Why Should You Enroll In A Part-Time Degree?

While millions of us want to learn new skills and enhance our employability, education takes time, money and effort to pursue . Thankfully, there are more options than ever for would-be students to dive into degree topics at their own pace. Have you ever considered enrolling in a part-time degree, for example?

It’s a common misconception that you need to pursue a full-time or in-person degree to get the most out of your studies. In fact, it’s becoming increasingly advisable for people to study part-time in order to maintain balance in the other areas of their life and work.

Whether you want to study nursing, computer engineering, animal care or another subject, there’s likely to be a part-time course or two that will give you the insight and practice you need to thrive in your field. Here are a few fantastic benefits of studying for a part-time degree that might surprise you:

There’s A World Of Subjects And Specialties Out There


It’s a further misconception that part-time study is restricted to a few different fields and subjects. While some people want to dive right into medicine or law right away, there’s no harm in slowing down the pace a little if you need to.

For example, it’s entirely possible to learn to become a high school teacher, an immigration lawyer or a social worker through part-time education.

It’ll require extended study time on your part if you have to balance life and work alongside it, but providing you study with a reputable body, the end results are nearly identical.

There’s an unfair misjudgment that part-time degrees don’t go as ‘deep’ as the ‘real thing’. This really isn’t the case! In fact, many students prefer the pace of part-time learning as it gives them a chance to appreciate the material and industry in-depth.

Part-Time Gives You More Time

When studying full-time, you are largely up against the clock when it comes to meeting deadlines and ensuring you understand all the material you’re provided.

That can prove to be highly stressful! While lots of people thrive under pressure, spreading the work across a part-time course could help you gain a closer appreciation for your subject matter and, therefore, your wider industry.

If you have more time and space to study, you’ll have the chance to read and research more in an extended timeframe. This means you could effectively benefit from double the time full-time students are expected to use to their advantage.

That doesn’t mean there’s any competition between full-time and part-time students, nor does it mean that there’s any kind of correlation between graduation success.

What it does mean, however, is that students who want to use as much time as possible to succeed in their chosen fields can do so, without fear of the time crunch.

You Can Build Your Life Around Part-Time Study

A major problem that many would-be students face is that ‘life gets in the way’. People who raise children and work full-time may want to improve their career prospects and earn more money, but simply don’t have the time or maneuverability to study full-time. That’s where part-time study, and online courses, can come in very handy.

Part-time courses and degrees have deadlines spread further apart compared to full-time disciplines. This means students can work on the modules they can feasibly handle around work and childcare.

They’re able to continue bettering themselves, and eventually reach for more lucrative positions and salaries, while keeping everything balanced at home.

Online courses have opened all kinds of doors for people in a similar respect. Instead of ensuring they are always available to attend full-time study in person, students can take their time to review modules via the comfort of their tablets and smartphones.

Where physical needs and life commitments get in the way of personal development, part-time study can break down incredible barriers.

If students need to pay off their study during their course, part-time disciplines can help them to earn money to do so. It’s entirely possible to work a full-time job while studying part-time in a variety of different areas.

It’s Learning At Your Own Pace

In addition to providing students with opportunities to build life and work around their studies, part-time learning can allow for greater flexibility when it comes to learning styles.

Those students who may not necessarily thrive under pressure or tighter deadlines can instead plan out their schedules to prioritize their time as they see fit.

Providing there’s clear communication between students and tutors, there are no reasons why students can’t adjust their degrees to their demands. Students who may have felt pressured by full-time studies elsewhere may choose a part-time discipline to help ease off the gas.

Of course, this doesn’t mean part-time study avoids the finer points that full-time education goes into. As mentioned, many students may find that they gain a deeper appreciation for some areas of their courses when studying part-time.

Part-time learning supports both everyday demands and learning styles, making it ideal for anyone who may have struggled with traditional learning methods.

It’s A Great Opportunity For Work Experience

As well as allowing students to work and make money while learning, part-time study can help people to gain work experience in their chosen fields where they’d otherwise feel restricted.

For example, a student on their way to becoming a nurse can take advantage of extra time and physical availability to work or volunteer at a local hospital or medical clinic.

Teaching students may have more opportunities to practice as learning assistants when studying on a part-time basis too. Opportunities available through a given university or body may change from year to year, meaning that there will be double the chances to grow and improve in a given field or area of expertise.

