Tips to Make Your Online Boutique More Appealing


16 February 2019


Online Boutique

If you’ve started an online boutique, this is such an exciting business endeavor to launch. You’ll be able to have access to amazing items, connect with new people and create a financial asset. However, before you get started with the business creation, it’s important to be intentional with the way you manage your time and other resources. Consider the following ways you can make more online boutique appealing enough to attract a consistent customer base.

Tips to Make Your Online Boutique More Appealing:

1. Be intentional about consistent sourcing:

If your online boutique involves reselling items you’ve found at consignment shops, vintage shops and more, you’ll want to make sure you’re consistently sourcing new products. If people don’t see new merchandise in the rotation, they won’t know that it’s an active shop. If you’re selling clothes that you’ve purchased from a manufacturer, get consistent about finding new pieces to add to the shop. When you’re constantly adding new items, this will give consumers a reason to keep checking your website. It’s also okay to try different manufacturers for different types of pieces.

2. Create a strong promotional strategy:

One of the best ways to promote your online boutique involves the use of social media. Start by using two different platforms. Learn those platforms, and perfect your strategy. Once you’ve mastered those two platforms, expand to the others. If you’re able to assign someone to manage the social media accounts, you can go ahead and promote on as many platforms as you’d like. When you’re running the company as the sole employee, it’s best to provide quality over quantity. Provide amazing promotional content on Instagram and YouTube. Once you’ve created an automated system for both platforms, expand to sites like Facebook and Pinterest.

3. Maintain a secure website:

It doesn’t make sense to have an online boutique without securing a website. While it might seem easy to build your online boutique through the use of a social media platform and a PayPal account, it’s doesn’t provide the professional appeal that’s best for an asset you’re looking to build upon. Plus, if that social media platform decided that your content was offensive and banned you, you’d be out of business. Secure a website where you can use tools like enterprise Magento to produce a seamless website. Use a pop-up button in order to capture the email addresses of potential and current customers. Once you have a person’s email address, you have direct access to inboxes that many people check multiple times every single day. While you don’t want to send continuous spam, it’s wise to develop a relationship with your customers through an email newsletter.

4. Host contests and giveaways:

There aren’t too many people who would turn down a really good deal or a free item. This is why it’s wise to consider hosting giveaways and contests on a regular basis. Make sure the efforts are connected to publicizing your brand. When you’ve decided to host a contest or a giveaway, make sure that you encourage your followers to implement a few instructions in order to enter. You could ask your followers to repost a specific graphic that promotes the brand. Once they do so, they can tag your company in the post so you’ll be notified. As you host these contests and giveaways, it creates a buzz. In turn, this makes your company look relevant. Be sure to add a specific hashtag to the giveaway for more visibility in the algorithm.

5. Perfect the flay lay shot:

While there are online boutiques that try to get away with propping their merchandise up on a bed or the floor, this doesn’t look very appealing. In fact, it’s a great way to cheapen the look of your brand. Instead, become a master with learning the flat lay method. A huge white poster board provides a great backdrop. The larger the board is, the better off you’ll be. Then, it’s best to add decor to go along with the full look. If you’re displaying a stunning dress, make sure the dress is the obvious item for sale. Then, add a cute pair of pumps, a necklace and a simple item like a candle or some flowers on the side. Take the shots from an aerial view. Once you take the shots, make sure to edit them in a photo-editing app or editing software. Not only can you share these photos on your website, but you can also repost the items on social media. Flat lay shots are great because they make your items pop and look more professional.

6. Display the items in various ways:

If you’re showcasing clothing items, remember that people like to see how the items look from different angles. If you’re able to model the clothes or hire a model, make sure to capture the garment from all angles. It’s also a great idea to consider purchasing a dress form for diversity. You can always hang clothing, necklaces, and scarves on a dress form.

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Kurta Pajama (1)

