Things To Keep In Mind When Looking For The Best Facility Maintenance


04 March 2019


Facility Maintenance

The importance of a well-managed infrastructure in the success of a business cannot be underestimated. A properly maintained commercial property ensures efficient delivery of services, a safe and healthy working environment, optimum worker productivity, and customer satisfaction. It adds value to an organization, so it’s important to keep it in great shape.

Unfortunately, facility maintenance, upkeep, and repair can take up a massive chunk of a business’ operational expenses. The good news is that service contractors are specializing in commercial property maintenance without straining your annual budget. Outsourcing this business aspect is a cost-effective alternative that comes with several other benefits. Many businesses are now adopting this business structure. In fact, the global facility management market was estimated to reach $1.314 trillion in 2018.

With the help of reliable building maintenance services, costs are controlled, resources are maximized, standard services are delivered, and compliance with health and building codes is ascertained.

How to choose the right facility maintenance provider?

Facilities maintenance is an important part of your organization’s day-to-day operations. Once you outsource it with a third-party provider, the facilities management services become an integral part of your business. Their quality of service, whether it is good or bad, will reflect on your business.

Working with the inexperienced or ill-equipped provider can lead to a horrible partnership that can adversely affect customer satisfaction, business operations, and revenue potentials. This makes it vital for businesses to choose only the best.

Facility maintenance specialists at CSG share with us some things to keep in mind before zeroing in on a provider for your business.


Any company can make an impressive marketing material. However, make sure to verify the claims of a potential provider. Ask for references that can vouch for the quality of services they offer.

Training and experience:

Employees of the facility maintenance provider become a de facto member of your company. They play an essential role in your business’ daily operations. As such, you want a provider with skilled, trained, and qualified personnel so that your clients get the best service experience. Furthermore, this should also ensure that they can execute their duties properly. Ask about development and training programs for service employees. Look for a company that considers continuous this a priority.


Choose a commercial property maintenance contractor with a wide range of capabilities. A reliable facility maintenance services must be versatile and be able to respond to the ever-changing needs of your business quickly. This will ensure consistency in the delivery of services, efficient work processes, and reduced costs associated with hiring a different contractor. If your business is expanding, consider working with a company that offers scalable services or customizable plans and programs.

Supplies and equipment:

An excellent facility maintenance provider should be well-equipped with adequate and appropriate supplies and equipment. Check their inventory to validate their claims. This should help you assess their capability to meet your building maintenance needs. Verify the quality of the equipment and products they utilize.

Management and leadership:

This is a crucial aspect of any organization as it can have a significant impact on how tasks and responsibilities are accomplished. Poor leadership can lead to failed delivery of services. You want to know who will be managing the account. Explore their existing organizational culture and see how policies are utilized to achieve goals.

Transition process:

With proper risk management and transition plan, a change in facility maintenance provider could lead to disruption of services. As such, you want to check how the provider can guarantee a smooth handover and avoid any interruptions that could affect business operations.


To avoid any liabilities while their personnel is working on your premises, make sure to check their current insurance policies.


Inquire about any blackout times in a provider’s schedule. Also, check about how they deal with sudden requests for additional personnel or new tasks.


Certifications such as CIMS Green Building, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliant, and Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CMS) ensure competence and compliance of a prospective contractor. Inquire about the certifications that the provider currently hold.

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What are the benefits associated with crowdfunding for businesses?

In present times, the influence of business is undeniable in everyday life. There are different aspects of the economy that is solely dependent on how well the various startups of the country prosper. Marketing the business along with the funding can together ensure how well it would thrive in the long run. There are different ways in which any type of business can be funded, and if you implement the right method, you can see a significant profit in the minimum possible time. To make sure your business is thriving, you should take calculated risks as well judiciously. If the company fails which is a factor you cannot completely rule out, you will suffer losses, and that would lead to a debt crisis which at its extreme can lead to bankruptcy. One such method of funding which is comparatively less risky is crowdfunding. What is crowdfunding? There are different methods of funding a business like self-funding, crowdfunding, angel financer, bank loans, business schemes, and so on. Among these, crowdfunding is considered among the safest choice when you have a beautiful business plan and need a lot of money that you cannot get from one single source. In the case of crowdfunding, one can appeal with a proper business plan at a funding forum. And those who are interested in being the shareholders or clients for this kind of business can invest in it by getting in touch with you. There are several different benefits associated with crowdfunding and when you have a proper understanding of how it operates you can quickly make the most of this kind of funding. Easy access to capital : It is not easy to get the necessary funds for any business. However, when you have a secure network of people who have the capacity and are willing to invest in your project, you can quickly come across the necessary funds for the business. You can connect with other entrepreneurs as well who may be interested in investing in your business plan in particular. There are various reward-based crowdfunding platforms which help entrepreneurs to raise funds from a community that has a common interest in the kind of business proposal that you have. You can even give tangible gifts or rewards for funding the business like free samples of your products which can get them even more interested in supporting the company that you are trying to establish. This way, you can gather the necessary fund from scratch over a reasonable period. Reduces the risks : Starting a company is a very challenging task, and there is often a very high-risk factor associated with the venture. But with crowdfunding, you can avoid the risk to a large extent since you would be able to learn a lot about the market value of your business and whether this is a feasible and profitable idea at all. You would be able to understand the possible reception that your product is likely to get through a crowdfunding campaign. Only those people who are passionate about such a product would show interest in funding. When you know the number of people who are interested in funding your business, you can estimate the possible outcome of your campaign. Moreover, your company receives a lot of attention and marketing even before it rolls out through crowdfunding. You have a chance of earning consistent profit through the business and so would be able to pay off all those who have funded the business eventually. Validate your business concept : When you are looking for more institutionalized investors, the first and foremost question they are likely to ask you are - why should they invest and do you have any guarantee that your business plan would succeed? These are tricky questions with no easy answers for any business owner. However, when you are opting for crowdfunding, you can show the proof of concept which can convince them to invest in your dream venture as well. A successful crowdfunding campaign would mean that many people are welcoming your product and business concept and there is a good market value of the business that you are starting. The initial success would assure formal investors like banks to give you loans without worrying about the chances of non-payment unless there is a major crisis in your business. The number of people investing in the company also shows the trust and integrity that the masses show towards your brand even at its initial stage which can help to boost your reputation for the future. New and innovative brainstorming : The crowd not only comes up with the funds but they can even provide you with new ideas which would help your business to prosper. New and innovative ideas about the different aspects of the company would ensure that you can cover all the loopholes in the business plans. The entrepreneurs can engage the crowd in a brainstorming session as they would want to have a say in the business where they are investing. Through their discussions and comments, you can even come across good suggestions and ideas which would benefit the company in the long run. Moreover, you can even get legal suggestions about avoiding debt and also debt settlement reviews from different people through their experiences. Consult your lawyers about this and find out what is applicable for your business. This way you can make sure that your business is safe and secure as well against any business trouble related to finance. Conclusion : There are different advantages associated with crowdfunding. It is much safer compared to other methods of funding, and you can rest assured to avoid any debt-related crisis if you can successfully implement the different types of crowdfunding methods. The choice ultimately rests on the business owner about how to collect funds and use them successfully for the company. It can be concluded that business management becomes easier than ever before when you have a proper conception of the process of funding that you are implementing.