Tips to Write an A+ 5 Paragraph Essay

Published on: 10 August 2018 Last Updated on: 08 August 2019
Tips to Write an A+ 5 Paragraph Essay

The 5 paragraph essay format is the most common academic task that a student at all educational levels has to deal with. This is primarily because the majority of the exams have a time-restriction and a word limit. However, a 5 paragraph essay format is also a very flexible one, regarding the topic choice and disciplines.

The five-paragraph essay has become a standard for all kinds of essays, including persuasive and narrative. Writing a 5 paragraph essay can get a little daunting, especially if you feel that your essay writing skills have a long way to go.

You might think that to write a custom 5 paragraph essay, it’s nearly impossible to avoid turning to professionals for help, however, by the end of this article, you’ll change your mind. You’re going to get a clearer grasp of the best way to go about writing a high-quality, attention-grabbing, traffic-driving, and brilliant five-paragraph essay no matter the nature of your assignment or the discipline.

How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay: Step by Step Guide :

Make an Outline First :

Structuring the contents of your essay is the most important part –particularly if you’re going to be writing a restricted-to-five-paragraphs essay where the word limit comes into play. This kind of number-restricted essay format has an average word limit of 500 to 800 words. The five paragraphs are split like so:

  • Paragraph 1: The Introduction – write your thesis statement in the outline.
  • Paragraph 2, 3, 4: The Supporting Details – write a topic sentence for each of the three paragraphs.
  • Paragraph 5: The Conclusion

The Introduction :

The first paragraph is usually the most important paragraph in your entire essay. It has a thesis statement and sets the tone for the rest of the paragraphs to come. If written right, it can act as a hook for the entire essay, grabbing the reader’s attention.

Tips To Write A Five Paragraph Essay Introduction :

  • The thesis statement, which can either be the first or the last line of your introductory paragraph acts as a place-holder. Each of the four paragraphs that follow the link back to the thesis statement present in the first paragraph.
  • However, if you’re writing an argumentative or persuasive essay, don’t reveal your argument in the introduction –rather use the argument as a placeholder itself.
  • If you are having trouble coming up with the ‘hook’ of the essay – and this is common when writing an argumentative or persuasive essay – use a ‘temporary hook’ and adjust it when you’re done with the essay.

The Supporting Details :

The supporting details are the three paragraphs in between the introduction and the conclusion: two, three, and four. Each paragraph will have its own topic sentence which signifies one of your arguments or points. Each topic sentence must link back in support of the thesis statement mentioned in the first paragraph.

Tips for Writing a 5 Paragraph Essay with Supporting Details :

  • Write your topic sentence, and add the supporting details or your opinions and arguments to that statement. This is called the thesis assertion and is the most important part of the entire essay.
  • Provide solid, fully-researched pieces of evidence to support your argument. Cite your sources, provide facts, examples, statistics, and quotes.
  • Unless it’s a descriptive five-paragraph essay, your commentary is super important to make your essay ‘stand out’ from the rest.
  • Structure your points in such a manner that your weakest point is sandwiched between your two strongest ones.

The Conclusion :

This is the summary of your entire essay and restates the thesis statement of the entire essay.

Because the conclusion performs the task of linking the thesis statement through each paragraph and all the way up to the introduction, this paragraph must not contain any new information. You can conclude your essay with a call to action, a warning, a universally accepted statement, or even a quote.

The Finishing Touch :

  • Combine choppy sentences to make your essay more concrete
  • Rephrase wordy sentences into readable, simpler ones
  • Rewrite run-on sentences and fragments
  • Summarize, tighten, and de-clutter

A Sample :

Essay Topic: Environmental Preservation
Paragraph 1 “Do you want to live on a planet, surrounded by wasteland?” + 4 to 5 sentences
Paragraph 2 “Deforestation not only causes air pollution but increases the chances of diseases as well.” + Example or statistics
Paragraph 3 “Around the world, failure of environmental preservation has been linked with reduced income and reduced protection from natural disasters.” + Statistics or examples
Paragraph 4 “Environmental destruction is contributing to reduced food security and water availability” + Statistics and examples
Paragraph 5 “In conclusion, destroying all our natural resources, reducing air quality not just worsens our environment, but directly impacts humanity as well.”


