The Need for Equity Release Consultants to Understand the Details


08 December 2018


Equity Release

Equity release allows you to borrow money now that you don’t need to pay back any time soon. When you die, it is the time when the equity release provider will take the money back. They will sell the property and deduct the loan from the property value when sold.

You don’t need to opt for regular loans when there is an option that lets you borrow money without the need to pay immediately. The only downside is you could end up losing the entire value of the property depending on the amount you borrow, the rate of interest, and your time of death.

It might look simple on the surface, but if you dive into the details, you will realise that things can be quite complicated. Therefore, you need help from equity release experts to explain to you all the issues that you don’t quite understand.

They have years of experience:

These consultants have been around for several years and worked with people who also wanted to get equity release. They have connections with various equity release companies, so they understand the terms and conditions they set. You can count on them to tell you what you need to know regarding equity release, including updates if there are changes in the policies. Even the legal terms that you find confusing will also be understandable after their explanation.

They can simplify things for you:

It is quite tricky understanding all the various concepts when they are all unfamiliar to you. It is even more complicated at your age since you are no longer as sharp as you used to be. With the help of these experts, they can simplify the concepts for you. They will show you some numbers, but they will also explain to you what they mean. After talking to them, you will feel enlightened regarding equity release and might even decide to go ahead with it.

They can explain to your children too:

Even if you already understand the equity release schemes, your children might worry that it is not the best choice for you. They might think that you are not getting a good deal out of equity release. You can let them speak with the consultants too, so they will know the details and not worry about what will happen next. After you die, your children will be the ones to deal with the equity release company. You want them to understand the details so that they know what to do, and they can stick with the terms agreed.

Apart from paying the equity release advisers, you have nothing else to pay at the time when you get equity release. The payment will come later once the property is up for sale. Some companies might even penalise you if you decide to repay before they sell the property.

As long as you stick with quality consultants who know the details of equity release, it will be fine. Find someone you can trust and who has a good reputation in the industry.

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First Country to Allow Trading BTC

Canada Is the First Country to Allow Trading BTC on Its Stock Exchanges

Bitcoin has officially been introduced at the traditional stock exchange. The first country to make this significant move was Canada. Before that, the only way to buy and sell BTC was by using a digital currency stock exchange, which is still the most popular way to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.The Great White North officials authorized a Bitcoin fund that was immediately introduced to the stock market. This event will pave the way for many investors to access the popular cryptocurrency and try to make a profit with its help.The Bitcoin index fund was proposed by a company called Purpose Investments.The Toronto Stock Exchange approved the start of the fund on February 18. As announced by the spokesperson from the Ontario Securities Commission, the fund uses the acronym BTCC.The role of the fund’s administrator belongs to a Canadian company called CIBC Mellon Global Securities Company. The sub-custodian is the Gemini Trust