Solar Battery System Types – AC Vs DC-coupled


13 October 2020



Before you choose the right solar battery, you first need to learn what AC and DC coupling means. Your solar battery storage system determines how effective your solar air conditioning will be.

There are two main ways to connect your power sources when you add battery storage to your solar energy system. AC and DC are the two main types of voltages used to conduct electricity.

Let’s find out what differentiates these two battery systems.

What is the Difference Between AC and DC Power?

AC stands for Alternating Current, and it means electric power first flows in one direction and then the other. This is the type of electric current on the main grid, and it’s suitable for your solar air-con.

DC power, on the other hand, stands for Direct current, and it means electricity flows in one direction only. This is the electric power that your solar panels generate from sunlight. The energy stored in your home’s solar battery is usually DC power.

Since your solar panels generate DC power and your solar air conditioning and other home appliances need AC power, you need a solar inverter to convert this energy to AC electricity. There are three main types of solar inverters in the market;

Traditional Inverters

This first type of inverter is also known as the central inverter because it draws power from your solar panels. If you have a solar air conditioner at home, you’ll need this kind of converter to keep it running.

It is usually a box that’s installed next to your home’s breaker box. It functions by combining all DC energy from your solar panels and converting it to DC power so that you can use your solar air conditioner Malaysia.


The second type of inverter is an in-built component on individual solar panels. They are small inverters found on the backside of your panels. They allow your panels to individually and independently convert the harnessed DC power to AC energy.


Lastly, we have the DC-optimizers that are devices that also go at the back of individual solar panels. Unlike Micro-inverters, they don’t convert DC to AC. Instead, they optimize conditions to ensure your home’s central inverter has an easy time converting DC to AC power. These converters work in a hybrid solar energy system that includes a traditional central inverter and in-built solar panel inverters.

Is a Battery DC or AC?

Batteries, like solar panels, store and produce DC power. Since your home’s electricity is AC, it means batteries in devices have converters that turn the AC power to DC energy.

DC batteries use the same solar inverters that your home uses to convert the stored DC energy to AC power. AC batteries, on the other hand, have an in-built inverter that directly does the conversion.

AC Vs DC -Storage Architecture

Comparing the strengths and weaknesses of these two battery storage systems helps you choose what is best for your home.

DC-Coupled Systems

The DC-coupled system is designed to connect directly to the main grid the same way as your solar panels. In which case, a hybrid inverter is required to create a synergy between the solar battery and the solar panels.


  • There is less energy loss because it’s a one-way conversion.
  • Your system makes you eligible for Net Energy Metering if your solar panels can generate excess energy.
  • It is a simple system which translates to lower costs.
  • It is a smart option for people who’re just beginning their solar energy journey.


  • If you already have a PV system, incorporating it is complex and costly.

AC-Coupled Systems

The AC-coupled system operates with two solar inverters; a conventional inverter and an additional storage inverter that charges your solar battery. It might seem like a complicated system, but it is very easy to setup. However, as compared to the DC-coupled system, it’s less efficient because it has to be charged.


  • It is way more flexible than the DC-coupled system. The inclusion of two inverters allows you to adjust the location of the battery at will.
  • It is compatible with all kinds of solar inverters.
  • It is a cost-effective solution for people that already have a PV system.


  • The system is slightly less efficient as compared to the DC-coupled system because of the AC-DC-AC conversion.
  • The system will have more points of failure because you’ll have one inverter in a different location.

Which Is Better for your Solar and Storage Needs?

If you already have a solar energy system at home, you should go with the AC-coupled system because it’s flexible and easy to set up. However, if you’re just starting your solar journey, you should go with the DC-coupled system; if you generate excess energy, you get to sell it to the main grid.

Final Thoughts

Understanding the difference between these two solar battery systems helps you make the right purchase. Ensure that you work with a professional who understands what is best for your home. Solar energy systems are here to stay, and you might as well jump on the bandwagon because it’s a system that pays for itself.

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Commercial Solar Lights

Illuminating the Future: How Commercial Solar Lights Are Revolutionizing Outdoor Lighting

