Plan Moving Houses Ahead: 7 Essential Tips

Published on: 09 January 2020 Last Updated on: 07 August 2021
Plan Moving Houses

Stressing about an upcoming move? You don’t have to be. By planning for the plan moving houses ahead, you can take the majority of stress out of the picture and reduce the time you spend on the process. While you should always be ready for a couple of setbacks, the key parts of your move are bound to go smoothly.

Whether your move is two months or two weeks away, there is still time to prepare. In this article, you’ll learn how to simplify the moving process, save time and money, and start enjoying your new home as soon as possible. Read on!

Essential Tips For Plan Moving Houses:

1. Make a Plan

Make a plan moving houses and put it down on paper/app. Your moving plan moving houses should include the timelines for the move, a packing plan, organizational reminders, important phone numbers, notes to family members, reminders where things are packed, and anything else that comes to your mind.

Any move is a complex process that requires remembering numerous things. Don’t try to keep them in your head because you are bound to forget something important. You can write things down in a notebook or take advantage of one of the popular moving apps. You can consider:

Sometimes it’s easier to keep written notes in front of you rather than using an app. But it depends on your preference. You can do both!

2. Determine the Cost

The most stressful part about the move is facing extra expenses. That’s why it’s vital to make accurate calculations beforehand. Don’t allow any of the costs to come as a surprise, and you’ll take the majority of the stress out of the move.

Even if you decide not to hire professional movers, you could face formidable expenses. Moving costs add up quickly.

When spending money on the move, don’t forget to keep your receipts. You may be eligible for income tax reductions.

Costs to consider are:

  • Hiring a moving company or renting moving trucks and storage containers
  • Boxes, tape, padding, markers, stickers, and other packing supplies
  • Cleaning of the residence
  • Vehicle maintenance for long-distance moves
  • Old residence bills
  • “just in case” money to cover unexpected expenses and emergencies during the move

Once you have all of that calculated, add 5%. It’s always possible to miss something.

3. Choose a Moving Company

Perhaps the most important decision you will take during the entire process is choosing a moving company. While a simple Google search can throw up multiple results, it is best to do your own research. Premium and trustworthy moving companies like H2H Move allow for hassle-free experiences, trained and skilled professionals, and ensure that there are no damages to your goods and properties.

Choosing a moving company shouldn’t take forever, but you must do it in advance. Numerous companies offer their services in your area. Selecting the right one could take some time. Your ideal mover should:

  • Have headquarters in the city you are moving from
  • Provide packing services if necessary
  • Have all the necessary certifications for moves in your area and beyond
  • Have a sufficient number of movers and trucks to accommodate the move
  • Be free on your move date

According to experts from, it’s important to contact movers a couple of weeks in advance so you can choose a convenient move date. Weekends are a busy time for movers so if you want more flexibility, consider moving on a weekday.

4. Notify Others About Your Move

Notify everyone who needs to know about your upcoming address change. Make a list of organizations that you need to warn about your move. Change your address at the post office (you can do it online) and forward your mail for at least a month.

Make sure all service providers for electricity, gas, water, cable TV, garbage, and internet know about your move. You don’t want to end up in a dark house without the internet. Sign all the necessary contracts for the new residence in advance. Try to avoid any cabling or hooking up the day of the move. This could add to the chaos of the process.

Notify the DMV, insurance companies, banks, post offices, and any companies that send you mails or bills. Don’t forget about your family and friends. Besides this, you can visit this site for the best mail services in the US, you can check the usps hours, locations near you, and all kinds of information here.

5. Ask for Help

Even if you are planning to plan to move houses to hire professional movers, you can use some help from family and friends. Before the moving day, they can assist you with packing, lifting heavy objects, patching up nail holes, painting walls, cleaning, watching your children and pets while you are busy with other matters, and much more.

If you are planning to get your friends involved, consider setting the move up for a weekend. This way your assistants won’t need to take time off school and work. As soon as you set the move day, call up your friends. Make sure you ask them for help in advance so they can make plans for moving houses for yourself.

Don’t forget to incentivize. Even though your friends and family are likely to be happy to help you, they’ll appreciate some care on your part. Some pizza and beer can do the trick.

6. Clean Your New Residence

Cleaning your new residence may seem counterproductive. After all, you are about to bring a bunch of new stuff inside, have people walking around, dust settling everywhere, and more. However, after you’ve installed furniture, you won’t have a chance to clean out dirty corners anymore.

While cleaning your new home, inspect each room. Such problems as broken tiles ripped wallpaper and the like are much easier to fix when you have full access to them. As soon as the house is cluttered with your things, the job becomes much tougher.

