What Is The Future Of Digital Marketing In Regards To Shaping Up Small And Large Businesses?


08 April 2019


Digital Marketing

The more we are growing every day towards technical advancements, the better our lives are becoming. Not only in the personal front, but people are getting huge advantages on the professional front as well. The developing businesses are using digital marketing immensely well to generate leads and build a connection.

And why not? The facilities are overwhelming and if you do not keep pace with the current marketing trends then you ought to lose out on many advantages of using digital marketing in lifting your business.

The most significant benefit of implementing digital marketing in your business is that it helps you expand your reaches; you can connect to clients and customers from all over the world much easier than you could do before! And who doesn’t know how important it is to build connections for letting a business grow more!

In the upcoming years, digital marketing is more likely to affect the growth of marketers in various ways

Given the growth of digital marketing in recent years, every digital marketing expert is assuming that in the coming years, it is going to bring some revolutionary changes in the way we are looking up to it now.

Some of the massive current digital marketing trends include artificial intelligence, personalization, influencer marketing, infographics, video marketing, social media marketing, visual search, apps for everything, etc.

While we get to see such beneficial digital marketing developments today, we can expect to see more such advanced trends and technologies in the years to come which will help us in expanding our business for gaining maximum profits.

While large scale marketers were always on the checklist for getting better resources, it is the small-time markers who suffered more in regards to marketing requirements. This digital marketing has helped them immensely in advertising and promoting their businesses at bare minimum costs through digital platforms like social media, website creation, etc.

Industry growth impacts everyone in some, or the other, way…

Not only that digital marketing would help the businesses to grow more in the upcoming years, but it is surely and to affect the lives of common people as well. The more the businesses throw, the better our lifestyles become.

We could not have imagined stuff getting delivered at your doorsteps a decade back but today, not only that we can almost achieve anything with just a click in our mobile or laptops.

This massive change is the reason why we can believe that in the future digital marketing is indeed going to give us more than what we expect. Thus, no matter how good effects digitization would have on the industry marketers, it is also going to take all our lives easier and more convenient!

The bottom line

The advancements in science and technology have impacted all our lives in many ways. The growth in the digital industry has benefited us all in several aspects. And businesses have seen more benefits in terms of updated software usages, huge connectivity, better resources and what not! If we consider these changes to be the initial stage of digital developments then we can expect much more in the years to come.

When businesses develop, the economy of the country also develops. Thus, digital marketing has much more to offer to us in the near future in terms of digitization and business growth so that not only the businesses grow and see profits but the common people get benefitted at the same time.

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Strategic Investment

4 Key Concepts on Making Signage an Effective Strategic Investment

Have you ever asked yourself how effective your signages on igniting consumers’ interest? Or you simply place them so you could have something like an interior or exterior design? Do not tell you just place signs outside your store because others have them.Come on. We invest money to earn more, not to lose. Let us get you started out on the right foot on doing an effective strategic business investment with these four rule of thumbs on signage making. 1. 3 ½ Second-Rule Three and a half second rule is a rule of thumb that gives business owners a chance to deliver their messages to passing motorists thru their signage within three and a half seconds before another car whizzes right on by.It is difficult to read your message when you overcrowd your sign with many lines of texts and words. Another, overstated ideas on signs could look busy and decrease the reading speed of your signage. Your goal is to let your sign have optimal visibility within three and a half seconds. How to increase your signs reading speed? First, add borders on signages. Borders tend to increase signage reading speed by 26%, especially when your target is automobiles audience. It could manage the reading space that let viewers directly focus on the center of the sign.Second, do the math when choosing the most efficient letter size on your signs. Distance and speed are the two essential factor when selecting the right measurement. Answer these guide questions: How far away do you want your sign to be readable? How fast people or cars could pass through the sign? 2. Typefaces A typeface or font is considered as a part one’s company’s signature. Every distinctive letter style on various signage from different infrastructures offers contrasting feelings. You could reinforce brand recognition in your place when you can choose the right typeface for you.Most customers are not conscious of typefaces. However, fonts subconsciously affect a signage’s style, way of delivery, and crispness of your message. Think of font styles as themes that would represent you and your business.There are two categories for typefaces. First is that signs could be friendly, warm, and casual like that of McDonald’s. Another could be formal, serious, and traditional like some of those by Shieldco business signage. What are the don’ts that I need to avoid? Do not use fancy designer fonts like Script Style fonts on signs that are not visible from a distance. Better use it on stationery or business cards. Avoid using different letter styles in a single design, too. Do not overdo layout that your main message would not stand out. 3. Optical Center Optical center is the area when human eyes tend to enter a design or page. Our vision typically gravitates toward a spot that is slightly above the mathematical center. If there is a logo above and information below in a sign, nudge the logo higher within the boundaries of a layout.Another example is when placing a sign in a center vertically and mathematically accurate, it will look low. To solve this, again move the signage a little bit higher to correct this visual anomaly. 4. Power Kerning You might never have heard about it, but power kerning is a powerful tool on signage making. It scales letters for better visibility. Proper scaling, perfect sizing, and precise spacing are prominent factors in designing. The same goes on signs. How Kerning works? Human eyes, with the help of our brain, could quickly notice irregularities on patterns. This is why perhaps most people could immediately point out mistakes, rather than good stuff. The thing is when there is asymmetry such as too much space, or little space between characters of a word, a reader’s eyes tend to stumble.Proper kerning would fix this unevenness through adjusting the space between letters, making each character of a word together into a single unit. Consequently, a smooth flow of details from the text would be easily delivered to one’s brain.Nowadays, many applications that could easily do the job of kerning for you. However, instances like do it yourself signs would let you address kerning issues manually. When doing it by yourself, there are a few things to remember.First, uppercase characters are spaced to fit the following ceding lowercase characters. Next, big headlines require spacing adjustment to attain better visual consistency. Last, over kerning is done when doing some layout effects. Takeaway Minimal content could adequately carry out the meaning of your business.  Emphasize only the essential meaning. Remember that the fewer your words are, the higher understanding customers would get. You will know that you had reached your audience successfully when you delivered your message clearly and concisely to the customers.Read Also:Calling Out – How Telemarketing Allows You To Reach A Wider Audience What Is The Future Of Digital Marketing In Regards To Shaping Up Small And Large Businesses? 5 Types Of Digital Marketing

