Why I Can’t Download From Google Drive? How To Fix It?

Why I Can’t Download From Google Drive

Why I can’t download from Google Drive remains to be one of the most generic questions that bug every user. Google Drive, as you are all aware of is the most popular component of Google that provides users with a great number of functions and features. It is extremely feasible to access, and people won’t have any trouble understanding the ways of its work.

Many users around the world prefer this platform over any other to store their folders and files. The problem that we are elucidating on remains that sometimes it is not possible to download files from this Drive. Therefore, we are here to find a solution.

What Is Google Drive?

What Is Google Drive?

Google Drive is basically a storage solution powered by Google that is cloud-based. With the assistance of Google Drive, you will be able to save files online. It can be accessed at any time from devices such as tablets, smartphones, and computers or laptops.

There are many advantages to being able to use Google Drive.  It is quite feasible to share as well as store your files in a reserved location. This software has built-in integrations associated with the suite of Google’s services and products and even makes use of various collaborative tools. If you are already signed up on Google, be sure to acquire an additional space of 15 GB on the Drive. 

Why I Can’t Download From Google Drive?

Why I Can’t Download From Google Drive?

Google Drive, as you know, provides us with several benefits to help ease our work over the internet. It also allows us a great deal of storage space that is adequate for standard use. However, at times you might be faced with a few problems occurring around Google Drive.

The most general of all these issues is that you can’t download from Google Drive. There are two major reasons that cause this problem of not being able to download from Google Drive. 

  • The first cause is that the number of file downloads is generally limited by the software. This is because many people can get access to the file within a span of twenty-four hours. Whenever someone shares the files on Google Drive, this scenario pops up. Hence, these occurrences will deny your file download. 
  • There might be another irrelevant issue that will make you realize that you can’t download files from Google Drive. The reason is a poor internet connection. Since the Drive is a cloud-based file storage system, the user must have a proper net connection at all times for getting access to the files.  

How To Fix Can’t Download From From Google Drive?

There are various ways to fix your problem of why can’t I download from Google Drive. Let us have a look at some of those:

1. Restart Your PC

Restart Your PC

No matter which operating system you are working on from Mac or Windows, restarting your computer is always the best initial solution before hopping on to other solutions. 

2. Few Other Methods

Method 1

  • Right-click on the file you want to download.
  • From the drop-downRight-click menu, choose the download option.
  • If more than one file is to be downloaded, select the desired number of files.
  • Right-click on any of these files and select the download option from the menu. 
  • The files will now be downloaded. 

Method 2

  • Choose the folders or files you want to download.
  • On the top right corner, you will find the three-dot icon. Click on it.
  • From the drop-down menu, select the download option. 

Method 3

  • Open the file if you wish to download any specific photo or video.
  • Click on the download icon at the top right corner. 
  • The file, image, or video will now be downloaded.

Method 4

  • If you do not have any Google accounts and are still using Drive, then on the file list view, you will find the download icon on the right-hand side.
  • Move your mouse towards that part and click on the icon that appears.
  • This will allow your file to be downloaded.

3. Enable Cookies

  • Open Google Drive in Chrome Browser.
  • As you find a tiny lock icon on the left side of the address bar, click on it. 
  • From the list, click on cookies.
  • You will find a pop-up window appearing.
  • Here, you need to click on the Blocked Tab option. 
  • Find out any link that is related to Google and click on it.
  • Next, tap on the allow button at the bottom. 
  • Finally, choose Done.
  • Restart the browser or page, and you will have the downloading options open to you again.

4. Switch Google Accounts

Switch Google Accounts

A user needs to be signed in with the same account to get access when someone else sends a Google Drive link for downloading files. The file-sharing permission of Google Drive follows two considerations. The user can easily be able to view or download the files if the owner who generates the link has made it accessible for all.

However, on the other hand, the owner of the link can even limit the number of users who can get access to the file by mentioning their email ids. During such a case, if you aren’t signed up as a Google user, you might witness errors in the file not opening.

This way, you can’t download from Google Drive. Thus, you need to choose and switch for the correct account on Google.  