Company. There are no similar traded Bitcoin funds anywhere in the world. It means that Canadian stock traders could start a trend where many other stock exchanges will introduce a cryptocurrency-backed fund.Purpose Investments issued an official press release declaring that the fund was the first in the world to be physically settled in BTC and not derivatives. It means investors will access cryptocurrencies conveniently without self-custody risks and all associated dangers that digital cryptocurrency wallets bring.The main risk brought by digital wallets is the usage of keys. A private key is the only thing that allows you access to your cryptocurrencies. This key is like a password, but it’s irretrievable, meaning your Bitcoin storage will be lost forever if you forget the key.For instance, if you lose your Facebook password, you can always send a request to change it. The platform, being a centralized entity, will grant you that request. Unfortunately, that option isn’t available when it comes to digital wallets, meaning a lost key is gone forever.Many people don’t feel confident about this arrangement and believe handling your own keys brings a certain risk. That is why an exchange-traded fund seems like a better option at the moment.In other words, being in charge of your own fortune requires having a high level of responsibility and keeping your private keys safe and secure. Bitcoin Reaches New Heights:When Bitcoin was introduced to the world in 2009, it was worth almost nothing. You could buy hundreds of Bitcoins for a couple of dollars. The first time that the cryptocurrency peaked was in December 2017, when the price reached almost $20K. After that, the price started going down, with many pessimists predicting the ultimate fall of BTC.However, there was no reason to worry. After a somewhat quiet period in 2018, when the BTC rate reached as low as $3,500, a slight bump happened when the price increased to more than $10k in 2019.Then, the Covid-19 pandemic started, and people started looking for a way to store their wealth. At that moment, Bitcoin turned out to be one of the most lucrative solutions.Therefore, they joined a stock exchange cryptocurrency and started massively buying BTC. The price first reached around $30K, and it is currently being traded at about $45K. This was a reason good enough for many people to consider buying “digital gold.”Another reason why this cryptocurrency increased in value was the fact that big companies started investing in it heavily. For example, Tesla invested approximately $1.5 billion in bitcoin, and many smaller investors followed its steps. What About Other Cryptocurrencies? So far, Bitcoin has been the most popular cryptocurrency, traveling the longest distance on the road to widespread adoption.However, it’s definitely not the only crypto out there, as many other altcoins are pretenders to BTC’s trone. Some of them might even get a similar treatment by traditional stock exchanges. The most likely candidate for that is Ethereum, a cryptocurrency supporting the Ethereum platform.Besides Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash is doing a pretty good job, as well as Tether, Binance Coin, Ripple, Litecoin, and more. Final Thoughts: The introduction of Bitcoin to the traditional stock exchange gives Canadian investors more room to access the cryptocurrency.They’ll be the first ones to test how that works and whether one can make a profit by investing in the Bitcoin ETF. If all goes well, we could expect other exchanges to do the same.All eyes are now on the Wall Street exchange, which is expected to copy the homework from the Canadian stock exchange. Will there be additional Bitcoin funds used by investors to trade on stock exchanges around the globe? At this moment, everything seems possible. Read Also:Exciting Facts About Cryptocurrency And Crypto Wallets How to Buy Bitcoin From Norway HybridBlock: Why Binance Is Investing In Crypto-Fiat Trading Everything You Must Know About Bitcoin Circuit: Legal or Scam