Work experience is immensely helpful both from a resume perspective and from that of building confidence. By gaining hands-on experience in a physical environment, students can balance real-life practical application alongside theoretical study.

It’s a fantastic route towards more confidence at work, as well as towards a greater appreciation for how specific workplaces adapt under pressure.

Online Study Is Highly Flexible

Online Study Is Highly Flexible

Part-time study available on an online basis is all the more flexible for students who need additional time and space. As mentioned briefly, part-time students can complete modules from their smartphones, tablets and more without having to worry about in-person attendance.

The further benefit to this is, of course, that you can continue with your studies just about anywhere you desire and at any time.

Enrolling in part-time MSW programs online, such as the one offered by Florida State, provides students with opportunities to research and draft theses on their days off work, while on the daily commute, or when winding down for the day.

It offers further flexibility for learners who wish to get into specific industries at their own pace.

Online study is generally available to all who have access to mobile data or high-speed internet. Providing you’re able to download course materials and stream video content during the course of your studies, you can continue to enjoy development when and where it suits you best.

It’s important to set expectations for yourself when taking on an online course for the first time. Do you have the hardware and connectivity available to complete the studies expected of you? It’s important to check the full details of any online program before enrolling to avoid disappointment and to ensure you have access to the necessary technology when you really need it the most!

Support Is Widely Available

Finally, support for part-time students is just as widely available as it is for full-time learners. Tutors offering support through part-time modules will understand that their students will have commitments elsewhere and will offer some leniency when it comes to understanding and deadlines. Of course, that doesn’t mean students can expect a free ride without any kind of deadlines or checkpoints.

What it does mean is that part-time students can expect careful guidance from experts who understand they are trying their best against what may be difficult circumstances. As always, it’s best to discuss your expectations and needs with tutors before starting any degree programs, part-time or in full.


Part-time degrees offer just as much support and opportunities as their full-time equivalents, so people without the flexibility to pursue full-time learning can take their time to dive into their books.

The increasing popularity of online learning has made part-time education even more viable for people all over the US.

While there are still plenty of benefits to full-time learning, part-time degrees provide people with the chance to work, make money and invest more time in research than they might otherwise expect to.

There’s also a wider array of subjects and disciplines available for part-time students to choose from too.

Professional bodies looking to hire degree graduates won’t prioritize full-time learners over part-time students, so there’s never been a better time to look for flexibility in your studies.

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Is Basic Industries A Good Career Path

Is Basic Industries A Good Career Path In 2023?