E-Commerce Platforms

Performance Testing For E-Commerce Platforms

Are you an E-commerce brand or platform that is looking for experts to run mobile app testing for your channels? Do you how specialized software testing services can help you climb over your competitors in the E-commerce space? Have you looked at enlisting the services of experts like QA Madness that can help you grow your E-commerce platform?Time and again, we see blogs on the internet that suggest running an E-commerce platform is as easy as eating a piece of cake. To be honest, if being successful and generating sales in E-commerce would be so easy, everyone would be acing it.The fact of the matter is that E-commerce is not easy. It requires a lot of effort, time, strategy, and resources. You cannot simply create an E-commerce website and hope to become the next Jeff Bezos!In this article, we look at how performance testing for E-commerce platforms is essential for garnering success. We take help from leading experts and friends at QA Madness to understand what goes into making a successful E-commerce business. What is Performance Testing and why your E-commerce Business should Invest in it?In simple words, without sounding too nerdy, let us try to look at what is Performance Testing.Performance Testing is the process of rigorously testing all the tech and digital components of an E-commerce business. This includes the desktop version of the platform and mobile app testing. The key is to look at and analyze how the entire tech and digital ecosystem operates when exposed to real-world use.Imagine hundreds of people are using the E-commerce platform app at the same time. The questions that then arise are-Is the server being able to handle the heavy load of all the traffic using the mobile app at the same time? Is there a lag or breakdown that any of the users are experiences or are the UI and UX getting compromised under stress? What are some of the benchmarks and standards that should be used to judge speed and whether the platform is exposing some bottlenecks?Performance Testing is more than just looking at loading page speeds. It seeks to test each aspect of the E-commerce platform and suggest the perfect optimization for the same. 4 Important Things to consider during Performance Testing for E-commerce: In this section, we request experts at QA Madness to help us. Specifically, to list down some important things that should be considered during Performance Testing- 1. Testing Financial Transactions- One area where things can go wrong is in the area of financial transactions. With so many people using the same platform at the same time, you need to test to ensure that every transaction is going through. Integrations with Payment Gateways, the ERP, and Inventory Management Software are all areas that should be covered under this software testing services. 1. Checking the Mobile App Exhaustively- Mobile app testing perhaps constitutes one of the most important verticals for Performance Testing. How the app performs, is the search is optimized, whether the graphics are getting compromised are all issues that mobile app testing will help resolve. In addition to the app, the mobile version of the E-commerce platform’s website also needs to be tested rigorously. 2. Region-Based Testing for Different Geographies- If you are starting an e-commerce business, you are looking at a truly global audience. This is why you need to make sure that the internet protocols of the different countries are not interfering with how the customers in those countries are engaging with your platform. Changed domain URLs, IP addresses, and other rules and regulations need to be considered. 3. Data Management Testing- Any successful E-commerce ecosystem is incomplete without integrated data management. For an E-commerce platform, data is the lifeblood that helps all its verticals- marketing, sales, and CRM. Performance Testing needs to ensure that the data collection, cloud storage solutions, and the final outputs are being generated in a systematic and orderly fashion. The Three KPIs of Performance Testing as stated by QA Madness- While there can be multiple KPIs that software testing services can help E-commerce brands with, QA Madness states that the following are the three major ones. They refer to the same as the three ‘S’s of their Performance Testing goals. 1. Speed- When it comes to speed, we are referring to the speed of the website, mobile version of the web, and the mobile application. It also includes the speed with which users are progressing from one page to another on the app and the website. The higher the speed, the better will be the user experience. This combines to deliver the best sales and revenues for an E-commerce platform. 2. Scalability- You do not want your website and app infrastructure to be so weak that it crashes only after a hundred visitors. Your E-commerce website and the app must be tested for scalability to handle massive loads all at the same time. This will help you provide a fluid experience to millions of users and potential customers all at the same time without compromises. 3. Stability- A lot can go wrong on an E-commerce website when it is put under stress. Graphics can fall out of place and payment gateways can collapse. You never want the users to experience these problems on your platform. An E-commerce platform needs to be stable all the time, with or without load. Performance Testing seeks to build the stability of an E-commerce platform. The Bottom Line: There is no set rule as to when an E-commerce platform should go for Performance Testing. Some believe that it should be done at the early stages of development. Others believe that it should be done once the development of the platform is complete to identify the loopholes and then plug them accordingly.No matter when you get them done, Performance Testing is essential for your E-commerce platform. If you want to create a highly optimized and result-oriented business, this is a great investment you should look at making.If you have any other questions on software testing services or mobile app testing, feel free to ask them. Use the comments section to drop your queries. We will once again request, or disturb, as the case may be, our friends at QA Madness to help you out.Read also:The Right B2B E-Commerce Platforms to Sell Your Used Machinery Approaches for Increasing E-commerce Sales Through Inventory Reports 5 Reasons to Use Magento for Your Next Ecommerce Website

