5 Most Popular Online Merch Among Jeepers


04 January 2023



Are you a jeep owner? If so, you know how thrilling it can be to hit the open roads and go off-roading with your trusty Jeep. But beyond just having your Jeep as an adventure vehicle, there are countless ways to show off your love for all things off-road: gear, clothing items, decorations – and of course, some awesome online Jeep merch.

In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the most famous pieces of merchandise that Jeepers have been buying lately – from t-shirts and hats, to drinkware and stickers.

So if you’re looking for something nice to add to your collection or give away as a gift, take a gander here at these fantastic Jeep merch finds.

Top 5 Online Merch Among Jeepers

Online Merch Among Jeepers

1 – Jeep T-Shirts & Hoodies

Jeep owners take pride in their vehicles, so it’s no surprise that a popular type of online Jeep merchandise for them is t-shirts, hoodies, and loungewear with the iconic Jeep logo. Wearing these fashionable pieces can make any Jeep owner feel instantly connected to a larger group of enthusiastic drivers.

Plus, these clothes are incredibly comfortable thanks to high-quality fabrics like fleece or cotton blends. Many styles also come with hidden pockets inside or on the back of the hoodies and bright colors that stand out from the crowd.

Again, it’s no surprise that Jeep owners have taken a liking to such unique Jeep merch items as they perfectly embody style and comfort while still showing off their loyalty to the brand.

Jeep T-Shirts

2 – Jeep Hats

One of the most popular items among Jeep owners is jeep hats, beanies, and other pieces of headwear. Not only do these hats represent loyalty and enthusiasm for a particular vehicle, but they are also fashionable and comfortable.

Because of their ability to provide warmth and keep moisture off of one’s head, Jeep hats have become not only a symbol of enthusiasts but also an essential part of outdoor hiking, camping, biking, and gardening gear.

Furthermore, with a classic, adjustable scrapbook closure that fits almost anyone, it is easy for Jeep fans to take advantage of the opportunity to support their favorite brand and look great. Therefore, it is clear why Jeep hats are some of the most popular online Jeep merch among jeep owners.

3 – Jeep Socks

Jeep socks are perfect for the Jeep fan. Jeep owners show enthusiasm for the classic off-roader by wearing these signature socks. Jeep socks come in various styles, colors, and sizes and add a touch of off-roading flair to any outfit. They are incredibly comfortable, too, providing warmth and comfort on and off the road.

Increased airflow ensures that feet stay dry, while moisture-wicking fabric keeps them cool when trekking through mud or sand – both critical features when taking your Jeep out on an adventure. Not only helpful but fashionable too, adding those all-important extra inches in height when sitting behind the wheel.

These socks are perfect for showcasing your love of Jeeps at home or work and provide that unmistakable look every time you slip them on.

4 – Jeep Drinkware

Owning a Jeep is about embracing an adventurous lifestyle – so it’s no surprise that jeep owners have taken to the stylish and practical range of Jeep merch drinkware available. Whether a personalized mug or a vacuum-insulated tumbler, you can look the part while keeping your favorite beverage at the perfect temperature while exploring.

An essential item for any Jeep owner, these vessels often feature an exterior that fits with their vehicle’s style and is ideal for showing off the personality of someone who loves getting out there.

In addition, mugs, tumblers, and water bottles all make great gifts for any Jeep fanatic, as they have practical use and speak volumes about your taste in cars and lifestyles. That’s why jeep drinkware has become one of the most popular online Jeep merch among this adventurous crowd.

5 – Jeep Accessories

Jeep Accessories

Lastly, Jeep owners love to deck out their vehicles to express their personalities, which is why they are known for their fun accessories. Going from a simple bumper sticker with a humorous quote to full-on Jeep safaris, there’s an accessory for just about anything you can think of.

Some popular accessories are blankets and beach towels made for the back seat headrests, can holders built on the outside of the car, and even hammocks hanging between the hood and grille.

