How to Prevent Root Damage to Sewer Line and Save Your Garden

Save Garden

Having a beautiful garden with big majestic trees is a dream come true for many. However, that’s until the roots of those trees don’t damage your sewer line. There’s nothing majestic about that except the royally high bills repairs and damage can add up to. The average cost for a main sewer line repair is nearly $2,500, according to HomeAdvisor. And your insurance won’t cover it if the problem is caused by wayward root growth, because this is classed as a ‘preventable cause’. Therefore, it’s essential that you do your best to prevent roots from damaging your sewer line. If all fails, you also need to use the most effective strategies for fixing the damage as fast as possible.

How to Prevent Root Damage to Your Sewer Line and What to Do If You Fail :

Prevent Root Damage

The most important thing to understand is that roots are naturally growing towards sewer lines seeking moisture and nutrients. Not having any trees directly on your property doesn’t guarantee the safety of your pipes either, because they grow for many feet underground and can get to you from the neighbors.

The first thing to do in order to prevent costly damage is creating a map of sewer lines running through your property. Next, you need to get them examined for leaks and replace any places with even the smallest crack. Even a tiny leak ‘attracts’ roots, which can grow into the pipe and wreak havoc on it and your lawn. To minimize the costs you can use modern trenchless methods of drain replacement. This approach allows replacing whole sections of sewer lines by digging only a few small holes. Therefore, you save money on landscaping restoration. This method of repair and replacement is also faster than digging a trench, so you can minimize the damage.

Now that you’ve ensured your sewer line system is perfectly fine and know exactly where the pipes are, you can move on to the ‘active’ prevention state. This starts with installing barriers that won’t allow roots to get to your pipes.

Like with drain replacement, you can choose between methods that will require digging up your lawn and ‘non-invasive’ options. The latter is chemical growth inhibitors, like potassium hydroxide or copper sulfate. Bear in mind that the vegetation in the area where you spread these chemicals can suffer to some extent. The other option is to plant metal or wooden barriers directly into the ground so they run along the pipes.

If you are only starting your garden, you have a chance to prevent root damage to sewer lines by designing it so the larger trees and shrubs are as far as possible from the pipes. You also need to choose the species with small root ball systems. Be sure to water them well so the plants don’t have to seek out additional moisture through the ground.

Root Damage to Sewer Line: How to Tell If You Aren’t Too Late?

One of the worst things about root damage to the pipes is that it’s very difficult to spot right away. And by the time it gets severe enough to be obvious, the repairs will cost a small fortune.

Regular inspections by professionals will help avoid this, but you also need to know warning signs to look out for. These include drain clogs, wet patches on your lawn, and slow-flowing drains. In case of any of these, contact a professional plumber to find the reason as fast as possible.