Is Basic Industries A Good Career Path in 2023? Many people claim that basic industries are dead but it is the primary source of employment for millions of people.  Basic industries supply a great wage irrespective of the educational qualification. The basic industry is responsible for many things at the same time that you will get to know later in this article. They consume large amounts of nutrients and thus, require a high capital investment. The number of jobs is also high in this sector and you can enjoy the same.  Basic Industries - All You Need To Know A basic industry is an industry that is accountable for creating and transforming raw materials from their most important phase and creating semi-finished goods that other enterprises will utilize in the creation of the final goods intended for consumption.  There is a job available for everyone ranging from small to big sectors in this career path. The demand in this industry is always high so this job is going to attract you for sure.  You can take the example of planting and cultivation. These are the jobs that people need to do, and it is available in almost every country. But, at the same time, if you enjoy change, believe me, this job is best suited for you, especially if you are looking for improvement and further growth.  Basic Industry Characteristics There are some specific characteristics that basic industry consists of. Read below to know in detail. Environmental Impact The amount of waste they produce either goes into the river or into the air; it creates a great impact on the environment. This is directly dangerous to our planet Earth. Highly Qualified Staff Another basic characteristic is the highly qualified staff. The most significant part is that workers must be highly trained to work efficiently.  Significant Investments, Less Competition These sectors are determined to produce heavy machinery, and the initial investment is high. However, only some firms are excited about entering these firms, so the competition is limited.  Semi-Finished Goods The basic industry is responsible for producing semi-finished goods as other firms will use the same to produce the final products.  Raw Materials A wide range of these industries is categorized by working from many raw materials in their starting phase.  Is Basic Industries A Good Career Path In 2023? The answer to this question is an absolute Yes. Basic industries are a great career path that you can consider for yourself and take your career forward. There are lots of jobs available in the same, and you can choose any.  It does not matter whether you have a certificate of Diploma or not. You can always get a job in basic industries, and once you get experience in the same, you can utilize your skills for other purposes.  On the other hand, there are many industries that are flexible enough to work for a long time. For example, energy utilities, public utilities, electric utilities, packaged foods, business services, and much more.  The essential enterprises are likewise an extremely vital piece of building the economy of a country. The best benefit of finding a new line of work in essential businesses is that the capability that is important for entering this profession is extremely low. This implies you can likewise bring in a great deal of cash without putting a lot into your schooling. The likelihood of this sector expanding will continue to rise in light of the constant emergence of new positions. This means that there will continuously be a great deal of chances for development. How Many Jobs Are Available In Basic Industries? There are unlimited jobs available in basic industries, and this could be an advantage for you in the long run. As already mentioned above, no professional skills are required to qualify for this job, and you can consider the same for yourself.  Senior Process Engineer The overall objective of Senior Process Engineer is to drive performance improvements in Cost, Revenue, Quality, Safety, Health, and Environmental. Here in this position, you need to identify and conduct improvements in engineering studies and projects. Service Representative Service Representatives in basic industries process and record highly difficult orders received by mail or via personal customer contact. Here the main role is Order Management and, at the same time, building relationships with customers. Senior Analyst Senior Analyst is also one of the top job positions in the basic industry. The job exists to make sure that an effective and smooth warehouse and distribution center operations across all business portfolios. Chief Scientist Chief Analysts lead research and development projects supporting the development of proprietary solutions, resulting in capabilities, processes, and new products. Customer Service Representative Customer Service Representative or consumer services satisfies the needs of the customers. They maintain and build friendly relationships with customers by assisting with complaints, questions, etc. Staff Scientist Staff Scientist is a great role in basic industries. Here, you need to initiate, execute, and plan on a large scale. You require strong leadership skills and have the capability to arbitrate technical merits.   Operator The operator is responsible for the safe operation of equipment, environmental compliance, associated auxiliaries, control systems, etc. Moreover, a degree in a technical field is required for this job role.  What Are The Benefits Of Working In Basic Industries? You might want to work in the basic industry for a variety of reasons. The following is a list of the advantages of working in the fundamental industries: High paying jobs Training  Added facilities Job security is high What Are The Best-Paying Jobs In Basic Industries? Now that you have read the majority of what you need to know about basic industries and how they can help you build your career, let me list the best-paying jobs in basic industries: Animal Scientist Food scientist Chemist Metal fabricator Agronomist Equipment technician Machinist Geological engineer Geoscientist Inspector The Final Thoughts  Is Basic Industries A Good Career Path? Now, you know the answer to this question and why it is regarded as a good career path. The above-listed information will help you to know the same. Besides, if you come across any doubts regarding the same, you can mention them below in the comment section. Keep Reading: Is Hotels/Resorts A Good Career Path Is Finance Consumer Services A Good Career Path Is Real Estate Investment Trusts A Good Career Path