It’s no surprise why Jeep drivers everywhere have been able to customize and individualize their vehicles – it’s almost as if they are building their adventure every time they get behind the wheel. Here are some popular accessories among jeep owners.


Even if you live in Florida, where temperatures never drop below freezing, it still pays to have blankets in your jeep. On chilly evenings or during camping trips, they can come in handy as extra layers of warmth while also providing comfort and convenience. Plus, blankets can double as seat covers if needed.

Beach Towels

Beach towels are great when you want to take your Jeep out for fun in the sun. Not only do beach towels provide an extra layer of protection from sand and water splashes, but they also look great draped over your seats. In addition, they come in all sorts of colors and styles, so there’s sure to be one that perfectly matches your jeep’s style.


Nothing shouts “Jeep lover” quite like a wallet. Whether you fancy one made of genuine leather or prefer a fabric design featuring the iconic Jeep logo, your new wallet can fit perfectly in your pocket while standing out in style. They have an eye-catching design that shows off your fierce loyalty to the brand and are practical, too; they will last you a long time and keep all your cards safe. And remember to show it off when paying for gas at the pump.


Jeep scarves often feature prints such as the iconic Jeep grille logo, which is easy to recognize from far away – making it a great way to show your Jeep pride whether you’re on the beach, in the city, or anywhere else around the world. Therefore, if you’re looking for an understated yet powerful way to represent your favorite off-roader while keeping cozy and comfortable, look no further than a Jeep scarf.

Can Holders

Many jeeps offer cup holders, so why not step up your game and purchase some stylish can holders? These come in various materials, such as metal, plastic, and even leather, so there’s something suitable for everyone. Can holders be great for keeping drinks cold and close at hand without taking up valuable space on the dashboard or floorboard?


Last but certainly not least, we have stickers. They are one of the most popular accessories among Jeep owners because they allow drivers to express their personalities and showcase their vehicles proudly. Plus, there’s no shortage of designs available these days, so it won’t be hard to find something that suits your style perfectly.

All these accessories will make your jeep stand out from the crowd and add an extra touch of personality wherever you go. So whether you’re looking for something practical like blankets or beach towels or just adding some flair with stickers and can holders – these accessories will help transform any ordinary jeep into something truly special. Every drive will feel like an adventure with these items in your vehicle.

Jeep owners enjoy expressing themselves and their Jeep pride through these popular Jeep merch items. Whether you’re a Jeep owner or not, we hope you enjoyed reading about these exciting products. From shirts and hats to drinkware and various accessories, there is something for every Jeep owner out there. We hope you found this article helpful, and thanks for reading it.


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lyft vs uber

Lyft vs Uber: What’s the Difference Between the Ridesharing Giants?

