How Does Web Design Affects SEO?

Web design plays an important role in today’s SEO world. First, its visual appearance is very important because websites are the first thing people see when they want to know more about your brand. In addition, user experience is an important part of search engine rankings, so website design and how users interact with them directly impact SERP rankings.

Web design combines programming and graphic design, where text is mixed with sounds, images, graphics, and video clips.

To get the best benefit from your investment in your website, we recommend hiring a web designer. Hiring a web designer Adelaide appeals to people and search engine crawlers, as web design affects SEO in every aspect of an online presence.

Three Ways Web design affects SEO:

Three Ways Web design affects SEO:

1. Visual quality will increase screen time

Web design also helps build trust with users by strengthening their privileges. According to data available, nearly 38% of users exit a website if they encounter an unattractive layout.

By combining high-quality content with a visually appealing layout, you can increase the amount of time your users spend on their screens. This is considered optimal for both conversions and SEO.

Introduce your efforts on a website that demonstrates your commitment to your customers by combining high-quality content with great images. This will make them crazy about your content and increase screen time. And as soon as the search engine picks these signals, the ranking goes up accordingly.

2. SEO and human understanding coexist

The visual appearance of the website will certainly boost your SEO ranking. The better the design, the higher the ranking. However, it should be noted that this concept does not apply to “frolicking” search engine bots. Search engine bots tend to mimic the human user experience. So what’s bad for human users is bad for search engine bots.

If a website is poorly designed or too complex, human customers will seek help from other websites. Internet searches are closely related to websites, and such activities warn search engines of user behavior. And as soon as the search engine understands this fact, your ranking will drop accordingly.

With good Adelaide web design, you can practice keeping both human users and search engine crawlers on your website.

3. Make it easy for crawlers to list your website

Web designer Adelaide indeed needs to prioritize human users’ needs and weigh the needs of search engine crawlers.

Search engines employ web crawlers for web indexing. Therefore, you need to consider those behavioral mechanisms when making web design decisions. Wrong web design decisions can make it harder for crawlers to index your website and compromise your SEO ranking.

Things You Should Remember While Designing Your Website –

Things You Should Remember While Designing Your Website –

1. Image & Content optimization 

Images and content play an important role in giving the website an effective design to rank higher on SERPs. Website’s colors, layouts, and fonts are vital to look after, but a designer should also take care of its content and images.

Having a beautiful website with low-quality images and unclear content is something that might piss off the audience and search engines. On the other hand, creative and valuable content indicates to Google that your website is functional.

Ensure the web designer optimizes the on-site images and works on the loading time. You should always add Meta descriptions to your site’s images so that Google’s bots can index the pictures too. You should also add relevant keywords to the title of the photographs and alt-text to make search engines understand and index images for specific keywords.

2. Mobile responsiveness

Today the methods of searching the products have changed. Customers hop on to their smartphones to look for the products they need. It has given opportunities to businesses to optimize their website as mobile responsive so that they never lose a chance to turn the audience off and switch to the competitors.

Website designers need to design the website as mobile-friendly to stay on top of user and search engine’s expectations. The benefit of responsive design is that you only need to create it once and maintain it, saving time and money.

3. Speeding up website

According to a report, a 100-millisecond delay in loading can diminish the conversions by 7%. As a business, you need to be in line with all the upgrades to ensure you don’t take a back seat in the market. Marketers need to design a fast website, keep the users engaged and boost their SEO rankings.

It’s a fact that if users need to wait for more to open your website and browse things, they’re likely to be irritated and jump on to the other websites in a few seconds. Google realized that users are switching out of the bad experience, lowering your SERP rankings.

4. Design easy and clean navigation

One thing that you should consider while optimizing your website is that your website should be clean and straightforward to navigate. Potential customers might turn off if there are no proper landing pages and they are arduous to navigate.

Instead, they should get the information they’re searching for handy—the same implements for search engine crawlers. If the crawlers find it tricky to get on to your website, URLs will sift through a lot, which might turn your chances of high ranking down. So, all you can do is simplify the URLs to be short and not hard to remember.


From the report above, you can see how web design affects SEO rankings. And this does not merely affect your online presence but also has a direct impact on sales.

Here are some suggestions for creating a great reading experience on your website.

  • Choose bright colors when designing your website
  • Use easy-to-read fonts and font sizes
  • Divide the content into subsections to get the reader’s attention

Are you worried about the way web design affects SEO? Then contact a web design company today for optimizing your label for SEO.

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