How Business Owners Can Better Utilize Freelance Work


28 May 2020


Freelance Work

Small businesses don’t always have a ton of cash or room to make costly mistakes, so every penny, every asset, every minute, counts.

Often, small businesses will turn to freelancers for certain projects where they need expert help, but that can also take a hit on your bank account, so ensuring the freelancer does good work is crucial.

Sometimes though, the freelance work falls short, leaving the small business low on funds with a deliverable that is unusable. So how do you avoid that? Let’s talk about a better way of finding freelance workers for your business.

Revenue Sharing Model

Each freelancer can be paid differently. Some are paid upfront or given equity, others are paid a percentage of the final revenue, and some are paid when the job gets done.

Here’s the best thing a small business that is low on upstart funds can do when it comes to hiring a freelancer:

Adopt a revenue-sharing model.

What that means is the freelancer gets paid when you do. They’ll complete the project, deliver all final assets to the business owner, but they’ll only get paid if and when you start making money. There will be a percentage that is agreed upon by both parties before the project begins, and if your business starts bringing in revenue, you’ll then pay off the percentage owed to the freelancer. If your business never makes money, you do not have to pay the freelancer a dime.

Why is this a good idea?

First of all, it decreases the risk for the business by waiting to pay the freelancer until there is secure revenue coming in.

Second, with this idea in mind, freelancers can do some of their best work. They aren’t just getting paid to finish a job, there’s a higher expectation of their work. They understand that if their work is mediocre, there’s a lower chance of them getting paid. It’s in their best interest to do the best work they can, not only to help you as a business owner but to help themselves as well.

Develop a Relationship

Far too often, businesses pay freelancers for work only to be unsatisfied with the end product. Many times this is due to a lack of communication on one or both sides. To ensure that you are getting quality service delivered from a freelance worker, it’s important to have an understanding relationship. Here are a few tips on how to accomplish that:

Describe Your Communication Style


If you’re not sure what your communication style is, it’s not a bad idea to find out or develop a system that works for you. Some people have very blunt ways of communicating while others are timider. Talking about your preferred communication style with the freelancer you hired will help to avoid conflict, assumptions, and hard feelings.

Explain Your Needs

Don’t be afraid to express where there are gaps in understanding. The freelancer is there to be an expert in an area that you may not be familiar with. It’s okay to say things like, “I’m not sure I understand that, could you explain how that works?” The more you can understand the process, the better you’ll be able to communicate and get an end product you’re happy with.

Do Your Part

If you feel there are gaps in understanding, take a step back, and see if there is anything you might have left out in communication with the freelancer. Sometimes we get in our own bubble and assume other people understand what we are talking about when in reality we need to explain certain things in more depth.

Good Luck!

Freelance Work

Some of these tips may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how often business owners fail to communicate well with the freelancers they hire. If you can adopt these practices into your business model, your freelancers’ work will improve significantly and you won’t have to worry about an unfortunate loss of precious funds.

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Green Card Application

7 Common Green Card Application Mistakes You Need To Avoid Making

According to a report, more than one million people apply for a green card every year in the USA. However, amongst such a massive number, only 45% of them get accepted on the first try. The others, however, get delayed or canceled within the first month of the application.  Why? Well, according to a green card lawyer, the most common issue that causes such mishaps is making mistakes during the application procedure. In this article, we have explained a few of them and offered some insights on them as well. Keep reading to find out more about this aspect.  Green Card Mistakes That You Must Avoid  Making a mistake while enlisting a document in your green card is pretty common, especially if you’re doing it alone. Hence, if you are not too savvy regarding the subject, we’ll ask you to consult a green card lawyer prior to the application. Anyways, let’s get back to our topic and learn about the mistakes that you need to avoid.  Mistake - 1: Missing A Document In Your Application  Filling up a green card form is pretty tricky. In this aspect, you cannot fill out a single document and submit the same to the USA government. Instead, you have to write around eight to twelve forms at once and include various supportive papers alongside them. If you fail to provide even a single document, your application might get delayed or canceled.  Potential Loss Of Money: USD 500  Possible Loss Of Time: 6-24 months  Mistake - 2: Not Signing The Form  Creating an ideal documentation form will not be enough for your purpose. Besides, you will need to sign each and every one of them as well. Also, you will have to make sure that the person, who’s applying for the green card, is performing this task. Once you are done with it, be sure to double-check everything again to ensure that the application looks fine.  Potential Loss Of Money: USD 50-100  Possible Loss Of Time: 6 months  Mistake - 3: Missing Out On Deadlines  While you’re making a green card application, you will have to deal with multiple deadlines altogether. If you end up missing out even on a single one amongst them, the whole formal request for the documentation will get denied entirely. To avoid this, you can try to mark the important dates on your calendar or set up an alarm for them.  Potential Loss Of Time: 6 months Potential Repercussion: Denied or canceled application  Mistake - 4: Giving False Information Giving out false information accidentally is yet another mistake that almost everyone submitting a green card application makes. While it may seem not of importance to you, the US government will consider it as a “lie.” As a result, they will either deny your request to get a green card or ban you from the country for a lifetime. Potential Loss Of Time: 6-12 months Potential Repercussion: Denied or canceled application/Lifetime ban from the USA  Mistake - 5: Not Getting The Help Of A Lawyer  As mentioned before, filling out a green card application properly is a complex procedure. Hence, if you’re considering trying to do it alone, you might end up messing everything. It, in turn, may cost you a lot of money or, in the worst-case scenario, get banned from the country. Due to this reason, we’ll ask you to collaborate with a Green Card Lawyer to ensure that everything’s going in the right place.  Potential Loss Of Time: 6 months Mistake - 6: Making An Incorrect Payment  While handling too many documents at once, many of us tend to forget or make an incorrect payment. For example, while submitting an application for a green card, you’ll have to spend at least USD 1,000 on the US government. Nonetheless, if you attach a cheque of USD 100 to USD 300, then your request will get denied instantly.  Potential Loss Of Time: 6-12 months Potential Repercussion: Denied or canceled application Mistake - 7: Not Sending Document Translation  While working on a green card application, you’ll have to submit quite a few supporting documents. Amongst them, you should provide your birthdate, driver’s licenses, marriage certificates, bank accounts, passports, etc. However, if you don’t live in an English-speaking country, you have to translate everything from top to bottom. If you don’t send the same, your application will get delayed until you send the right ones.  Potential Loss Of Time: 6 months The Bottom Line  Making mistakes is pretty common while filling up a green card application. Therefore, if you don’t want your application to get delayed or canceled, make sure to be careful while working on this matter. If you're going to play it safe, you can also hire a Green Card Lawyer.  Read Also: What Are the Important Parts of a Free Business Credit Report? Credit Card Fraud the Holiday Season: Things to Consider for Next Year