Investing in Precious Metals

Investing in Precious Metals

Add precious metals to your investment portfolio for diversification and security, but make sure to select wisely as each type of metal and investment vehicle has its own set of benefits, risks, and drawbacks. Protection From Economic UncertaintyGold and silver have long been seen as symbols of wealth and currency, providing safe investments during times of economic instability.Furthermore, these precious metals have numerous industrial uses including jewelry production and electronics manufacturing that keeps demand for them at an all-time high. This demand ensures their prices will always remain elevated.Gold and silver investments are also an excellent way to diversify your portfolio, according to many financial advisors. Diversifying includes stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds as an overall approach, but adding gold or silver may further lower risk by spreading out your investments across many asset classes.There are various methods of investing in these types of assets, from purchasing physical bullion (gold, silver and platinum coins and bars) to investing in mining companies that produce these products. You can click here to learn more about investing in mining companies.Both options provide tangible investments but some may incur higher storage and insurance costs. Furthermore, physical bullion is subject to higher capital gains tax rates when sold compared with other investments.Alternative purchasing options exist through rare earth elements royalty and streaming companies. These firms own the right to receive set quantities of these assets over time for a fee, offering diversification without incurring additional risks in owning physical bullion.An alternative approach to precious metal investment is investing through your 401(k) or another retirement account, providing diversification with tax-deferred savings benefits.However, before making any decisions related to your retirement plan it is advisable to seek guidance from an independent advisor. Others choose to partner with a well-known company like Goldco for their investments. It is important to do research on any company or advisor you are considering working with. DiversificationDiversifying your portfolio is one of the main tenets of investing, as this helps reduce risk when stock markets crash or unexpected market events take place. One way of diversifying is adding precious metals as their price usually follows different market trends from stocks and bonds. You can click the link: for more information.Investors can purchase physical rare earth elements such as gold, silver and palladium or invest in investment products derived from these assets - including mining stocks, streaming companies or royalty companies that generate revenue through sales of rare earth elements, ETFs and mutual funds that specialize in these types of investments, and futures contracts.All these options provide investors with the diversification benefits they seek, yet each presents unique risks and opportunities. Gold bullion, for instance, is one of the direct forms of investments, but requires significant storage space to hold. Furthermore, its initial costs may make entry more challenging.Precious metals-based investment products offer lower barriers to entry, but can still carry risks, including those related to mining companies' share prices falling due to cost overruns, mismanagement or financial issues.Gold and silver tend to increase in value during periods of economic unease as they serve as safe havens. Furthermore, their widespread applications such as jewellery making, electronics production and batteries make them likely safe bets as the world continues its advancement and progresses further.Investors can also use precious metals as a hedge against inflation and to preserve their purchasing power over time. As interest rates and printing of money by the Federal Reserve increase and cause the dollar's value to decline, the price of commodities such as gold and silver are impacted. Exchange Rates  Precious metals provide an alternative form of money that's resistant to inflation and economic uncertainty.Due to their intrinsic value and the "safe haven" reputation they enjoy as investments, physical bullion may make for an excellent addition to any portfolio - though investors should carefully consider their financial situation, strategy, and long-term goals before making decisions regarding these types of investments.Precious metals have become an increasingly popular investment choice among investors looking to protect their wealth against economic instability and inflation. Precious metals provide investors with an effective, stable way of diversifying their wealth as they are less volatile than stocks or other investments which may experience sudden drops. Furthermore, precious metals provide tangible assets which can easily be converted to cash.Investing in precious metals is an excellent way to safeguard against inflation and other economic risks; however, it is wise to conduct thorough market research before making decisions and consulting an expert about which options are suitable for your particular situation. Security Even though precious metals can be bought through traditional brokerage accounts, most investors prefer investing directly in physical precious metals by purchasing and storing physical precious metals themselves.While this method may be more costly than trading stocks or bond ETFs or mutual funds, having physical precious metals in your hands provides instantaneous access when economic uncertainty strikes - an invaluable asset during times of economic uncertainty.Physical precious metal investments offer another distinct advantage: They're private assets. You are the only one who knows exactly the details of your portfolio, which makes it more secure than many modern investments. This feature is especially advantageous for families that wish to shield their wealth from outside financial consultants or government agencies.Each metal has different economic sensitivities, technical properties and uses. Gold is often used for ornamental purposes in jewelry design while silver has multiple industrial applications including electrical appliances, medical applications and batteries.Meanwhile, palladium shares many of the characteristics found in platinum but has even greater industrial uses as it's used in automotive catalytic converters, ceramic capacitors in chargeable electronics systems, groundwater treatment processes and manufacturing processes.Though investing in precious metals may provide many advantages, it is also crucial to be aware of any associated risks. Diversifying your portfolio and finding a dependable broker or dealer is crucial when purchasing and selling precious metals. Read Also:Is Investment Bankers/Brokers/Service A Good Career Path In 2021? 5 Reasons Why Bitcoins Are Considered Reliable Investments 5 New Assets To Diversify Your Investments In 2021 