Good Career Paths

Top 32 Good Career Paths That Pay Well – 2022 Updated

It is very important to know the current trends in the job market, especially if you are looking for a good career path to nurture your skills and grow in the same. For many students, a college degree puts you on the direct path to a certain career such as journalist, police, doctor, or teacher. Meanwhile, there are some individuals for whom the future isn’t as clear-cut. The most demanded careers in the industry have the most anticipated growth rates for the next five years. However, before pursuing any career path, you must possess the required skills and knowledge to be a good fit for the job.  Top 32 Good Career Paths That Pay Well - [2022 Updated] There may be several highest paying careers, but they should interest you and you must have the required skill sets and abilities to pursue the same. Besides, some career paths consist of lots of risks and responsibilities that you need to consider beforehand. So, let’s discuss the list of best career paths that pay well and have a rewarding future. 1. Finance Consumer Services Career Path Finance Consumer Services can be a good career option for you if you have an interest in finance. However, just keep in mind that to pursue this career, you must have certain skill sets: Data handling skills, Accounting Knowledge, Communication skills, etc. 2. Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Stores Career Path Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Stores is another good career path in 2022. For this job, you don’t require any particular graduation degree like other jobs. However, the core skill sets are excellent communication skills and customer handling abilities. 3. Packaged Foods Career Path Packaged Foods can be one of the most interesting career paths this year because there are several types of jobs available in this sector including Product Tester, Compliance Manager, Packaging Buyer, Package Designer, etc.  4. Electric Utilities Central Career Path Electric Utilities Central Path is a sector where Scientists and Engineers play an important role. However, in this path, there is a high risk because the workplaces in this area are considered to be very dangerous.  5. Business Services Career Path Business Services career path is also a good option for you because this profession is regarded as the most flexible category of employment with many work opportunities. Some entry-level jobs in this sector include Sales Representatives, Assistant Buyers, Financial Analysts, and Operations Research Analysts, etc. 6. Hotels/Resorts Career Path Hotels/resorts’ career paths can be very interesting and rewarding because there are several opportunities available here to grow quickly. Here, you will find lots of diverse options and flexible working hours that you will love for sure! 7. Other Consumer Services Career Path Other Consumer Services enable you to work on several technologies and boost up your overall job skills. The best part about this career path is that there are huge opportunities available and you can grow quickly here.  8. Public Utilities Career Path Public Utilities career path maintains the infrastructure for public services. They fulfill the basic needs of the public and provide various kinds of services. This can be a great career path if you are looking for long-term benefits and high rewards. 9. Energy Career Path The energy career path is also a very fulfilling career option because there are many best paying jobs in this sector. By working in this sector, you need to focus on creating energy efficiency and minimizing the energy consumption level to a great extent.  10. Basic Industries Career Path Basic Industries career path is a sector that is accountable for transforming raw materials and creating semi-furnished goods. The top characteristics in this career path are semi-furnished goods, high-quality staff, significant investments, etc. 11. Precious Metals Career Path Precious Metals career path is also a rewarding career path for you in the long run. The precious metals here can be anything such as gold, silver, diamond, platinum, etc. You just need to make sure that the metals are in stable growth and have good returns in the future. 12. Oil & Gas Production Career Path The oil & Gas Production career path is an innovative place to work in. Some of the best areas in this sector include Project Engineer, Logistics Analyst, Financial Analyst, Human Resource, Geologist, Oil & Gas Attorney, etc. 13. Capital Goods Career Path Individuals working Capital Goods focus on increasing the long-term productive capacity of the economy. This career path can simplify your living standards in the future and there is a massive opportunity in this industry.  14. Consumer Durables Career Path 'Consumer Durables’ career path is rewarding as it operates at 100% production capacity. Some of the top rewarding jobs in this sector include Events Manager, Product Development Manager, Sales Operations Specialists, Category Manager, etc.   15. Industrial Machinery Components Career Path Individuals working in Industrial Machinery Components are accountable for repairing and maintaining firm machines. They provide machinery, equipment, and control solutions for industrial infrastructure and energy.   