7 Tips for Getting Rid of Clutter in Your Home


23 January 2019

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getting rid of clutter

Are you guilty of hanging on to items you don’t need anymore?

Is your home starting to look more like the dwellings of a pig than a person?

It can be easy to let clutter creep up on you. One minute all of your rooms seem spacious and empty, but the next you realize your entire floor is covered with items.

Getting rid of clutter is an important step in having peace of mind. This article will give you seven tips on eliminating clutter so you can start to think more clearly.

1. Begin With the Bedroom:


Your bedroom should be a sanctuary for you.

It should be the place you can go to relax and get away from the world. If your bedroom is full of junk, it’s not likely to be relaxing.

Start by putting all of your items in a pile. This will enable you to take inventory of what you have.

Get two giant trash bags, one for trash and one for donations. Put all the items you want to throw away in one bag and put the items you want to donate in the other.

Once you get rid of all the useless junk you don’t use anymore, you’ll be able to find places to store the items you really value.

Getting your bedroom tidied first will motivate you to fix the entire house.

2. Kill the Clutter in Your Kitchen:


Your kitchen is where you prepare your food, so you want to make sure it’s a clean environment.

Begin by throwing away any food that is expired. Look through your pantry and toss and spices or soups that may have been sitting there for decades.

Make room in your cabinets by throwing out extra Tupperware. Only keep the Tupperware that has a lid. Make sure every base has a matching lid.

Discard any old pots and pans that go unused.

Cleaning out your kitchen will ensure you don’t develop a pest problem. Rodents, roaches, and other insects won’t want to make a home in a clean kitchen.

3. Get the Family Involved:

Decluttering doesn’t have to be a one-man job.

Send in some recruits, aka your children and spouse, to help you.

Turn banishing clutter into a game for your kids. Set up trashcans like basketball hoops and see who can get the most useless items inside.

Give them incentives for donating old clothes and toys they don’t use anymore. Tell them they can’t have any new toys until they donate some.

Your children need to learn the art of letting go as much as you do. You can’t keep accumulating items into your home unless you take some out of it.

Otherwise, you might end up a hoarder and need serious hoarding help.

4. Put on Some Music:

home theater

Any task can be made easier with the right music.

Put on music that motivates you and watches as your body kicks into overdrive. Before you know it, your entire house will be clean.

Dance around as you clean to burn some extra calories and have a blast doing it.

5. Use the KonMarie Method:

Marie Kondo has become famous for her method of getting rid of clutter.

She says you must think carefully about each and every item in your home. Hold it up to your chest and ask yourself if it “sparks joy.”

If it does spark joy, you keep it. If it doesn’t make you feel happy, you should thank it for its time in your life and then discard it.

This method causes you to be more mindful of your belongings. It makes you think about what items you care about.

6. Don’t Get Overwhelmed:

The easiest way to give up on your de-cluttering journey is to try to do too much at once.

You can’t possibly tackle your entire house in one day and do a good job. Instead, focus on one room at a time.

Schedule in time to clean in your day so it doesn’t take away from other responsibilities.

If you schedule in 20 minutes a day for a week, you’ll notice big progress at the end of the week. You’re less likely to give up that way then if you tried to do several hours in one day.

Slow and steady wins the race and the clean house.

7. Keep it Clean:

If you don’t want to have to go through the stress of cleaning everything all over again, take steps to keep your home under control.

As soon as you’re done using an item, put it away in it’s designated storage place.

When you’re done eating, do the dishes. When your laundry is done, fold it. When the trash is full, take it out.

When you do these small chores every day, they won’t pile up on you. You must commit to the habit of tidying up after yourself. It will make you feel better and make your home look better for guests.

Start Getting Rid of Clutter Today:

The key to getting rid of clutter is commitment.

You have to want to eliminate clutter and set realistic goals to get there. Picture how great your house will look once you’ve cleaned out all the excess.

Close your eyes and envision how easy it will be to find something when everything has its own place. You’ll be able to save so much extra time in your day because you won’t be sifting through things for hours trying to find what you need.

Enjoy this article? Want to tell us some of your best tips for eliminating clutter? Please contact us here.

