How to remove pname com Facebook orca

Facebook orca error

If you have ever noticed the Facebook pop-up message on your Android device screen showing that pname com Facebook orca has stopped, then it is probable that you are on Google searching for a solution to this problem that is annoying. Do you wish to solve the pname com Facebook orca error today? This article, therefore, will fit in the picture-perfect solution for what your needs.

In this write-up, you will get an explanation of all the info relating to the pname com Facebook orca error and katana.

The meaning of pname com Facebook orca :

Typically, pname com Facebook orca is the name of a package of Facebook messenger application on the smartphone. In simple terms, the orca folder belongs to the Facebook messenger application. In general, the orca folder acts as the storage for all images, files, videos, plugins, audios, videos, and cache from this app on the device.

What is the connotation of pname com Facebook orca?


It is possible that you have an alternative folder termed the com Facebook katana. Essentially, this folder belongs to the Facebook application. And just like the orca folder, the katana folder gets generated automatically after installing the Facebook application on the device. Katana is just like any other folder and does not have to be a source for your worries.

Is pname com Facebook orca a malware?

It is not malware at all.

This Facebook orca folder is not a malware or virus. It is a folder that is just like other typical folders. It gets generated automatically after you install the Facebook messenger app on the device. Therefore, there is no need of getting worried or suspicious about anything.

What if my pname com Facebook orca stopped?

Majority of users of Facebook are faced with this problem. It is really irritating for the users when they have to deal with the pop-up message showing that Facebook has unfortunately stopped. Many people always ignore this message when it comes to the screen but it is good to note that it is never the right choice or solution.

Since it will aggravate you over and over again by the message popping up, it is advisable to prepare to solve it eternally.

Would you delete this folder?

No, it is not necessary to delete the pname com Facebook orca folder. Because, even though you may delete this folder, it will just regenerate automatically and the errors will start popping up once again. Therefore, it is wise to leave this folder in the memory of your device and handle the problem.

What is the importance or use of the pname com Facebook orca?

This folder is extremely helpful when you have the desire of retrieving messages of Facebook that had been deleted or conversation from the Facebook messenger application that was erroneously deleted. You can only achieve this when you do it from the Facebook orca folder.

Therefore, the pname com Facebook orca may be irritating but it is very helpful when you desire to retrieve the deleted Facebook Messenger tête-à-tête. One of the major utilities of the folder is that it restores your files of conversation in the same folder. And for that reason, the orca folder consumes so much space on the device when compared to other folders.

The final solution to fixing the pname com Facebook orca folder problem :

The first step is going to the option of settings found on the mobile device. You then go to the option of application then snap on the option of all apps. You will then have to locate the Facebook application and ensure that you clear data. After completing this, feel free to restart the Facebook application.

When you follow this procedure, it will be possible to solve this issue since, in this practice; you are deleting the app data of the messenger. You just have to reset the application and you will not face this error any longer.

What if you are being faced with a similar error after following this process?

Yes, if you desire to fix this issue, you can try following another procedure and see if it will really function. Therefore, all you need to do is just uninstalling the Facebook application found on the device and then restart the device. After restarting the device, you will have to download the Facebook application again and then install it from the Google play store. For sure, it is now clear. The pname com Facebook orca error will be something of the past.

In case you do not know the process of retrieving deleted conversations and messages by use of the orca folder, you will get the procedure to follow when it comes to retrieving deleted messages from the Facebook Messenger application.

Methods of retrieving deleted messages from the pname com Facebook orca folder :



The Facebook Messenger has so many ruses that very few individuals know about and this is yet another opportunity of seeing you mistakenly deleted messages from the platform of chat. What do you have to do?

There are so many ways of recovering deleted texts from the Facebook messenger application. However, you will learn how to use the orca folder to recover your deleted messages. You need to follow these steps.

The first step is going to the file explorer on the device. The explorer will assist you to explore folders on the device. If the device does not have the explorer, then you will have to go to the file manager or just type file explorer. Install it after downloading.

After the installation, open the file explorer. Go the SD card at first. You will get an android file which has contents of all data relating to applications. Open the data folder and below it, you will get folders relating to all submissions. You will get the orca folder here and it belongs to the messenger. Click on it to open.

You can now go to the name com Facebook orca folder. Inside the cache folder, you will see the FB temp folder. All backup copies of the messenger are here, and you can retrieve all the info you desire for both group and individual conversations you had through the application.

You need to note that you can also retrieve that data minus using the file explorer application. For this, you just need to connect the phone to the computer by use of the cable and then find the pname com Facebook orca folder and then go to the folder to retrieve the info. The procedures above will give you the required understanding of clearing the pop-up error and you will enjoy using Facebook again.

Conclusion :

With all this information, you have all that is required to clear the pname com Facebook orca error. In case the problem persists, you can seek technical guidance from a reputable technician.

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