Digital Marketing

5 Types of Digital Marketing

Marketing is an ever-changing aspect of a business. In the past decade, we’ve seen how modern technology has completely revolutionized the way businesses promote and sell their products and services.In fact, a 2013 study conducted by Adobe noted that 76 percent of people think that marketing has changed more in the past two years than it did the entire 50 years before. This is even more pronounced today as the Internet becomes more pervasive.Indeed, the Internet is a game-changing technology with a tremendous impact on modern marketing. Alongside its ubiquity is the rise of online marketing, which many consider having replaced traditional marketing channels, such as TV, radio, and print ads. More and more businesses now adopt this form of marketing. Statista projected that global spending on digital marketing would reach 306 billion dollars in 2020 and account for the majority of marketing efforts.But while digital marketing has enabled businesses to reach their target audience more readily, the rapidly changing technology and marketing trends have brought in some confusion, especially for businesses that are not well-versed with online marketing.Today, there are numerous digital marketing trends available to marketers and brands. Each of these methods has its unique uses, as well as, pros and cons. For many businesses, deciding on which digital marketing strategy to take is not easy.To help you choose the best direction, an expert from a digital marketing agency, Warroom Inc., explains to us the top five time-proven and tested digital marketing types. Email Marketing:Email marketing is a time-tested type of online marketing. This has been around far longer than other digital marketing techniques. While there have been many changes in the way this campaign is done, it remains very useful.With this strategy, marketers have full control of the message. Email marketing is different from the regular emails you send to a boss or a friend. Marketers use available data regarding a user to come up with carefully crafted and targeted messages based on the recipient’s position in the sales funnel. These emails can range from informational email to product update email to welcome email and many other types.Email marketing not only gets your message across. You can also gather relevant information about your target audience through emails. With this data, you can come up with a more calibrated and more successful marketing campaigns. Content Marketing:Content marketing is considered the foundation of all other types of digital marketing. With content marketing, you need to regularly produce relevant and interesting contents such as social media posts, videos, articles, blogs, and other creative. Quality content is crucial in bringing across your message and keeping your audience engaged.Content marketing is a tricky endeavor. There are a lot of things to consider such as grammar and spelling, effective use of keywords, proper messaging, use of graphics, persuasiveness, etc. Keeping the content relevant, unique and fresh is also crucial in a successful content marketing campaign. Social Media Marketing:According to the 2018 Global Digital suite of reports from We Are Social and Hootsuite, there are 3 billion social media users worldwide. This makes social media a very effective platform for advertising and promoting your brand to consumers.  Since users are hooked to social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter on a 24/7 basis, it makes it a perfect place to market and sell your products and services.Aside from the millions of users connected to social networking sites, it is also a cost-effective digital marketing strategy, especially when you’re able to hit the right buttons. The proper use of social media marketing techniques can help ensure that you’re reaching the right audience and get them to use your brand. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing:SEO Marketing is an essential marketing tool that every business needs. The goal of this marketing campaign is to increase your website’s visibility by placing it on top of search engines, such as Google and Bing. For example, if a user is looking for a dog grooming kit, you want to place your brand on the first page of Google’s result. You need to know what customers are searching for (keyword research) and optimizing your website around those keywords (keyword optimization). This helps boost traffic to your site. Link Building:Among the earliest digital marketing trends, link building can help increase the number and quality of inbound links to your website. This can help improve page views and visits, and ultimately, website or webpage ranking. If you want your product to be easily searchable in search engines, then you need to implement link building strategies.These are just five of the many types of digital marketing out there. Each of these techniques has its own uses that can help you promote and advertise your business.Read Also:Essentials For Digital Marketing The Importance Of SEO Based Digital Marketing Services 7 Proven Marketing Tactics To Increase Your ROI In 2018