Looking to brighten up the outside of your business in an eco-friendly and budget-friendly way? Well, you might want to consider commercial solar lights. They not only provide reliable lighting but also help you go green and cut down on your operating costs. Keep reading to discover more about the benefits of commercial solar lights and how to choose the right company to install them. Difference Between Non-Commercial And Commercial Solar Lights Like all lighting options, solar lights can be both small and large scale. Most people assume both have similar mechanisms of action and are just the same. However, that is not true!  Commercial solar lights cover large spaces such as streets, huge security areas, roads, and paths. These also cost a lot more than non-commercial systems. Non-commercial solar lights are those that we can use to illuminate homes. Other than the difference in battery capacities, these two do not differ in other specifications. The non-commercial lights have less battery storage capacity than commercial lights.  Harnessing the Power of the Sun Commercial lights are all about making the most of the sun's energy. They use something called photovoltaic cells, which are like little energy converters. These cells soak up sunlight during the day and turn it into electricity, storing it in batteries for use at night. The cool thing is, you don't need to rely on traditional power sources like electrical grids anymore. It's like getting free energy from the sun! Exceptional Energy Efficiency Solar lights are pretty impressive because they're super energy-efficient. They're designed to give you strong and reliable light without using up a lot of power. They use something called LED technology, which is like a tiny light bulb that's really good at saving energy. So, when you compare solar lights to regular lights, they save a lot of energy and help you cut down on your electricity bill. Everything You Need To Know About Commercial Solar Lights Sustainability is important for improving the current global conditions. Installing commercial solar lights takes us a step closer to that goal. Using commercial solar lights for outdoor lighting does not just help improve the space. It also helps the environment.  Here are the important things you need to keep in mind:  1. How much sunlight does the space receive? You will come across an integrated outdoor solar light or other solar lighting solution in a major city. Usually, these are in spaces that are not overcrowded with skyscrapers, receiving ample sunlight for the solar lights to store.  Picking a space that allows easy solar street light post installation is imperative. For example, the location's condition will help determine what you can expect from the product. Things to keep in mind are optimal software and hardware specifications that ensure smooth working. The area may have obstructions that can hinder the light's performance. Thus, in such a situation, your alternative would be installing a longer light post for it to work properly.  2. Size of the area you want to illuminate Outdoor commercial solar lights have systems that often have two distinct light units: High-intensity discharge (HID) lights and light-emitting diodes (LED). However, more recently, the use of LEDs is more beneficial. The energy-saving ability of LEDs is what helps it provide better illumination. Thus, before installation, you must decide which type of luminaires you want for your outdoor lighting needs.  Commercial solar LED light will be suitable if the area you consider illuminating has a broad space. Moreover, wattage requirements should also be decided beforehand. The rule of thumb is to use higher-wattage lights (or electrical products) as they become cost-efficient in the long run.  3. Software specifications you need to keep in mind Commercial solar lights come with Smart technologies, and some may not have that. However, it is wise to select a product that offers different controls. The trend of smart lights should not stay limited to indoor lighting. Thus, choose an option that has intelligent control tools. These improve the overall efficiency of the installed lights and guarantee a great value for your money!  4. Cost of the installation Outdoor lighting systems can become expensive to install and maintain. Depending on the space you want to illuminate, the cost can change. The expenses can be divided between- running electrical cables, connecting to the grid, and trenching. Then, there are operational costs, electricity bills, and ongoing maintenance costs, all of which can become quite burdensome.  Moreover, with the common idea that cheap can be synonymous with poor quality, asking the service provider is helpful. You should also remember that using less-energy-consuming products will be better than an energy-inefficient system.  Advantages of Commercial Solar Lights Saving Money One of the best things about commercial lights is that they can save you a lot of money. Once you set them up, they hardly cost anything to run. You won't have to worry about paying high electricity bills or spending a lot on maintenance. This means businesses can use their money more wisely. Good for the Environment Solar lights are also great for the environment. They help you use less fossil fuels and electricity from power grids, which is a big deal for reducing pollution and taking care of the planet. So, when businesses use solar lights, they're showing that they care about the environment and want to help make the world more sustainable. Built to Last Commercial lights are tough cookies! They're made from strong materials that can handle all kinds of weather, even when it gets really rough outside. These lights are like the superheroes of the lighting world – they keep working, no matter what the weather is like. Plus, lots of them have backup batteries, so they stay on even when the sun isn't shining. That means you can count on them to light up your space, no matter what. Choosing a Commercial Outdoor Lighting Company Go for One With a Proven Track Record  When you're looking for a company to help with your commercial solar lights, it's smart to pick one with a proven track record. Companies that have been doing this for a while really know their stuff. They've seen it all and can handle any tricky situations that might come up. Lights That Fit Your Needs You'll also want a company that can create lighting that's just right for your business. Think of it like getting a custom-made suit – it fits perfectly because it's made just for you. The same goes for lighting. It should match your specific needs, and a good company will make sure it does. Quality Components and Design Evaluate the quality of components employed in the company's lighting systems. High-quality photovoltaic cells, efficient LED fixtures, and durable construction materials are paramount for long-lasting and efficient solar lighting. To sum it all up, choosing commercial solar lights is like stepping into a new era of outdoor lighting. It's all about saving money, taking care of the planet, and making sure you have reliable lights. When you're picking a company to help with this, remember to look for ones with experience, the ability to customize the lights to your needs, high-quality parts, and excellent support. Read Also: Smart House Technology for Saving Energy 5 Features to Look for in a Business Energy Provider What You Should Know about Solar Energy for Schools Benefits

