Dog Bites- Steps to follow when a Dog Bites your Kid


07 February 2018



Dog bites can be frightening and painful at the same time. One can’t ignore the fact that besides being the best pal of a human, the dog can be aggressive and can attack anyone.

When it comes to kids, these innocent souls usually have no idea while they are teasing a street dog or their pet. Dogs usually don’t get violent, but one can’t predict when your furry friend may attack your kids. It is crucial to handle such condition precisely.

Numerous people are unaware of the essential steps that need to be executed when a dog bites a kid. Here are the steps that need to be followed.

dog bites

The First Aid:

Unfortunately, if a dog bites your kid, the first thing you need to do is to arrange the first aid. You should clean the wound with mild soap, and it is recommended that you clean the wound precisely. The bacteria need to be cleaned as soon as possible to avoid any chance of infection.

If you are unable to arrange a soap or relevant cleaning agent, you can wash the wound with water. Apart from this, if you think the wound is deep enough, cover the injury with a cloth, and rush to your nearest hospital.

Call for Medical Help:

It is necessarily crucial that you must seek medical attention whenever such an instance takes place. Sometimes you are in a situation when you are unable to decide whether you should take the child to the doctor or call an ambulance for help. In such cases, you should call the helpline number of local police.

Calling the police in such a scenario is a good option as one can ask them to bring medical help along with them. Apart from this, make sure your kid is calm, which is one of the crucial things that require adequate consideration. It is an obvious thing that a little kid would get frightened during such an instance. Keep your kid calm and let them know that everything would be fine.

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Consult your Attorney:

Once you have provided the medical treatment to your kid, it is the time to take legal action against the owner of the dog if the culprit is not your pet. There is a provision in the law that states that a dog owner is responsible for any activity that causes a physical injury or affects a person mentally.

You need to find a reliable attorney, and for this, you need to consult your acquaintances regarding a reliable service provider. Apart from this, another option is to explore the internet to find a prominent service provider. For example, you can search Dog Bite Attorney in West Covina on a search engine to get relevant results.

It is recommended that you should hire a professional law-firm having experience in handling dog bite claims so that you don’t face any glitch in the future.


These are perhaps the initial steps that you must keep in mind to tackle a situation when a dog bites your kid.


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