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18 January 2020


Juice Press or ‘JP’ was founded 9 years ago in the year 2010. With the innovation of presenting a better transparent and healthier lifestyle among the people in society.

JuicePress offers lifestyle resources as well as an organic product with certified quality and fresh organic ingredients. 

They had started on a purpose that it will be the best wellness brand with the most trusted nutrition on the earth. It is a type of food and beverage industry.

Integrity, transparency, and community define Juice Press as they refused to use artificial ingredients. The headquarters of the juice press is in New York.

Specialties of Juice Press:

Marcus Antebi is a founder and CEO of Juice Press, which is one of the fastest-growing organic food retailers in New York. 

 There are various specialties of Juice Press such as:

  • Superfood smoothies
  • Cold-pressed juice
  • Juice cleanses
  • Raw foods
  • Wholesale distribution
  • Best plant-based wellness brand
  • Organic health
  • Most trusted nutrition
  • Variety of lifestyle resources
  • Health food provider

Juice Press Menu:

There are many popular items in the JuicePress menu stores.

Have a look at these some popular menus below:

1. Blue Magic Smoothie:

Blue Magic Smoothie

This blue magic smoothie consists of blue spirulina, homemade almond milk, plant protein, maca vanilla, maca, cinnamon, banana, almond butter vegan probiotic.

This smoothie is a favorite of especially those who love banana and vanilla.

2. Pesto Mushroom Noodle Jar:


Pesto Noodle Mushroom Jar is made from delicious cremini mushrooms and brown rice noodles with a walnut pesto which is homemade.

This is very delicious, you must give a try!

3. Roasted Veggie Salad:

Roasted Veggie Salad

Roasted Veggie Salad is a favorite of many people at JuicePress stores, especially those who love to eat vegetables.

On the other hand, it consists of sweet potato, carrot on marinated kale, roasted cauliflower, zucchini and topped with pepitas.

4. Green Light Mango:

Green Light Mango

Green Light Mango is consists of maple, banana, water, spinach, kale, date and made extra smooth by mango.

At the same time, it is very delicious because it is packed with nutrients and hydrating.

5. JP (V)Ice Cream:

JP (V)Ice Cream

Juice Press stands for the best plant-based wellness brand with the most trusted nutrition on this earth, so it never comprises it.

JP (VC)ice cream is made from ingredients of plant-based entirely. It does not consist of any refined sugars and that is the reason that it tastes amazing.

6. Vanilla Protein with Coffee Beans:
Vanilla Protein with Coffee Beans

This is very rich in plant protein and tastes amazing. Vanilla protein with coffee beans consists of almond butter, vanilla, hemp seeds, and coconut nectar.

It also includes homemade almond milk!

7. Celery Juice

Celery Juice

8. Ginger Fireball

Ginger Fireball

This ginger fireball supports the immune system, and it very good for your health.

It consists of ginger, lemon, oil of oregano, orange, and cayenne. In addition, ginger fireball is the best prescription for colds.

Juice Press Location:

7 W. 18th Street

New York, NY 10011, US

6th Floor.

Delivery services are also provided by the Juice Press. As the juice press brand is trusted by most of the people, so they have announces that they will open new juice press locations in the year-end.


Juice Press is best known for its healthy food provider as they refused to use artificial ingredients. In addition, Juice press offers options that are vegan as it highly dedicated to organic products.

Their desserts, sandwiches, salads, cold-pressed juices, raw foods, gourmet superfood smoothies, etc., are all made fresh each and every day.

                              ” You trust them because they care for your health”

JuicePress is the most trusted nutrition on this earth. They bring a better lifestyle among people in the market as well as in our society. For premium cold-pressed juices you should try Pressed Juicery.

Still, have any queries on Juice Press? Please feel free to draw your comments below.