16. Technology Career Path Technology is expected to grow rapidly in the coming future, and the available jobs in this sector are excellent. You can get quick employment opportunities even without a college degree. Isn’t it great? 17. Metal Fabrications Career Path Metal Fabrications is the production of metal structures by cutting, bending, and assembling. This career path is a kind of very responsible job, and you need to manage your time efficiently here. 18. Investment Managers Career Path Investment Managers are paid high from scratch. Besides, those who are talented and qualified can get more opportunities and rewards in this industry. Moreover, this career path is very satisfying and rewarding. 19. Commercial Banks Career Path Commercial Banks has been providing clients with credit products such as term loans, syndicated services, cash management services, fixed income products, etc. Moreover, this has been divided into two categories such as primary and secondary services. 20. Major Pharmaceuticals Career Path Major Pharmaceuticals has various degree programs. In this sector, the Sales Representatives make the most revenue, and this can be the best choice for those who are looking for a bright future. 21. Home Furnishings Career Path Home Furnishings can be a good career path for you if you are interested in the construction sector. This industry has lots of opportunities at present, and you can consider this to improve your skills and knowledge. 22. Homebuilding Career Path The homebuilding industry alone has more than 80k job opportunities and the career is expected to grow by 8%. Some of the top-paying jobs here are Construction Manager, Interior Designer, Architect, Carpenter, Roofer, Electrician, etc.  23. Telecommunications Career Path The telecommunication industry is also very booming. Individuals working in this sector require job training that lasts for a few weeks or sometimes extends to a few months. They attach cables and wires to appliances.    24. Quality Assurance Career Path Quality Assurance individuals make sure that the quality of the products or services is delivered as expected. They are hugely responsible for the food’s quality if they are working in the food industry.  25. Major Banks Career Path If you are interested in the banking sector, then major banks can be a top career option for you in the long run. Banking sectors are loved by many people because the skills required in banking can be useful in other sectors too.  26. Photography Career Path The photography career path can be rewarding for those who are really passionate about their aim. Wedding photographers, Lifestyle Photographers, Fashion Photographers, Freelance Photographers, Advertising Photographers, etc. 27. Auto Parts O.E.M Career Path Auto Parts O.E.M’s career path is also a great one to pursue in 2021. This career path is referred to as Original Equipment Manufacturer, which means that the parts are created by the same company that makes the vehicle.  28. Steel/Iron Ore Career Path The steel/Iron Ore’s career path is also rewarding and worth considering in 2022. This career path is the backbone of the global economy and has the highest demand and value at present.  29. Medical/Dental Instruments Career Path Medical/Dental Instruments career path helps you to save patients’ lives by carrying out procedures that remove pain and prevent future problems. The best benefit of this career path is that you can open your own clinic in the future.  30. Medical Assistance Career Path Medical Assistance is one of the most rewarding career paths in the healthcare industry. You can work in this sector, and the skills required can be utilized in other sectors as well. 31 Computer Software Prepackaged Software Career Path Computer Software Prepackaged Software career path is a fulfilling career because the salary structure is very good. So, if you are interested in the computer industry, you can pursue this career path. 32. Consumer Non-Durables Career Path Consumer Non-durables career path is a favorite choice of many individuals because the employees are paid high due to high demand. These goods are easily consumed in one use or have a life span of fewer than three years.  The Final Thoughts  A career path that pays well will make you live a comfortable life without any worries. At the same time, you can achieve your long-term financial goals like buying a home, starting your own business, or anything else that is important for you. Thus, the above listed are the top 32 career paths that pay well and have a bright future in the long run.  READ ALSO: Career Options after 12th Science 8 Useful Tips for Personal Career Development How Many Jobs Are Available In Real Estate Investment Trusts? Is Real Estate Investment Trusts A Good Career Path?

