Why Online Gaming Companies Need Dedicated Server


10 August 2019


Dedicated Server

The term dedicated server gets chucked around a lot nowadays. It can be used to describe both physical hardware and it can also describe a non-tangible software.

In this article, we talk about the main differences in these and then focus on the more important points of physical dedicated servers.

What Do People Mean When They Say Dedicated Server?

If you are talking about hardware in the hosting world then you are referring to a dedicated machine that typically lives in a data-center. Usually, this is a high powered rackmount power-hungry beast with multiple processors, storage devices and enough RAM to shake a stick at.

The alternative to this (and so not a “dedicated” server) would be a VPS. A “virtual private server” is a smaller server that runs inside a dedicated server and shares its resources with other VPS on the same machine. The benefit of a VPS is that you can get access to computing resources without having to own/rent a whole physical server.

If you are talking about a non-physical dedicated server then you are probably talking about a set of files that are run to create a persistent online gaming environment. The “dedicated” part for this comes from the fact that it is kept running all the time in order for the game logic to carry on without human intervention.

The Disadvantages of a Dedicated Server:

So all the power of a dedicated machine sounds like a dream come true for gaming companies, but with great power comes great responsibility.

If you buy and own your dedicated servers then you will be responsible for “co-locating” them. This is the term used to describe where you keep them, so choosing a suitable data-center and then ensuring that it is a safe and reliable physical environment to keep it in.

Now you have a co-located dedicated server (bought or rented) you need to ensure that it is protected from outside dangers. Every IP address in the world is routinely checked for back door entries by hackers. It’s the digital equivalent of going around your neighborhood at night and checking to see if any windows or doors are left open. Hackers love an easy entry and this process is easy to automate.

Once you are then finished with the machine, it can be a bit of a hassle getting rid of it, it can require multiple transportations in order to sell it.

The reduction in value is also another nail in the coffin for buying a dedicated server rather than renting too. Then comes maintenance, if you need to fix an owned dedicated server that is in a data-center halfway around the world you may have to pay a fee for on-site staff to do the work. Downtime for an owned machine is the responsibility of the owner and can cause a mass of problems which if renting could be sorted by shifting to another rented machine.

Why a Gaming Company Would Need a Dedicated Server:

As a gaming company, you would need a dedicated server (well you would probably need a lot for most titles released in this day of age) to handle the mass of data required for managing your players. Even if your game is not multiplayer you may still release regular updates that require syncing up with players and distributing the newly released code for your game.

If your game releases are multiplayer then your computing demand will probably be huge. If you decided to host all of the game servers in a house like game publisher Electronic Arts do (in order to control who gets hold of the server source code) then you will need to scale with the number of players.

Scaling is possible with services such as Amazon Web Services that stretch with your increased demand. You pay on a usage basis, so the more/less you use the more/less you pay. This is massively useful for gaming companies who can release titles that are the most played for a few months and then replaced within a few weeks by something better.

Keeping your gaming company’s website on a dedicated server may be a bit overkill unless you expect massive traffic. With many publishers selling their game catalog through platforms like Steam (online game buying platforms that feature games like Ark: Survival Evolved and Unturned) it has really taken the pressure off their in house systems and reduced costs in that respect for e-commerce and community features.

Dedicated servers are also important in the development of 3D assets as a large amount of computing power needed can be shared across networks. It was said that the biggest let down for the 3D special effects on the award-winning film Titanic was the lack of computing power to make realistic looking waves.

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com.android.phone has stopped

How To Fix Com.Android.Phone Has Stopped Error In Your Phone?