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How to Start Business Like Swiggy

The Swiggy Is Popular food delivery app in India. Swiggy specializes in Providing food delivery services from the local restaurant to the home of the customers. The Local Restaurant owner needs to just register their restaurant, submit all required documents and Pay Registration fees.Now there is must be a question in your mind like can you start a business like swiggy. The Answer is Yes, You can start Business like swiggy. The business model of Swiggy : The Swiggy generates major revenue from the commission it collects from restaurants for promotion and For generating sales for the restaurant and for delivering their food as a delivery partner. It Also charges a nominal delivery fee from customers on orders below 200 rupees for most cities. The Swiggy is using Both Offline and Online medium to Promote its business in India. Swiggy is highly active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. How to Start Business like Swiggy Conduct market research :To form a Business like swiggy first step you need to take is to conduct a market research to find out how a Food Delivery business works,  What are the equipment and Technical aspect that are required for this kind of business, What is The Investment For Food delivery Business, how many vehicle and type of vehicle You will require in this Business and what are the Legal Formalities etc. Draft A Business Plan : You have done Market research and have established clear Understanding of the industry and your Internal Capability and have decided to open a business like swiggy. Now its time to form a business plan which will serve as a medium to guide you towards progress and will also help in securing much need Funds and Finance for Your Business. You take help of experts to write a business planApply for Loan Or funds with Bank Or Financial InstitutionsWhen you have prepared the business plan, Now You must approach a bank or financial Institute to get a loan or funds For your business. You can also Approach a venture capitalist or private Investor to secure Loan. Get Business registration : Meanwhile, Your loan Is Under processing, you should also apply for Business registration . for that all you have to do is select a business entity such as Private Limited company, partnership, LLP and One Person Company, etc and Visit The government Portal to apply for business registration. You can also get Business registration With the help of Udyog Aadhar Registration and Shop Act License registration. Apply for Food Registration : If you are involved in any business that deals with Food Items and Products then You must apply for FSSAI Registration That Is granted by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. You can take the help of my online a to apply for FSSAI Registration Create a good Website and Mobile app : Swiggy is an online food delivery app, it means that it delivers its service using the internet. So To form a business-like swiggy You must have a good Website and Mobile app that is designed and works very effectively and efficiently. To make a website You can take help of a professional Web developer or a web designer.Make a strategy for Marketing and promotion of BusinessYou can market Your Business with the help of newspaper ads, tv ads, radio ads, and other Traditional Marketing Methods or you can market your services by using social media platforms, Digital marketing, and other Internet services. Hire People For Business : You require people that will look after customer service, Delivery boys for delivering foodAnd Administrative staff for the office. You can Hire staff By giving Ads In Newspaper, By posting job requirement in Job Portal or you can take help of Hr Consultant. Commence Business : When You Have Completed All The steps above It is now time to commence the business and Start Promotion of Your business using marketing campaigns. Conclusion : The Online ordering of food In India has Increased Very hugely in India. People are finding it more comfortable to order food online. Food Delivery business is growing consistently in India, which can present good opportunities for people who wish to Start a Business like swiggy in India. If you are considering opening a Food Delivery business, you must keep in Mind all The points that we have discussed above for successfully opening Your Food Delivery Business.