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modern dining room

5 Tips for Creating a Modern Dining Room

 The dining room is more than just a space where meals are taken. It is the heart of the home and the one place that brings people together. As a space where families get to spend time and enjoy delicious meals, it is only right that homeowners would want it to be stylish and luxurious. The modern dining room comes in two types; the formal dining room is a separate area from the kitchen. On the other hand, open-plan dining where the kitchen connects to the living space. For the past years, the open plan dining has gained traction among homeowners, and the formal dining room is becoming more uncommon. Why? Because the large open plan is more practical and allows them to save space. Thus, the modern dining room concept has typically become the kitchen area that transitions into the living area. So how do you proceed with creating a modern dining room? Whether you are doing an extreme dining makeover or making a few tweaks to make your dining room, there are so many options to explore to give your space a modern tone. These tips will help you give your dining space a refreshing modern vibe. 1.Add a centerpiece When creating a modern dining room, it is essential also to decorate the dining table. A contemporary table centerpiece could spice up your dining room, giving it that modern look you are going for. Depending on your style, centerpieces go from a simple vase of flowers and candles to a decorative bowl with fruits. You can even customize one by DIYing decorations. Greenery centerpieces like succulents or snake plants would also do an excellent job bringing life into space. A bonus is they are low maintenance, and you won't have to deal with withered plants frequently. Mixing different statement-making materials with bold and neutral colors to decorate the room will give it a sophisticated look. Apart from elevating the dining room's overall appearance, a fantastic centerpiece will transform your dining into a classy space. 2.Integrate wooden furniture Wooden furniture has a lot to offer in the dining room. It's simple, and its natural attribute can bring style to the room. However, before you go in over your head with displaying cabinets and sideboards, start with the basics; dining table and chairs. However, you should consider adding a wooden dining table handcrafted to meet your preferred style and needs. There is a vast choice of wooden dining tables you can add to update your dining area. A large dining design would do a great job adding comfort. Team your dining table with classic chairs to give your dining space a whole new look. Anne Quin furniture offers to handcraft modern style dining tables at affordable rates. If you crave a luxurious dining set, you can learn more about Anne Quin furniture on their site. 3.Light it up One way to make a statement in your dining space is by adding a modern lighting fixture. Pendant lightings are on-trend, and most importantly, they work perfectly in the dining room. Always remember to choose a soothing light because you want people to be comfortable. The pro tip is the bigger you go, the better it is for the room's appeal. You can choose a single large hanging pendant or install a group to make a bolder statement in the room. There are many shops filled with affordable lighting fixtures, so you have free reign, one that marries well with the existing décor and finishes in the area. A beautiful lighting fixture will bring the room together and boost its visual appeal. 4.Add a banquette A modern dining space is about mixing different aspects: classic, elegant, and contemporary. Create a relaxed vibe in the room by adding a banquette near the dining table. A banquette is an ultimate steal when modernizing your dining space; homeowners get to enjoy a modern vibe while adding more storage space. It also offers a flexible seating option which is a bonus. You can top the banquette with colorful plush pillows to cheer up the area and add comfort. 5.A gallery wall Modern dining styles are about breaking the norm, and many homeowners are embracing going bold in their dining area. To give the room a purposeful look, you can choose to add modern art or a couple of picture frames. Since most modern furniture tends to be sleek and cold, a wall of art would create a warm look and maintain a contemporary tone at the same time. A beautiful piece of contemporary art will bring in some color to finish the dining room. Family photos or botanical-inspired prints could add personality to your dining space. However, ensure you use matching frames to give the room a cohesive look. Trust us, displaying them in your dining room would look twice as better as on your social media. Even though the kitchen wins many people's hearts, the dining area will always be a special place in the home. As seen above, the simplicity and minimalism that a modern dining design calls for taking1. different forms. These are a slew of tips you can incorporate to give your dining area a modern feel. Remember to go for designs that complement one another to give your room a seamless pattern. As long as you remember these things and find the right design combo, you should be good to go. Have fun and happy redesigning! Read Also: Ideas to Give Luxury Feel to Your Condo How to Make your Home Look Beautiful in the Upcoming Holidays 5 Tips For Designing a Tiny House How You Can Choose the Ideal Ceiling Light for Your Living Area

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10 Best Tall House Plants To Buy In 2022

In the present era, interior design has changed a lot compared to what it was a decade ago. Nowadays, most people are bold enough to experiment with anything and everything when it comes to having an alluring interior. In such a condition, you can find the tall house plants playing a prominent role in boosting the interior outlook of the house. So, if you also desire to keep them in the house interior, this article is for you.  The best you can do is go through the list below and choose the right plant to keep in your room. However, remember that the rare plants in this list can be expensive. So, it can be a good step to know about the plants at first and later invest money. So, take a look at the list for now. Read More: 10 Best Trailing Indoor Plants To Buy In 2022 Top Ten House Plants You Can Keep In 2022 Here is the list of the top ten house plants that you can keep in your place this year. One common factor in all these plants is that they have an aesthetic outlook. So, you can check all entries here. 1. Snake Plant The Snake Plant is scientifically known as Dracaena Trifaciata. The unique and alluring fact about this plant is the presence of fleshy leaves. This plant can grow up to 6 feet and thus, you can consider it as a tall tree to keep in the house. In case of buying tall indoor house plants anytime soon, you should always check the price. The best you can do is give water in intervals to allow a snake plant to grow. 2. Money Tree Money trees can grow up to 8 feet and you can keep them in your hall or drawing room area. The braided stem of this plant can ensure added aesthetics to your place. When buying a money tree, you should always check if it is mature. Expect the price of a money tree to be high but it would always come between $60 to $80. Make sure to give the plant, indirect light, and water every two weeks. 3. Mini Monstera If you are looking for a plant that has lush green leaves, the Mini Monstera can be the right plant for you. If you desire to keep this plant at your place, make sure to add a stick or robe to it. As a result, you can expect this plant to grow some 12 feet. The price of a small Mini Monstera Plant is $20 to $80 approximately. However, you can check an e-commerce site to know the exact price. The best you can do is buy this plant as a tall house plant real. Finally, the only thing you need to remember is to give the plant indirect lighting. This can always keep the plant healthy for a long time. 4. Majesty Palm The majesty palm is one of the greatest tall house plants of all time. It is famous due to its pet-friendliness. You would be amazed to know that the plant needs much less maintenance. In only a few months, the Majesty  Palm can grow up to 10 feet approximately. The only thing this plant need is indirect light.  Moreover, some humidity in your room can also be beneficial for this plant to grow. When searching for a Majesty Palm in the market, you should look for a matured plant. Expect its price to be at $30 to $90. 5. Elephant’s Ear The trade name of the Elephant’s Ear plant is Alocasia. It is an example of tall tropical house plants that can grow more than 10 feet in length. Now, this plant is a bit expensive because of the unique shape of the leaves. In the US. people to grow this tree in a medium-sized pot. Like all other plants in this list, this plant also needs indirect lighting. For an Alocasia, you might have to spend $100-200 for a matured plant. Make sure to check the breed of the plant when you buy it. 6. Fiddle Leaf Fig Ficus Lyrata is the scientific name of a Fiddle Leaf Fig. The plant has got such a name because its leaves look like a fiddle. This plant can also grow above 10 feet but the average height is from 5 ft to 10 ft. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to keep the plant in a sunny, watering area. So, it can quickly gain its height. 7. Rubber Plant If you have a room where you get bright light, try keeping a rubber plant. Rubber plants grow rapidly when they get bright light. So, you can expect this plant to grow some 8 to 10 feet. The only thing you need to remember is to apply fertilizers to the plant on a bi-weekly basis. 8. Bird Of Paradise When it comes to tall house plants in low light, you can count on Birds Of Paradise. This leafy plant can grow above 5 feet and you can give it some indirect headlight. The best you can do is attach some other plants with them in the same tub. Expect to get a healthy Bird Of Paradise Plant in some $50 on the leading e-commerce websites. You May Like To Read This: 5 Tips to Keeping Animals Away From Your Garden 9. Parlor Palm The Parlor Palm is yet another tall tree that you can keep in your house. The best thing about this palm tree is that it needs much low maintenance. This tree can grow up to 6 feet. You can get a matured plant for $60 to $90. 10. Draecana The last entry in the list of tall house plants is Draecana. It is different from the aforesaid variant as it has red leaves. It also grows tall in low light. So, you can keep it in your house. Look for a matured plant if you have a plan to purchase it soon. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Q1. What Is The Plant Of 2022? The baby rubber plant and potted bamboo are two plants that you can buy in 2022. Q2. What Houseplants Grow The Tallest? The snake plant is among the best house plants that grow the tallest. Q3. What Is The Most Popular House Plant? The rubber plant and parlor palm are some famous house plants. Q4. What Plants Are Trending Now? The Island Pine and Areca Palm plants are trending in the current year. Final Words You might think that the tall plants might be difficult to keep in the houses but it is just a myth. The correct plants would always grow and remain healthy in your house. The best for you would be to choose a plant from this list. Most of the plants mentioned here are excellent when it comes to indirect light and low maintenance. However, you should remember watering them and applying fertilizers. Read More: Garden Edging for Beginners DIY Ways to Control Pests in Your Garden Best Material for Garden Sheds: A Guide for Everyone

