What Makes a Web Hosting Good?


06 April 2016


web hosting

Deciding on a good web host is as important as setting up other business essentials, perhaps more. Be it a small set-up or initiation of a big venture, failure is guaranteed if you make an ordinary choice.

So how do we make a smart choice for a good host?

Every individual or a business would want to go with one which provides optimum performance with maximum benefits in all respects. Pricing, ease of support, complimentary features, etc. to mention a few.


  • Uptime is a great measure of how good a hosting provider is at keeping its systems up and running. A high uptime percentage close to 100% means they are putting in substantial effort towards superior performance.
  • Disk space is the amount of space allotted to your website. Don’t let it be limited if you’re planning to maintain cumbersome blogs, an e-commerce site, visual content & videos for your business. If a hosting company has difficulty accommodating that, it would reflect in your conversions. You sure need pure unlimited space for your website.
  • Bandwidth is nothing but the amount of data your website will pass to the customer. Videos and graphics take more bandwidth than plain HTML. Ensure that you’ve got enough to support your website traffic.
  • Page speed makes a difference when browsing through a website. It can lead to frustration and one might lose on prospects and clients if the speed is below expectation. Ensure that your website has good speed.

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  • You don’t have to overpay. All your essentials can easily be met at $5 per month. If you are going with a free provider, be ready for limited usage (free hosts have their own usage restrictions).
  • Before going in for a purchase, understand the pricing structure clearly. Down payment, recurring subscription fee and any other payment for add-ons.
  • There could be instances when things might go wrong, in which case, you may want to cancel the host. It’s important to know how your web hosting provider handles this. Does it offer any retention packages or has a well-defined refund policy. To get a discount on web hosting, you can visit the Shared Hosting Coupon site.
  • When starting a website, you need to find a good domain name that represents your brand or business. It is typically sold for a price. Now if you are deciding on a hosting provider too, you might get it for free.


  • The internet is always ON. Ensure that you get an excellent and preferably a 24×7 customer support. If possible, test the response of the hosting provider before you indulge in any long term contract. Online chat service provides an instant resolution, unlike emails or tickets.
  • Opt for a hosting provider that has a user-friendly and a functional control panel. You would need this, at least for some basic changes that you can do on your own.
  • Also, get your business name and address displayed on the hosting provider website for appropriate visibility.

