal ground temperature? They germinate best at temperatures in the 70-80 degree range.

If you plant seeds directly into the ground, odds are the summer will be too short for tomatoes to become productive before the end of the growing season unless you live in one of the warmest climates in the US.

The days to harvest number that is on a packageof tomato seeds assumes that you are using transplants.


To decide if your area is warm enough to plant directly in the ground, add 30-50 days to that number. So if it says 90 days you would need 120-140 days of temperatures above 70 degrees to get your first ripe tomato if you plant the seeds in the ground!

When should I start my seeds?

Most people who are growing tomatoes from seed start 4 6 weeks before the last expected spring frost date in their area. You need to wait to plant the seedlings outdoors about 2 weeks after that date when the soil has warmed up to at least 50 degrees.

The date you start growing tomatoes from seed can vary depending on the space you have available and the length of your growing season.


First, you need to gather some important items:

  1. Containers: Start with clean, sterile containers to grow your tomato transplants in.
    Your local garden center or big box store should have seed starting kits that consist of a black plastic tray with peat pots or plastic inserts and a clear plastic dome cover that fits over the top.

If you’re only starting a few seeds, you may want to just plant them in paper or foam cups with holes punched in the bottoms.

Many of us like to save money and reuse flats or recycle containers like plastic milk jugs for starting seeds. This is fine as long as you wash them thoroughly and then sanitize in a 10% bleach solution (1 cup bleach in 10 cups of water).

Note: Be sure whatever container you use has drainage holes in the bottom so that excess water can drain out.

  1. Lights: You cannot grow a healthy transplant without proper light. Even a sunny, south-facing window is not really adequate. Using a led grow light or fluorescent light on a timer that it is on for 12 hours and then off for 12 hours, will ensure that when you are growing tomatoes from seed your plants get all the light they need to grow properly.

You will need to plan a way to raise the lights so that the top leaves of the plants are 2- 3î below the lights. One method is to use a wire shelving unit. The chain that comes with a fluorescent shop light works perfectly to hang it from the shelf above your plants.

  1. Growing Media: Use fresh, sterile germination mix labeled for seed starting. These mixes are usually peat-based and do not contain garden soil.

Tip: More than 50% of people who are growing tomatoes from seed for the first time lose their seedlings to damping-off disease. This fatal disease can literally wipe out your seedlings overnight. Starting with sterile containers and soil mix will greatly decrease the chance of your seedlings becoming infected.

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Growing tomatoes from seed are the only way to have the very best tasting and old fashioned heirloom varieties which are not usually available as nursery started plants.

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Why Renting a Duplex House May Be Right for You

Are you pondering on renting a duplex apartment? You are close to making a great choice for as duplex houses come with a number of advantages. It’s no wonder they are becoming ever so popular especially with families of all sizes. You can actually use a duplex complex to bring together a large extended family under one roof. Sounds awesome, right? There are several positives to it. Let’s delve right into some of the advantages if renting a duplex. Affordability: Financial choices are drivers of the options we have in our hands. Duplex complexes are relatively affordable and you will find them in neighborhoods where property prices are not going through the roof. Consider, for instance, duplexes for rent in Oak Cliff, TX. By all standards, this is one area that demonstrates why it is a good choice to rent a duplex. Renting out the extra space: Nothing beats the idea of becoming a landlord. The real estate market is so dynamic that you will be on a very good standing if you are able to sublet the extra space for some income. Duplexes are like twin houses and you can comfortably occupy one with a family large enough while other tenants pay you for space right next…or right up. Make it a family affair: The idea of taking an elderly member of the family in a nursing home is not always a very friendly choice. A duplex complex solves the problem in a big way. While you will have enough space for yourself, they too will have adequate space around while allowing you to check on them regularly with less constraint. At the same time, you can use a duplex complex to consolidate a family, while still allowing independence. Think, for instance about sharing space with siblings or close relatives Make an office out of a duplex complex: This has become one of the top reasons why duplexes have gained popularity. As more and more people go for out-of-office working arrangements, duplexes are offering them better choices. They can work where they live and vice versa.Utilizing one end of the duplex complex for family affairs and the other for office work is easy because there are few structural adjustments required. Probably a different set of furniture is all you need. This will save you time and finances as well. You can easily find such duplexes on Rentberry. Privacy: The mere size of a duplex complex gives you ultimate privacy, whether you decide to use it all alone or share it out with someone else. Duplexes houses, even when they do not stand alone entirely as private homes still offer you enough comfort of space that is not overcrowded. In contrast, multi-story apartments will normally host several tenants and you end up sharing some amenities. It's simply crowded.At the same time, a duplex house may offer you the opportunity to set up a flower bed in front of a small garden yard behind. This flexibility makes them a great option for family entities. Full Responsibility on the property: Even if you have to share space with a tenant or relatives, the property is entirely in your hands, which is a good thing because you set out the rules. This is a shift from an arrangement where management is left to an agent who has several other properties to keep an eye on. Usually, your queries take long to be processed. However, renting a duplex gives you room to make adjustments, as long as they are within the agreement signed. Final word: Take your time to evaluate your options, but you can hardly go wrong by renting a duplex apartment. If you are keen on subletting the other half, pick your tenants wisely. Vet them. This also applies to use the extra space for as a job. You must consider what effects it might have on other residents of the apartment. For instance, if you expect visitors to the office frequently, you should be able to keep it private especially if there is a family living around. Nonetheless, there are evidently several agreeable points highlighting the usefulness of duplexes in modern living and it really isn’t a bad idea to give it a try.Read Also:7 Reasons To Buy A Condo Over A House Moving House? Here’s The Ultimate Checklist

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Throughout the year our gardens are constantly changing from season to season, which creates a fresh and exciting feel every month. From beautiful blooms in the spring to crisp, frosty layers during the winter, our gardens always provide a captivating aesthetic to enjoy. When it comes to the winter months, many people neglect their gardens and wait until the warmer days arrive again, but this shouldn’t be the case. There are lots of ways to keep your garden looking its best throughout the winter, including adding a deer fence to protect your garden and property from animals and wildlife, and here’s other tips… Invest in a GreenhouseGreenhouses are a must for anyone keen to continue gardening during the winter months and maintain a beautiful garden aesthetic. From the moment you introduce a greenhouse, you open up your gardening options, giving you the chance to work on all kinds of wonderful projects. You’ll also find that a greenhouse helps to bring character to the garden, adding to the overall look of your outdoor space. A greenhouse also enables you to work on projects that may need a little encouragement in a warm environment, before adding them back to your garden to help brighten the area and enhance the aesthetic.Take a look at Two West’s wide selection of greenhouses here to find the right fit for your garden. Embrace Winter Colour Keep your garden looking bright and colorful by adding a selection of winter-blooming plants to your pots and beds. From winter-blooming daphne to pansies and cyclamen, you can bring an assortment of gorgeous winter colors to really bring life to your garden. Whether you opt to plant these bloomed plants during the winter for instant color, or you decide to plant your seeds earlier in the year for winter blooms, you can create a stunning aesthetic and add a trendy feel to your garden.Find the perfect winter blooms here available at Dobies to bring a seasonal touch to your garden. Install Outdoor LightingHaving a display of outdoor lighting can really help to illuminate your exterior, not only adding to the overall aesthetic but also enhancing your home's security. There are lots of different ways to introduce lighting, from subtle lights positioned neatly along the outskirts of your lawn or along the path, to brighter lights that stand tall and brighten the whole space. Do a little research into different types of outdoor lighting to see which would work best with your home's style and layout and invest in the best style for you. It’ll be much easier to enjoy your garden on those darker evenings once you have your outdoor lighting fitted.Visit here to find inspiration for outdoor lighting to introduce to your home and garden. Frequently Sweep Up Leaves  Many people see sweeping up the leaves in the garden to be a pointless task, as sooner or later they’ll be back to sweep up again. This may be the case, but by sweeping up the leaves you are able to keep your garden looking its best, even during the winter. Leaves and generic debris can create a very messy, untidy look for the garden so it’s always beneficial to keep on top of sweeping them off to the side or removing them from flower beds and your lawn area. You’ll be amazed how much of a difference this small but practical task will make!Read Also:How to Maintain Your Garden Railings? Grow these flowering plants in your home garden 5 Best Vegetables You Should Try Growing In Your Garden Looking for a Gardener: 8 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Professional