Kurta Pajama Styles To Amp Up Your Party Look

Designs for kurta pajamas are classic clothing that works for any occasion. The kurta can be either short or long in length. It could be easy or require labor. During the heating season, simple kurtas continue to be much more demanding.Heavy embroidery and motifs on cotton kurtas give them a comfortable, untroubled appearance that makes them ideal for weddings and make perfect party wear kurta pajama. On the day of their wedding, even the grooms choose thick kurtas for them to wear. These distinguish themselves from the competition with designer prints. Tips To Style And Slay A Kurta Pajama For A Party: Kurta pajamas are considered ethnic wear, and people wear them on different occasions. But over the recent years, it is observed that the young generation has shown their interest more in these wears. They are comfortable wearing these clothes that define both the fashing and leniency towards the culture. These are positive signs. Here we discuss some of the tips that will enable you to hit the parties with ethnic wear with more comfort and ease. So let us get started with the discussion here. Use Different Colors. Be daring and use color contrast. Use hue combinations that complement your skin tones the finest. Allow the hues to reflect your individual flair. The simplest color combinations frequently work best to make your look stand out. To amplify your appearance, it is advised to choose colors that contrast with one another. Dress It Up By including a jacket or drape, you can add interest to your pajamas or kurta. Wearing a printed or beaded jacket will give your outfit an edge and draw attention to the embellishments if the kurta pajama you own is a solid hue. Details Are Important: You can experiment with a lot of things in your apparel, from fabric to embroidery. Choose a look that best fits your body shape and is comfortable.To make the festive dress code unique, consider investing in an embroidered collar, rich materials with their own texture, geometric prints, and pastel colors, among other things. You get to express the best of your style through the details you choose. The Kurta Length: Select the length of your kurta from the variety available on the market based on your personality. Long kurtas go well with churidar. On the other hand, short kurtas look nice with harem trousers or even with a Patiala.For their elegance and sophisticated appearance, semi-shirts, as well as button-down kurtas, are frequently regarded as fashionable. The ethnic long kurta, which enhances both your elegance and height, is a style that you can never go wrong with. Accessorize: With a contemporary twist, every traditional costume looks gorgeous. You may highlight the magnificence of your kurta by accessorizing it with chic pins, a pocket square, and brooches.Accessories consisting of gemstones are quite popular for their sheer elegance. Nowadays, bandi jackets having intricate embroidery are a fantastic option as well. As the weather starts to turn cooler, you might add a shawl as an ideal accessory for your entire kurta pajama ensemble. Denim Kurta: You'll fall back in love with denim after wearing one of these kurtas. Many brands transform this denim into kurtas with a traditional appearance that is not just festive wear but also made for informal occasions and accessorized with strappy sandals and faded jeans. Bandhini Kurtas: Although originally from the Indian state of Rajasthan, Bandhini kurtas are now widely available. These are not only lightweight but also incredibly colorful.They typically come in light shades of color like yellow, blue, green, pink, and others. To achieve the ideal Bandhini look, they are knotted and colored. This can be worn to ethnic gatherings and festivals. White pajamas and footwear from various cultures can be used as accessories. Woolen Kurtas: This kurta is ideal for winter weddings since it keeps the wearer warm and comfortable and enables them to enjoy the event despite the bitter weather. White churidar trousers, a woolen stole, and some dress shoes are the ideal accessories to pair with it. Party Wears Kurta Pajama Ideas: Some trending and stylish party wear kurta pajama ideas are: Black Kurta Pajama: If in doubt, dress in black! This black Kurta Pajama won't let you down at weddings or festivals. Look for a kurta that consists of a cotton and silk combination for a smooth yet shiny appearance. The body eventually lights up with traditional Indian designs to give it an ethnic flavor. Kurta Pajama With Cowl Neck: Make a statement at the forthcoming winter wedding by wearing this distinctive men's kurta pajama style. The cowl neck, which gives your look a comfortable vibe, is the outfit's most distinctive feature. Pakistani Kurta Pajama: Unquestionably, a Pakistani Kurta Pajama is one of the stylish and unique looks that guys should try! It has a shirt collar, a front button placket, and roll-up sleeves, and is a knee-length kurta. Select a kurta that is completely white. No outfit can actually match its level of sophistication and elegance! Style A Kurta With Harem Pants: The combination of a kurta with hareem pants is customary. Whether you're attending a friend's Mehandi ceremony, a party at work, or a Diwali celebration at home, this fashionable pair is comfortable and simple to transport. Select an Uneven Kurta Pattern Asymmetrical kurtas are here to save the day for anyone who feels that the norm has run its course. The asymmetry gives the typical kurta pajamas a modern twist. Final words: In conclusion, there are many ways to upgrade your party look and make a fashion statement using kurta pajama styles. There is a fashion that precisely reflects your individuality and ensures you stand out on any occasion, whether you choose traditional elegance or modern twists.You can express your individual style and highlight your fashion-forward senses with the appeal of embellished designs, contemporary cutting, brilliant colors, and fusion elements. Strategically choosing your accessories will help you complete your style, accentuate your party looks, and project confidence.Embrace the adaptability of kurta pajama styles to enter any party with a sophisticated sense of fashion and an undeniable presence that will create an effect on everyone you encounter. Read Also:7 Fashion Tips Exclusively For Men Top 10 Fashion Brands of 2018 Mens Can Now Have A Comfortable Winter Season

Bridal Shower

How To Dress For A Bridal Shower?