Are you in need of a ride? Instead of calling a random taxi, why not call an Uber? You need to know some basics on lyft vs uber. Everyone knows Uber nowadays. Ridesharing grew from being a dream to a tangible service. 30% of people in the United States used ridesharing apps to book rides to reach places. This time, there are two companies in a clash on who comes on top. Should you go with Lyft vs. Uber? Which one offers better service or lower prices? Here is the difference between Lyft and Uber(or lyft vs uber): 1. Lyft vs Uber: The Overview: In case you are unaware of what these two are, Uber and Lyft are companies that brought about the ridesharing service into the market. They both offer means of providing rides for the public and they both use smartphones as the primary mode of access. First, the customer hails a ride through the use of a phone app. Customers use the app to set up their current location as the starting point and then their destination. Nearby drivers licensed with the app can then see the new customer. It will then be a matter of time until one driver decides to agree and pick up the rider. This makes the process of getting a means of transport easier no matter where you are or what time it's. For riders, you simply need the app. If you want to learn how to join as Lyft or Uber drivers, you need to secure a CPC certification first. Thinking between Lyft vs. Uber? Not sure of the benefits of each or how much they cost? Let's start the comparison now and see which company is better. 2. Pricing: First, let's look at the Uber vs Lyft price comparison. Despite the similarity in services, they charge the customers with different rates and fare calculations. For Uber, you simply add the base fare price, the cost per minute, and the distance of your ride. The final charge also includes the cost for the vehicle class you chose and the demand for rideshares in your location. During times where the demand is at the peak, Uber implements "surge pricing." This adds a multiplier to the ride price. While the ride prices vary due to these factors, the app allows customers to estimate their fares ahead of time. Lyft starts on a similar foothold. It calculates the fare according to the distance, the time elapsed, location, vehicle class, and the base fare. Like Uber, Lyft adds in a "prime time" charge when you hail a ride during peak hours. The base fare is where the discrepancies fall in. Uber is more affordable when compared to Lyft. That said, Lyft can show the exact amount customers will pay. Uber only shows an estimated amount. For this, Lyft becomes the preferred choice for ridesharing during peak hours. This is due to having a cheaper offer with their prices compared to Uber. 3. Technology and Smartphone Apps:   Both Lyft and Uber(lyft vs uber) are using similar smartphone apps when it comes to the purpose of booking rides. The apps pick up the addresses of the trip end-points, track the vehicle via GPS, provide shorter routes during navigation, and it also accepts electronic payment and ratings. Uber took about two years to develop its smartphone app. While Lyft developed theirs after the initial company launch. Uber manages to provide a real-time update of cost. This is a helpful feature in noting the traffic congestion and wait time, especially when these are factors that lead to higher trip costs. In comparison, Lyft is rather subtle and a bit secretive about peak hour pricing. However, when it comes to the phones used for work, Uber drivers end incurring a $10 weekly cost to use the pre-supplied phones. Lyft, on the other hand, allows you to load the app on a personal phone to do the work. 4. Vehicles in Use: The vehicle class is one aspect that can shape your experience when taking a ride from any of these two companies. However, it boils down on the options that they provide. For Lyft, they have a default option where you have an everyday sedan with room for four passengers. Then there is Lyft Line where riders share the same rides if they're on the same route. You also have Lift Plus, a step up to the regular Lyft as it has room for six passengers. If you're looking for a luxury ride then you can avail of Lyft Premier. For Uber, there are various options available as well. UberPOOL is a carpool service for multiple passengers. UberX is a budget option that provides a vehicle with room for up to four passengers. UberXL steps this up by using an SUV with seating that can fit up to six people. Then there's UberSELECT, offering a four-door luxury sedan with seating for 4 passengers. UberBLACK is the main service that Uber offers, featuring high-end luxury vehicles with four-passenger seating. UberSUV, the most expensive offering so far, has a high-end SUV with a six-passenger seating. Uber leans towards businesspeople. Thus, drivers are more professional and concise. And they are there to make sure you reach your destination. Lyft drivers are more open to conversation. They may also have a creative approach to the ride, making it livelier. Depending on the feel that you want for the trip, this should give you a clear answer. For a professional drive, Uber is a great choice. If you want something a bit more fun and casual, Lyft is perfect. 5. Coverage Areas: Now, with areas of availability, there is a clear distinction between the two. Lyft is available in 46 states within the US and Canada. Despite the number, the company is on aggressive expansion. So this might change sometime soon. Meanwhile, Uber is available in 58 countries and 300 cities worldwide. It shows the scope of how huge Uber is, compared to Lyft, Uber having the upper hand. Get Started with Ridesharing Today! Choosing between Lyft vs Uber comes down to budget and preference. When it comes to picking which one is better, both sides show their strengths and weaknesses. It boils down to the feel of the trip as you ride, the costs, and even the available vehicles. Whichever you choose, it's clear that both companies have started a trend that will continue for years to come. Therefore, now you know the basics on lyft vs uber. Did you find this post useful? We have several posts covering a wide range of topics that you can check out. You can start by checking this one out on the top apps that can help you manage your finances. Read Also: Will Self-Driving Cars Replace Human Error? How To Choose The Best And Most Reliable Carpool Service