We all have a mobile phone, and it almost runs smoothly until and unless there some glitches or issues happen. And com.android.phone has stopped is one of them. Are you also facing these issues? Are you looking for ways to fix it?Here, in this article, I will guide you with some easy and simple steps that you can try at home really quickly for fixing this issue. Generally, at the time of receiving a call, this com.android.phone has stopped issue occurs and shows an error message “unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped.” Fix Com.Android.Phone Has Stopped Error In Your PhoneHere, I will tell you the easy steps to fix the com.android.phone has stopped the issue. You can try all these techniques on any android phone, including Samsung, Xiaomi, and many more. So, let’s get started with the fixes.  1. Reboot Your PhoneWhen you are sending a text message or making calls, or opening any app, this com.android.phone has stopped eros happens. In case you are facing this issue for the first time, you can try restarting your device.After you have done rebooting your phone, check whether the eros is still there or not. In case the error still persists, do not worry; I have some more options to fix this error. So, let’s look into other available options.  2. Clear App Data And Cache Clearing your cache and data for the phone app can help you in fixing the com.android.phone has stopped error. Follow the steps to perform this solution.To open the apps list, click on the Menu option. Select the Settings icon from the list. Go to the Devices section. Search and tap on Apps, or App Manager, or Application Manager.  Now select the app for which you want to clear data from the App window. Once the Storage section opens, tap on the option names Clear Data. Tap on the Clear Cache button under the Cache section. Reboot your phone.Check if the issue is solved or not. If the issue is still there, go on to the next option. 3. Clear Data And Cache Of The SIM Toolkit If you are facing com.android.phone has stopped error, you can try to fix the issue by clearing the cache and data of the SIM toolkit. Follow the below-mentioned steps to do this.Go to the Settings menu. Select Apps. Tap on SIM Toolkit. Tap on Clear Data and also on Clear Cache. Reboot your phone.Now check if the issue is fixed or not. In case you are still facing the issues, try the next option. 4. Stop Automatic UpdatesSome users also state that stopping the automatic date option has solved the com.android.phone has stopped error. In order to do that, follow the below-mentioned steps.Tap on Play Store. Now tap on the Menu icon. Tap on the Settings option. Now tap on Auto-update apps. Choose the option of Do not auto-update apps. Reboot your phone.Once your phone turns on, check whether the issue is still there or not. If the error continues to show, try the following option to fix it. 5. Wipe The Cache Partition Wiping the cache partition also has helped many users to fix com.android.phone has stopped error. Sometimes, if caches get corrupted, but the system keeps using them continuously, some issues like this happen. As you can not delete the cache one by one, you need to delete the entire directory in order to solve this issue. And for doing that, you need to follow the steps that I have mentioned here.Power off your phone. Now, press and hold the Home and Volume Up keys. Now press and hold the Power key. Now release the Power key but keep holding the Home and Volume Up keys.  Now release both the buttons and wait for around 30 seconds to 60 seconds until the Android logo shows. Using the Volume Down key select the option Wipe cache partition.  Now press the power key for selecting the option. Now using the Volume Down key go to the Yes option and again press the power button to select it. Now, wait till the time wiping your cache partition finishes. After it completes, no go to the Reboot system now, and for selecting it, press the power button. It will take longer to reboot your phone.Once your phone reboots, check if the problem is fixed or not. If the issue is still there, here is another option for you to try.  6. A Factory ResetIf you have tried all the fixing options that I have mentioned till now and still you are facing com.android.phone has stopped error, there is one last option for you. You can factory reset your phone to fix this error. In case you do not know the process of factory reset your phone, follow the steps below.First, you need to power off your android phone. Now press and hold the Home key, Volume Down button, and Power button at the same time. Your phone will boot into recovery mode. Now use the Volume Up and Volume Down button to scroll through the entire menu. Go to the option, Wipe Data or Factory Reset. To select it, press the Power button. For confirming the reset, go to the option Yes and select it.  Once the reset process is complete, and the same recovery mode menu screen will open. Select the Reboot system now option.I believe this will fix the com.android.phone has stopped error.  Final Tips If you are facing com.android.phone has stopped error in your phone, try all the fixing options that I have mentioned here in this article. Any one of these 6 options will surely fix the issue you are facing, and your phone will be back again into proper functioning. Make sure you are backing up all the necessary data before starting with all these steps.   FAQ( Frequently Asked Questions)  How do you can cast from Firefox to Chrome cast?  If you want to enable the casting you can connect to the Wifi on the Chromecast. You can connect to the cast Icon of the video. Choose the device to cast too. How do you can cast Firefox on your TV?  All you need to do is to send the Cast to play button on the device Icon to play the playback controls on the URL. Where is the Cast button on Firefox?    There are certain steps you have to follow for playing the video to view the control buttons.First, you need to start the videos and you need to view the cast or the control button. Click on the top of the screen tap on the cast button. From the menu option select the fire TV device. The video will start playing on the Fire TV.  More Resources:-Best iPhone Spy Apps Without Jailbreaking. 8 Incredible Tricks That You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Can Perform. How To Use Chromecast From Firefox – Step By Step Guide In 2021

