What Are Black Triangles Between Your Teeth?


15 October 2022


What Causes Black Triangle Teeth

Celebrities with bright smiles are now more popular than ever, which may lead people to start noticing their teeth’s cosmetic problems. Black triangle teeth are one of the most common dental problems people don’t address or pay attention to.

You can check for yourself if you have black triangles between your teeth. Smile with your teeth exposed in front of a mirror. If you can see any black areas between your gums and teeth, you have black triangle teeth or gingival embrasures.

They are initially harmless, but they can be dangerous if not treated immediately. It’s important to understand how they develop and what you can do to treat them.

What Are Black Triangle Teeth?

These black, triangle-shaped gaps between your gums and teeth are known as open gingival embrasures. They are usually associated with dental habits, age, and bone injury. They are also called black triangle teeth, which occur when your teeth and gums don’t fill the gaps between them.

Black triangles between teeth are a common problem; nearly 76% of adults over 20 have black spaces between their teeth, according to a study. 

Food debris and plaque can accumulate in these gaps, making teeth susceptible to cavities and gum infections. The risk increases the more a person doesn’t practice good oral hygiene. Most want to fix them for cosmetic reasons and to keep their teeth and gums healthy.

What Causes Black Triangle Teeth?

Black Triangles

It is important to see your dentist immediately to discuss how to treat this condition. They will use your dental history and the cause of your black triangle teeth as their guide in recommending treatments that best address it.

According to sunrise-dentistry.com, some of the reasons black triangle teeth occur are:

1. Receding Gums

Gum disease, infections, age, and smoking can lead to gum recession and thinness. Bacteria exposure and tooth decay can lead to cavities and other infections. Getting help immediately from a dentist is important if you find gaps between your teeth, regardless of their size.

2. Aggressive Dental Hygiene Techniques

Brushing or flossing too hard can damage the tissues between your teeth. Using a toothbrush with the right head size is also important; a toothbrush with a large head can make the gaps between your teeth larger.

3. Fragile Gum Tissue

Every person’s gum tissue thickness and stability are different. Experts believe that thinner gum tissues are less resistant to dental procedures. If you have fragile gum tissue, getting fullness back after dental implants will not be easy.

4. Teeth Shape

Apart from the gum thickness, each person’s tooth shape also differs. A person with triangular-shaped teeth is more likely to develop black gaps. Their teeth have wider biting surfaces than their bottom part near the gum line.

5. Mistakes During an Orthodontic Procedure

Black triangle teeth and other dental conditions can develop when an orthodontic procedure goes wrong. Small gaps can also form when teeth shift into new positions. You may need to repeat your dental treatment or visit a more reliable dentist.

How To Get Rid Of Black Spaces Between Your Teeth?

Now that it’s clear that the black gaps between your teeth are not just cosmetic issues, it’s best to learn how to eliminate them.

Consult your dentist before making any changes in your lifestyle or treatment for your dental health. They can help you understand the nature of your dental condition and determine the best approach to manage them.

According to the British Dental Journal’s study, patients have several treatment options for the black triangles between their teeth.

  • Safe surgical techniques like pinhole surgery repair and tissue transplantation to preserve gums
  • Tissue engineering, where dentists use regenerative cells to restore gum tissue
  • Hyaluronic acid treatment to reduce black gaps between teeth and volumize gum tissues
  • Using prosthetics made of composite or porcelain with a pink shade to bond teeth and conceal the appearance of black triangles between teeth
  • Installing a removable gingival cover to close the triangle spaces between the teeth
  • Repositioning or reshaping teeth to reduce or eliminate the black spaces between them

Proper Dental Hygiene and Black Triangle Teeth

Brushing and flossing your teeth every day will help prevent gum disease, blackening of your teeth, and other serious conditions. Routine dental checks help you know how your lifestyle choices impact your dental health and help your dentist check for early signs of dental problems.

The American Dental Association has developed guidelines for how to brush your teeth and perform interdental cleaning. They also recommend using a toothbrush with soft bristles.

Key Takeaway

The black triangles between your teeth are more than just a cosmetic problem. They are caused by oral health problems like receding gums, aggressive oral hygiene techniques, and fragile gum tissue. Mistakes during an orthodontic procedure and the shape of your teeth may also cause black triangles between your teeth.

You should consult your dentist about them; they are the best people suited to help you determine the best course of action to take. They can also address the dental problems causing the black triangles between your teeth.


