LPG Safety Tips and Precautions for your Home

LPG is the need of every household as it is used as the primary fuel for cooking. Some people also use LPG for heating purposes. It is a highly flammable gas, due to which it is essential for users to use it with caution. Households and food businesses need to take extreme care while using LPG for cooking and heating.

There are many things you can do to use LPG safely in your home. This post shares some best tips and precautions to use LPG in your home.

Buy from an authorized distributor:

Many people buy gas equipment from retail stores, but it is better to buy from an authorized distributor. The gas equipment available at the authorized franchisee is authorized by the gas company and compatible with the LPG cylinder of that company.

So, when you buy the gas equipment from an authorized distributor of the company, the chances of malfunctioning are very less.

Transporting gas cylinders:

Many accidents happen during the transportation of gas cylinders. The most common reason for these accidents is the improper handling of cylinders. Many delivery boys place the cylinder on the ground with a jerk and roll the cylinder on the ground while carrying it from their vehicle to home.

This causes the collision of gas molecules inside the cylinder that produced heat and can be dangerous. Therefore, LPG cylinders need to be handled very carefully.

Always check the seal and gasket:

Sometimes the seal or gasket of the cylinder is damaged that causes the gas to leak. Always check the company seal and gasket while taking the delivery of the cylinder. Ask the delivery boy to open the seal in front of you, and then you can put some water in the valve.

If you see bubbles rising from the water, it means the gasket is worn that is causing leakage. In such a case, ask the delivery boy to replace the cylinder immediately.

Inspect regularly:

Inspect regularly

As LPG can leak from every tiny hole or cracks in the gas equipment or accessories, it is essential to check it regularly. Check your gas equipment every week to ensure there are no cuts or cracks in any part of the equipment, including accessories.

In case of any problem with the gas stove, call a professional for its repair. If the accessories like a gas hose or regulator are malfunctioning, replace them immediately to prevent leakage. Also, don’t use the gas until the problem is fixed by a gas engineer.

Check the expiry date of the cylinder:

All gas cylinders are required to be retested and replaced every ten years. The expiry date is usually stamped or written on the neck of the cylinder. If the stamped expiry date is passed, the cylinder cannot be refilled. If you get a cylinder with an expiry date passed, you should immediately return and get it replaced as it can be dangerous.

Ventilation is important:

LPG users should always place the gas equipment in a ventilated area. It means your kitchen should be well ventilated to expel the gas out in case of a leakage. If your kitchen is not well ventilated, you can install an exhaust fan in your ventilator or window to expel the smoke. It also expels out any gas leaked from your gas equipment.

Place the spare cylinder carefully:

Many people have a spare cylinder in their house, and they place it at a place other than the kitchen. Some homeowners place the spare cylinder in the storeroom, while others place it in any room. However, a cylinder should only be placed in the kitchen or an open area such as a patio.

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Final Words:

These are some gas safety tips for households. Using reliable gas equipment and getting supplies from an authorized distributor can enhance the safety of your house. Following the tips in this post can help homeowners to use the LPG safely and conveniently.

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