When planning what to wear to a bridal shower, it is important to remember to keep things conservative.Rather than offending anyone, opt for something conservative and classic. Also, a tea party is much better than a party at a bar as it does not steal the bride's attention.It is also best to avoid plunging necklines and short skirts. Remember, a little nod to the party theme goes a long way!Things To Avoid:1. Revealing, flashy, or over-the-top formalWhile a revealing, flashy, or over-the-top formal dress may look lovely, it will probably not be appropriate at a bridal shower. Instead, opt for a more modest style that won't offend anyone.A tea party is a better option than a bar. Whether you attend a traditional shower or a more modern version, there's a dress to match.While there are plenty of stylish options to choose from, a dress for a bridal shower is the most suitable option. It's both feminine and understated, making it a great choice for any type of venue. Avoid wearing jeans or corduroy pants to a bridal shower, as they don't convey respect to the hosts.Besides, dresses are not just for the shower. Historically, the bridal shower is usually a fun, festive party ( While white is never appropriate, black is a great choice. Black is also bold and can make a stunning statement. Of course, any color other than black or navy is perfectly acceptable.2. Wearing studded accessoriesThe first thing to remember when attending a bridal shower is the location. There are several factors to consider, including footwear.The country club, restaurant, or backyard tends to have a higher level of formality, so you may want to avoid chunky heels and wedges. For an outdoor venue, try wearing flat shoes or a plain sterling silver bracelet.As far as fabrics go, stay away from leather biker jackets or other edgy pieces. Instead, choose feminine fabrics like chiffon or jersey. Decorative items like earrings or necklaces can add a little bit of bling to the ensemble, but don't go overboard. Instead, stick with fine, delicate jewelry. Embroidered bracelets and anklets are not appropriate for a bridal shower.As for colors, avoid bright red or blue. Dark colors don't fit the mood for the right bridal shower dress or accessories, so avoid wearing them. Those colors will only make you look like a party snob instead of a bride-to-be. Instead, stick to pastel colors and go for more muted hues.You can visit this website to see more suggestions. You don't want to overwhelm the bride, but it's still important to look presentable.3. Wearing all blackAlthough a bridal shower does not typically have a dress code, there are a few things you should avoid, especially if the event is outside. This is because the atmosphere is often less formal than the bride-to-be's big day. Another thing to keep in mind is what time of year the shower is held.For example, a winter shower is not the time to wear all black, so you should opt for a more feminine, sexy dress instead. Similarly, for a spring bridal shower, a flowy dress or midi skirt would be appropriate. Flowy blouses or pants would also work well and would be appropriate for spring and autumn showers.For a bridal shower, it is also important to avoid all black. Black is often considered too formal for a bride-to-be party. Some older family members might frown upon you wearing all black, and some outdoor daytime parties don't allow for that. Moreover, you don't want to impose a certain look on the bride-to-be. She may also be wearing white.It would be best if you can find a compromise between these two extremes and wear whatever colors you like. Although white is the color of choice for a bride-to-be party, black is not appropriate.While white is reserved for the bride, light shades of other colors are also appropriate. Wide-leg pants are chic, but you should make sure to wear shinies.Don't wear anything too loud, as this could make you stand out among other attendees. A simple necklace is enough to make a statement. In addition to neutral colors, you should avoid all-black ensembles. Black can look too somber at a bridal shower. Instead, opt for pastels, neutrals, and floral prints.For a spring or summer event, you may want to wear a midi dress with a floral print. Regardless of what color scheme you prefer, there’s probably a theme for it that you can find by clicking here, so consider the season and weather for the event. If you're attending a summer bride-to-be party, then a floral is okay I guess.You May Also Check: 7 Perfect Accessories to Match Your Wedding Dress4. Wearing denimWhile you're welcome to wear whatever you like to the bridal shower, avoid jeans. Denim is casual and will cause discomfort over time, and will make your mobility difficult.Instead, opt for a dress or skirt. There are plenty of flattering, comfortable options. Listed below are some tips to avoid wearing denim to a bride-to-be party. Read on to find out how you can look beautiful and make a great first impression.Before going to a bridal shower, determine the venue. If the shower is being held at a family member's home, jeans are acceptable. Otherwise, a country club or backyard would be more appropriate. Remember that the bride-to-be's personal style will likely determine the theme of the shower.For example, she may opt for a boho-chic bride-to-be party theme. However, there are also many types of bridal showers, so check out this Pinterest board for more. Some of them are themed, meaning that a particular dress is recommended. Guests should avoid wearing jeans to a bridal shower. This is bad etiquette and could put the bride in a hot mess.While denim is acceptable for casual attire, the bride should also avoid wearing baggy jeans. While you might be tempted to wear a skirt that is too short, consider wearing a skirt that covers the ankles. This way, you won't risk flashing the bride's grandmother.Read Also:5 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Invites5 Perfect Fashion Clothing Choices for Petite WomenReasons for Using Your Handwriting for Wedding Invitations