Free Currency APIs

10 Reliable Free Currency APIs For Your Business

In today's globalized economy, businesses are constantly engaged in international transactions and dealing with multiple currencies.Accessing accurate and up-to-date currency exchange rates is crucial for seamless financial operations, informed decision-making, and ensuring the accuracy of financial records. This is where currency APIs come into play.Currency converter API (aka. exchange rate API) enable businesses to retrieve real-time exchange rates and perform currency conversions effortlessly. They provide a direct and reliable channel for accessing currency data. Hence, eliminating the need for manual data collection and ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of information.Why is reliable currency data crucial for businesses? Accurate currency information is vital for various financial activities, including e-commerce, international trade, travel and hospitality, investment analysis, accounting, and risk management. It enables businesses to calculate product prices, manage inventory costs, track revenue and expenses, and evaluate profitability across different markets.However, with numerous currency APIs available, it becomes essential to identify reliable data sources that suit your business requirements. To help you navigate the options, we have curated a list of 10 trustworthy and free currency APIs that offer reliable and accurate exchange rate data. Let's learn about them.What Is A Currency Converter API?A Currency API Convertor allows applications to retrieve real-time or historical currency exchange rates, perform currency conversions, and access other currency-related data. It acts as a bridge between different software systems, enabling seamless integration and communication. Let’s read about some of the most popular currency APIs available today.What Are the Ten Best Currency APIs Available In the Market Today?Here are the ten most reliable currency APIs.Fixer.ioSource: API is a popular currency API that provides real-time and historical exchange rates for over 170 currencies. This API comes with 6+ years of experience and rock-solid data sources, making it a reliable API. As a result, thousands of developers trust this API worldwide.It offers reliable data retrieval through a RESTful API and supports multiple integration options. Fixer API offers free and paid plans, with pricing details available on their website, catering to businesses of all sizes.CurrencylayerSource: API is a popular choice for businesses seeking reliable currency data. With access to real-time exchange rates for 168 currencies, it offers features like historical rates, time-series data, and conversion capabilities. You can try these API endpoints available on their website.While it offers a free plan with limited features, its premium plans provide more comprehensive options tailored to specific business needs. Pricing starts from $14.99 and goes up to $99.99. There is also a custom plan for users.Exchange Rates APISource: Rates API is a reliable currency API that provides access to real-time and historical exchange rates for over 200 currencies. Moreover, the API gives 250 free requests monthly. It is a simple, quick, and reliable API with pricing starting from $9.99. This API uses over 15 exchange rate sources to bring accurate data for the users.Open Exchange RatesSource: Exchange Rates is a popular currency API provider offering accurate and up-to-date exchange rates for over 200 digital currencies. With various integration options, it enables seamless data retrieval and currency conversion.Businesses like Shopify and Etsy also benefit largely from the Open Exchange Rates API. The pricing starts from $12 per month. You can also choose the unlimited plan that costs $97 per month.XEXE API is a widely trusted currency API that offers real-time exchange rates and historical data for over 210 currencies. Its easy integration allows businesses to access reliable currency data for accurate conversions and financial operations. Pricing for XE API can be found on their website, accommodating different business needs. However, this API is more expensive than other available options. Businesses like Vistaprint and Shopify also trust this API.Currency APICurrency API offers a robust set of features supporting 170+ currencies globally. The API gives updated results after 60 seconds. This simple and reliable API comes with 300 free credits per month. The prices range between $9.99 and $74.99 per month. You can also get a custom plan.IBANIBAN's Forex Reference Suite is a leading currency conversion API in 2023. It sources its data from reputable central banks as well as trusted providers, ensuring the reliability of the information.This API consistently refreshes the currency rates every 10 minutes, offering timely and accurate updates. Access to over 154 currencies enables users to obtain the latest conversions accurately reflecting dynamic market fluctuations.OANDAThe OANDA currency converter API allows users to access a comprehensive collection of past data spanning over three decades, encompassing over 200 different commodities, currencies, as well as invaluable metals.This API caters to various professionals, including accountants, auditors, hedge fund managers, and also treasurers. Its primary objective is to deliver precise exchange rates that meet strict financial compliance standards.Currency Converter APICatering to developers of all proficiency levels, this API provides a currency API with three options: a free version, a prepaid service, and a premium solution. The unpaid version, as well as the prepaid service, cater to companies with lower request volumes. In contrast, the payable service is geared towards individuals seeking a robust and ready-to-use currency API for production APIWhen you are searching for an API that is free and has a small resource footprint, it provides real-time and past exchange rates for foreign currencies and cryptocurrencies. The API guarantees an uptime of 99.99% and includes historical data spanning two decades.ConclusionAccess to reliable free currency APIs is a game-changer for businesses operating in a global economy. These APIs provide accurate and up-to-date currency exchange rates. Hence, allowing businesses to streamline financial processes, make informed decisions, and ensure the accuracy of their international transactions.The ten reliable free currency APIs mentioned in this blog offer a range of features and data that cater to different business needs. By leveraging these APIs, businesses can reduce errors, save time and resources, enhance customer satisfaction, and gain a competitive edge in the global marketplace.So, take advantage of these powerful tools and unlock the potential of seamless currency data integration for your business's success.FAQsIs There a Free Currency API?Several free currency APIs, such as Fixer, Open Exchange Rates, ExchangeRate-API, and CurrencyLayer, are available.What Is the Free Web Service for Currency Conversion?A popular free web service for currency conversion is, offering accurate and up-to-date exchange rates.What Is the API for Currency Conversion Rates?The API for currency conversion rates provides real-time or historical exchange rates for seamless currency conversions.Read Also:Why Entrepreneurs Should Pay Attention To Cryptocurrencies In 2021Crypto Staking: Locking Up Crypto Holdings To Earn InterestCan I Convert My 401k To A Gold IRA?