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organizational leadership Skills

Develop Your Organizational Leadership Skills With An Associates Of Science Degree 

Are you in the military and looking to develop your organizational leadership skills? It would help if you looked into getting your Associate of Science from an accredited online degree program.  Developing your organizational leadership skills with an associates of science degree is significant. After all you can improve your skill sets in the leadership domain. Here are the detailed factors about developing organizational leadership skills with an associate of science degree.   What Is an Associate of Science in Organizational Leadership and Professional Studies? The skills taught through an Associate of Science in Organization Leadership and Professional Studies degree program will help you to become a leader in any profession you choose to explore. As military personnel, you will study the skills and approaches to help you operate or manage an organization. The skills you learn will give you a solid practice knowledge base that can be applied to developing your potential to become an effective leader. The program includes a broad range of topics that include communication, finances, sociology, management, and business strategies. Some of the coursework in the program may include: Strategic leadership Budgeting Group behavior Business ethics Human resources Data analysis and presentations Through the Associate’s of Science Degree degree program in Professional Studies and Organizational Leadership, you will learn: How to develop a leadership philosophy according to ethical principles How to use technological means to analyze practical industry and management problems. How to examine strategies for building collaboration and managing conflict How to demonstrate adequate oral and written communication abilities How to apply existing knowledge to make real-world decisions in organizations and communities. How to use quantitative logic to fix problems How to recognize diversity in artistic, historic, and literary expressions If you are looking to further your career in leadership, whether in the military or civilian life, getting your Associate of Science in Professional Studies and Organizational Leadership will give you the skills you need to succeed. What Can You do with Your Associate of Science in Professional Studies and Organizational Leadership After completing the degree program and obtaining your Associate’s of Science, you will be prepared to start entry-level management positions. In particular, positions that allow workers to influence organizational or department level changes. You have the option to oversee business operations and manage employees with this degree. Some possible job opportunities you can apply for with your degree include: Operations Manager Training and Development Specialist Administrative Services Manager Executive Administrative Assistant Production Manager Manager of a major retail company General manager of a restaurant In addition to the civilian jobs mentioned above, as military personnel, you can find job opportunities that include: Officer training Manager for military contractors Traveling Manager who visits worksites around the country The degree program in organizational leadership skills you completed will provide you with an understanding of how to apply leadership skills to practical situations. You will be prepared for management roles in any industry you choose to work. Why Should You Get Your Associate of Science in Professional Studies and Organizational Leadership Online When deciding to go back to school to obtain our associate’s degree, finding an online college or university is a great option. Trident organizational leadership degree program allows you to transfer between 12 and 24 credits from your military occupation, military rating, training or completed professional certificate or diploma with Trident.  Online degree programs allow you to develop the skills you need to begin your career while continuing to maintain a healthy balance between work, life, and school. Online courses offer other benefits that include: Flexible schedule: Attend class at your own pace. With access to course materials at any time, you can do your course work when it is convenient for you. Cost: You will only be paying for your college credits. You won’t have to worry about paying for room and board, food, activity fees, textbooks, and other fees associated with on-campus learning. Convenient: You don’t have to commute to and from class. You’re not required to be in a classroom at a particular time on a particular day. Accelerate your degree program process: Opt to take a full course load, and summer classes, and get your degree faster. Work at your own pace: You can take one class a semester or opt for a full course load Individual instruction: Since you’ll be working by yourself on school assignments, you will have direct access to your professor. This is helpful for students who are intimidated by traditional classroom settings. Communication: You have better access to communicating with your professor. Since everything is done online, you can email, live chat, or call them with questions or ask for feedback. Taking classes online will help prepare you for your future career in leadership skills. You will develop self-discipline by managing your time and tasks. You will learn how to be self-motivated so you can reach your goal of getting your Associate’s degree. All of these skills can be applied to your new professional career as a leader. Let’s Discuss About The Key Leadership Traits If you want to meet the demand and become a more decisive leader, then there are some skill sets that you must have. Below, I am going to discuss the critical leadership traits.    1) Strong Influencer Behavior    No matter what leaders are at what levels in the organization. You must know how you will influence and persuade your peers. On the other hand, if you are pitching a new idea or trying to change a significant department.    This is all about your way of thinking. Some influential leaders always communicate with empathy. They will further strive to identify and understand their colleagues. You can use that knowledge to make a change.  2) Emotional Resilience Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how influential you are in handling emotional resilience. Some significant ideas will flop, and there will also be some priority changes.    In this case, you must prepare for the possibility and determine where to respond appropriately. This happens with resilience and flexibility. Such leaders would need to bounce back from several other disappointments.    3) Extroversion Ensure being a leader, you are an extrovert. Based on the report, over 40% of executives are considered introverts. Effective leaders always need to have an extroverted tendency although. It means you cannot stay holed up in the office. Even more, you will remain focused solely on your work.    Instead of handling the responsibilities of a leader, you must communicate with collaboration and transparency. This applies to peers. If you are an introvert, you can quickly start leaning into the practice by getting to know your colleagues in such a small group.    4) Self-Control    After all, extroversion is such a beneficial and feasible trait that you must have required to practice self-control. Instead of you one wants to stop and think before hastily responding to the colleague. Some influential leaders can listen and who can focus on what they should stay but what is being said.    Spontaneous decisions are always required. If the leaders must fight their urges, it is all about reacting. If you start to feel stressed, then they will sense that. Even soon, you can carry the most burden of yourself. Above all, managing these emotions is quite significant to success.    5) Ability To Solve Problems    Influential leaders are all about thinking abstractly about them. Even more, this is also about solving diverse problems quickly. In this case, solving problems will require the flexibility of several other leadership skills. For instance, you must view the issues as some opportunities. This is not all about letting stress paralyze. In this case, taking some time will help you gather accurate evidence, which will help you reach such a significant informative decision. Final Notes Once you have developed your organizational leadership skills and obtained your Associate of Science degree, you can begin your new career path. Getting a degree in organizational leadership skills will give you the skills you need for a career where you can take on a leadership role and forge your career path. Read Also: Leadership Qualities Help In Enhancing Visionary Transform How Business Leadership Plays An Important Role In Business Success? The Knowledge Academy Reviews: A Global Leader In Professional Training

