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Facebook Pages

In the first quarter of 2018, Facebook reported 2.19 billion users. For reference, that means that almost 1/3 of the world’s population is one this immensely popular social networking site!

If you’re one of those billions of people who spend hours scrolling through their Facebook feed in search of the best new content, you’ll find that eventually, you’ll find yourself in a bit of a rut. It can be tough to find new content after a while.

But the great thing about Facebook is that there are tons of great Facebook pages waiting to be discovered. Here are 10 of the best Facebook pages to follow, whether you’re looking for fun, food, or even marketing tips.

1. Delish :

If you’re like us, you probably find yourself watching Food Network a lot, even if you have no interest in cooking half of the things your favorite Iron Chef makes.

But if you’re feeling adventurous, head on over to Delish, one of Facebook’s best cooking pages.

Not only will you get tons of great recipes to help you cook for one or 100, but most recipes come in the form of helpful videos, so you can watch the entire process from beginning to end.

Personally, we recommend checking out their spiked lemonade and boozy pudding shot recipes if you’re of age.

2. HonorSociety.org :

As you may have surmised, HonorSociety.org is the official Facebook page for the National Honor Society. The page is a fantastic resource for students of all ages, from middle school to grad school.

Why check the page out? In addition to great tips on how to maximize your academic potential, you’ll have the ability to chat with other society members. This networking can be quite helpful when it comes time to find a job.

If HonorSociety.org sounds like your cup of tea, be sure to click the link for more info.

3. We Rate Dogs :

Alright, we have a confession to make. Some of us have social media pages solely to look at photos of adorable images. In fact, we once wrote an entire post about the famous pets of Instagram!

We Rate Dogs is a perfect example of why social media and animals go hand in hand.

The premise of the page is exactly what it sounds like. People submit photos of their dogs in adorable or silly circumstances (often in costume) and the page admins post and rate the dog accordingly.

And for those worried that not all dogs receive a high rating, most receive the coveted 11/10 or 13/10 rating, proving once and for all that they’re all the best dogs.

4. Animals In Predicaments :

If rating dogs aren’t quite your thing, how about checking out some animals in the most peculiar predicaments?

Of everything you’ll read about today, Animals in Predicaments is perhaps the most bizarre pages to follow on Facebook. It’s one part meta-humor and one part adorable animal photo.

When combined, the result is both odd and hilarious.

Ever wanted to see a cat crash a nativity scene? This Facebook page has you covered. Want to watch a deer run and slide through a hospital? Yup, it’s on here.

Unfortunately, the page was last updated last December. However, newcomers still have plenty of great content to browse through.

5. NPR :

As great as ridiculous animals can be, sometimes you need to stay informed about the current events of the world. For newshounds, NPR’s Facebook page is a fantastic resource.

They cross-post most content from their website, and they have an increasingly large library of video content to choose from so you can consume news any way you want.

And the breadth of content is about as deep as you’d expect from an NPR page. They post tons of great info on world news, local matters, and music and entertainment.

6. Nerdist :

Nerdist is kind of like the NPR for all things pop culture. They do a great job of aggregating content from around the web, so if you have a passing interest in anything remotely geeky, you’ve found your home.

7. Intrepid Travel

Most of us have extravagant dreams of traveling the world yet lack the funds to do so. If this sounds familiar, you’ll want to be sure to check out Intrepid Travel.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Intrepid Travel is a travel company that’s less interested in selling you something and more interested in providing you with unique experiences around the globe, be it from first-hand travel or their own travel blogs.

If you’re planning on traveling anytime soon, they also have plenty of great tips to help you make the most of your travel experience.

8. UnMarketing :

For entrepreneurs and business owners, marketing on Facebook is an absolute must. Facebook — and social media in general — offer a fantastic way to get in touch with your audience in a unique and conversational manner.

However, learning how to market your business isn’t always so easy. UnMarketing aims to help you perfect the art of brand management without coming across as too cold or corporate.

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9. Wendy’s

If you want a prime example of UnMarketing’s principles in practice, you’ll want to check out Wendy’s social media accounts.

They have a habit of getting quite sassy, particularly when interacting with their competitors. In fact, Wendy’s even dropped a mixtape entitled, We Beefin? earlier this year, which took direct aim at McDonald’s and their seemingly always broken ice cream machines.

It’s about time someone stood up for those of us who just want a McFlurry.

10. Your City’s Facebook Page :

Last but not least, you’ll want to be sure to follow your city’s Facebook page. It can be super helpful to learn more about what’s going on in your town, and they often post great information about upcoming events.

