A List of Last-Minute Things You Should Check before You Move House


16 November 2018

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Move House

When we are moving house, it’s relatively easy for us to remember a good number of things, such as packing our belongings for our move and making sure all the items are properly packed and secured, and making sure that we inform our utility providers, both present and future as well. But there are indeed some other aspects which we may end up forgetting or neglecting simply because we are too focused on the major things we have to do. So what are these last-minute things you should check before you move house? Here’s a list.

Things from repair shops, dry cleaning shops, tailors, and more:

Yes, you probably have a lot of clothes to pack. But before you close and seal your boxes, make sure you have collected all your clothing from the dry cleaning shop and tailor, and you have taken all your items from repair shops as well. If you neglect to take things from the dry cleaners or the tailor or the repair shop, you may be faced with regret, especially if you are moving hundreds of kilometres away.

Your personal paperwork, records, and documents:

It may be surprising, but many individuals actually neglect to take care of their personal paperwork, records, and documents before it’s too late. In essence, you should be taking care of your paperwork, records, and documents about two months prior to your move, as some files and documents may take time to process and retrieve, such as health records for your family from your local GP and records from the veterinarian if you have pets. If you have a local pharmacist, you may also want to take your list or a copy of your prescriptions from them. Some medical centres and pharmacies can transfer your records to your new general practitioner; it’s still best to make sure of this before you move.

Valuables and spare keys:

You shouldn’t forget your valuables and spare keys, either, especially if you have a spare key with, for example, a neighbour, or hidden somewhere in your garden or property. Make sure you give your extra keys to the new occupants of your home; this is good protocol, even if the new occupants choose to change the locks in the end. Before you move to your new home, make a thorough sweep of your old home to see if there are any valuables you may have forgotten about, such as wads of cash hidden in a tin box, or jewellery which you have stashed away in a cupboard or shelf. You never know if you have forgotten a particularly valuable item, especially if you have lived in your old home for a long time, this is a common occurrence according to Advanced Removals & Storage, who offer a man with van in Cheltenham moving service.

Gym memberships and library books:

Aside from the things mentioned above, don’t forget your gym memberships and library books too. Return whatever library books you may still have in your possession, and remember to inform the library about your move as well (this way, they can cancel your library card). If you have a membership for the local gym, make sure to cancel your membership – better yet, if they have a branch in your new location, you can simply ask them to transfer your gym membership to the other branch. Good luck, and happy moving!

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7 Tips for Getting Rid of Clutter in Your Home