Non-Serrated Steak Knife

Non-Serrated Steak Knife Set: A Buyers Guide

The first thing that you need to know about steak knives is that they are different from ordinary knives. Steak knives are specifically designed to cut through steaks easily. If you use a regular knife to cut a steak, you will most likely get shredded pieces of meat instead of evenly cut slices. Using the wrong knife can turn what should be an enjoyable dining experience into a frustrating one. So if you want to enjoy your steaks, you need to get yourself a good quality steak knife set. Many prefer straight or non serrated steak knife set over a serrated one, especially those who are particular with the appearance of their steaks. Unlike serrated blades, straight blades do not have jagged edges, so you get perfectly cut steaks every time. Also, you can sharpen non-serrated steak knives frequently so you will always have a sharp knife. Here are some other things you need to consider when buying a non-serrated steak knife: The Knife Should Fit Your Hand Well: If you’re buying a non-serrated steak knife set for yourself, then you need to make sure that the handle can fit in your hand comfortably. This is why it’s advisable to check the handle and test the knife first before buying it. Of course, this would be difficult if you are buying a set online. What you can do is to check the size and dimension of the handle and determine its shape. The presence of curves and edges can sometimes provide a better grip for a knife. It’s essential to feel comfortable while holding and using the knife to make your experience of eating steak more pleasurable. What is the Blade Made Of? It’s also essential to determine the material of the blade. The best steak knives are those that are made from carbon steel. These knives are very durable, and they are also effortless to sharpen. However, they can be quite costly, so they are not ideal for people on a budget. A cheaper alternative is a set of knives made from stainless steel. The best thing about stainless steel knives is their ability to resist rust. Stainless steel knives are also very durable and do not easily break.  A Set that Looks Good: Last but not least, you should get a set of non-serrated knives that you will be proud enough to show off. If you like having guests over for steak dinners, then you should get a set of good looking knives that shows your exquisite taste and good aesthetic sense. After all, eating steak is a multisensory experience. You should not only feed your mouth and tummy, but you should also take care of your eyes as well. The best non-serrated steak knife sets are real works of art. You will not mind displaying it in your kitchen. Getting the best non-serrated steak knife set is vital if you value a good dining experience. A good set of steak knives will surely make eating steaks more enjoyable. Read Also: 4 Tips For Choosing A Good Kitchen Tap 6 Tips To Improve Your Cooking Overnight