Final Thoughts

Well, I hope now you have a clearer picture of why you can’t download from Google Drive. However, in this article, every aspect of this issue has been covered.

The ways how to overcome this problem have also been explained in various steps. Thus, you just need to read through and understand so that it won’t be any difficult task for you to face such an error.

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Chromecast source not supported

5 Ways To Fix Chromecast Source Not Supported Error

Modern smart televisions are designed to connect with several external devices in order to enhance our entertainment experiences. And casting videos from your mobile devices to your Tv is one of the most popular options. You also can cast any content from your laptop or computer. But in case your television does not support this feature, you can use streaming devices for establishing the connection. Now, let’s begin to solve the issue “Chromecast source not supported”.  Google Chromecast is a device that fulfills a similar purpose. It is packed with many streaming applications. With the help of this device, you will be able to cast content from the Google Chrome browser as well. And in case you are using this device and facing an issue like Chromecast source not supported, here I will guide you with the techniques to eliminate them.  Fixing Chromecast Source Not Supported Error  Here are the ways that you can try to fix the Chromecast source not supported error in your device. There can be several reasons behind this issue, so here are all the solutions for different kinds of reasons that are causing this issue.  1. Enable Mirroring Service Suppose you are using The Chrome browser in your system and unable to cast to the Chromecast. Then you need to check whether the Mirror service option is enabled or not. The users mostly recommend this method as it is really effective in solving the source not supported Chromecast issue.  Here are the steps to enable Mirror Services to eliminate the Chromecast source not supported the issue. Open the search browser, Google Chrome. Into the browser, type chrome://flags. Hit the Enter button. Press CTRL + F on your keyboard for bringing up the Find tool. Type in Mirroring, that we are searching for. Hit the Enter again. Find Mirroring Service option. On the right side, click on the drop-down menu. Now select it as Enabled.  Close the Chrome Browser completely and again Open it so that the changes are saves.  Now you can check whether the issue is resolved or not. Try to cast something from your system to your television using Google chrome. And check whether the issue is still there or not.  2. Restart your Chromecast, Wi-fi Router, and Computer Restarting your Chromecast also can solve your Chromecast source not supported issue. But for added measure, it is also recommended to restart your Wi-fi router and your computer also. This will make sure that if there is an issue that is causing the error will get resolved at the same time.  Here are the steps to do that, Firstly, you need to power off your TV, with which your Chromecast is connected. Unplug your Chromecast from your television. Also, unplug the power cord of the Chromecast device. Now leave it unplugged for 1 minute at least. Now, you need to power off the router or modem, depending on whatever you are using. Wait for 1 or 2 minutes.  Power on your router or modem. Now is the time to restart your system. After your system restarts back, connect it again with the WiFi.  