Entry Level Marketing Job

9 Best Entry Level Marketing Jobs When Starting Your Career

Marketing is a generic term that encompasses a broad range of career paths. There are several opportunities in marketing that can take in different directions and open your door to success. Now, if you are searching for the best entry level marketing jobs, then you have come to the right place! A marketing career attracts artistic and encouraging individuals. This career path in entry level marketing jobs is demanding as well as satisfying due to high salary rewards. A career potential in marketing is unlimited because it is used in every industry and company.  A company requires an individual who can understand the marketing industry well and help them in the growth of their business.  Marketing Job Description - Duties & Responsibilities A marketer is an individual who promotes products and services on behalf of a company. They are also responsible for boosting the company’s promotional efforts and increasing return on investment.  Marketers create a message that describes the benefits of the company’s products and services to their target audience, and it directly affects sales. Now, let’s discuss the top duties and responsibilities of a marketer. Analyzing the results of the campaigns and reviewing the progress by making adjustments.  Researching the past successful campaigns in order to understand what is working and vice versa.  Conducting marketing research to understand the target audience’s needs, interests, habits, wants, and other factors used in targeted marketing campaigns.  Meeting with clients to discuss goals, budget, and brand guidelines. Helping team leads set, allocate, and control the budget of every project.  Creating a style for the brand that captures the attention of the target audience.  Collaborating with advertising, marketing, and sales team members in order to plan promotional marketing campaigns. Specifying a company’s target audience based on market research.  Skills Required To Become A Marketer The major part of a marketing career is that you need to understand the needs, preferences, and limitations that describe the target group of consumers. This is usually done by the marketing research team.  Besides, there are some skills that are required to succeed as a marketer, and this includes the following: Research skills Problem-solving skills Writing skills Analytical skills  Communication skills 9 Best Entry Level Marketing Jobs [Updated] If you are choosing marketing as your career path, then you need to understand this industry in depth. You also need to build a portfolio, engage in conversions, and stay updated with all the marketing data.  The best entry-level marketing jobs depend upon your skills and interests. The job will allow you to showcase your skills and improve the same by working on them. At the same time, you can use those to reach your career goals. To reduce your time and efforts, we have listed the top 9 entry-level marketing jobs that will boost your career path.  1. Marketing Assistant A marketing assistant supports a company’s marketing team in tracking, executing, and planning the achievement of marketing campaigns and programs.  The major responsibilities of a marketing assistant include the following: Organizing marketing events  Creating marketing materials  Assisting the marketing team on projects Analyzing data to monitor campaigns Creating and managing the production of marketing collateral Providing project-specific administrative support  Producing content for all social media platforms 2. Content Marketer Content marketers help in the planning and the development of the organization’s content and strategy. They create content not only for the company’s website but also for the social platforms to increase the visibility and conversions of the business.  The major job responsibilities of a content marketer are as follow: Working with clients to edit and modify the copy to meet the content expectations. Collaborating with PR and marketing departments Proposing copy concepts in an interesting way for clients  Researching the organization’s audience and market trends Helping SEO individuals  Contributing to content strategy and planning Creating engaging contents 3. Media Assistant Another best entry-level marketing job is media assistant. They work closely with the media team and help in the planning of advertising campaigns across broadcast media channels and digital print.  The major job duties and responsibilities of a media assistant include: Developing and maintaining a strong relationship with media outlets. Performing administrative duties Researching audiences and media channels Pulling and analyzing media reports Using media software to track the performance  Obtaining and analyzing media.  Monitoring media for the appropriate placement of ads 4. SEO Specialist A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist optimizes the performance of the organization’s online content and web pages. They focus on the target keywords and make sure it appears on the top pages of Google. The major job duties and responsibilities of an SEO specialist include the following: Collaborating with blog writers and content creators.  Conduct keyword research for the company and clients Improving the ranking of the website  Developing a strong SEO strategy and tracking keyword trends Analyzing the search engine’s performance  Implement link building strategy  Track and report website’s analytics and PPC campaigns. 5. Sales Representatives A Sales Representative recognizes and pursues new customers and clients for the company. They are responsible for selling the company’s products by educating the prospects and identifying leads.  The major job duties and responsibilities of a sales representative include the following: Providing customer support Meeting sales objectives Building relationships with prospects Tracks all the sales activities in the company  Schedule meetings and presentations  Generating leads for customers  Coordinate with other team members to improve sales effort  6. Account Coordinator Account Coordinator is one of the best entry-level marketing jobs in 2021. These individuals are a part of the advertising agency and help to manage client accounts and campaigns. Thus, they provide day-to-day administrative support to account executives.  The major job duties and responsibilities of an Account Coordinator include the following: Creating work schedules and project plans Managing account budgets  Helping managers create promotional events for the organization Assembling promotional materials  Addressing client queries and solving issues regarding the same Serving clients regularly Drafting sales proposals 7. Digital Marketing Coordinator  A Digital Marketing Coordinator devises and implements marketing campaigns on online platforms. They help to create content and build the presence of an organization effectively. The primary responsibilities of a digital marketing coordinator include the following: Analyzing results of the digital marketing campaigns Building strong website presence on social platforms  Identifying business opportunities for growth and development  Organizing social media sites and creating online content  Manage email campaigns  Tracks website analytics and other reports. 8. Marketing Analyst Marketing Analyst is one of the top marketing jobs for the entry level position. They conduct research, analyze data, and boost marketing efforts.  The top job duties and responsibilities for the marketing analyst are as follow: Create specific research methods  Interpret data and formulate reports Utilize online marketing research and catalog findings to databases Develop research proposals and create reports to present data findings  Understand the marketing trends in-depth and community with other team members.  Measuring and reporting on marketing performance campaigns  9. Public Relations  Public Relations specialists build and maintain a positive public image for an organization. They create a press release or media that shapes public opinions of the company in order to increase brand awareness. In short, Public Relations specialists are responsible for maintaining a positive image of the company.  The top job duties and responsibilities for Public Relations are as follow: Tracking press opportunities and speaking engagements  Works with managers to identify trends and group interests  Updating and maintaining web content  Preparing and editing organizational publications Understanding the organization’s objectives  Planning the development of programs  Establishing and maintaining relationships with consumers  The Final Thoughts The above-listed entry level marketing jobs may lead you to a job in product management in which you would be responsible for the success of the brand. A marketing career is very rewarding and interesting in the long run. Thus, you can make your career in this field and enjoy high pay. Besides, let me know your doubts in the comment section below regarding marketing-level jobs. READ ALSO: Career Options after 12th Science 8 Useful Tips for Personal Career Development Is Real Estate Investment Trusts A Good Career Path? How Many Jobs Are Available In Real Estate Investment Trusts?