sites like humble Bundle

Top 7 Sites Like Humble Bundle in 2021 [Full Review]

If you are a sassy gaming person, you already know just how costly it is to create a library of your favorite games. Games are something that takes you out from the real world to the virtual world where you can control everything. Thanks to sites like humble Bundle, games have become cheaper.No matter which games you are looking for, there is always a chance that you find a good deal on a humble bundle. Humble Bundle is one of the best websites to get tempting deals on new games.Recently, humble bumble has added the Nintendo switch to its catalog, further extending the library database. As a customer, you can even offer your price to buy the games on the Humble Bundle.Humble Bundle was not popular during its early years. It has just recently caught the public eye when it has started getting support from charities. Sites Like Humble Bundle in 2021Humble Bundle has become a one-stop shop for every gamer to buy video games. However, what will happen if the humble Bundle ceases to exist? Are there any humble bundle alternatives in the market? Sure there. This is the main motive to write this article. Here we have enumerated some of the best humble bundle alternatives. 1. Fanatical Fanatical is one of the UK-based game-selling retailers. The website comes with easy-to-use interphase, and top seller and most downloads categorize all the games. There are subcategories under the main menu categories with the latest releases, sales, and discounted games. You can even navigate the titles based on the operating system.Fanatical is not only famous for gaming deals, but it is also popular for offering low-cost software, ebooks, and programming courses. With more than 6000 games to choose from and more than 1000 publishers, fanatical can be considered Humble Bundle sites. 2. Epic Bundle The epic Bundle can be considered one of the sites like Humble Bundle. It offers interesting deals on software applications, programs, ebooks, and games. The highlight of this website is that it has offered every day. So if you want to get the best offer on your favorite games, you might as well start checking this website daily.The epic Bundle works on the same principle of the fanatical. It takes game info from the published games and offers its audiences at a lower price.  3. Indie Gala Indie Gala is a site like Humble Bundle. We like the most about this website because it is easy to navigate, and you can decide how much to give to charities and developers. The sole purpose of this website is to support small developers and indie studios.Generally, the prices of the games are lower than the original price. However, if you are buying six or more games at the same time, you can get a discount of 95%. It also holds events for giveaways.There are always some offers or another daily. So, you might visit websites daily to have a look at the discount. And if you are lucky enough, you can even get some games for free. 4. Groupees Groupees have similar features as the humble Bundle. This website is supported by charities and collects donations to support the developers of the games. It has a huge collection of ebooks, programs, software applications, and games. Groupees can be considered a humble bundle alternative.The games are available at a huge discounted price on this platform. You will even be able to see some of the count-down timers for the limited discounts. If you can grab this offer, you will surely be profitable. The best part of the Groupees is that they have their community to talk with people with the same interest as yours. 5. Green Man Gaming When searching for the alternatives for Humble Bundle, Green Man Gaming is just way ahead of its time. You can even say that it is more advanced than the Humble Bundle. The website looks appealing to the visitor to how the games are categorized. It makes it easy for users to navigate and locate their favorite games. However, this site has features that stand out. Instead of offering bundle gaming offers, it offers individual games at a reasonable price.This website has a gaming community where you can discuss the games with other people. You can write and share your thoughts on a particular game or even read reviews about a game you plan to buy. 6. Good Old Games (GOG) Good Old Games is not like the usual site that can be considered an alternative for the humble Bundle. Instead of selling activation keys of the games of other platforms, it has its products. All the products are in the DLC-free downloadable option.There are a variety of games that you can select from. If you have no games in your mind, then you can select from the top list. Apart from the games, GOG also sells other media related to gaming.  7. GamersGate If you are looking for sites like humble Bundle then you can surely not miss GamerGate. It can be the best humble bundle alternative out of all the websites on the list. This website mostly focuses on individual games rather than bundle games. The Best part of this website is that it has a huge collection ranging from old games to the latest releases.With more than 6000 games in its gaming library, it offers some of the best discounts. Some of the discounts can even go as high as 90%.GamersGate is a client-free platform, which means you do not have to download any third-party software application to access this website. Conclusion We hope that we were able to provide you with some of the best humble bundle alternatives. These alternatives offer the same deals that you could have hoped from the Humble Bundle. Charities support these sites; hence, you will find an option to donate to the developers for their hard work.We all know that gaming is the best way to kill boredom but do not get carried away with gaming. Make sure that your normal life is not hampered unless you are a professional gamer. 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Oracle & The Cloud: A Dream Team