STEM Education

What Is STEM Education

Students have to learn multiple academic subjects. Some of them are always reviewed separately, while others are united into a special combination. Thus, many people know about STEM, which is a union of 4 vital areas – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. As you can see, each of them is pretty important and complicated separately. As you have to study all of them intensively, your education can turn into a real hell. Nonetheless, the benefits will be impressive if you withstand this challenge properly. You will find a great job, the possibility for career and personal growth, respect from colleagues and others, a high salary, and so on. Our informative guide casts more light on your job options, as well as tips that may make your education much easier and more convenient. Find Help With Assignments Online It is very hard to be successful with all those united subjects, and you may require help with assignment online. If it’s so, opt for us. We are a famous and highly reputed academic agency. We specialize in offering various kinds of learning help for students who are interested in STEM and similar disciplines. All our specialists are verified and trained after they are employed. Thus, you can fully trust them. They release only high-quality and authentic projects, which are completed swiftly. Define STEM And Possible Professions As we have already figured out the abbreviation of these 4 fields, we’d like to pay your attention to another interesting aspect related to them. What kinds of professions one can find if one has a STEM degree? We’ll name the most popular ones with the average annual salaries: Computer programmer: $58,343 Chemist: $62,228 Financial analyst: $68,538 Biologist: $72,448 Civil engineer: $80,928 Mechanical engineer: $82,422 Psychologist: $85,794 IT manager: $88,872 Database administrator: $92,194 Mathematician: $96,762 Economist: $97,042 Physician assistant: $105,128 Actuary: $109,014 Data scientist: $121,853 If you get the desired degree in these subjects, you are welcome to opt for these and many other incredible jobs. STEM In Education: How To Be A More Effective Learner? Many folks are opting for help with assignments online, and we can understand them. These 4 subjects are very complicated. That is why many students are actively looking for various methods to be more effective learners. We have a few vital insights for them. Manage time reasonably. Many students run out of time too often. This may be the main reason why you fail. Be sure you create a flexible schedule that outlines all your urgent tasks and sets clear timeframes. Stick to them and use various time management techniques to become faster. Be an eternal learner. Make a habit of learning something new every day. Try to find at least one new topic that is related to STEM and master it. This habit helps to quickly enrich your knowledge. Don’t be shy to ask questions. Good learners always ask questions. Follow this example because you may miss vital facts if you don’t ask your teachers and professors. Every time you mishear or misunderstand any explanation – be sure to ask to repeat or explain again! Take notes regularly. Smart learners always take notes when they feel some piece of information is crucial. Follow this great habit to never forget something relevant. Make sure you refine all notes to divide them into logical categories. Thus, you will swiftly find the right fact. Use technology. You should never forget that technology is your ally. Just use it correctly, and the fruits will be ripe soon. Use various learning apps that help to calculate, equate, as well as write, edit, research, etc. Stay away from distractions. Many students steal their own time that could be devoted to learning STEM. For example, they like to surf social media platforms, play video games, hang out with friends, etc. Avoid these and similar time stealers until you complete all your assignments. STEM Fields And Where To Get Help With Them? One of the best ways to cope with your learning hardships is to look for help with assignments online. The Internet is a huge hub of all kinds of useful data for learners. Let’s check things that can provide you with it here below: Educational Sites Do not ignore various educational sites that are devoted to STEM. They may contain a lot of vital information on the matter. These can be guides, tutorials, and manuals. Moreover, many college and university sites, as well as non-profit sources offer samples with explanations. Thus, you may find out the necessary details to understand how to complete this or that assignment on math, technology, etc. Online Courses At times, you may require other explanations from other educators. Thus, you may opt for numerous courses in these 4 areas. Define which one suits you better and improve your skills. STEM Communities There are many communities that are dedicated to every subject or the 4 of them at the same time. It’s useful to join them because there are many teachers and students with their own experiences. They provide effective tips and recommendations about how to solve various tasks and boost any skill you want. The Bottom Line This direction is very popular, as well as challenging. All these subjects are complicated, and you will really have to try hard to enjoy success. Yet, it’s worth a try when you look at possible job options. Use the prompts provided above to make the process of learning easier. READ ALSO: Career Options after 12th Science 8 Useful Tips for Personal Career Development How Many Jobs Are Available In Real Estate Investment Trusts?