Lucrative Business Ideas to start Near Water Bodies

Living by the water is a dream that most people possess and would love to see actuated. One of the advantages of living in such locations(be it lakes, rivers, seas, or oceans) is the range of business opportunities you’re exposed to, the advantage is, you get to escape the city life(if that is your goal) and earn a living while at it. This article is designed to help you set up a business by the water by giving awesome ideas you can try out to make your dream come true. Remember that you can be scale these ideas depending on the amount of capital at your disposal. Coaching Water Sport Enthusiasts and Athletes For aquatics fans, this business is a dream come true. If you excel at a specific water activity and want to share the excitement and energy it provides with others, then try out coaching! You would be able to enjoy your favorite sport full-time while also assisting others in learning a new skill and seeing the sport through your eyes. You shouldn't have to go headfirst into this business if you aren't ready. You may simply create a timetable that works for both you and your clients. As for the scaling, this should be dependent upon a few factors; Market Research; client demographics, other competitors in the market, etc. The Location of the Service; this determines where you will conduct these training sessions and where you might be able to capture the attention of other clients The amount of capital at your disposal; could help set up the office, determine the size of the office/business facilities, and sort out the equipment you might need, among others. Accommodation Services Because they are frequently out on an excursion, numerous backpackers favor simpler lodgings over motels. If you have a home beachside or next to a lake, you may easily list it on Airbnb and earn money without even putting in too much work. If you already have more money, try purchasing or constructing a backpacker guesthouse. Attractive beaches are seldom, if ever, empty of tourists, and there is always a significant demand for accommodation. The benefit is that you could even list this home on Airbnb, depending on how much you want to charge for the room. Related Reads: What are the key pillars of a profitable Airbnb business? Fish Processing Businesses Fish processing is further classified into either fish handling, which is the early preparation of meat, or fish and fish product manufacturing. Another logical separation is between primary processing, which involves filleting and freezing seafood for delivery to fresh seafood retail and catering establishments, and secondary processing, which involves producing chilled, frozen, and canned items for the commercial and catering sectors. A good number of people consume fish oil products daily; hence it is a more lucrative business. For those with the financial muscle, consider setting up a fish oil processing plant. This will require a physical location, buying industrial ball valves, pipes, other industrial equipment necessary, and all other business-related considerations in the field. Set Up a Gift Shop Consider opening a gift shop if you possess a talent for handicrafts or visual art. You only need a suitable location with a lot of visitors and cash for your supplies such as t-shirt printers, materials for wallets, bags, and pouches, and so forth. It would be a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate your artistic talent while also being close to the beautiful beach. Just be careful not to reproduce another artist's copyrighted work. Consider also reselling face masks and hand sanitizers to visitors on the beach. For a better deal, consider building a healthy business relationship with a face mask manufacturer. Water Sport Rental It's time for the beach! Water activities are undeniably one of the reasons people visit the beach! Indeed, for some, it is the ultimate reason to visit the beach. Purchase some water sports gear and put up a rental business. It would be ideal if you or a member of your staff could also instruct individuals so that even newcomers or those who are afraid of the water activity would be motivated to give it a try. Consider this article on how to build a homemade kayak launch to your kayak hire clients get off to a safe start. If you have substantial capital or land by the water, consider setting up a dock and renting out spaces for those with boats. Culinary Business Beach resorts are among the most charming destinations, and you can guarantee that many couples might like to go on a passionate date night there. Establish a themed restaurant to be the spot where they would want to go. You may also attract non-couples and develop a theme that your target audience would like. You may choose a family-friendly atmosphere, a romantic atmosphere with a wonderful view, or a trendy hotspot for Millenials or gen z's. Regardless of the concept, a beachfront/lakefront café or restaurant is always an excellent choice. The Bottom Line Starting your own company near a water body doesn't have to be complicated. Make small steps toward your objective each day, and it might surprise you how fast you get to the goal.  Simple stages might include saving money every payday for a source of finance you wish to start and gradually collecting the items you need for it. With that said, we wish you all the best in your waterfront business endeavors! Read Also: How To Reduce The Operating Cost of Your Business? Having Business in Foreigner Country, Advantages and Disadvantages Green Business Opportunities for Eco-Entrepreneurs How You Can Grow Your Small Business By Taking Help From Crypto 6 Steps to Starting a Business in Michigan