Give your Chromecast sometime to reset up everything. Now try to cast something and check.  3. Turn Off all VPN and Ad Blockers Ad blockers generally block pop-ups and prevent Javascript from running. This sometimes causes the Chromecast source not supported error. So, you can try turning off the add blockers and also any VPN if you are using them.  Here are the steps to disable those Google Chrome browser extensions. Open Google Chrome browser. Click on the three-dot icon. A drop-down menu will open.  Select More tools. Click on Extensions. The Extension page will open. Search for the add blocker that you are using. To turn off the extension, Toggle the blue switch.  Close your browser completely. Reopen it and try to cast.  4. Enable the option of Cast Media Route Provider Though you have enabled Mirroring service options, you also can try enabling the option of Cast Media Route Provider. This will also can solve the Chromecast source not supported error that you are currently facing.  The process is similar to the enabling process or Mirroring Service. Here are the steps.  Open the Google Chrome search browser. Into the browser, type chrome://flags. Hit the Enter button. Press CTRL + F on your keyboard for bringing up the Find tool. Type in Cast Media Route that we are searching for. Hit the Enter again. Find Cast Media Route Provider option. On the right side, click on the drop-down menu. Now select it as Enabled.  Close the Chrome Browser completely and again Open it so that the changes are saves.  5. Check The App You Are Using To Cast There is a reason behind the Chromecast source not supported issue, and that is the app that you are using. Maybe the particular app that you are using for casting is not working properly at that very moment.  So what will you do in this case?  You can check by restarting the spp. In case you are trying to cast from your desktop or laptop, you can simply close the app and start it again. But what if you are casting from your Android device? You can restart the app by using the “Application Manager.” before you start the process, there are some things that you should know.  In case the particular app is not storing your user settings online, everything might get reset after this process. You may also need to log in with your credential once the process is completed. So, just make sure you have all those details.  Open the folder, Apps. Tap the icon, Settings. Open the Application Manager. Scroll down and search for the application with which you are facing casting issues on your TV.  Tap the app. The app menu will open. Tap Force Stop. Go to the Storage Section. Tap on Clear Data. Go to the Cache section. Tap Clear Cache. Now back to your Home screen. Restart the app.  This will solve the issues if it is caused by the app instability.  Final Tips In case you are done with all the above-mentioned steps and the Chromecast source not supported, the error is still there. There are some other ways you can try installing the latest version of chrome. I believe the issue will get resolves. But in case the issue persists. Lastly, you can factory reset the Chromecast device. It will lose all the previous data, and you will also need to log in again with your credentials.  Read Also: How Many Jobs Are Available In Real Estate Investment Trusts? 2021 0123Putlockers And Servers – Watch Movies Online How to Download Game Of Thrones Putlocker Online for Free? Is Real Estate Investment Trusts A Good Career Path? REITs Pros And Cons How to Plant Grass Seed on Hard Dirt? – Latest Update 2021