Let’s make our choice easier by looking at the infographic below –

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Website Traffic

A Complete Online Guide to Boosting Your Website Traffic in 2020

As soon as New Year's Eve is over, we all start scrambling to improve this or that, and owners of web-based businesses are no different. The web is flooded with entrepreneurs working to boost their web traffic in the New Year.After all, any good businessperson knows that the majority of success for web-based businesses begins with getting people to your site.If you want to implement an easy plan to boost your web traffic in 2019, just follow the steps outlined below. A Complete Online Guide to Boosting Your Website Traffic in 2020: 1. SEO:To drive traffic to your page, you’ll want to begin with SEO tactics. There are some great companies out there who can provide you with professional SEO services if you don’t want to do it on your own. You’ll want to implement these SEO tactics on each of your web pages to get optimal visitors to your website and improve your ranking in search engines. Separate SEO for every single page of your site is the best way to go about this.You should also spend a bit of time writing concise meta descriptions to appear under your URL descriptions in search engines. This little step can make all the difference.  2. Listings: Another way to easily drive visitors to your pages is to improve your listings across the web. Peruse the internet and sites relating to your industry for directory listings, contact pages, and relevant links, and make sure you’ve linked to them. Check your pages for dead links often, and make sure all links are working properly. Keep any directories on your site easy to find, polished and relevant. 3. Social Media:Even in 2019, so many online companies think a social media presence is unnecessary. Unfortunately, foregoing any kind of social media interaction can really harm your business. It’s a matter of finding the social media platform that’s right for you – whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or something else entirely, find the social media platform that drives viewers to your business and makes those sales. Once you’ve got an account, start those promotions, post pictures, put up polls, and get those customers talking and engaging.Do it yourself or hire a social media whiz, but be sure to interact with your customers via these platforms to keep their interest, stay relevant, and drive customers to your site. It’s 2019 and let’s face it: most folks are addicted to some form of social media. Why wouldn’t you get in on that?If you operate an app, be sure to update links there often, too, and make sure your website is optimized for mobile. Not everyone, however, wants to use an app, and you never know, someone might be scrolling through your website on their phone, cursing because it isn't translating well. This also falls under the category of website speed, because when optimizing for mobile devices loading speed is very important. Start from fundamentals here by choosing a fast provider, then optimize your code, images, and content. Spend the time and money on making your site, app, and social media picture perfect. It's worth every penny. 3. Email Marketing:If you’re dead-set against social media, at the very least, you should have an email marketing campaign (and even if you’re totally into social media, this is still a good idea). Have your customers “opt-in” when visiting your site, offering them subscriptions to your blog or newsletter, or special promotions or deals. You’ll find that most of them are interested!Then you’ve got a ready-made list of email addresses, connected to real, live customers who will come back and become repeat customers. Avoid spamming them, of course – save the email marketing content for the really good stuff.It’s also a good idea to have a specific, set email address only for marketing, and a separate one for things like customer service, orders, etc. Having an organized email is just good business. 5. Guest-Starring: A lot of successful online entrepreneurs – whether it’s authors, business owners, musicians, marketing execs, or “social media influencers”, have learned that crossing over to other forums can increase their viewership and give them great success.Have a friend who runs a similar business? Someone who blogs about the products you sell? A repeat customer who has a podcast? Find common ground with someone who can give you a platform, or offer them a platform in return. Guest blog for someone, have someone guest blog for you or participate in a cross-promotion. The sky is the limit! Pairing up with someone can mean bigger viewership and success for BOTH of you!  6. Engage: Don’t neglect a really important part of web-business – engaging with the customer. Whether it’s responding to social media tags, reading blog comments, answering customer service emails, or frequently updating your blog, you want to make yourself available to your web traffic. They need to see that you’re present and engaging with the audience.A constant presence reminds the customer that you’re there, that they wanted to visit your site to make a purchase or look at the promotion. They come to see you as a friend, and your site might just become a frequent stop on their day-to-day web activity. 7. Analyze Your Data: Every forum from Facebook to Wordpress offers its users data; a breakdown of viewership, clicks, sales, and more. Naturally, if you run a website, you’ve seen lots of this information. Unfortunately, not enough entrepreneurs take the time to truly analyze website data, and you should. It’s a treasure trove of information, providing you with clues on how to increase your viewership.Through analytics, you can track everything from the age and gender demographics of the people who visit your site, their location, what they click on, what they buy, and more. Taking the time to track this data can help you decipher what’s working, what isn’t, and what’s bringing people back. Get the Boost: There are lots more things you can do to boost traffic to your page in 2019, but if you start with these easy, simple steps, you’ll find your traffic increase with almost no effort at all. These simple, quick measures can put your web traffic into the stratosphere and make 2019 your best business year yet.Read Also:Top Utility Tools You Need For Your Website Tips On Building Your Resume For A Website Design Company