truck bed liner

8 Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Bed Liner for Your Truck

It’s no surprise that pickup trucks are among the most popular vehicles in the United States. In fact, 2.8 million trucks sold in 2017 alone! Though those trucks get used for both business and daily life, there’s one thing all truck owners have in common: the desire to protect their ride. And installing a truck bed liner is one of the best ways to upgrade and protect your truck. But there’s more to buying a liner than picking the cheapest option. You need to find the right type for your needs. Starting your search? Here are a few things to consider when browsing through your options. 1. Budget: Some truck bed liners cost more than others. Simple spray-on liners can be more affordable than the removable trays or heavy-duty permanent liners. Before you start considering your options, think about how much you want to spend on the liner. This will help you narrow down your options. Remember, even a light-duty liner is better than an exposed truck bed. No matter what your budget is, installing even the most affordable liner is in your truck’s best interest. 2. The Condition of Your Truck Bed: Corrosion is a major problem for any metal truck bed. And it forms quickly. Once the paint and protective coatings get scraped away, the metal underneath loses its protective moisture barrier. That moisture leads to rust which eats through the metal and weakens the structural integrity of the truck bed over time. If your truck bed still has the protective layer of paint and clear coat, you’re fine with any liner option. The spray-on truck bed liner will act as an additional protective barrier for the bed. And the bed itself is strong enough to support the load without help. But if you have rust buildup in your truck bed, you’ll want to look at a liner that offers additional structural support. Hard rubber and plastic liners hold their shape. This helps spread weight throughout the bed when carrying a heavy load. The less weight on those rusted and damaged parts of your truck, the longer the truck bed will last. 3. How Much Maintenance You Can Handle: Some bed liners last longer than others. And some are virtually maintenance-free. Spray liners can wear away over time and you’ll have to reapply them every few years. If the bed gets scratched and damages the spray liner, you’ll need to reapply the liner to cover the damage. Rubber liners are far more durable and require minimal maintenance. All you need to do is remove them a few times a year to give them a good cleaning. You don’t want to clean the liner in the bed as it can trap water between the metal and the rubber itself. This increases your risk of corrosion and rust. Though removing the liner is time-consuming, they require less maintenance in the long run. You can spray down polyethylene or plastic liners right in the truck bed, saving you time and energy. They’re uniquely durable and resistant to cracks, making them incredibly low maintenance. 4. Removable vs Permanent Liner: Some people prefer the convenience of removable liners. They’re easy to clean and can be switched out between trucks with similar bed sizes. Others prefer a permanent liner. Permanent liners can be lower maintenance when they’re installed correctly. But they can’t get switched out from one truck to another. If you plan on selling your truck in the near future, a removable liner might be the best option. But if you go with a permanent liner, you’ll increase the resale value of your truck. Either way, it’s a win-win and the right choice is really a matter of personal preference. 5. How You Use the Truck: Different liners work best for different tasks. Before you decide, think about how you use your truck. Do you regularly haul heavy equipment that needs to stay put in transit? Then a textured permanent bed liner will be the best choice. It will help keep those heavy loads in place when the truck is in motion. If you haul small loads or make frequent deliveries on your own, a smooth liner will make unloading easier. Items will slide right down the bed to the tailgate so you can unload quickly. Regardless, spray-on, permanent plastic liners, and removable rubber liners are all impact-resistant. You’ll still have protection for those unexpected potholes that jar your entire load. 6. Ease of Installation: Are you looking to install the bed liner on your own or do you want to have someone install it for you? Permanent liners are best installed by a professional. This helps protect your truck’s paint job and guarantees that the liner itself fits the bed perfectly. Most spray-on liners and permanent plastic liners should be installed by a professional. But if you’re looking for an easy installation you can handle yourself, removable rubber liners are the way to go. Drop-in truck bed liners sit flush against the truck bed and installation takes a matter of minutes. 7. How You Store Your Truck: All liners last longer when the truck is kept in a covered parking spot like a carport or garage. But if you leave your truck outside in the elements, you’ll want to invest in either a spray-on liner or permanent plastic liner. These options protect your truck bed from moisture, plant matter, and sap which can all damage the paint and metal underneath. Keep in mind that the materials may break down more quickly if the truck stays parked in the sun most days. But if you keep your truck in a covered parking area, any liner will work just fine. 8. What Color Liner You Want: Truck liners used to be plain black and boring. But modern liners come in almost any color you can imagine. Think about whether you want to match the paint job for the truck bed or if you’re fine with a contrasting color. There’s no right or wrong answer. But color can impact the price you pay. Some colors may cost more than the standard options. Upgrade Your Truck: A truck bed liner is a great way to upgrade your truck and protect your investment. But there’s more you can do to improve your ride. Check out our latest posts for more helpful tips. Read Also: Things To Do Before Bed For A Perfect Night’s Sleep Seven Simple Ways For Achieving Cozy Bedroom Environment: For Perfectly Night Sleep