3 Variants of Thin Crust Pizzas

Pizzas are not a cuisine, they are an emotion! An emotion of diving into different toppings, crusts, layers of cheese, spices and much more by keeping all the strict diet goals aside. Doesn’t matter how many types of hunger pangs one may encounter, Pizzas are the perfect fit to wave them all amazingly. And no food item can be more customized as a Pizza can be! You can simply try out different toppings, veggies, cheese, crusts, layers, herbs as per your desire ad shuffle them all to invent something new every time. Crusts play such an important role while ordering pizzas, and why one should choose regular crusts again and again when Thin Crust Pizzas are there to mesmerize your taste buds? Try them today! What are Thin Crust Pizzas?  It would not be exaggerating to mention that if Pizzas are an emotion, thin-crust pizzas are not less than a blessing in disguise! They serve as a ray of hope for all those who love pizzas but avoid having them due to calorie issues. The Chicago thin crust pizza is known to be one of the most popular and delicious pizza variety we have today. Thin crust pizzas are prepared from the flattened dough and serve as a boon as the dough used in making them is comparatively less than thick pizzas and moreover, the number of toppings to be used varies as per the layer of the crust used. And traditionally no meat was used to make these pizzas, so it was an added advantage to prefer them. What are the different types of Thin Crust Pizzas? Thin crust Pizzas has received tremendous love in the United States of America and numerous varieties of the same have been made available across the globe. Check out some of the famous variants of thin-crust pizzas:-1. New Haven Style Pizza This thin-crust pizza from the United States includes tomato sauce, oregano, crust, and grated pecorino Romano cheese and hence is commonly called tomato pie or Apizza.2. Louis Style Pizza The dough of these pizzas is made without yeast and Provel cheese is used despite mozzarella cheese. This pizza type is popular in St. Louis region and hence has been named after that. The crust is thin like a cracker and is served in rectangular or square cuts.3. New York-style PizzaThis is yet another soft thin-crust pizza from the United States that contains thin widely sliced crust with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce as basic toppings. It is very pliable and hence is easy to fold. Best Thin Crust Pizzas :ExoticaJust like its name, its taste is very exotic too! This pizza offered exclusively by Pizza hut is packed with toppings like red capsicum, Jalapeno, black olives, baby corn, and green capsicums. It costs INR 415 for medium variant, thin crust charges are additional herein. You can also avail extra 20% discount on the min order value of RS.399 on this. This overwhelming thin crust pizza is a must-have as the variety, benefits, taste, and flavors it brings are absolutely fantastic and of supreme quality. You can double the joy with exotic garlic bread and soft drinks as sides.5 PepperPizzas are incomplete without Peppers and this spectacular Pizza offered by Dominos brings to you the combination of red bell peppers, Jalapeno, exotic herbs, yellow bell peppers, and red paprika. It is offered at price of INR 450 and can be easily coupled with Dominos offer of the day to get deals like Buy 1 Get 1 free on the same. Also, Pay via Mobikwik and get 30% cashback on your order. Having it with drinks and garlic bread would be a great choice.Chicken ItalianoAll the chicken fanatics out there get ready to feel the magic of this pizza that is filled with the uniqueness of Pizza hut and contains Chicken sausage, Chicken Pepperoni, black olives, capsicum and mushrooms as toppings. It will cost you INR 415 for the medium variant. You can get it at a commendable price after 50% off on Sundays.  Its thin crust pepped up with these mouth-watering tops makes this one of the most tempting pizza options for non-vegetarians. For an enhanced experience, you may combine the pizza with spicy supreme garlic bread, Pepsi and Tandoori Pocket Paneer.Veg ExtravaganzaGet ready to taste the tremendous Pizza by Dominos! You get to feel the magic of exotic black olives, golden corn, tomatoes, mushrooms, jalapeno, extra cheese, onions, and capsicums. Combining the pizza with cold drinks and brownie will work amazingly. You can order this appetizing Pizza for just RS.450 and along with it are eligible to avail 50% discount on ordering two pizzas.Paneer VegoramaWhen it’s Paneer, it has to be the best! This subtle combo of onions, Paneer, Capsicum, black olives and Red paprika by Pizza hut will compel you to order more and more. This treat can be made even more exciting when you combine the same with cheesy garlic bread strips and Spanish tomato pasta. You need to pay INR 395 for medium Pizza and can also get an amazing cashback of 30% on paying via Paytm. This Pizza is truly an unbeatable one and there are 100% chances that you will fall for it, so beware!Chicken Tikka PizzaJust imagine and feel the charm this Pizza is going to leave on you forever. Dominos offers this gregarious thin crust pizza for just RS.385 and the best part is you can get it for just RS.249 each on ordering two pizzas. The toppings include the aroma and magic of wonderful Chicken Tikka packed up with onion on Makhani sauce to make it even more yum.  Paneer rolls, garlic bread, and drinks will surely uplift your pizza experience here. Why are these better? There are ample reasons to bend a little more towards thin-crust pizzas as they offer much more than normal, pan or cheese crusted pizzas. These pizzas are unbeatable in terms of quality and offer more health value to the customers. They can be combined with almost every available topping, are crunchier to taste, lighter to consume and a lot more and these are the features that make them a love of numerous people in the world. Thin crust pizzas are a true delight to every pizza lover out there. It is the combination of health with taste and toppings with the power of crispiness. And there is no doubt in this that they are much better than other crusts offered today. Conclusion : Who doesn’t like Pizzas? Very few people will answer no to this question, very few! The level of excitement and flavor a single slice of pizza brings is inexpressible, just wonder how much excitement will be present in an entire pizza? Along with tempting tastes they bring too many calories too, that at times may lead to health issues. But don’t feel sad, as thin-crust pizzas are here to save you from this dilemma as they offer an amazing taste of a pizza with the goodness of health. So are you ready to shed some extra kilos along with enjoying delighting pizzas? Then switch to thin-crust pizzas today!Read More :5 Tricks To Get Kids To Eat Vegetables Best Whey Protein For Women 3 Most Effective SSugar-FreeProtein Shakes

