9 Awesome Plants – The Door To Welcome Prosperity & Healthy Life

Awesome Plants - The Door To Welcome Prosperity & Healthy Life

According to Vastu Shastra, the plants that grow healthy and are placed in the right direction can bring wealth and prosperity to our lives, providing a healthy lifestyle. Different plants have different meanings, starting with the good luck plants that are crucial to channel positive energy flow. Some plants act as the home purifying that observes the carbon dioxide from the environment and gives relief from stress.

Eventually, there are several plants having their own function to provide you with a healthy and wealthy life. Scroll down to check out the list of indoor plants that you can present to someone for their good luck and healthy lifestyle.

Details About 9 Plants – The Door To Welcome Prosperity & Healthy Life

1. Tulsi Or Basil

Tulsi or Basil has tremendous religious significance in Hindu mythology and is considered holy in the Hindu religion. But the main signification of this plant is purifying the environment, killing bacteria, and eradicating negative energy. It is a hub that is used in various medical approaches, and eating the leaf can fill the sense of calmness.

2. Peace Lily

Peace LilyPeace Lily


According to the Feng Shui culture of China, the peace lily is considered the plant of fortune. Apart from religious belief, the plant can clean all contaminants present in the air and provides a fresh environment. If you are looking for flower plants online shopping to present to your loved ones, then this can be a perfect choice.

Peace lily needs very little water to grow that needs to be watered approximately once a week. It can also grow in artificial light producing beautiful white flower that makes it perfect for home décor.

3. Snake Plant

Placing a snake plant in the right direction can bring good luck and wealth to the individual’s life. It also tends to observe poisonous gas and exclude the strong positive energy from the residence. This provides a healthy environment and keeps away from various diseases.

With all the properties, it becomes the perfect plant to gift someone. And due to its portability, it can be kept to any part of your home and shield you with a positive vibe.

4. Potted Orchids

Potted Orchids are the most beautiful plants that enrich the relationship and the way to find your true love. So, it will not be work that this plant is a symbol of fortune and prosperity that will come with your love. The orchid also releases oxygen at night with a pleasant smell that is a good sign of good health.

5. Palms

Palms are among those beautiful plants that give the feel of breezy and tropical. These plants have the ability to attract good energy and remove harmful dust elements from the carpets. And according to Hindu mythology, prosperity and health come in a neat and clean house.

6. Jade Plant

The other plant is a door to prosperity and good health with a round leaf. These are the medium size plants that are needed to place at the entrance of the house for good fortune. And the plant is so portable that it can be kept in the working space of the living room.

This is the perfect gift for the working professional who needs to be fit for work and prosperity in their career. It requires very low maintenance that is needed to be watered once a week.

7. Pachira Money Tree

You must have familiar with the money plant that is found in almost every household. But have you heard about the Pachira money plant that is commonly used in Feng Shui to bring prosperity and good luck to the individual’s life?

You can present this to someone to bring good luck, wealth, and better health to their life. You can also get on various shopping sites and get the online plant delivery at your doorsteps and even send it to your close friends or any other family member.

8. Lavender

Lavender, also known as Lavandula by its scientific name known for its aromatic properties. Due to its soothing properties, this plant is used in aromatherapy and is believed to provide good luck and prosperity. The oil and flower of the Lavender plant are used to scent and for medical purposes. They can be kept in front of the house or any outdoor space that makes the surroundings attractive.

9. Peepal Bonsai

Peepal Bonsai

The plant is associated with the lord Buddha, and that signifies longevity, fortune, and happiness. Peepal Bonsai is a great plant to gift someone who needs luck, happiness, and good health in their life. This plant can be used for home décor and can be kept in every part of your house.

Final Verdict

Plants are the most beautiful friend nature has provided human beings, and we both are equally dependable to each other. Green plants provide us provide purified air to breathe and food to eat. But humans are becoming so greedy to build a jungle of concrete and tend to harm the environment.

So, you can take small steps and order green plants for better health for your family. You can present these plants to your loved ones and even courier friends’ plants from online shopping sites to various parts of the country.

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