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Biophilic Home Design

Exploring Ideas For A Biophilic Home Design

Biophilic design has become a popular global interior design trend. Pinterest Business reported a 100% increase in searches for "biophilic design bedroom" between 2019 and 2021.  This design approach is rooted in biophilia, humans' innate affinity with the natural world.  Moreover, it has practical applications in design. Research indicates that it can positively affect productivity and well-being.  For instance, a study showed that people spent 11% more time in biophilic-inspired hotel lobbies.  Similarly, schools in Washington State saw a 5% increase in student test scores and a 15% reduction in absenteeism with a biophilic design approach. Let us explore what interior designers suggest for a biophilic home and ideas that you must explore! Understanding Biophilic Home Designs The modern world of technology has taken a new direction towards nature. Robotics, AI, and the Internet of Things (IOT) have caused urban architects to incorporate biophilic designs.  These designs involve greenery and natural elements. It helps to improve air quality, airflow, circadian rhythm, heart rate, and human health.  Biophilic designs stimulate visual connection and enhance the multi-sensory experience using indoor plants and natural patterns.  Stephen Kellert and Edward O. Wilson, who founded biophilic designs, have made nature feel more accessible at home. He incorporates plants, sunlight, natural materials, and fresh air. How To Make Your Home Biophilic? Given below are the different aspects that you can add to your home for a biophilic design— Add Plenty Of Greens Integrating plants into your interior design can create a natural and inviting ambiance. Adding greens helps enhance the aesthetic aspects of a biophilic home, ensuring a calming environment. Moreover, indoor plants help purify the air inside your home. However, this does not necessarily mean you must go overboard and transform your home into a tropical paradise.  You can opt for potted plants, hanging baskets, or even a simple vase with fresh-cut flowers. Match your live elements with the color scheme of your decor. Most home designing experts advise you to get more succulents for your home. These plants require less watering but look amazing in every setting. Alternatively, nature-inspired artwork, botanical prints, or murals can bring the outdoors in.  The idea is to create a synergy between the artificial environment and the natural world. This home design can positively impact your mood, health, and well-being.  Therefore, incorporating natural elements into your interior design can create a more harmonious and balanced living. This biophilic element can be functional and beautiful at the same time. Enable Natural Lighting Incorporating natural light into interior spaces has numerous benefits.  Biophilic design emphasizes the connection between humans and nature. Therefore, it prioritizes light and space to create a healthier, harmonizing, and more comfortable environment.  Biophilic home designs use different components of warmth and sunlight. Natural light can blend the boundaries between the interior and exterior of a space.  For instance, large windows and skylights can allow sunlight to stream in, making a space more open and inviting. Additionally, glass roofs and walls allow you to save electricity with natural lighting during the daytime.  If you can reduce your exposure to artificial lighting, you say goodbye to stress and fatigue. It helps invigorate the body and mind.  Therefore, we can design spaces incorporating biophilic principles to improve our well-being and strengthen our connection to nature. It creates spaces that promote well-being and encourage a greater appreciation for the natural world. Use Organic Decor Items Biophilic design is a concept that aims to connect people with nature by incorporating natural elements into the built environment.  To create a peaceful atmosphere and promote a sense of well-being in your home, incorporate natural materials like leather, wood, and stone for your decor items. This brings a natural touch to the textures, colors, and forms around your home.  Furthermore, using subdued and organic color schemes can also help to enhance the calming and stress-reducing properties of biophilic design. Handcraft your decor with jute ropes,  Therefore, you can create an affordable and easy-to-maintain space with these decor items. That is aesthetically pleasing and enhances your physical and mental health. Maintain The Patio Biophilia is an evolutionary concept that suggests humans have an innate affinity for nature. This idea is gaining traction in outdoor architecture and design as well. Biophilic design is a concept that aims to create a connection with nature and its resources. To achieve this in your outdoor space, you can incorporate some major additions like the following: Eco-friendly composite decking. Vertical gardens. Green screens in small spaces.  Native plants can help support wildlife and blur the boundaries between the territory and nature. Therefore, it is essential to consider factors such as sunlight exposure and irrigation when selecting plant species for your patio.  Furthermore, incorporating water elements like fountains or cascades can help create a tranquil atmosphere.  It is also important to choose outdoor furniture inspired by nature instead of plastic. Install fire pits made of natural materials like stone or metal. This can help create a comfortable and inviting outdoor biophilic space.  Let The Air Flow Achieving a biophilic home design involves paying attention to the air circulation within each room.  You can start by determining the direction of the wind around your home. Next, open your windows accordingly to facilitate the flow of fresh air.  Additionally, you can enhance the airflow in your home by ensuring that your rooms are spacious and free of clutter.  Consider using furniture that provides ample storage space to keep your rooms organized and uncluttered. This allows the air to circulate freely throughout your home.  By creating a well-ventilated and spacious environment, you can enhance the biophilic design of your home. Therefore, bring nature indoors and improve your overall well-being. Add Water Features Adding water features like cascades, fountains, or reflecting pools to your outdoor space can incorporate a biophilic design. It helps create a serene atmosphere.  The sound and sight of water can instantly transport you to nature and induce a feeling of tranquility and relaxation. You can go for a small pond or stream in your backyard if you have a generous budget. This addition can create a more natural and immersive experience.  However, a small water fountain in your garden, patio, or deck can do the trick if you prefer a simpler option.  It's a quick and easy way to add elegance and calmness to your outdoor space! Wrap It Up With A Fire Pit Adding a fire pit to your outdoor space can significantly impact its ambiance and appeal.  By creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, fire pits can make your outdoor area a more comfortable and enjoyable place to spend time.  Furthermore, fire is a natural element that can uniquely evoke feelings of tranquility and connection with nature.  Therefore, incorporating a fire pit into your outdoor design can help create a biophilic environment that promotes relaxation and well-being. Read Also: Enhancing Spaces With Greenery: The Art Of Plant Styling In Interior Design 6 Interior Design Tips to Make Your House a Home Top 5 Interior Designers from Singapore


