The Rapid Growth In The Global Industrial Automation Market


01 April 2019


Global Industrial Automation

General industrial, automotive, consumer goods, and technology hardware are considered to be among the largest end-user markets for discrete industrial automation. For instance, process automation aids resource industries which nearly accounts for half of the overall demand. This occupies the largest share which comes from the Oil and Gas industry.

General Overview Of The Global Automation Market:

Due to rapid development in technology, process monitoring has also improved and impacted the automation market trends. Factors such as manufacturing productivity of industries worldwide and their efficiency are showing results. According to experts, industrial automation primarily focuses on automation which has an operational strategy aimed to minimize manual work in various industrial setups such as manufacturing or production processes.

The market for industrial automation is expanding at a high rate because it exhibits favorable advantages such as the reduction of CAPEX and OPEX along with ensuring improved product quality. Additionally, it also improves flexibility, the efficiency of the process of manufacturing, the average product yield and at the same time ensures optimum utilization of industrial space. Major players that dominate the industrial automation market globally include Mitsubishi Electric, ABB Ltd, Adept Technology, Honeywell Solutions, Bosch, Emerson Electric, Schneider Electric, Yaskawa Electric, and General Electric.

Role Of Advanced Technologies In Industrial Automation:

Various techniques of automation such as IT systems, equipment designing, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) as well as execution through statistics is involved in deriving foolproof industrial automation.

One of the most commonly used equipment for automation is a Ding Technological Distributed Control System (DCS). Along with this, other emerging developments such as logic controllers which are programmable, conveyor belts, and human-machine interfaces are also emerging and are directly impacting the automation industry across corporates and big organizations. Application of robust digital and intelligent technologies is cost-effective as the organizations have a machine to the jobs of a human resource. Automation also reaps accurate, precise and timely results while simultaneously eliminating the scope of human errors.

Key Drivers Of The Industrial Automation Market:

Key drivers directly impacting the market of industrial automation include a rise in demand from the organizations in developing economies to help them make better decisions. The high cost of the automation equipment and their security concerns are restricting the growth of the industry. The machinery output in terms of production is further seen as one of the key factors boosting the industrial automation market. Further, an increase in the sustainability and efficiency of energy planning alongside smart technologies in the emerging economies is expected to boost market growth.

Career Opportunities In Industrial Automation Industry:

Currently, the U.S. and Europe are the largest markets for industrial automation and have a variety of career opportunities in the industry.

  • Employees from these regions are applying for job opportunities in the field of data sciences, operational plannings, mechanical engineering, metallurgical engineering as well as other IT fields. Along with this, those graduated from industries such as oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, pulp manager, power plants, petrochemicals, and mining also have job opportunities to help mechanical engineers better design and structure the devices used for automation.
  • A growing number of institutes in regions of Asia Pacific are producing graduates who specialize in product designing. They are trained in formulating the designs for devices and plans for industrial automation along with ensuring their cost-effectiveness, maintenance possibilities as well as their environmental friendliness.
  • Favorable policies in developed and developing nations are ensuring the corporate relocation industry to further expand with a rise in international recruitment. APAC offers a high population of industries that seek plans for industrial automation in order to optimize manufacturing and supply-chain processes, which further is seeking employees robust in statistics, analytics, and data sciences.
  • Apart from this, there is an extensive requirement in the sector of Research and Development. Other than having the capability to establish fully functional automation tools and techniques, researchers are expected to have a masters degree along with a Ph.D. in electronics, electrical engineering or mechanical engineering. There is an increase in the number of government institutes, think tanks, environmental NGOs as well as organizations devoted to scientific research which are hiring as well as training employees in the field of industrial automation.

Currently, manufacturers are seeking ways to transform their business operations on the global front which uses process automation in the value chain as well. Process automation, which means, automating a specific process through the use of upcoming technologies is the new trend among major players across various industries. Thorough integration of all the processes across various operations is a requirement regardless of the geographical location of the automation facilities as well as operations. Considering the widespread applications of industrial automation and its demand at a global level, career opportunities in the market are abundant.