audio renderer error

How To Fix Audio Renderer Error In Windows 10 – 2021 Updated

Are you getting an “audio renderer error please restart your computer” error message in your Windows 10 system? In case you still did not restart your computer, then you can start with clearing your browser cache. And then restart your computer.  If the audio renderer error on Youtube still persists, there are several other tactics or troubleshooting steps that you can try to eliminate this issue.  Fixing Audio Renderer Error In Windows 10 Here are the ways to techniques that will help you to fix the Youtube audio renderer error in Windows 10. If you are getting no sound on Youtube Windows 10, you should definitely try these steps and check whether the issue is solved or staying.  1. Replug or Unplug The Sound Device In case you have any external wired audio device connected with your system, like a pair of earphones, headphones, or speakers, then unplug the device and start the youtube video. If the audio is playing, then connect the device again and check for the issue.  Sometimes when you connect too many external devices with your computer, this audio renderer error may occur. At that time, connect only the default audio device and disconnect the rest to solve the issue. If this error is still showing, try the next suggestion.  2. Close The Audio Mixing programs Audio mixing programs, like Mixcraft, often take exclusive control of your system’s audio drivers and prevent your browser from using them. In case you have a program like this, and it is running in the background before you start watching Youtube, completely exit the program.  On the other hand, you also can prevent those programs from taking control of your audio devices. For example, let’s go through the steps for Mixcraft. Open File. Go to Preferences. Go to Sound Device. Search for Exclusive Mode. Now uncheck the box or turn off the switch.  3. Disable and Enable Sound Devices While trying to fic audio renderer error in Windows 10, you can disable and then again enable sound devices to fix the issue. Here are the steps to do that.  Right-click on the Start Button. Now select the Device Manager. Expand the option Audio inputs and outputs. Now right-click on your default audio device name. Suppose you are unable to figure out where to click as there are a lot of options. Right-click on the volume icon.  Choose Disable device.  Select the Yes option for confirming. Again right-click the Audio device. Now Enable the device.  4. Run The Audio Troubleshooter Now you have done with the three fixing techniques, but the audio renderer error is still there. You can try to fix the issue by using the audio troubleshooter in your Windows 10 system. It not only will be able to detect the underlying problems but also help to fix the issue.  Follow the below steps to do that. Open the Start menu. Now type troubleshoot settings. Now select Open. Select the option named Additional Troubleshooters. Select Playing Audio. Now select Run the troubleshooter.  Now follow the on-screen suggestions or instructions to solve the issue of Youtube sound keeps cutting out. 5. Rollback Audio Drivers Are you facing the audio renderer error just after updating any sound card or audio playback devices related driver? If yes, then try rolling them back. But in case there is no update, you can not try to roll back them.  Audio Playback Device Right-click the Start button. Select Device Manager. Expand the option Audio inputs and outputs. Now right-click on your default audio device name. Choose Properties. Switch to the tab named Driver. Now select Roll Back Driver.  Audio Card Drivers Open the Device Manager. Expand the option Sound, videos, and game controllers.  Right-click on the Audio card driver. Now select Properties. Switch to the tab named Driver. Then Select Roll Back Driver.  In case you are multiple audio drivers, repeat steps 2 to 4.  6. Update Audio Drivers What if you can not rollback your audio drivers to fix the audio renderer error issue? You can try updating them instead.  Audio Playback Device Right-click the Start button. Select Device Manager. Expand the option Audio inputs and outputs. Right-click on the default output device.  Choose the Update driver.  Select the option named Search automatically for drivers.  Now apply the last driver updates if you get the option.  Audio Card Drivers Open Device Manager. Expand the option Sound, videos and game controllers.  Right-click on the Sound card driver. Select the Update Driver. In case you see multiple devices, repeat the third and fourth steps.  7. Update Windows 10 An outdated system often becomes the reason for many technical glitches and abnormalities to crop up. Updating your Windows 10 may eliminate the audio renderer error. So, update it now. Open Start menu. Now type there Windows Update. Hit Enter. Now select Check for updates. If any update is available, install it.  Just below the Check for updates option, there will be another option named Optional Updates. Select it in order to install any updates related to audio.  Update Web Browser An outdated web browser also can be the main reason behind audio renderer error. Though popular web browsers such as Firefox and Chrome are designed for automatic updates, there is no harm in double-check. And if there is any update is available. Install it.  8. Disable Hardware Acceleration Hardware acceleration is used by your browser in order to speed up things. But this feature also can cause audio renderer error in Windows 10. So, you can disable hardware acceleration to avoid this issue.  Google Chrome Open Chrome menu. Select Settings. Expand Advanced. Choose System. Search for Use hardware acceleration when available. Turn the switch off.  Mozilla Firefox Open the Firefox menu. Select Settings. Scroll the General tab down.  Search for the Performance section. Search for Use hardware acceleration when available. Uncheck the box.  Final Tips All the tactics that are mentioned above are more than enough to solve the audio renderer error in Windows 10. But if it persists, you also can update the bios and check whether the issue is solved or not. If you have any other technique to solve this issue, you can share that with our readers.  Read Also: How Many Jobs Are Available In Real Estate Investment Trusts? 2021 How to Download Game Of Thrones Putlocker Online for Free? How to Plant Grass Seed on Hard Dirt? – Latest Update 2021

Cloud Diffuser

How To Choose The Best Cloud Diffuser: Your Guide To Creating A Relaxing Atmosphere