Are you guilty of hanging on to items you don't need anymore? Is your home starting to look more like the dwellings of a pig than a person? It can be easy to let clutter creep up on you. One minute all of your rooms seem spacious and empty, but the next you realize your entire floor is covered with items. Getting rid of clutter is an important step in having peace of mind. This article will give you seven tips on eliminating clutter so you can start to think more clearly. 1. Begin With the Bedroom: Your bedroom should be a sanctuary for you. It should be the place you can go to relax and get away from the world. If your bedroom is full of junk, it's not likely to be relaxing. Start by putting all of your items in a pile. This will enable you to take inventory of what you have. Get two giant trash bags, one for trash and one for donations. Put all the items you want to throw away in one bag and put the items you want to donate in the other. Once you get rid of all the useless junk you don't use anymore, you'll be able to find places to store the items you really value. Getting your bedroom tidied first will motivate you to fix the entire house. 2. Kill the Clutter in Your Kitchen: Your kitchen is where you prepare your food, so you want to make sure it's a clean environment. Begin by throwing away any food that is expired. Look through your pantry and toss and spices or soups that may have been sitting there for decades. Make room in your cabinets by throwing out extra Tupperware. Only keep the Tupperware that has a lid. Make sure every base has a matching lid. Discard any old pots and pans that go unused. Cleaning out your kitchen will ensure you don't develop a pest problem. Rodents, roaches, and other insects won't want to make a home in a clean kitchen. 3. Get the Family Involved: Decluttering doesn't have to be a one-man job. Send in some recruits, aka your children and spouse, to help you. Turn banishing clutter into a game for your kids. Set up trashcans like basketball hoops and see who can get the most useless items inside. Give them incentives for donating old clothes and toys they don't use anymore. Tell them they can't have any new toys until they donate some. Your children need to learn the art of letting go as much as you do. You can't keep accumulating items into your home unless you take some out of it. Otherwise, you might end up a hoarder and need serious hoarding help. 4. Put on Some Music: Any task can be made easier with the right music. Put on music that motivates you and watches as your body kicks into overdrive. Before you know it, your entire house will be clean. Dance around as you clean to burn some extra calories and have a blast doing it. 5. Use the KonMarie Method: Marie Kondo has become famous for her method of getting rid of clutter. She says you must think carefully about each and every item in your home. Hold it up to your chest and ask yourself if it "sparks joy." If it does spark joy, you keep it. If it doesn't make you feel happy, you should thank it for its time in your life and then discard it. This method causes you to be more mindful of your belongings. It makes you think about what items you care about. 6. Don't Get Overwhelmed: The easiest way to give up on your de-cluttering journey is to try to do too much at once. You can't possibly tackle your entire house in one day and do a good job. Instead, focus on one room at a time. Schedule in time to clean in your day so it doesn't take away from other responsibilities. If you schedule in 20 minutes a day for a week, you'll notice big progress at the end of the week. You're less likely to give up that way then if you tried to do several hours in one day. Slow and steady wins the race and the clean house. 7. Keep it Clean: If you don't want to have to go through the stress of cleaning everything all over again, take steps to keep your home under control. As soon as you're done using an item, put it away in it's designated storage place. When you're done eating, do the dishes. When your laundry is done, fold it. When the trash is full, take it out. When you do these small chores every day, they won't pile up on you. You must commit to the habit of tidying up after yourself. It will make you feel better and make your home look better for guests. Start Getting Rid of Clutter Today: The key to getting rid of clutter is commitment. You have to want to eliminate clutter and set realistic goals to get there. Picture how great your house will look once you've cleaned out all the excess. Close your eyes and envision how easy it will be to find something when everything has its own place. You'll be able to save so much extra time in your day because you won't be sifting through things for hours trying to find what you need. Enjoy this article? Want to tell us some of your best tips for eliminating clutter? Please contact us here. Read Also: 5 Tips To Add More Zen To Your Home 5 Ways That Ensure That Your Home Is Safe For Living


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But, when you enter your home after such a lavish holiday, don’t you feel irritated to see the unmade bed and cluttered bathroom? Yes right!! So, It’s worth to experience even a small version of this luxury in your daily lifestyle. With that point of view, I am listing out today some really effective ways through which you can easily attain a deluxe and opulent experience at your home. Have a look!! A lavish bedroom is the first priority You’ve to agree with the fact that when you go to a luxury hotel the first thing which catches your attention is a well-designed bed with matching cushion, bedsheets, and mattress. So, at the very first step, start with a premium quality mattress and then layer it up with the fluffy and big pillows. Choose a king or queen size bed with a headboard upside, two bedside tables, two beautiful side lamps, etc. Make a stupendous entry-way Just think of the last awesome hotel you visited, you would have noticed a well-organized lobby with some pretty orchids, designer mirrors, and dim lighting. Incorporating such a view in your small entry-way of your home is not a tough job. You just have to do a simple thing to attract your visitor’s eye to an attractive centerpiece. It can be a small table made up of marble, wood or glitzy lacquer. A refreshing spa bathroom When you’re thinking of imitating a luxury hotel, one thing which is must-have is a posh bathroom décor. You can add a glass confined walk-in shower, a dip sink with large mirrors and extremely appealing and pleasant smelling soaps. And to make it more hi-fi and comfortable things which you can add are soft towels like the puffy clouds and a bathrobe. Designer curtains are must When it comes to the window and door curtains, these are very important. It’s because the whole look of your home is dependent on these curtains up to a great extent. If you go for cheap curtains from the local store then you’re spoiling your home decor. The curtains should be of exact measurements and the ones which are in contrast with the color of your walls look more good. Read also: Top Expert Tips For A Stunning Condo Interior! Gorgeous lighting is necessary A five-star or seven-star hotel is never dark or dreary. It has enough lights that brighten up the whole interior and give the hotel-room a prominent look. At first, think of the huge overhead lights in your home. You shouldn’t use the out-dated ones and instead go for the modern and lush light-fixtures. Then add some beautiful lamps to your side-tables. An artistic look of the lamps makes a real difference. You can try that. Next, don’t forget to add some light scones over your artwork which will make them effectively visible. Flowers and greenery give the ultimate touch You can add some pretty, pleasing, elegant and aromatic floral arrangements in your every room. And even you can add those decorative plants to give an aesthetic look and make the rooms look more like a hotel room. When you enter a hotel room, the first thing which you smell is some sweet-smelling blooms. So, add up them to your home as well. These changes in your home decor will surely change it for better and will make you feel as if you’re in one of the snuggest hotels of the town. Lastly, have a happy home and great living!! Read also: Best Vietnam Trekking Tours With North Vietnam Travel Three Amazing Travel Destinations In Africa