These Are The Best Facebook Pages To Follow :

We hope that our list of the best Facebook pages to follow provided you with something new and interesting. These pages should have a little something for everyone, so be sure to check them out.

Be sure to check our social media section for more great marketing tips and fun pages to follow!

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Podcast topics

How To Find Best Podcast Topics Ideas In 2021

Podcasting is a trending concept, although not a new one. However, 2020 gave a surge to the international podcasting industry. Podcast statistics state that from 2019 to 2020, about 100 million Americans have listened to at least one podcast per month. It is thus evident that the popularity of podcasts has been increasing over recent years.  With the expansion of internet services and changes in tastes and preferences, the number of loyal podcast listeners is growing steadily. The people from the 18-24 age group listen to podcasts more than any other age category.   It is thus crucial to understand how to stay ahead of your competitors in terms of podcast topics. Therefore, this guide would focus on the ways of finding the best podcast topics in 2021. What Are Podcast Topics, And Why Are They Important? A podcast is a section-wise series of digital audio files. It consists of spoken words as well. Furthermore, users can download it to their devices for ease of listening. Podcasting services and streaming platforms provide collaborative waves to regulate usage traffic across different sources. Podcasts are cost-effective and time-efficient mediums of communication. They have utter social importance as the listeners dive into trendy, insightful, and message-oriented topics.  Some podcasts offer articles also in smaller bytes, perfect to listen to in busy daily schedules. , Mostly, podcasts are themed around a specific topic. Then, the hosts talk about the issues in different episodes. Nonetheless, the discussion is limited to the central topic only and considers several related or sub-topics.  Podcast topics are essential to keep the discussion relevant. Moreover, the host may ignore the time limitation if there is no specific theme. Therefore, to make the discussion strategic, time-bound, and logical, the hosts must follow a particular topic from their niche. How To Find Best Podcast Topics in 2021?  Creating fresh podcast ideas daily or weekly is tedious. This gives nothing to the podcast creators but stress. Here are some tools and tips through which you can create unique and good podcast topics regularly. 1. Examine The Question That Your Audiences Are Asking Observe the question answers and discussions minutely from several forums. In addition, collect the frequently asked questions from multiple E-Commerce sites. Now you can tally those with your available relevant podcast topics to choose yours. For instance, you can check the related themes tab to explore the wide range of associated questions. It will help you to think independently, thereby enhancing your creative podcast ideas. 2. Know The Engaging Content Pieces In its actual terms, social engagement indicates the success of content. To optimize your content ideas, you can deep dive into leading content based on trending topics. Ensure that the contents that you are exploring are within your niche.  Different content analyzer tools in the market offer a wide range of features. These include: Identifying the most engaging content within a certain period Spot the most popular shades of content in various sub-sectors Filter content by infographics, videos, content methodology, etc. Filter contents prepared by leading marketers 3. Understand The Trends In Twitter Twitter is an excellent tool for keeping up with current events. Whenever I'm communicating with followers on Twitter, I prefer using Tweetdeck to keep popular hashtags and trends handy. All the Twitter trends appearing in your feed are customized as per your search pattern and interests. Hence, there are high probabilities that you would discover the important things there. If you wish to add a trending column, tap the ‘+’ icon on the left-hand side and choose ‘Trending.’  4. Analyse The Google Trends Emerging podcasters often feel lost or anxious due to a lack of creative podcast ideas. An ideal option for them is to check Google Trends to get new ideas. One of the best sections is ‘Related Queries’ that many people are not aware of. This section lists all the trending podcast content ideas arranged in increasing order in terms of the search frequencies over a specific time. You will gain immense podcast topics by surfing these, which would optimize your overall confidence.    5. Have A Look At Quora Quora is an incredible platform to look for trending podcast topics adhering to the choices of your audiences. By exploring the ‘Related Questions’ column at Quora, you will be able to discover a wide range of creative content ideas that remain unexplored to date. In addition to this, it is possible to keep track of the active contributors in Quora. Thus, you can take a look at the answers posted by them to get a broad idea of topics in your niche. Apart from these, it is a brilliant way to come across more professionals to invite to your upcoming podcast shows or interviews. Such experts are mainly the storehouse of ideas. With extensive experience in this field, they have a heap of tricks to find creative podcast topics every time. Quora will bring you closer to them, and you can learn some more worthy hacks of developing crispy podcast content ideas. In this way, you can increase your connections, therefore, boosting more value to your podcast. The Bottom Line  Creating the best topics for a podcast is not as easy as it seems. First, you need to invest quality time to find out which topic is best suitable to engage your audience in an innovative way. To make the entire process smooth, conduct virtual or face-to-face meetings with your co-stage partners, friends, or other podcast professionals. You may receive many podcast topics, popular podcast topics, and podcast content ideas from them. Lastly, remember that dedication and practice together bring perfection. Search for new creative podcast ideas and podcast topics every day until you develop a spreadsheet of the best ideas. To be very honest, it will take months to happen, but with experience and perseverance, you will achieve success. More Resources How To Post On Reddit? A Step By Step Guide 10 Instagram-Worthy Hens Party Ideas-Without Losing Your Mind Why Businesses Should Invest In Backblaze’s Cloud Storage?