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Uberduck Ai

What Is Uberduck Ai? Is It Safe To Use? 2022 News

Technology has evolved a lot in the past few years. Unfortunately, while some people are using them to their advantage, others simply waste them. Uberduck AI is one of the best software that uses artificial intelligence to make songs sound real. Have you ever wondered how rap singers can make their songs sound real? Thanks to software like Uberduck, which makes it possible. However, it might be unknown to you as plenty of similar software or tools are available in the market. Uberduck AI is the most popular among them, thanks to great features and simple UI. We are going to shed some light on this tool to help you find out more about it. So, make sure to stay with us till the end to find out more about it. What Is Uberduck Ai? Uberduck AI uses artificial intelligence and neural speech synthesis to create virtual assistants. Similar technology was used in many commercial videos. Uberduck was developed by a group of students and later turned into the text into speech. This program has become an excellent sensation among the artists and the users. Using this tool, you can change any text into a speech using different voices, including your own, celebrities, and fictional characters. There is a library full of voices of celebrities that you can choose to create a fun speech. The best thing about this app is the result. There might be a lot of tools out there that come with similar functions and features, but none of them can provide such good results. Uberduck. AI makes the speech very well that it becomes impossible to differentiate. Moreover, the tool is absolutely free to use and comes with advanced technology. Many people are still skeptical about AI, but they should surely give it a try. We will come back to the “skeptical” part and make things clear for you later. Anyway, you can use the app to change any text to speech for free using the voice of cartoons, characters, and others. The use of uberduck ai discord is far less than TikTok. It replaced the voice generator for videos, and users started to create fun videos using this AI program. Now, the question that remains is the safety of using the app. Many people have expressed different concerns about using this AI tool. Read More: How Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Banking and Financial Institutions? Is Uberduck Ai Safe To Use? As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of concerns from the users regarding the Uberduck AI. However, the development and use of this technology are liked by many users. Most of the feedback from different users has been positive so far. Of course, there are negative reviews from people as well, but there is plenty of reason for that. You need to know how to use Uberduck AI to access all the features and get the idea. Although the app might be free and comes with a simple UI, you need to know plenty of things before using it. For example, if you haven’t used any voice generator tools in the past, it might become a bit hard for you to use them. In that case, you can go through the tutorials to find out how to use it in detail. Then, all you have to do is register to the app. However, you need to know that Uberduck AI will get all your public information after registration. Apart from that, there is nothing that you need to get concerned about. From a huge voice library of famous people to cartoons, the features of Uberduck AI make it more interesting. You can use the tool without having any second thoughts. There is no risk of viruses or any suspicious links reported against the app till now. Mostly on social media platforms, Uberduck AI is very helpful. The perfect replacement for a voice generator that helped the content creators and artists. The result is so appropriate and real that it makes sound generators seem useless. Even if you are not an artist or social media user, you can get the tool to create the voice of the celebrities with your speech. You have access to a huge library of voices along with some best features. You can upload your own voice and make many changes as well. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Q1. Is Uberduck AI Free? Yes, you can register for free if you do not have one. However, keep in mind that registering will give the maker of Uberduck access to the public discord information. If you are okay with that, you can register and hit authorize, other things are quite straightforward. Q2. Does Uberduck AI Cost Money? No, you can use Uberduck Ai without paying a penny. You can upload your voice to get different sounds for absolutely free. Also, you can download famous voices if you do not want to use your own voice. All of these without paying a single penny. Q3. What Is Uberduck AI? Uberduck AI is a completely free and amazing tool that allows you to create any text-sound with your own voice, any celebrity, or favorite character. It is very popular among artists, singers, and others as it comes with a lot of features. Q4. What is AI voice? AI voice allows you to communicate with your device verbally using artificial intelligence. There are plenty of AI voice apps available like Alexa, Google Assistant, and others. You just have to wake up the AI function and give the voice command to perform the function automatically. Conclusion You can go through this article to find out the details about Uberduck AI. It is one of the best tools that come with AI and neural speech synthesis to produce the voice of celebrities, cartoons, and fictional characters. You can turn any text into a voice using this tool and use it on social media platforms. Make sure to go through the article to find out all the details and clear out the safety concerns. 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Vendor Management Software

8 Reasons why your Company should get a Vendor Management Software

Vendor Management Software is a tool that companies can utilize to track vendors, in this case, third-party service or good providers. This includes onboarding, performance monitoring and review, risk management and implementation advice. The goal of Vendor Management is to ensure that a company runs smoothly, minimise risks and maximise the Return on Investment (ROI). As your company matures and grows, you can’t avoid outsourcing or relying on outside help for some of the company services. It simply is one of the tricks of the trade and is unavoidable. However, managing these third-party providers (or vendors for brevity) can prove to be a major headache. Spreadsheets and notepads are not enough to consolidate their information nor is it recommended for growing businesses. Simply put, it would be too messy. For most companies, a staff or technology is dedicated to managing the vendors’ information. Vendor Management Software has become a must-have tool that will gear your company towards success. Reasons You  Should Have A Vendor Management Software 1. Consolidate Information A Vendor Management Software organizes all your vendors’ information while keeping it in an online system that you can customize to suit your business structure. This tool can allow its users to rate their vendors regarding their performance. Having this feature makes way for quick decision-making and lets you pinpoint who is performing poorly. Vendor Management Software provides an efficient way of storing, collecting, and analyzing vendor’s data. This reduces documentation errors which may lead to major mishaps. 2. Performance Review: By determining those who are delivering perfectly and those that are not, you can take appropriate measures that can maximise your Return on Investment (ROI). This could lead to renegotiation, renewal or end of contracts. The ability to identify problems, even before it becomes one, and opportunities, is one aspect that vendor management software has an advantage of as compared to having a staff dedicated to the job. This also ensures that all your vendors are meeting the agreed-upon Key Performance Indicators (KPI), which can boost vendor performance. 3. Reduce Risks and Compliance Costs: A Vendor Management Software guarantees that you reduce your company’s compliance cost. By having an internal management structure, you can pick off unnecessary expenditures while also having an automated checklist that ensures that your company does not run any risk of noncompliance or malpractice. It also has a comprehensive Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) system which allows you to reduce your inherent and residual risks. 4. Implement a Vendor Strategy: The ability to control your company’s costs can be a dream come true. A Vendor Management Software creates clear and effective Spend Management Reports that will help you make an informed decision regarding your vendors. Through the information collected by the software, you can devise a clear vendor strategy that can vastly reduce your expenses. This provides you an objective point-of-view on which vendors should you keep, and which ones should you let go of. 5. Simple, Quick, and Easy to learn: Despite being complex software, the user interface is easy to learn and provides all users a pleasant experience. No need to take a crash course. It may sound complicated and tedious but, it is not. There are ready-made templates that you can use for easy consolidation of data. 6. Improve Vendor Communication: You can directly communicate with your vendors through the Vendor Management Software. This ensures that all communications run through only one channel and does not become a messy ordeal. As it stores all communication with vendors, it also minimizes the risk of who said what should a problem arise. Having a direct communication channel can also improve your vendor relations. 7. Automated Reminders: A calendar that reminds you of deadlines, tasks, and renewals might sound like a small task, but it is not. By reminding you of your and your vendors’ responsibilities, you can reduce the number of missed deadlines and lapsed contracts. This will prove to be helpful especially during chaotic times when you don’t know which task to prioritize. The application of vendor management software can make things work for you in all aspects. 8. Data Storage: A Vendor Management Software allows users to store and organize documents making it easier to locate contracts and files should you need them. While it may seem rubbish or unnecessary now, there is a high chance that having an unorganized system may greatly affect your operations in the future. Read Also: How To Choose A Practice Management Software For Your Law Firm 5 Important Considerations To Get Supply Chain Management On Cloud