The Importance Of Weed Elimination And The Ways To Kill Weed

When you’re a homeowner, you have many things to do on the lawn. Choosing which lawn maintenance duties are more crucial than others can be challenging. Maintaining lawn weed control is an essential aspect of home maintenance. Here Are 5 Points On Why Weed Management Is Crucial 1- A weed infestation is unsightly Weeds are unsightly, no matter where they are in your yard, but the view also turns deplorable. What others perceive of your house depends partly on how it looks from the outside. It is odd to consider that something as little as a few weeds may impact someone's perception of you, yet it is a genuine possibility. 2- A lengthy process to rectify the weed situation The best action is to take quick action if you experience a weed problem. You may choose a variety of do-it-yourself methods, such as manual weeding by choosing an appropriate weed wacker or weed killer safe for pets, or contact a weed control services provider. However, managing weeds on your own might take a lot of time, particularly if you don't have enough time. 3- Your yard will continue to be invaded by weeds Weeds will continue to try to infiltrate your garden, thus, it is crucial to maintain weed control measures. Weeds don't require much to live since they may quickly outgrow their weak roots. Weeds may be stopped from returning by scheduling routine lawn maintenance – as a regular effort. 4- Cost-saving While purchasing a weed killer at a home improvement store typically results in significant cost savings, although it may not be the best choice for your lawn. You could have to spend a substantial sum of money having the weeds removed if they are not adequately managed or are allowed to grow unchecked. On the other hand, purchasing weed killers online can be more cost-effective as online vendors provide more discounts. 5- Effective weed management can ensure enduring results Your lawn will progressively get rid of those troublesome weeds and develop a resistance to them with regular weed management and pre-emergent weed control treatments. Different Weed Control Techniques 1- Preventive Weed Control Techniques The key to successful weed management is prevention. An out-of-control weed infestation that has grown over time may call for more expensive treatment measures. Preventive weed control is any strategy to stop weeds from spreading across a farm or into a pasture. 2- Traditional Techniques for Weed Growth Control Weeds are opportunistic and invasive and can have several damaging effects. Therefore, cultural management or developing a competitive and desired vegetation aids in weed prevention or, at the very least, slows their growth. The treatment of weeds is thought to be very successful using cultural control. 3- Chemical Techniques for Controlling Weed Growth Chemical weed control refers to using or applying chemicals (herbicides) to soil or weeds to control weed development. The most efficient and effective way to manage weeds is with herbicides. Some herbicides are designed to prevent damage to the weed's neighboring plants. Weeds can be effectively controlled by chemical means. For this control, there are several chemical products on the market at the moment. 4- Biological Techniques for Weed Growth Control Biological weed management is any method using live organisms that naturally inhibit weed development. In addition to eliminating weeds, living agents are also utilized to inhibit the germination of their seeds, such as grazing animals, insects, fungi, or bacteria. Quite often, insects are used in biological weed control; this strategy is sometimes referred to as insect bio-control or integrated pest management (IPM). A cinnabar moth, a tansy flea beetle, and a chrysolina beetle are just a few insects employed in IPM. Read Also: The Top Four Reasons Why You Could Certainly Benefit from a Garden Shed 4 Essential Tools Needed to Maintain Your Garden in the Winter Garden Edging for Beginners