Consider cleaning the old residence as well. You don’t have to go all out scrubbing the walls, but leaving the old house in dire straits shows a lack of respect for the new owner.

7. Label Your Boxes

Labeling is vital to fast and easy unpacking. Make your labels as detailed as possible. Don’t rely on your memory. During the move you have to keep so much stuff in your head, it’s easy to forget something.

Make sure to put your labels on the sides of the box rather than on top. Boxes get stacked on top of each other, making reading the top label impossible.

Final Thoughts

Planning your move takes a couple of hours for your plan to move houses. Meanwhile, it can save you plenty of time, nerves, and money. Take advantage of these tips to enjoy a fast and safe move.

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What you must know about wood flooring?

Everyone wants their house to be more beautiful than others. They try to go for new designs, new ideas about interior decoration available in the market. One of the ideas that attract many of us is wooden flooring. Wooden flooring gives your house a fresh and sophisticated look making it far better than others. If you are going to remodel your house, it is a beneficial idea to opt for wooden flooring in a couple of rooms. When researching this topic, you will get tons and tons of information. Thus while going for wooden flooring, you should keep in mind certain basic things. Going for a wooden floor gives you three main options: solid hardwood laminate flooring engineered wood Solid hardwood flooring: As the name suggests, this sort of flooring comprises of solid wood everywhere; right from the top to the bottom. No materials are added to this flooring. The material is the raw wood which is directly extracted from the logs of the trees. They are the typical wooden floors. Hardwood flooring comes in two type- unfinished or pre-finished. The unfinished ones are seen to be quite cheaper than the prefinished ones. The unfinished ones need quick light sanding, followed by staining (non-compulsory) and sealing; whereas with the prefinished ones, you can walk on it right after the installation. With the prefinished ones, the advantage is that it does not take much time and can be used instantly. In the case of the unfinished ones, the usage should be limited until the sealing has been done. The sealant takes around forty-eight hours to dry. Additional coatings may also be needed afterward. This has the advantage to get the exact specifications demanded by staining it. A popular type of hardwood flooring is bamboo flooring. It is a grass rather being hardwood and is highly valued for its environment-friendly qualities. The hardwoods need to be cut and nailed to a wooden sub-floor or else it is not possible to install it. Unlike others, it does not get installed straight on concrete or top of the existing floor. Because of this requirement, it is necessary to hire hardwood floor installers. Hardwoods are prone to scratches and dents, thus looking for the perfect hardwood type satisfying your pocket and lifestyle is very necessary. This flooring method can be changed again and again and stays for many years but this type of flooring is also not suitable for most areas. Engineered wood flooring: Engineered wood flooring can be called as an option to the solid form of hardwood flooring. They are made of plywood and finish wood. The finished wood is the visible portion and on which we walk on. The lower portion i.e. the plywood comprise 80 to 90 percent of the floor. The plywood differentiates the engineered form of wood flooring from the solid ones. Engineered wood flooring comes with a variety of installation choices. The thinner models can be discarded and the thicker ones can be set up as floating floors. They are easy to install and can be easily installed by anyone as it does not comprise of any largely sized staplers to drag around or any sub-floors. The floating floor can be installed on top as long as the current floor is flat and firm. One disadvantage of engineered wood flooring is that the thinner top layer can be sanded but not many times. It can be sanded like around once or twice. In this type of flooring, it is difficult to sand out the dents and scratches like the solid hardwood type. It is better to consult the flooring firm prior to sanding or taking any action as it can cause any damage which may not be fixable. Laminate flooring: this is the third type of flooring and is not genuine wood flooring like the previous ones. The top layer comprises a resin-infused sheet, and it is usually quite thin. So it can be termed as wood but does not satisfy the name in literal terms. This is a popular kind of flooring as it has a great imitation of wood. The layer of resin is nothing but a photo of wood very finely crafted. This artificial texture cannot be differentiated by the naked eye from the real ones. This kind of flooring is in high demand and is seen as an option of wood flooring. This type of flooring is very easy to install and is scratch-resistant and works very well in moist environments thus has a lot of advantages. This flooring is again slippery, hard to walk on and can’t be sanded. Thus we can come to the conclusion that before going for any kind of wood flooring, everyone must know about these different types of flooring along with their pros and cons. A very efficient flooring company is Evolution Floors Brisbane who can make it easier for you and help you to create a better home with better flooring. Read Also : Hardwood Timber Flooring: Gives A Classic Look To Your Home List Of Most Durable Kitchen Flooring