Motocross Brands

Top Motocross Brands

Every motocross junky has their favorite brands, and there’s a reason brands are so important to riders. You’ve invested in a great ride and solid tires, so you need to invest in quality gear, too. Good gear stands the test of time and comes through when you need it. Here are some of the top motocross brands. Acerbis: Acerbis has been a big name in motocross and adventure bike riding gear for a long time. They have a genuine passion for the game and bring fine Italian craftsmanship to modern designs and durable state-of-the-art materials. As an Italian-based company, you can expect fit and style to be important with their clothing and gear, and you’ll be pleased with the meticulous way everything is shaped and stitched. You’ll also notice how beautifully the vents work just the way they should. Despite the big name and quality offerings, you won’t break the bank with Acerbis, either. Of course, you can find something cheaper if you want, but if you’re thinking about value for money you will struggle to find anything better. Fox Racing: Fox Racing is a leading action brand based to of California. They also have a stellar reputation among the biggest names in motocross. In fact, their 2018 catalog featured Ryan Dungey and Chad Reed, among those willing to give a thumbs up to their brand. Fox mainly does boots and helmets, though they do have some other offerings. Their boots are pricey, but they are also the best that money can buy. Fox has also been listening to its customers and recently came out with a new mid-price boot. Fox is known for their unique boot closure system, flexible shin plates, and floatable cuffs. Their helmets also feature their Multi-Directional Impact protection system and a new, excellent magnetic system for releasing the visor. KTM Powerwear: KTM does it all, really. They’re known for the brightly colored clothes and safety gear, but they also produce all kinds of accessories and even novelties related to motocross and all types of adventure activities. If there’s anything you can imagine you want to compliment your ride, it’s likely that KTM has it. Their clothes stretch and give you room to move while still offering protection. Their neck braces and body armor pieces are now made in partnership with Alpinestars and feature the company’s Tech-Air system. The company is dedicated to producing gear that will give riders the highest technical performance either on the street or off-road. They offer quality items at a variety of prices, so there really is something for everyone. Moose Racing: Moose Racing concentrates on offering gear for the off-road motorcyclist and motocross rider. They have taken some time to get into their groove, but now they have firmly established themselves as a brand that offers durable gear at great prices. Don’t expect anything too fancy here, as Moose Racing is about being straightforward, simple, and versatile. Many motocross riders swear that their Moose Racing suits perform just as well as suits that cost a whole lot more, so Moose suits clearly have excellent durability. Because you are paying a lot less, there are some minor issues to consider. Their clothes feature magnetic closures that work beautifully well at the collars and at the top and bottom, yet the velcro in the middle isn’t always the best. Still, their stuff is amazing for the price you’re paying. There are other companies and plenty of choices when it comes to kitting out you and your ride. Even the most expensive brands do some good sales when the new gear comes out, but remember that when you’re talking about gear for riding, it never pays to skimp. Read Also: The Absolute Best Method To Pick Out Best Subs For Your Vehicle How Does It Feel Like Riding A Bike As Your Passenger?