The Role of Palliative Care and Why It’s So Important? 


13 November 2021

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Palliative Care

When you hear the phrase “palliative care,” what comes to mind? Do you think of end-of-life support and lonely hospital beds?

To many people, “palliative care” is a confusing term. While palliative care does offer critical support to people with life-limiting and serious illnesses, it’s about so much more than end-of-life care and hospitals. Palliative care is about pain management — both physical and emotional. 

It’s an interdisciplinary approach to healthcare for people with life-limiting illnesses to work alongside primary treatments, such as chemo or radiotherapy. 

The Role of Palliative Care

The Role of Palliative Care

This medical care is for people living with a serious illness and eliminating the same illness. Read on to see how palliative care can improve their lives and provide a sense of comfort, dignity, and well-being. 

1. It Provides Pain Relief

Palliative care is often described as another term for professional pain relief. When someone has a life-limiting illness, there are typically various levels of physical pain that come with that disease. Whether it’s nausea from taking cancer drugs or experiencing tension in the joints and limbs from having Parkinson’s Disease, pain is a daily sensation for people living with chronic illness.

With professional palliative care services from trained nurses and caregivers, your loved one could receive 24-hour pain monitoring and management. Palliative nurses and caregivers will manage prescription medications and closely pay attention to your friend or family member’s pain level. They’ll constantly communicate with outside medical doctors, letting them know of any progress or changes. 

They’ll also recommend services such as massage therapy or physiotherapy to help reduce the physical discomfort.

2. You Can Get It At Any Stage of The Disease 

Many people don’t know that palliative care isn’t limited to the later stages of an illness. Your loved one can receive palliative care at any stage of their disease — from the minute of diagnosis to any time after that. 

Unlike hospice care, which is to help patients and their loved ones cope during the end-of-life phase, palliative care intends to provide comfort and increase the quality of life for people regardless of the stage they’re at with their disease. Check out healthcare agencies that offer at-home palliative care so your loved one can receive personalized and high-quality services right in the comfort of home.

3. It Strengthens Mental Health 

Having a life-limiting illness affects patients’ mental health just as much as their physical well-being. It can feel profoundly isolating to know that your life is no longer what it once was, and there may be a need to seek professional counseling.

People living with a chronic illness often don’t want to talk about such issues with friends or family members because they don’t want to be a burden. This is where palliative care comes in handy.

The right healthcare agency will prioritize mental health. They’ll direct you in the right mental health direction and provide compassionate and empathetic caregivers with extensive palliative care training who can help your loved one feel less alone. 

The Final Thoughts 

If someone close to you has a serious or life-limiting illness, consider talking to them about the benefits of palliative care. While it can’t erase all of the pain of living with a chronic disease, palliative care can bring light to your loved one’s life and make things just a little less chaotic. Besides, let me know your doubts in the comment section below if you come across any!

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Many homeowners opt for a paved garden to cut down on the necessary workload and keep it tidy with little expense or effort. We have detailed below some examples of the benefits you will be missing out on by not having a healthy lawn and garden. A good lawn and plants can help make us feel better, be more popular with friends and neighbors, while also being a positive force for the environment. Health Benefits of a Garden We may not realize how much an outdoor space can help to keep us healthy and fit. If you are lucky enough to have a garden that is well maintained, you will benefit from having fewer allergies and pests bothering you in the peak season. A beautiful garden will keep pest’s away by not providing them with an ideal environment for breeding, and the pollen count will be lower due to having plants and trees that have a lower pollen count. The university in California has also noted that patients with a view of the gardens recover quicker than those with interior views only, meaning your garden can actually help to cure you of ailments. Along with the physical gains, you will get from having a garden that has been looked after you will also gain from the mental side. Having a beautiful area to sit and relax in after a hard day at the office will reduce stress levels and help those who have attention deficit disorders, allowing them to concentrate more when needed. Socializing Benefits of a Well-cared-for Garden Many homeowners are paying more attention to their outside spaces than ever before. The reason we want to have a great back yard is to create additional living space for the family to relax. If you take care of your lawn and keep the different types of weeds under control, you give your family a great space to eat and socialize. A garden in great shape can also offer young children an additional play area out of the house where you know they will be safe and secure. A common feature in a lot of back gardens is having a space to eat and entertain friends, usually a decking or well-designed patio with a barbeque area that you can use when the weather is good. Gain the admiration of your friends by creating a garden that looks good and provides you with a great socializing space to enjoy. Environmental Benefits of a Garden Possibly the most significant benefit that having a well looked after the garden is the ecological aspect. Having healthy trees, plants and turf will eat up carbon and replace it with oxygen providing a much-needed boost for you and the local environment. Lawns will naturally absorb a lot of the sun’s radiation while also providing a cooling effect whereas patios, concrete and asphalt will store heat and radiate it back in the air which can make the temperatures soar during sunny spells. Good quality turf will help to retain the soil far better than a sparsely seeded lawn, at the same time it will help soak up the rainwater. As the water will not evaporate back into the atmosphere after a mild shower, this will stop your garden from feeling humid and hot throughout the summer months. A well thought out garden will give much-needed help to wildlife by providing a habitat that they can live in while keeping the unwanted pests at bay. Your garden will attract birds and other insects that eat or repel the nasty bugs that no-one wants to see while they’re enjoying the serenity of their yard. Start Your Dream Garden Having a healthy lawn and garden is not as much work as some would have you believe. Choose grass seed that will flourish in your area and start sowing your lawn. Having a good variety of plants and trees that require little maintenance will compliment your lawn area and can be done at a minimal cost. Get down to your local garden center or horticulturists and find out what plants will work in your garden. Don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and get in touch with nature once again and don’t hesitate to make this a communal activity for you and your family. Read Also: Looking For A Gardener: 8 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Professional 4 Essential Tools Needed To Maintain Your Garden In The Winter Edmonton Landscape Maintenance Tips