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Are Adaptive Robots The Next Big Thing?

For more than 60 years, industrial robots have been used to automate all types of production lines. Traditional industrial robots are designed to control the position quickly and accurately. For tasks like moving an object, cutting a circle, robots are more efficient than humans in terms of accuracy and speed. During the course of the last few years, robotics engineering has developed many unseen apps. However, it's still easy for individuals to imagine more than a robot can. It is desirable that robots are smarter, more versatile and safer to shorten the cognition divide. Robots And Its Existing Limitations Once recognized only for the manufacturing company, robots are now a component of many workplaces. For this marvel of artificial intelligence, the future is even brighter. However, there are three major limitations that robots have. Limited Achievable Tasks Robots can only finish a limited set of functions in which it requires only a controlled position and a predefined path. Although there are still countless tasks that are too challenging for a robot to accomplish. Deployment Typically, it requires robotic application engineers to program the sequence and trajectory of their desired movement in a specific language to connect robots to the line of products they are working on. Safety Automation can open doors to dangers. It has been found that just placing robots on a factory floor cannot eliminate potential dangers and hazards. It is important to place them under expert supervision so that their movements do not pose a threat to human beings on the floor of the factory. A good practice might be to install protective walls or harnesses that prevent mishaps from happening. What Defines an Adaptive Robot? A robot of the next generation must evolve beyond the concept of collaborative to tackle problems at its origin. Without compromise, it should inherent safety and performance. There are increasing demands to automate such tasks due to labor shortages and harmful working environments. Transferable Intelligence Robots must have the capability to handle a wide variety of tasks similar to human tasks. And it also has to be able to support the rapid redeployment of newly assigned tasks.  Currently, robots have made it easier and cheaper for employers to get the work done. Immense Disturbance Rejection Autonomous robots can maintain their performance, even with unexpected sudden changes in the environment such as floating bases, abrupt vibrations, and even unnecessary human interference. High Tolerance for Various Positions The latest innovation of robots can maintain the task that they’re performing, despite the unpredictability of their new roles such as manufacture or mounting resilience of a workplace, and compiled position errors in the production line. How Robots Become Adaptive With a new generation of robots, a new industrial revolution is underway. Building on new digital technologies, robots now penetrate areas requiring more sophisticated and adaptive skills, such as logistics or even customer-friendly services. We live during an unprecedented speed of technological progress called the digital revolution. Robots, the bridge between digital and physical. And the physical manifestation of this ongoing revolution, powered by new digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, robots now penetrate areas requiring more sophisticated and adaptive skills, such as logistics or even customer-facing services. Adaptability Unleashes The Power Of Artificial Intelligence Deep learning has evolved exponentially, allowing a computer to perceive and make decisions more complex than ever before. The essence of this methodology, however, always contributes to a trade-off between thorough accuracies such as the precision of an identified item location and the universality of robustness against variation and corner cases. A robot with excellent adaptability can make real use of the strength of state-of-the-art AI technology. Also, good power command capacity offers a sensation of contact and improved dexterity, making it easier for AI to thrive in robotics. Takeaway When speaking about drones taking over animal labor and contributing to unemployment, people may get very worried. It is worth noting, however, that many positions and job settings are physically or emotionally detrimental to employees. At the end of the day, technology should always serve people. While most apps of such sophisticated robotics, such as Big Dog, are aimed at multiple army and science initiatives, they are intrigued about the opportunities they retain for manufacturing's future. Read Also: Robot Vacuum: Why You Should Buy Two Trusted Forex Robots In 2019 And Beyond