online learning

The Many Benefits of Online Education

Studying online used to be a foreign idea, but now it is becoming common. Some parents prefer to home school their kids and decided to use the internet to communicate with the teachers. There are also courses in college that are available through online delivery, so if you are already working but you still wish to continue your education, you could study online. In many cases, online learning could be as effective as face-to-face learning and if you want to improve your communication skills, you could learn about transition words and other sophisticated ways to communicate with others. These are some other benefits of learning online. 1. Lots of options: From traditional four-year courses to postgraduate degrees, there are several options available for you. Ask the college to assess your current credentials to determine if you could take those courses and if you do not want a regular degree, there are crash courses for you to consider instead. 2. Cheaper cost: The tuition fee might be the same with regular universities, but you are saving money on everything else since as you can study from home, so you do not need to spend money on rent. You are not driving to school, you can also cook your meals from home and even the resource materials are available online. You can print them yourself instead of purchasing expensive resources meaning you’ll also return all the requirements online, being much more efficient. 3. Comfortable learning environment: The primary reason why several college students do not do well is that they do not feel comfortable with their learning environment. They need to force themselves to wake up to study even if it is too early. With online education, you decide when you want to study. In education, the law of readiness is crucial and it states that learners could maximize learning when they are ready to do so. Therefore, having an online course allows you to study based on your free time, and on the time when you are comfortable to learn since otherwise, it’s likely nothing will enter your brain. 4. Flexibility: Some people are already working, but they still want to improve themselves through formal education. You can now work and study at the same time with the help of online learning, so you can work during the day and study at night. If you are a parent, you can stay at home and still take care of your kids even while you are earning your degree. This clearly shows that it is not yet too late for you to learn. 5. Advance your career: While working, you also want to advance your career. The problem is when you didn’t study advanced courses, your fellow employees who did will have better opportunities than you. Since you can now study whenever you can compete with them. You can also use the knowledge obtained from your online course to prove that you are worthy of the promotion. Given these reasons, it is time to consider studying online. Whether your goal is to finish a degree or to have a crash course to improve your writing skills, it is now possible when you enroll online. Read Also: 3 Reasons Why Online Degrees Are Better The Benefits Of An Online Adult Education Kids Will Get These Benefits If They Learn Coding