Methods of Optimizing Local SEO That Is Essential For Small Business

SEO is a must for a local business no matter how big or small it might be. In the internet age, visibility matters a lot in marketing your products and services. In addition, consumers are inclined to get the types of businesses they are looking for at the right time and this is where local SEO gains its importance. Whether you are a florist or dentist, an accountant or a plumber, as long as you have a business that has an interest in the local market, local SEO is just meant for you. You are able to create two-way communication with the target consumers that build relationships that leads to improved sales. Why go for local SEO If you are wondering what would happen if you do not have a local SEO then be sure that it won’t be long before you are out of business.  Despite all other means of publicity that you adapt to let people know about your business, your efforts are no match to what you can get from local SEO for dentists. The reason is that more and more consumers are now turning to the internet before they buy any product or service.  At least 64 percent of consumers search the internet to locate the companies that they look for. So, if you are not there, you are losing out on this enormous opportunity of being seen by others.Read Morea: Avoid These 5 Mistakes Before Starting An SEO Speedy business can happen Being seen easily is just the beginning.  Many of the consumers that happen to see you would perhaps generate business leads that you can latch upon. Knowing about their interest in your products or services, you begin to roll out the red carpet for them. What happens next bears enough evidence about the abilities of local SEO in garnering business quickly. About 47 percent of people who generate leads interacted with business owners and got the deals sealed just within an hour. This is the finding of a survey.Read also: Understanding Search Engine OptimizationWith so much potential to increase sales, it is no surprise that the popularity of local SEO is growing at a very fast pace. In addition, by listing in business directories like Google Places and by placing an advertisement on the platform you are likely to get a much higher ranking in search results outscoring many other localized keyword phrases. The advertisement also links consumers to the business website, company address, and hours of business of the stores, phone number and business reviews that can drive consumers in taking a positive decision. Have a responsive website Having local SEO is of no use if it is not properly optimized for local conditions.  Measures have to be taken to ensure that the local emphasis remains in the optimization efforts and the majority of the audience is reached. This means that you need to have a responsive website that is viewed with the same ease on desktops as well as mobile devices. With the widespread use of mobile phones, it is imperative that the majority of searches are triggered by mobile devices. The most encouraging fact about mobile users is that of all the leads generated from mobile devices 82 percent users have got back to the sellers to follow up the leads. This provides a big opportunity for converting leads into sales. Local citations are important Pay attention to citations on directory listings. Citations increase the reliability of your business for search engines. Citations mean the mention of your business name and address on some other web pages that are not part of your website.  If your business is listed on an online directory, make sure that the citations are correctly mentioned.  The ranking algorithms of search engines like Google and Bing consider citations as a key component. Therefore, the higher the number of citations, better rankings you are likely to get provided other factors of a business are all equal.  To add more power to citations, add incoming links to it. Increase customer reviews Customer reviews are critical for better rankings and the SEO campaign should target more and more customers who are willing to review and publish their views about the products and services. The reviews create a positive impact on prospective consumers who become confident about buying the product that has many satisfied users. The majority of consumers depend on reviews to decide about purchasing any particular product or service. The reviews also impact search rankings hence it acquires more importance from the SEO perspective. The reviews are equally important for all kinds of search engines and directories and not Google alone. Social media engagement As part of a local SEO campaign, make extensive use of social media to connect closely with consumers.  Present interesting and relevant content on the pages of social networks that would ensure that more and more visitors are attracted to it. Google pays a lot of importance to social media feedback about your website and this can influence search rankings. Use localized keywords Localized keywords are critical for local SEO even though Google can do even without it.  The keywords phrases are made more specific for the locality by adding a geographical dimension to it. This is of more help to searchers who are able to narrow down the searches without much effort as they are guided by the keywords. Localized keywords throw up more accurate results that searchers are looking for. This increases the possibilities of being found out very easily in search results.Google has its own ways of detecting the location and even if localized keywords are not used, Google can throw up the results that pertain to the area from where the search is generated. However, it is not always necessary that searchers would prefer to find businesses in their own areas but would also like to go beyond it. This is when geographical locations attached to keywords can work wonders for you.What has been discussed above are only some of the ways that can strengthen your local SEO efforts. There are many more things that can be done. However, these are some of the most elementary steps in optimizing local SEO that should never be missed out.Read More:Why SEO Is Still The Digital Channel With Highest ROI SEO For Dummies The Importance Of SEO Based Digital Marketing Services