Human Hair Extensions

How to Use Heat to Straighten Curly Human Hair Extensions

Did you know that you can take your curly human hair extensions from big, bouncy curls to sleek and straight in a matter of minutes? Curly human hair extensions are so versatile that they can be straightened just a little to give you curls that are looser and have a little less body or straightened all the way out to give you silky straight tresses.There’s no need to buy expensive styling tools to take your human hair extensions from curly to straight. You can achieve the level of straightness you desire quickly with the basic heat styling that you likely already own. Just pull up a seat, get your flat iron and blow dryer ready and with a little patience and know-how, you can create a stunning hairstyle that turns heads.The great thing about using heat styling tools to straighten your curly hair extensions is that the texture of your extensions only changes temporarily. After you wear your curly human hair extensions straight, saturate them with water, and the original curl pattern will pop right back into your extensions.You can go from straight to curly and change your hairstyles as often as you’d like when you use heat styling tools to straighten your curly human hair extensions making it a great styling option for anyone who likes to try new looks and get the most value from their extensions.The same rules that apply to straighten your own hair apply when you straighten curly human hair extensions. When you straighten curly human hair extensions, you have to prepare the hair and use heat styling tools carefully just like you do with your own hair. If you set your heat styling tools on a low heat setting and attempt to straighten your curly hair extensions, your hair may only become puffy or wavy, and if you use too much heat on your curly human hair extensions, you can run the risk of burning them or causing permanent breakage.If you’d like to straighten your curly human hair extensions, but you’re not sure how useful these simple tips to transform your extensions: 1. Detangle your extensions: Like natural hair, the curls of curly human hair extensions should be combed or brushed thoroughly to make the hair completely smooth before heat styling tools are used. Section your extensions and work a comb or brush from the ends to the top of your extensions to make sure even the smallest twists or tangles are removed. 2. Protect your hair with heat styling products:Eliminate the possibility of heat damage by using hair products designed to protect extensions or natural hair. Heat damage such as loss of curl pattern, breakage, and burned hair can occur if your extensions aren’t properly protected before you begin the process of straightening with the use of heat styling tools. Glosses, serums and a wide variety of other over the counter and drug store products can keep your curly human hair extensions from unwanted damage while providing them with added softness and shine.Look for heat protecting products that contain ingredients like Vitamin E and other vitamins and oils that revitalize and add strength to the hair while keeping it from safe from the excessive heat.   A little goes a long way when it comes to products that can protect your curly human hair extensions from heat damage. Usually, an amount that’s equal to the size of a small coin is enough to coat all of your extensions at once. Too much product tends to weigh the hair down and provide an undesirable appearance.Use your hands to work the product into your extensions then follow up with a brush to make sure the product has been distributed throughout your extensions evenly. 3. Use Your Blow-dryer: If you want to loosen your curls quickly using a blow dryer may be the option for you. Because blow dryers can be set on low or high heat, they can straighten your curly hair extensions to just about any thickness you desire.The Chase MethodUsing the chase method is an easy way to smooth wet or dry hair straight with the use of a blow dryer. You can use just about any flat brush to smooth your hair straight as you straighten your hair. Just section your hair and place the hairbrush in front of the blow dryer to pull your hair straight as you move the blow dryer through your hair.Waves and curlsIf you’d like to replace the curls of your curly human hair extensions with waves or loose curls using a round brush along with a blow dryer is a great way to change the texture of your extensions. Section your extensions and gently pull the round brush and blow dryer through your hair. You can use the round brush just like you’d use a curling iron or curling wand. Wrap your hair around the end of your hair and focus the heat of the blow dryer on it to create a loose curl or waves in long extensions. 4. Use Your Flat Iron: If you want to turn your human hair extensions from curly to silky straight fast, flat ironing is the way to go. Flatirons can generally be set to higher temperatures than a blow drier can and can, therefore, straighten your extensions much faster. Be sure to read the instructions provided with your extensions to find out the temperature setting recommended for heat styling tools. To find out which heat setting works best for your extensions begin with low heat and gradually move to a higher setting. Section your extensions and work your flat irons from the top to the tip of your hair in one smooth motion repeatedly until you obtain your desired look.Read Also:Choose The Latest Collection Of Women Clothing For A Stylish Look How To Lace Running Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis?