How To Operate A High Lift Jack Safely And Effectively

High lift jacks have been in use for over a century now. It first hit the market in 1905, when Bloomfield Manufacturing Company introduced it as the Automatic Combination Tool. After the first launch, the jack has found many uses because of its simple design and sturdy layout.

It is certainly not the safest product and does not involve any high-end technology, but it is still in extensive use and also one of the most copied designs in the automobile care industry. As far as safety is concerned, it is very capable of sending you to a hospital bed with a lot of work for the surgeon.

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Jack of All Trades

The high lift jack has one of the most straightforward designs among all tools of car care and maintenance. In its basic avatar, it is just a massive mechanical lever. This uncomplicated design is perhaps the reason for its multipurpose utility. Some of the common uses of the high lift jack are given below:

  • Lift up the vehicle to change the tire. Its got plenty of power and speed to lift your 4-wheeler effortlessly. This is the most basic and mostly used the role of the jack. It can even lift up much higher for other uses.
  • It can be used as a winch to get you out of trouble.
  • I also use it for breaking the tire bead so that it can be cleaned.
  • It is good to be used as a spreader or a clamp.
  • You could turn the vehicle around on the spot by lifting one end of the vehicle and then pushing it to a side away from the jack.

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How to Use?

High Lift Jack

Being a high-risk tool, it is very important that you take all the precautions to get the best use from the high lift jack. Before you put the tool in operation, you should first understand how to use a high lift jack. Some critical points regarding the use of the jack for its main roles are mentioned below:-

Lifting Up

Steps to be followed are given below:

  • Check the ground, level it if required, use a base plate if the ground is soft to avoid sinking and falling off.
  • Switch the reversing latch at “up” after positioning the jack firmly.
  • Put one hand on top of the jack to maintain balance, pull the handle to get the jack toe to touch the vehicle bumper.
  • Check that the rack should be vertical and the jack on a firm base.
  • Hold the handle and push it down to lift the vehicle.
  • Follow the reverse with basic common sense to get the load down after the tire changing is done.

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Getting Unstuck


The same procedure as above will be used to lift the vehicle and then stack some rocks etc under the wheels to provide for a stable base before removing the obstacle from under the vehicle. You might have to push the vehicle’s lifted up portion to aside in order to rescue it from a difficult situation.

Winching Operation

When the need arises, use the jack as a winch with a shackle and a chain. It is a powerful but slow winch, so you have to be patient. Put a chain, wire rope or a recovery strap to join the jack’s toe with the recovery point on the vehicle. Put another chain from the top of the rack to the anchor. Remove all slack in the chains and proceed by operating the jack in the same manner when you are lifting the vehicle up.

Miscellaneous Uses

The jack’s capability to lift is not limited to cars, it can be used to lift any other item as well. The main operational precautions will remain the same as mentioned above. Some of its additional uses are:-

  • It can become a great hoisting tool when used in conjunction with a couple of shackles.
  • The top clamp of the jack makes it very good for use as a huge clamp as well as a spreader.
  • Even a bent tie rod end can be straightened using this amazing tool.

If you only know how to use a High lift jack and take basic precautions then this tool is the most amazing piece of engineering that you will ever encounter. However, if you ignore the safety precautions, you could land in a hospital bed very soon.

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In the market for a new vehicle? It can be hard to know where to look with so many different makes, models and types of car to consider and this can make it a daunting prospect. One vehicle which currently stands out from the crowd and would be a smart investment for any motorist is the Vauxhall Insignia. Here are some of the reasons that can motivate you to buy Vauxhall Insignia as your next vehicle. The Insignia : Vauxhall is always a great brand to invest in because you know that you are getting great quality, a decent driving experience, and great practicality. Additionally, the iconic British manufacturer is known for its value for money and the Insignia is not an exception to the rule. The Insignia is a spacious 5-door full-size car that is well-suited to families, professionals and any motorist that wants a well-built vehicle which is comfortable, stylish and enjoyable to drive. You will surely love the design that you will get in this machine. Variations : The Insignia is available in a 5-door hatchback (Grand Sport) the Insignia Sports Tourer and the Insignia Country Tourer, so there is a type for every motorist. It is also excellent value for money and particularly when you shop in the used car market at places like AA Cars. It’s one of the best car design you will find in the modern market. Owner Experience : So, what makes the Insignia such a great buy? The Insignia builds on the success of the influential Vauxhall Astra (a UK favorite) with its practicality, driving experience, and quietness - this makes it a top choice for families. It can be cheap to run thanks to the wide range of economical engines with the petrol variations both returning 47 mpg, whilst the diesel versions return a brilliant 70.6 mpg and 55.4 mpg. It gives users one of the best riding experience in the car industry. Style & Tech : The Insignia has a sophisticated look and, although not the most exciting looking car on the road, it does feature plenty of great in-car technology and a generous equipment list. This includes the much-praised OnStar in-car assistant with vehicle diagnostics, crash response, and roadside assistance as well as sat-nav, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and much more. The style and thought of the Insignia are well-thought-out and you cannot compare it to any other. Conclusion : Overall, the Vauxhall Insignia is a smart purchase for your next car as it is one of the most practical, comfortable and reliable automobiles currently available. There is a large focus on driver enjoyment so anyone that spends a lot of time behind the wheel will appreciate this, whilst the excellent in-car tech can further the experience of both driver and passenger. Finding a car which ticks all of the boxes can be challenging, but the Insignia is one which manages to do this and is certainly worth keeping a lookout for. You can be sure of getting the value for your money if you decide to invest in the Insignia. Read Also : 5 Ways To Avoid The Rip Off While Buying A Used Car There Is A Pothole Problem In America – How To Protect Your Car From Damage?