Tik Tok for Business

Top 4 ways to use Tik Tok for Business

Tik Tok is counted amongst the most trending social media platforms, which has crossed over 1.5 billion downloads with 500 million worldwide active users. The app contains explicitly video content of 15-60 seconds, which the user can record and add different effects provided there itself. There has been a race of creating excellent and engaging content on this platform, which has generated a good source of income for influencers and users. This platform gives some great features to connect with the target audience and build trust amongst themselves. In this article, we will see the top 4 ways to use Tik Tok for business and can also buy TikTok fans to be popular worldwide. Here are the Top 4 ways to use Tik Tok for Business: 1. Influencers for Tik Tok Earlier Instagram came with the concept of IG tv with gave a much bigger platform to influencers, celebrities, and many more to engage with their audience. These types of live streaming and video content let the influencers explain about the product and show the usage. The target audience could also find the relevance of products from the comment section by seeing other customers' reviews. The target audience has much more belief about the influencers as they have vast knowledge about the specific niche and keep experimenting with different products and services to know the best among them. The influencers must maintain consistency and keep posting videos regularly to keep up their presence amongst the audience. It will help to spread the chain while making the video content go viral. The influencers must showcase their knowledge on a specific niche to showcase them as an expert. 2. Create unique content Copy-pasting other ideas might not influence your target audience much. The audience would like to see something more new and unique and not the one they have seen a thousand times before. Creating new content makes them believe that you have more additional knowledge about the product and services, and you know much more personally about it. This will build up your trust upon you, making you count under the group of reliable influencers. Secondly, seeing different styles and tricks can make them inspire you to believe in yourself as an idol and trust your words. Try to engage more with customers by replying to their queries in the comment box or streaming live. This communication arouses belief in the generosity of the product, and the buyers gain more confidence towards using it. 3. Focus on video quality and effects Users get attracted to good content quality consisting of beautiful background locations, perfect lighting, and glamorous appearances. Tik Tok equipment is available worldwide, so if you want to indulge in a professional thing, you must go for the camera stand and ring light. Ring light adds much more brightness irrespective of the camera quality to make something more transparent, visible, and bright. If you can afford HD cameras, then it would help to enhance it more. So even if you lack strong content, the great picturization will cover up the flaws. Besides this, you can show your mix match skills and create a whole new track by extracting new lines from the song fitting into the situation. There are multiple effects available in Tik Tok to make it more funny or creative. If you have to note great to do, follow the new trends and effects to keep updated. You can add pets and kids in your video, as they have the most significant demand of users due to their charisma. People love watching their innocence and moves. 4. Include Hashtags Hashtags help identify video content of specific niches and making it viral by going with the trend. Please make sure you turn on the share options in your video so the users can even take it into other platforms make it more accessible. The features like beauty mode add more perfection to your face making it representable on the screen. There are different contracts and screen colors also available apart from it. Make your account private, so more people request to follow it while leading to gain followers. You can also come up with new hashtag challenges to involve the audience around you having a fun time while advertising your product. You can also use the discover page by paying to sponsor for making a particular hashtag challenge for you. You can also add the logo of your product in the filters to promote your brand and let other users use it to spread it worldwide. Conclusion Business marketers have been seen to take advantage of  Tik Tok for promoting their services. This helps spread knowledge about their products to a large number of customers, especially youngsters while boosting their business growth. The youth are most active on social media rather than television and are more active in experimenting with new products. Read Also: 12 Best Tiktok Tools on the Market This Year The most downloaded app in September is China-based TikTok app Where can you seek support if you need to promote your page on TikTok in the shortest time possible?

Social Media Marketing

How To Move Your Career In Social Media Marketing Up A Gear?