Save With Solar Panels

How Much Do You Save With Solar Panels? The Ultimate Guide

It's no secret that installing solar panels in your home can save you a significant amount of money. After all, you'll be able to partially generate your own electricity as opposed to relying on utility providers. Not everybody knows just how much they can expect to save from home solar panels, though. How much do you save with solar panels? Let's take a look at the contributing factors to solar panel savings. Sun Exposure As you might guess, the amount of sun exposure in your region will play a large role in determining how much money you save with the best solar panels. Those who live in states like Arizona, California, Florida, or Texas will save more than those who live in Washington. This means that those who live in regions with a particularly cloudy climate may want to hold off on investing in solar panels. The Cost of Installation Those who wish to install solar panels on an average-sized home will need to pay approximately $10,000 to do so. Those who have larger properties will need to spend even more. This also means that it will take you longer to recoup your initial investment. Keep this in mind moving forward so that you can determine whether or not this option is best for you. You can check out this solar installation company to learn more about a reputable resource for this type of equipment. Your Overall Electric Bill The more electricity that you use on a regular basis, the more money you will save by using solar panels. However, those who use minimal electricity each month won't save enough money to justify the costs of installation. So, those who will benefit most are likely those who run a business out of their home, have a substantial number of people living at the property, etc. To get the most precise measurement and the most out of your solar investment, you should be equipped with a smart electric meter. Government Incentives Interestingly, many people are unaware of the fact that the government offers incentives for homeowners to install solar panels. This comes in the form of a tax credit, which allows you to deduct a certain amount of money from your overall income. By extension, this then reduces the amount of money that you pay taxes on. On average, you can expect to receive a tax credit of approximately 23% of the cost of your solar panel installation. Those who spent $10,000 on installation, for example, would be able to write off $2300 from that year's overall income. So, How Much Do You Save With Solar Panels? The answer will highly depend on the factors listed above. In general, however, you can expect to save approximately $1500 per year on electricity. Over time, this number can quickly add up. So, keep the above answer to “how much do you save with solar panels” in mind. Looking for more tips that can help you out later on? Check out the rest of our blog for plenty of more useful information. Read Also: 10 Steps To Take To Set Up Solar Panels At Home The Benefits of Solar Lighting in a Nutshell


Guide To Choose an Authentic Plumber Service Company

When renovating your home, you will naturally want to repair your kitchen sink pipes, the drainage system of your house, and your bathroom pipes and taps. Since this task is tedious and you cannot do it all by yourself, you might need the help of a plumber. There are many online companies from where you can choose an authentic as well as a professional emergency plumber, but it is very essential to note the genuine reviews and the testimonials as well as the price quoted by the plumber, before you assign them any plumbing task. Since most online plumbing companies promise not to collect tax from their customers, your expenditure on getting your plumbing system repaired will be minimal. Choosing A Plumbing Maintenance Company To get an experienced plumber to renovate the damaged plumbing system of your house, you need to choose a good plumbing maintenance company. When you get hold of a plumbing company online, you must research well to gain knowledge about its authenticity. You should pick a service that provides insured plumbing professionals. In case if any damage or injury is, caused due to plumbing, to a person in your household, the insurance of the plumbing specialists will cover for it. It is better to choose the plumbing services from your vicinity first, as then you will have the right track to hold the plumber responsible in case anything goes wrong. Check whether the company is offering a good and affordable package deal on the plumbing maintenance service. To get the cheapest services at your hand does not mean that you have to compromise with quality, as you can very well choose from a host of reputed plumbing agencies. Benefits of Choosing Plumbing Service From the time you call the plumbing service till the time, the plumber leaves your house, both the company executives as well as the plumbing specialists will treat you with respect. In addition to what is mentioned above, given below are the other advantages of hiring a plumbing service:The plumbers of the plumbing service company use latest technologies, methodologies, and equipment to repair a household’s drainage system, pipes, and faucets. Each plumbing professional is trained to diagnose the problem accurately so that he or she can fix the damage in the plumbing system quickly. All plumbers coming from plumbing service organizations are licensed, workers. This determines that they are authentic and will not cheat you.  Understanding Plumbing Company’s Authenticity Read the details of the company on its official website and check whether it comprises of professionally trained and experienced plumbers. If the firm comprises of experienced professionals, you can rely on the fact that good and reliable service will be delivered to you. Check the ratings, given by previous users, on the services of the company. If the rating is above four stars, you can consider the company to be authentic.  Read Also:  1. Installation of Kitchen Cabinets: Best Way to Give Your Home a Perfect Facelift 2. Kitchen Renovations Must be Done at Regular Intervals 3. List of Most Durable Kitchen Flooring The Internet contains countless plumbing service websites. To have a plumber come and visit your house to repair and replace leaky faucets, broken pipes, and damaged drainage system you must look for the contact of the plumbing service that you have chosen to call or email them. You do not have to register yourself with the plumbing service or pay in advance to get in touch with them. An authentic plumbing service firm will give you a prompt plumber that will diagnose the fault in your plumbing system quickly.  He or she will use all necessary tools, efficiently, to renovate your plumbing system to make it as good as new again.