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Can You Dye Wet Hair? Here Is The Reason For It

Many questions are arising associated with washing the hair and drying, but now the most frequent question that comes to your mind is, can you dye wet hair? Yes, it sounds a little bit different than the usual hair fashion-related question. But the answer indeed is yes, you can. Some hairstylists think dry hair dyeing can improve your hair texture naturally, and the end result is more natural than coloring dry hair. The wet hair dying technique is called wet balayage. This is a similar hair-dying technique to dry balayage techniques. Only here is a simple difference. It only applied to wet hair. Why Do You Want To Dye Wet Hair?The dying of wet hair may not be a common practice, but when we are talking about the comparison with dry hair coloring, here are some positive effects of wet hair dying.The dye of the wet hair is the best to work for achieving a subtle result. The hair damage is less than usual dry hair coloring. If you want to apply any semi-permanent hair color, then this technique is the best. The hair color promotes better absorption on the wet strands. The semi-permanent hair colors are more Ammonia-free. This type of coloring is becoming less harmful to your hair. Wet hair coloring promotes the natural hair look. This dying wet hair is a more user-friendly approach when you are dying your own hair at your home.These all are the basic positivity of applying the color on the wet hair. When you want to dye your hair at home, wet hair dying is the most user-friendly and time-consuming procedure. All you have to do is just apply the color in the middle of the bath; after that, wash it off. Benefits Of Dying The Wet Hair When you are applying the hair color at home, wet hair colorings are the best possible way to get the desired result. If you have any queries about you can dye wet hair? Then here is the list of multiple benefits of dying wet hair. 1. The Wet Hair Strands Are More Absorbent  The wet hair strands are more absorbent than the usual dry hair. The hair color easily melts into the hair, and more easily, you will get the desired color look. The equal distribution of the color is also an attractive part of the wet balayage coloring. The color of the hair is distributed equally after the applications.The color change is quite simple. The hair color does not give you a drastically changing look. But if you want a good coverage color or anything which is a permanent hair color, then this color is not for you. The temporary and the demi temporary colors are working best as the wet color. Both of these colors have very less harmful substance init. 2. Best Hair Colour When You Are A Beginner When you are a just startup color applicant, then the wet color is the best-suited hair color. The beginners are more prone to make a mess when they are applying the color. The wet color is just covering all messes. First, shampoo your hair and then apply the dye to the wet hair.This will give you a more subtle result. These semi-permanent and semi-permanent hair colors are not working well on greasy hairs.This technique is quite easy and time-saving rather than the other coloring techniques.The working professionals and the people who do not have much time to go to the salon are more comfortable using this technique. 3. Gives You A Natural Flowy Look When you are asking the question, can you dye wet hair? Then the first answer which comes to our mind is yes. Not only yes, but the more natural and flowy look is also given through this type of coloring.The implementation is simple, and the drastic change of the hair color can not be found with the use of these temporary hair colors. You can expect mild color and a soft texture change of the hair.The distinctive funky colors are better to work as the wet hair color. How Can You Dye Wet Hair? We all call this dying technique the wet balayage. This technique is simple and effective, and long-lasting more than your expectations.Here are the four simple steps of applying the dye to wet hair. Step1 Wash your hair by applying the shampoo. Step2 Do not use the conditioner, serum, or any oil after washing the hair. Step3 Then just pat dry the wet hair. Step4 We need a damp surface to apply the hair color. Step5 Check the ingredients list before applying the hair color on your wet hair. As wet hair is more fragile than dry hair.Better to use semi or semi-permanent hair color for your hair.When our hair is in the wet state, the hair’s inner cortex layer is also open, promoting better absorption. Step 6 Read the instructions which are written on the package before starting the hair dying application. Step 7 Then wear a pair of gloves. Step 8 And take an amount on the small bowel as per your requirements. Step 9 Then apply the hair color with the applicator brush. Step 10 You can apply the color to the small sections of your hair.  Step 11 You can also apply the hair color just like any hair care product. Step 12 Apply a good amount of color because, with every wash, it will become lighter.  Conclusion The wet hair dye applications are easier to apply on the hair. These hair colors are less harmful with respect to the other type of hair dyes. The wet hair colors are more for the hair’s benefit and for improving the texture of the hair textures. Can you dye wet hair will no longer be a worry for you if you follow the mentioned points.But it also has some disadvantages. You have to choose the correct hair color for you, which has a less harmful substance within it. If you need simple temporary hair color, then these hair colors are the best time-saver for you. Therefore, I have tried my best to give you answers on how can you dye wet hair and the reasons for the same. 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