Social media is a growth area and is an increasingly significant and vital aspect of marketing strategy for businesses in all sectors. It's something we're all aware of, and most of us engage with social media on a personal level to a greater or lesser degree. But if it's a medium that you're genuinely passionate about, you might want to make social media marketing your career. Getting started is one thing but getting moving is another. Social media is all about being noticed, and social media marketing is even more so. The first product you must sell is yourself! Begin thinking about what you offer, the unique strengths you can bring to the social media marketing game, and where your potential specialisms lie. Checkout Some Crucial Points To Help You Move Your Career In Social Media Marketing Up A Gear: 1. Business To Business When we think about social media marketing, we tend to think about retail businesses engaging with customers to build their brand, create communities, and encourage followers to begin their buying journey. While this is undoubtedly a big part of the story, business-to-business (B2B), social media marketing is equally important. The essence of social media is communication between peers. People trust and believe what they read on social media because it's coming from friends or ordinary people just like them, rather than corporate entities that may have a vested interest leading to bias. That is why B2B social media makes sense. It's businesses talking to each other as friends, or at least friendly rivals, with a shared language and a shared understanding of the commercial ecosphere in which they operate. 2. Valuable Connections Setting yourself up as a B2B social media specialist is a way to stand out from the crowd. This form of marketing is particularly valuable for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups, where making connections and sharing information is vital for survival. As a B2B social media marketer, you'll help businesses find clients and maintain productive relationships with them. You'll also be building a brand within the industry in a way that generates trust and respect. 3. Content specialist You might also want to specialize in the kind of content you deliver. Video production is one example, and this is a fast-growing area of social media communication. If this is something you're enthusiastic about, learn how to use industry-standard editing tools and prepare a snappy showreel for potential clients and employers. Whatever specialism calls out to you, follow your interests, and then develop your skills so you can become a go-to creator in your field. 4. Keep learning The skills you need to stay at the top of your game in all forms of digital media change rapidly. To keep up, you must keep learning, adding new certificates and qualifications to your resume to remain current. If you already have a bachelor's degree, then an online master's in marketing is a recommended way to learn about advanced strategic storytelling and content creation in today's digital world. Besides essential qualifications, you can also learn through volunteer work, job shadowing, and internships. Continually seek ways to develop new skills and brush up on old ones. Don't be afraid to push yourself out of your comfort zone and risk making mistakes. Failure is often the best teacher, so find environments where you can experiment safely. 5. Set targets When you're trying to keep your career moving, it helps to have a route map and some inspiration. Think hard about where you're trying to reach. Where do you hope to be in your professional life in five years? What about ten or twenty? Once you've established some timeline goals, work out the stages you must go through to get there. These might be vague now, or you may have different options on the table. One way to clarify your intended career path is to seek out people in your field who you'd like to emulate, who are maybe ten years further down the road than you. Follow these people on social media and research their backstories. If it's appropriate to do so, consider reaching out to them and asking for tips. Be polite; remember they are incredibly busy and don't expect them to move mountains on your behalf. But most people are happy to answer a few informed, specific questions. 6. Understand influencer marketing Influencers are individuals on social media who leverage their brand to promote a company, product, or corporate brand to their followers. The influencer may have achieved fame and success in another area, like music or television, or they may have gained a following through their YouTube streaming or gaming on Twitch. They may equally be someone writing expert articles on Medium or LinkedIn. The important thing is that the influencer has access to a demographic the company wants to win over. Accordingly, the company enters a mutually beneficial, informal partnership with the influencer in which the latter acts as an unofficial ambassador or spokesperson for the company's brand. Understanding influencer marketing is crucial. You might find yourself working with influencers or even acting as an influencer yourself. Networking with individuals who could potentially become influencers is always useful, as is knowing how relationships between influencers and brands can be structured. 7. Keep on top of your personal brand Even if you've got a full-time social media marketing position with a company, you should still find time to keep on top of your personal brand. That means continuing to post engaging content across multiple platforms, focusing on your strengths, and building a reputation as a thought leader. Your personal social media profiles are also the place to develop and showcase skills you're not being called upon to use in your day job. Social media marketing is an exciting and competitive role. There are many ways to move forward, and these often involve becoming more specialized as you find your unique marketing niche and develop it. By taking control of your career path, you'll become empowered as a content creator and marketer whose work is always in demand. Read Also: Social Media Marketing role in TechnologyImportance of Storytelling in Social Media Marketing4 Ways to Use Mobile Marketing in a B2B Marketing Strategy