Smart Fun Gardening: How to Take Care of a Money Tree

The beauty of gardening is to see your seedlings grow into healthy beautiful plants. Some of the plants we grow in our homes have natural meanings attached to them while others we grow them to remind us of something special. Money tree which is also known as Pachira aquatic is a tree grown to symbolize prosperity and good luck. The money tree can grow up to 60 feet tall when it naturally grows outdoor, but when we decide to domesticate it, we limit its growth to 6 or 7 feet tall. There natively grow in South, and Central American swamps and you can determine the age of the tree by its size. In many customs of the world, the tree is linked to prosperity and positivity. It creates a positive aura that allows for economic benefits to flow into the family. However, caring and doing regular maintenance can become difficult for normal human beings and families. This is why a good idea is to opt for growing trees with Tree Service Stockton. They are professionals who can take care of everything from planting to regular pruning and fertilizers. This will ensure that your money tree will always be healthy. [caption id="attachment_3550" align="aligncenter" width="627"] Image of money tree that symbolizes prosperity[/caption] How to grow a money plant can be easy, but how to take care of the five trunks braided tree can be a challenge. The braided trunk is a symbol of a lock that locks in your prosperity and good luck. Here are tips on how to take care of a money tree: Where to Grow A smaller pot is preferred for the growth of your money tree because it regulates the growth of your tree and also controls water and fertilizer. Big pots make it easy for you to overwater the plant. Your pot should have a proper drainage system and if you suspect that’s not the case then drill more holes at the bottom of your pot. DynaPOT 2 Gallon Garden Planting Aeration Fabric Container is a nice choice because it is eco-friendly and has a perfect drainage system. Also, place your tree in a place with indirect light because direct sunlight makes the leaves vulnerable to scorching. However, if you notice that the leaves are turning yellow or withering then expose them to more light because that is an indication of light deficiency. Fluorescent light can do the magic if you are growing the tree inside your house or at the office. Glossy and healthy leaves of Pachira aquatic Money tree grows well in moderate to high humid regions that why they mostly grow in South and Central America. When you domesticate the plant regulate the humidity at about 50% and above. Wet pebbles are a great way of maintaining humidity for your plant all you need to do is place the pot on a basin with wet pebbles. Also, you have to retain the room temperature around 16-25°C. When there is no enough humidity in the room the plant will respond by turning its leaves dry crispy. Read also:  Gardening Tips To Improve Outdoor Space 5 Essential Tips To Designing A Beautiful Front Yard Garden Fertilizer and Watering When it comes to domesticating the money tree, you get a challenge of water and fertilizer ratio and how often you should add them to the plant. This tree needs moist soil but not wet to grow well. So you will need to water it after 7-10 days or when you notice that the top 3-4 inches of the soil are dry. Then thoroughly water your plant until water comes from the drainage system, but you have to avoid watering up to the trunk because the stem may start to rot. However, you have to cut down on water during winter because the growth is slow at this time of the year. When you see the leaves of your plants turning yellow, and you have put them in the right lighting condition then it may be an indicator or overwatering your plant. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txHs21rkED0[/embed] How to grow and care for your money tree During spring and summer, you can add water-soluble fertilizer that is diluted by half after every two weeks. Whether you want to use an organic or inorganic fertilizer that’s a personal choice that does not have a significant impact on the plant. The Grow More 5010 All Purpose Fertilizer 20-20-20 is a multi-purpose fertilizer that contains all the micro and macronutrients your tree will need for healthy growth. Read also: Does Organic Gardening Improve Soil Quality? Pruning and Shaping Pruning is one of the easiest steps when it comes to taking care of your money plant. You can use a clean pair of scissors or prune shears to remove yellow or damaged leaves and also side branches that could disrupt the braiding process. The pruning process is usually done during spring and summer to allow the plant to produce new leaves.                               Image of a well braided Pachira aquatic Do the braiding (shaping) of the money tree while the plant is still young and flexible. In the wild nature takes its course and braids the tree at a particular stage. Continue braiding the tree as it grows and ties a knot at the end of the braid to secure it. Repotting As the tree grows the roots also grow, and that’s why it is recommended that you report your plant after every two years. However, when the tree has reached your desired size, you can just report in the same sized pot with fresh soil. Mix your soil with peat moss to help in retaining moisture and sand to help in drainage. Avoid moving the plant too much because it gets shocked and responds by losing leaves or leaves turning yellow. How to Propagate Propagation should be done during spring because the growth rate is at its peak during this season. Chose a stem that contains not less than two leaf nodes. Sanitize a pair of scissors or pruning shears and chop off the stem then place it in a hormone rooting powder. When you the stem is well-soaked place it in a well moist pot mix. Give it time because it takes several weeks to start rooting. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlZVZkKy6IY[/embed] How to propagate money tree It is easier to take care of your money tree if you know the favored conditions and how to troubleshoot any problems. The Pachira aquatic gives out various signs if they are not satisfied with the conditions that you place them. The soil that you plant your tree in is critical because it needs to have the ability to retain moisture throughout. Like most plants, the money plant is prone to aphids, mealybugs, and scale insects which will affect their growth. How to get rid of mealybugs can be a bit hectic if they infest your garden but you can use systemic insect control to treat your plant in case you notice the infestation.