What is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing provides on-demand availability of data storage, computing power, and other system resources that are not located on the user’s computer. There are many benefits to offloading these previously local resources and tasks. Customers of cloud computing move the responsibility for managing applications, storage, and computing power offsite to providers like Oracle, Microsoft, and Amazon.The cloud offers organizations and companies of any size, access to powerful data centers without the overhead. Customers now have cost-efficient ways to access the latest technology, application software, and unlimited storage without a dedicated data center or large IT department. Click here to find an Oracle consultant. Types of Cloud Computing:Based on the organizations business requirements, companies can choose from three broad types of cloud services: public, private, and hybrid. The difference between them is primarily the amount of management time required by the customer and the level of security provided. Public Cloud: Public clouds are owned and operated by cloud service providers that deliver their services over the internet. Customers are free from maintaining their own computers reducing or even eliminating their existing IT department. Private Cloud: A private cloud is exclusive to a single business or organization. It can be physically located at the company or the cloud provider’s data center. Private clouds are maintained on private networks and provide the highest level of security and control. Hybrid Cloud: By combining public and private clouds, data and applications can move between the two providing greater flexibility, security, and more options to optimize the company’s existing infrastructure. The decision to use a hybrid cloud rather than a public or private cloud comes down to the services needed by the organization. Cloud Services: There are four broad categories of cloud services available: infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), software as a service (SaaS), and serverless. Companies need to decide on the services they require and how much time they have to manage those services. Generally, the more an organization offloads to the cloud service provider, the less they have to manage themselves. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)With Oracle: Infrastructure as a Service is the most basic type of cloud computing. It is an on-demand, pay-as-you-go model that provides compute, storage, and network capacity in the cloud. Subscribers are responsible for installing and maintaining any software on the cloud such as databases and application software. Platform as a service (PaaS): Platform as a Service provides an on-demand environment for developing, testing, and delivering, mobile and web applications without investing in or maintaining the underlying servers. The customer accesses the services via a web browser. Software as a service (SaaS):Software as a Service allows software applications to be delivered over the Internet, on-demand and typically on a subscription basis. The cloud service provider handles software updates and security patching, reducing in-house IT resources. Cloud Computing Service Providers: With the growing adoption of cloud-based services and technology, comes an ever-expanding field of players including Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. Oracle offers a complete suite of integrated business applications for Sales, Service, Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, and Human Resources, along with their cloud-based services.Microsoft and Oracle recently announced a partnership designed to give customers the best of what both companies have to offer. Oracle is the leading database and enterprise applications vendor in the world and Microsoft Azure is the second-largest cloud vendor in the world. Customers can migrate their entire existing suite of applications to either or both cloud providers as needed without having to re-architect anything.The cloud brings many advantages to organizations, allowing businesses to outsource expensive hosting, security, and storage costs. The growing need for companies to take advantage of the latest technology without the expense of a dedicated data center or even an IT department is a game-changer.Read Also:5 Important Considerations To Get Supply Chain Management On Cloud Cloud Hosting: Top Five Reasons To Take Your Business To The Cloud