Non-Alcoholic Bitters

5 Things To Consider When Shopping For Non-Alcoholic Bitters

Whether you’re a passionate mocktail mixer, an expert bartender, or just looking to add some flavor to your favorite dishes, non-alcoholic bitters are the perfect way to add a layer of complexity and depth. Not sure where to start? That’s ok.We’ve put together this comprehensive guide on five things you should consider when shopping for non-alcoholic bitters, including their unique health benefits.Here Are Five Prime Things To Consider When Shopping For Non-Alcoholic BittersRead on as we show you everything you need to know about buying the best non-alcoholic bitters around.1 - Don’t Mistake Alcoholic Bitters For Non-AlcoholicWe'll start with the most obvious point. It's essential to make sure you’re buying non-alcoholic bitters, like the ones that can be found at All The Bitter. Most bitters look alike when shopping at the grocery store, so sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between the two. Shopping online for non-alcoholic bitters is probably your best bet because these niche stores have exactly what you’re looking for.2 - Organic and Wild-Foraged IngredientsMake sure that the ingredients in your non-alcoholic bitters are organic and wild-foraged. This means that they haven’t been exposed to harsh chemicals or synthetic additives, so you can be confident that they are as natural as possible.This also ensures that your drink is free from artificial flavors and colors, which can take away from the authentic taste of a mocktail. Mom-and-pop stores do better with this versus big-name brands that can be found at your local grocery store. Let’s face it, handmade is always better than processed.3 - Beneficial Botanicals And Health BenefitsFinally, consider what beneficial botanicals and health benefits each non-alcoholic bitter has included in its recipe.Such as the following:gentian root (helps digestion)dandelion root (a natural diuretic)Burdock root (anti-inflammatory properties)milk thistle seed (liver detoxifier)holy basil (antioxidant effects)orange peel (to aid digestion)ginger root (anti-nausea effects)yellow dock root (rich in iron)INot only can these ingredients help support well-being, but they also bring an added depth of flavor and complexity to any mocktail – so choose wisely.4 - VeganIf you follow a vegan lifestyle, you will want to check if the non-alcoholic bitters have been made with vegan ingredients, as some may contain animal products such as honey or beeswax. Even if you’re not vegan, it’s always good to keep vegan-friendly bitters on hand for guests who may follow that lifestyle.5 - Gluten-FreeIf you follow a gluten-free diet, check if the bitters are gluten-free before adding them to your cart. While many brands use gluten in their recipes, there are some options available that don't contain gluten at all, so be sure to thoroughly check the label before making a purchase.Consider These Tips When Shopping For Non-Alcoholic BittersAs more people switch from alcoholic drinks to mocktails, there is an ever-growing demand for good quality non-alcoholic bitters. But not all products are created equal. So when shopping for them, make sure you keep these five things in mind.This way, you can guarantee yourself an enjoyable mocktail experience every time. With so many great options available, it shouldn't be too hard to find something perfect for you – happy sipping, and thanks for reading.Read Also:How To Quit Alcohol: Consider Non-Alcoholic DrinksTips to Follow When Ordering Alcohol OnlineDelta 8 Vs Delta 9: What’s The Difference?