How Business Owners Can Protect Themselves if Their Business Fails

Published on: 24 September 2022 Last Updated on: 11 October 2022
Business Fails

15% of startups fail in the first year and only 50% succeed in the fifth year. Therefore, failure to take steps to protect yourself if your business goes bankrupt can have serious consequences. 

These assets can be lost very quickly if you do not protect your hard-earned personal assets. Certain registry laws with simple steps can ensure you greater protection in the event of a claim or lawsuit. 

If you have the right legal tools like a Business Attorney Atlanta GA in place before litigation begins, you will be in a much stronger position to weather the storm.

This article will help you understand some important steps that you must take to protect yourself in case your business fails. 

Protect Yourself When Business Fails

Given below are some of the major steps that you must follow to protect yours;f when your business fails:

 Business Failing

1. Speak And Act Mindfully

The way a firm is seen is crucial. This is one of the reasons why business owners and their staff shouldn’t make controversial claims or engage in dubious activities. 

This involves making derogatory or disparaging statements, as well as avoiding doing business with dishonest individuals. Additionally, in critical situations, avoid speaking in the absence of a Business Attorney in Atlanta GA. 

However, if they are discovered, the company’s name could be linked to them. Therefore, you and your staff must work to reduce conflicts of interest and avert potential problems. In addition, such events may compromise your credibility as a businessperson and result in legal issues

Even if you don’t make choices that benefit your business, having a conflict of interest would still exist if you were a city council member and contributed to the passage of ordinances that benefited your company.

2. Hire A Business Attorney

Consult a lawyer before beginning a business to get legal counsel. Before you do anything, you might require legal representation. 

It is ideal to employ experienced business attorneys knowledgeable about the regional laws and customs of the area where the firm works and who, if required, has experience in a certain field. 

Engaging a tax attorney if your company is dealing with legal issues with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or tax authorities could be prudent.

You may discover an excellent attorney through a variety of sites. In addition, getting suggestions for experts from other business owners might be useful. 

Alternatively, you might get in touch with the professional association your company belongs to, including your neighborhood chamber of commerce or sector association. Then, naturally, you may try making spam calls (and interviews) using the information in your phone directory.

3. Go For Insurance

All businesses must have civil liability insurance, covering things like changing jobs and consumer collapse. 

The purchase of errors and omissions insurance for allegations or contracts or contractual errors from customers or consumers must be considered. Again, you can consult professionals for advice on this matter. 

You can also add liability protection to your contract in addition to purchasing insurance. However, this agreement shall not be accountable for unfinished work. 

A Business Attorney in Atlanta GA may not be necessary early on in your business if you speak with one now about the clauses and legal terminology that should go into your employment contract.

How To Hire A Business Attorney To Protect Yourself?

Business Attorney

Hiring a good lawyer is essential to a successful business. A good corporate lawyer can provide critical support in almost every aspect of your business. 

In most small companies, the sheriff sends a lawyer in front of the door. This was very late after receiving maintenance and complaints. The larger the law firm, the higher the overhead costs and the higher the hourly rate. 

Larger firms have more influence in the local, regional, and (perhaps) national legal community. Partnering with a large and reputable law firm can have intangible benefits. They will gladly refer you to a funding source or use your name as a reference. 

You need a lawyer to help you decide if a limited liability company is the best way to organize your business. In addition, your attorney needs to know how to register your business for federal and state tax identification numbers. 

Note: Don’t be afraid to ask direct questions about your lawyer’s experience. Your corporate lawyer should be like a “doctor”. Beware of lawyers representing multiple competitors.


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