Social Media Ads

How To Run Effective Social Media Ads

Due to digital technology, marketing has evolved beyond using print, radio, and television. The emergence of social media platforms allowed businesses to reach their target audience on a more personal level.Businesses can simply create their own social media account and directly interact with their consumers. However, traditional ways of advertising are also possible on these platforms. Social networks also show ads to generate revenue from their sites.As such, it’s worth discussing social media advertising as another form of digital advertising. Social media advertising refers to paying for a social networking platform to show ads to specific users that make up your target audience.The ads involved often come in different forms such as images, videos, and text. Moreover, these ads can also direct the user to the business’s website or social media profile.What sets social media ads from other digital ads is the ability to use metrics and the specific platform’s features. In fact, it’s so powerful that companies such as those in Bristol often work with a local marketing agency to fully optimize their social media ads.Essentially, it allows businesses to effectively reach more people and engage with them. For example, you can use metrics to ensure your ads will have an impact. More specifically, you can use it to see if your content and graphics generate enough conversions.However, since social media ads are guided especially by algorithms, it’s vital that you effectively create the right kind of ad and know how to use the social media platform.In doing so, you’ll be able to maximize your return on investment (ROI), reach your target audience, and maximize conversions.With that said, if you wish to learn how to run effective social media ads for your business, Here’s A Guide On How To Run Effective Social Media Ads: 1. Identify Your PurposeThe first step to creating an effective social media ad is to understand the purpose of the specific ad that you’re making.Are you creating it to ask people to check out your business’ social media profile or maybe are you creating it to have them buy one of your products? Knowing the purpose of your ad allows you to create effective content.When you understand your ad’s purpose, you’ll also be able to pick the right kind of media for your ads, such as an image or video.If you intend to have an ad that is easily accessible and scannable, then using an image may be the right choice. Meanwhile, if your goal is to gain more engagement and clicks, then a video is worth considering. 2. Identify Your Target Audience The second step is to understand your target audience. By doing so, you’ll be able to create an ad that is optimized for them, increasing the chances of interactions and engagements. Furthermore, you’ll be able to create an ad that speaks directly to them.One way to do this is to understand their culture. By doing this, you’ll be able to speak their language. Furthermore, it’ll also allow you to understand their struggles and address them in your ads. This helps your business connect with people at a more personal level. 3. Plan Out The Design Then the next step would be to prepare your material, which includes your brand’s assets, the overall layout, and content. This allows you to fully optimize your ad for its overall purpose.Make sure that your brand’s logo is clearly visible in all the ad designs that you create to run on socials. If you are unsure about the impact it will have, try to get an expert for logo design. If you don’t get this right, audiences that view your ad will not be able to clearly identify with your brand.Your brand’s assets are essentially visual elements that help the audience identify a product or marketing material to be uniquely yours.This includes your logo, the color palette, design elements, slogan, and more. When you use these consistently in your ads, you get to solidify your brand’s image.Next is to consider the layout of your ad. This is important because it will direct your audience to the most important parts. Furthermore, it also improves the readability of the material.For instance, if your ad is designed to ask viewers to follow your profile, then the word ‘follow’ must be placed at the top in big bold letters.Aside from this, the layout will also influence the aesthetics of your ad and could leave a good first impression on the audience.Finally, you’ll have to add your content or copy. The content of your ad must include informative text and a catchy phrase that anyone could remember easily. Essentially, the key is to balance the informative portion of your ad with an effective call-to-action. 4. Pick The Right PlatformPicking the right social media platform will help you reach your target audience faster. But before choosing a social media platform, you must consider your target audience, the media format of your ad, and the analytical features from the platform that could help you track the performance of your ads.If you’re targeting young professionals, for example, then you may want to consider running ads on LinkedIn and Twitter. If your ad is a video, then it’s safe to assume that you might want to consider a video-based platform such as YouTube or TikTok.Related Resource: 5 Unusual Social Media Tips That No One Will Know About 5. Use Hashtags On Your Campaigns When you publish your ads, you may find that there’s often an option to add a caption or description. This is something that you can include with your ad’s media to give further information about your campaign. In these captions, you can include hashtags.By doing this, you can track your customers’ engagement with your campaign along with the content they create. To be more effective, you must use branded hashtags consistently. 6. Social Monitoring And Listening Finally, the key to launching successful marketing campaigns and social media ads altogether is to utilize information and data.This means using social monitoring and social listening tools. Social monitoring refers to using the metrics available to you to understand how your campaigns and social media posts are performing.Meanwhile, social listening allows you to understand the context behind these statistics. For instance, you may be receiving a lot of comments—which could indicate some level of engagement. However, these comments may be filled with negative feedback, which would not translate well for your businessUsing these two methods, you’ll be able to completely find out how your target users feel about your brand, what they want from it, and how well your campaigns are actually performing.Related Resource: A guide to Running your Instagram Marketing Campaign Summing It All Up Social media advertisement can be a very powerful tool if you do it right. With all the features and metrics that you can get from using it, you can easily reach your target audience and gain more reach.Learning how to use these tools well is the key to maximizing your ROI, reaching more conversions, and essentially reaching your target audience.Hopefully, the guide above has helped you learn how to do this and improve your marketing strategy through social media.Read Also:Is Technology A Good Career Path In 2021? How To Effectively Promote Your Company How To Improve Your Social Media Branding By Getting More Instagram Followers And Likes