In today's fast-paced world, creating a calm and soothing environment at home has become more important than ever. One effective way to achieve this is by using a cloud diffuser. Cloud diffusers not only add a touch of tranquility to any space but also provide a range of health benefits. If you're in the market for a cloud diffuser, this guide will help you select the best one for your needs. Here, we'll explore the qualities to look for in a cloud diffuser, the different types available, and some popular options like the [Weljoy Zen Raining Cloud]. With the right diffuser, you can create a relaxing atmosphere and promote a sense of wellness in your home.  What Is Meant By A Cloud Diffuser?  In order to understand the essentialities of a diffuser, one must first know what it is all about. A diffuser lets you experience the advantages of safe aromatherapy where inhalation is possible. Simply put, essential cloud diffusers help by purifying the air and making the ambiance pure.  People generally confuse cloud diffusers with humidifiers, but they are quite different. While the former mostly boosts the humidity level and improves health, cloud diffusers are exclusively meant for improving the mood. So, if you are thinking of getting a cloud diffuser for yourself, here are a few things to consider. The Qualities to Look for in a Cloud Diffuser A good cloud diffuser should have a few key qualities that set it apart from the rest. If you want the best results, it is better to search the listed qualities before purchasing. Hence, look for these features when making your selection: 1. Water Capacity The size of the water tank determines how long the diffuser can run before needing a refill. Opt for a cloud diffuser with a larger water capacity if you want to enjoy continuous mist for an extended period. Diffusers are responsible for releasing fragrance into the air, so it is a good idea to determine their water capacity.  2. Mist Output The mist output determines how much fragrance is dispersed in your space. Some cloud diffusers offer adjustable mist settings, allowing you to customize the intensity as per your preference. A lot of newbies are not acquainted with the various diffuser types available in the market. Hence, do not forget to consider the mist output as well.  3. Timer Settings The option to set timers can be a great addition to your cloud diffuser. It allows you to control the duration of diffusion, ensuring that it aligns with your daily routine. Apart from the timer, you might also want to consider the noise it produces. Generally, cloud diffusers do not produce sound, but if they do, try not to purchase them! Types of Cloud Diffusers Cloud diffusers come in various types, each with its own unique features and benefits. Here are a few popular choices: 1. Raindrop Cloud Humidifier This type of cloud diffuser mimics the appearance of raindrops falling from a cloud. It creates a soothing visual effect while diffusing your favorite essential oils. Those who find solace in raindrop sensations after a long, tiring day should definitely opt for this cloud humidifier. The good news is that it is quite cost-effective in nature.  2. Raining Humidifier With a design inspired by rain, this cloud diffuser creates a calming atmosphere. It is perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, or meditation spaces. Let’s admit, who doesn’t love rain? People with troubled sleep and extreme stress should consider buying this. Almost 94% of consumers said that after the use of this humidifier, they could experience better sleep.   3. Weljoy Zen Raining Cloud This unique cloud diffuser combines the calming effect of a rain cloud with the functionality of a night light. It provides a multi-sensory experience, making it ideal for relaxation and unwinding before bed. There is nothing to worry about for sinus patients because this cloud diffuser relieves congestion, too. Relieves symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety, along with providing relief. Popular Cloud Diffusers When it comes to cloud diffusers, the market offers a wide range of options to choose from. Here are a few popular choices to consider: 1. Rain Cloud Humidifier and Oil Diffuser This versatile humidifier not only adds humidity to your space but also works as an essential oil diffuser. It combines the benefits of aromatherapy with the soothing visual of rain clouds. Bring it today to experience what it feels like to be in the open space on a cloudy day. With the first use, you can experience the changes in your sleep as it offers heightened mental peace.  2. Cloud Diffuser with Rain This cloud diffuser features a unique water drip design, simulating rain falling from a cloud. It creates a tranquil atmosphere that is perfect for relaxation or meditation. They are completely noiseless and promote healthy living by purifying the ambiance. Experience the calm of nature with rain-type cloud diffusers. Further, it doesn’t even block your nose or something- so sleep and relax peacefully! 3. Cloudy Melatonin This innovative cloud diffuser combines the calming effects of a cloud with the sleep-inducing properties of melatonin. It is designed to help you unwind and promote a restful night’s sleep. If somebody is seriously sick, just place it near their room, and they might feel a lot better. Most cloud diffusers come with features that relieve cough, headaches, and body pain. In conclusion A cloud diffuser can transform your space into a peaceful haven. By selecting a cloud diffuser that aligns with your needs and preferences, you can create a soothing atmosphere that promotes relaxation and well-being. Whether you choose a raindrop cloud humidifier, a Weljoy Zen Raining Cloud, or any other type of diffuser, the key is to prioritize quality and functionality. Invest in a cloud diffuser that brings you joy and enhances your overall well-being. Read Also: What’s the Difference Between a Public Cloud and a Private Cloud? What’s The Difference Between A Public Cloud And A Private Cloud? Hosted Mail Service That Runs on the Cloud Read Also: